12 percent of employees take IP with them when leaving a job

New research into hundreds of insider threat investigations released by DTEX shows that 12 percent of employees take sensitive intellectual property with them when they leave an organization.

The DTEX i3 (Insider Intelligence and Investigations) team has produced an infographic of the results of the research.

Among other findings is a 55 percent increase in unsanctioned application usage, including those that make data exfiltration easier by allowing users to maintain clipboard history and sync IP across multiple devices.

There's also a 20 percent increase in resignation letter research and creation from employees taking advantage of the tight labor market to change positions for higher wages. The study shows a 200 percent increase in unsanctioned third-party work on corporate devices thanks to a higher prevalence of employees engaged in 'side gigs'.

Workforce engagement declines by as much as 50 percent in the run up to holidays too. This means when employees return they they spend time on urgent issues dealt with before the break.

You can see the full graphic below.

Image credit: Highway Starz/depositphotos.com

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