Qualcomm introduces Snapdragon X Plus for Windows PCs

Today, Qualcomm introduces the Snapdragon X Plus platform, which features the all-new 10-core Qualcomm Oryon CPU and a 45 TOPS (Tera Operations Per Second) NPU, touted as the fastest NPU for laptops globally. This combination aims to set a new benchmark for mobile computing by providing up to 37% faster CPU performance while consuming up to 54% less power compared to its competitors.

Kedar Kondap, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Compute and Gaming at Qualcomm Technologies, highlighted the transformative potential of the new chipset. "Snapdragon X Series platforms deliver leading experiences and are positioned to revolutionize the PC industry," said Kondap. He emphasized that the Snapdragon X Plus would power "AI-Supercharged PCs," enabling radical new AI experiences amid rapid technological advancements.

At the launch event, Qualcomm showcased several AI-optimized applications running on the Snapdragon X Plus's powerful NPU. These demonstrations included real-time code generation in Visual Studio Code, music creation in Audacity using Riffusion AI, and live, multi-language captioning in OBS Studio, which supports instant translation and captioning in 100 languages.

The Snapdragon X Plus is set to be available in PCs from various leading global OEMs starting in mid-2024, marking a new era in mobile computing that focuses heavily on power efficiency and AI-driven capabilities.

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