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Logitech G launches Mandalorian Edition ASTRO A30 wireless gaming headset

If you are a gamer, there's a good chance you like Star Wars too. After all, both things are integral parts of nerd culture. These days, Star Wars fans are very much obsessed with popular Disney+ show The Mandalorian. Even people that don't normally love Star Wars love the show thanks to the undeniably cute "Baby Yoda" (aka Grogu).

Gaming brand Logitech G has wisely chosen to tap into The Mandalorian fandom with a special edition headset. Fans of the show are sure to go gaga over this new Mandalorian Edition version of the popular ASTRO A30 Wireless gaming headset.

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Plugable launches UD-3900PDH and UD-768PDZ premium docking stations

USB-C docking stations are very common these days. Hell, websites like Amazon are littered with countless makes and models. Of course, not all of them are good, nor do they offer the same things. Features can vary from dock to dock, such as the number of USB ports or video outputs. I recommend sticking with reputable brands such as Kensington,, and Plugable to name a few.

Speaking of Plugable, today, that company launches two new USB-C docking stations. Called "UD-3900PDH" and "UD-768PDZ," both offer 100W power delivery and feature triple monitor support. While they both have SD card readers, only the UD-3900PDH has a dedicated micro SD reader as well.

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TEAMGROUP unveils T-FORCE CARDEA Z540 M.2 PCIe 5.0 SSD with graphene heatsink

If you have a cutting-edge PC with PCIe 5.0, you will probably want to get a compatible solid state drive to maximize your performance. True, PCIe 5.0 SSDs are largely for bragging rights and benchmarks -- you probably won't notice a difference in actual use -- but still, you might as well go for the best if the difference in price isn't totally obscene.

Today, TEAMGROUP unveils an extremely fast M.2 2280 NVMe M.2 PCIe 5.0 solid state drive. Called "T-FORCE CARDEA Z540," this SSD comes with a graphene heatsink for added cooling. This drive is only being offered in a 2TB capacity, featuring read speeds up to 12,000MB/s and write speeds up to 10,000MB/s.

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TurboLock launches affordable TS-200 Biometric Handgun Safe

Gun ownership can be an essential part of being a homeowner. After all, you want to protect your home and family from intruders, right? While you should obviously call the police in such a situation, you and your family could be dead before the authorities actually arrive. And so, owning a gun could be the difference between life and death.

With all of that said, owning a gun can be dangerous too -- especially if you have children in your home. That is why it is imperative you properly secure the gun and keep it out of reach of children. Of course, you don't want the gun to be so securely locked away that you can’t easily get to it when needed. What can be done to solve this dilemma?

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QIAN QMC-VA30-01 is a very affordable curved 30-inch ultrawide monitor

We recently told you about two new Philips monitors that featured OLED screens. While those displays are very impressive, they are also rather expensive -- both cost well over $1,000. With the economy being in the toilet, many consumers simply cannot afford to spend so much money on a computer display.

Well, folks, if you are in the market for a new monitor, but you also need to adhere to a strict budget, a new ultrawide offering from QIAN may be exactly what you are looking for. Carrying the model number of QMC-VA30-01, this 30-inch curved (1500R) monitor has a respectable 100Hz refresh rate, 2560x1080 resolution, 21:9 aspect ratio, frameless bezel, and support for both AMD FreeSync and NVIDIA G-Sync. Best of all, it is priced extremely low!

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Philips launches Evnia 42M2N8900 and 34M2C8600 OLED gaming monitors

Today, Philips launches two new gaming monitors under its Evnia brand. The 34-inch 34M2C8600 and 42-inch (technically 41.54-inch) 42M2N8900 are both OLED and feature three input types -- HDMI, DisplayPort, and USB-C. They both also feature Ambiglow technology which creates a colored halo on the rear of the monitor based on what is being shown on the screen. Very cool.

Besides screen size, there are some very big differences between the two models. The smaller 34M2C8600 has a curved display and Quantum Dot technology -- two things the 42M2N8900 lacks. The top refresh rate on the 34M2C8600 is 175Hz while the 42M2N8900 maxes out at a strange 138Hz. The larger model does have a higher resolution, however.

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Sabrent DS-UFNC USB Type-C Flat Docking Station is a drive enclosure and cloner

Sabrent has a new product called "USB Type-C Flat Docking Station," and while it does, in fact, use USB-C for connectivity, it is not a docking station. The company calls it "flat" because it lays flat -- it isn't actually flat, obviously. While the name is a massive misnomer, it is still rather cool.

Carrying the model ID of DS-UFNC, this "docking station" is actually a dual-drive enclosure and cloner. You see, it can simultaneously interface with both an M.2 NVMe SSD and SATA drive (2.5 or 3.5-inch) and act as either an external storage device or a standalone bi-directional disk cloner. Best of all, it utilizes a toolless design, so you can physically add and remove drives without the need of tools.

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MSI launches RadiX AXE6600 Tri-band Wi-Fi 6E gaming router with RGB lighting

When you think of the brand MSI, you probably picture things like laptops, desktops, motherboards, and other PC accessories. MSI products are legendary with the PC gaming community. While MSI is not a name you would normally associate with networking gear, the company is looking to change that by launching two all new wireless gaming routers.

Called "RadiX AXE6600," this Tri-band Wi-Fi 6E router has six external antennas that all feature RGB lighting. Yes, folks, you can customize the light colors on this router. The RGB can even be used to indicate the in-use QoS mode. The router has four Gigabit LAN ports and a 2.5G WAN port. You also get a USB-A port.

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Kubuntu Focus Team launches NX GEN 2 mini Linux desktop PC

Installing a Linux-based operating system on an existing computer has gotten far easier over the years. Long gone are the days where replacing Windows with Linux had to be a frustrating experience. Still, for many people, installing a Linux distribution is a scary task. Thankfully, there are many computers being sold with Linux distributions pre-installed.

Today, The Kubuntu Focus Team launches its latest such Linux PC. The "Focus NX GEN 2," as it is called, is a NUC-like desktop that comes with Kubuntu 22.04 LTS pre-installed. The diminutive computer is powered by a 16-core 12th-Gen Intel Core i7-1260P. The second-gen Focus NX can be configured with up to 64GB of DDR4-3200 RAM, up to a 2TB NVMe boot SSD, and up to a 4TB secondary SATA SSD.

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Plugable UD-MSTHDC is a 'Works With Chromebook' docking station

What is a Chromebook? Quite simply, it is a laptop running Google's Linux-based ChromeOS operating system. However, when you connect one of these notebooks to a monitor, keyboard, and mouse, it becomes a very capable makeshift desktop computer.

The most elegant way to transform a laptop into a desktop is with a USB-C docking station. But how can you be sure your Chromebook is compatible with such an accessory? Well, if the dock is officially certified as "Works With Chromebook," then you can be assured that it will work flawlessly.

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The bizarre Minisforum MC560 mini desktop PC can finally be purchased

It isn't easy to stand out in the desktop PC market nowadays. I mean, we have seen it all already, right? What can possibly be done at this point? Well, Minisforum was able to surprise the world last year when it announced the AMD Ryzen 5 5625U-powered MC560. You see, this mini desktop PC has an integrated webcam. Yes, folks, a 2.5k camera is built into the desktop itself. Is that a smart design choice? Absolutely not. But hey, it is different!

Why wouldn't you want a webcam integrated into the desktop? Because now you have to keep the PC in front of your monitor to properly use the webcam. In other words, you can't hide the PC behind the monitor or under your desk, as that would block the webcam. Having a webcam on a cable that sits atop your monitor is obviously superior. You also can't easily unplug this webcam for added security/privacy. And no, it doesn't have a privacy cover.

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Google leaks its own Pixel 7 Super Bowl commercial for some reason

Super Bowl LVII is happening this upcoming Sunday, and men across America are excited to watch the big game. While some women will also watch the Super Bowl, many of them will only be watching for the TV commercials. You see, even if you aren't a fan of football, the advertisements have become a spectacle in their own right.

The cost of running a Super Bowl commercial is very expensive, which makes it quite odd that Google has leaked its Pixel 7 ad early. Yes, over on YouTube, you can view the search giant's Super Bowl commercial now, meaning there will be no excitement surrounding it come Sunday.

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Minisforum NUCG5 mini PC has a carbon fiber body and dual Thunderbolt 4 ports

Minisforum is a well-known manufacturer of miniature computers. The company has many models with differing specifications and features. Quite frankly, it can be hard for consumers to choose, as there are so many options!

Today, Minisforum unveils yet another tiny PC, and it is one of the company's most impressive offerings. Called "NUCG5," this little Windows 11 desktop is powered by a 12th generation Intel Core i5 processor and comes with either 16GB or 32GB of RAM. While the specs are quite nice, there are three things that really make this model stand out -- the beautiful carbon fiber chassis, external Wi-Fi antennas, and two ThunderBolt 4 ports.

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YEYIAN launches 34-inch Ultrawide 2K SIGURD 4000 curved gaming monitor

Curved televisions are gimmicky and an overall bad idea. I bought a curved 4K TV several years ago, and while I do like it overall, it has a big negative -- it shows a lot of glare when the sun comes through the windows. Ultimately, the curved aspect doesn't seem to provide much (if any) value over a flat set when sitting on my couch

Where curved displays are wonderful, however, is for computer monitors. When you are sitting closer to a display, such as at a desk, it provides a more immersive experience -- particularly for gaming. Today, YEYIAN unveils its latest curved display. The 34-inch "Sigurd 4000," as it is called, features a 3440x1440 resolution, wide 21:9 aspect ratio, and one millisecond response time.

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Samsung T7 Shield USB-C SSD now available in 4TB

Last year, Samsung released the T7 Shield -- a fast and durable USB-C SSD. At the time, the portable drive was offered in three colors (beige, black, and blue) plus two capacities (1TB and 2TB).

Today, Samsung adds a new 4TB capacity option to the T7 Shield lineup. Yes, you can now get the drive with double the storage of the previous top capacity. Unfortunately, this 4TB variant is only available in black -- fans of beige and blue are out of luck with this capacity.

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