Google is expanding its handy .new TLD shortcuts to third-party sites

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It's not something that everyone knows about, but Google owns the top-level domain .new, and the company has gone beyond using them as simple web addresses. Instead, addresses such as, and can be used as shortcuts to create new calendar events, Google Docs files, and Keep Notes.

Until now, .new shortcuts have only worked with Google's own products and services, but this is about to change. There are already shortcuts that can be used in conjunction with the likes of Spotify, Canva, Word and GitHub, and Google has announced that other sites will be able to register domains -- and therefore shortcuts -- very soon.


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In fact, it is a year since Google started to make use of .new as a shortcuts in G Suite, and now the TLD will soon be open for any company or organization to register for and make use of. Google says that "with .new, you can help people take action faster", adding "we hope to see .new shortcuts for all the things people frequently do online".

In a blog post about the .new shortcut, the company reveals some of its favorites:

  1. Create a new playlist to add songs on Spotify.
  2. Write about what matters to you on Medium.
  3. Help people get exactly what they want through eBay.
  4. Create beautiful designs with your team.
  5. Make an OpenTable reservation at the best restaurants near you.
  6. With Microsoft, you can write with confidence, knowing intelligent technology can help with spelling, grammar and even stylistic writing suggestions.
  7. For an easy, fast, and secure way to start your personal meeting room from any browser, try this shortcut from Cisco Webex.
  8. Instantly create trusted, powerful, recognizable links that maximize the impact of every digital initiative using Bitly.
  9. Create, customize and send customer invoices directly from the Stripe Dashboard.
  10. Prototype and launch your ideas for new Node.js API endpoints with this shortcut from RunKit.
  11. Simplify your team’s work with a new doc that combines documents and spreadsheets into a single canvas.
  12. Create personalized song artwork for OVO Sound artist releases, pre-save upcoming music, and play the latest content with a single click.
  13. Developing fast? Open new GitHub repositories and gists in record time.

If you're interested in registering your own .new domain, Google shares the following info:

Similar to .app, .page, and .dev, .new will be secure because all domains will be served over HTTPS connections. Through January 14, 2020, trademark owners can register their trademarked .new domains. Starting December 2, 2019, anyone can apply for a .new domain during the Limited Registration Period. If you’ve got an idea for a .new domain, you can learn more about our policies and how to register at

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