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Turbonomic delivers AI-powered workload automation for the cloud

process automation

Workload automation specialist Turbonomic has released a major update to its software, delivering application-aware infrastructure and making any type of workload -- virtual, cloud and container -- self-managing.

Turbonomic's AI-powered decision engine analyzes performance, cost and compliance data across the entire IT stack and generates trustworthy decisions at scale faster than before.

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Cohesity simplifies the creation of cloud development environments

cloud development

Secondary storage specialist Cohesity is launching new capabilities that allow organizations to leverage the public cloud for faster application testing and development, while still ensuring seamless backup and recovery.

A growing number of enterprises are moving application testing and development onto public cloud infrastructure, taking advantage of its agility and elasticity to speed time to market. Using Cohesity CloudSpin, users can instantly convert backup data stored on Cohesity DataPlatform into a new virtual machine for testing or development in the cloud.

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Companies are keen to move analytics to the cloud

Cloud growth arrow

The cloud is the best place to run analytics according to 83 percent of the world’s biggest companies.

A new survey for Teradata conducted by Vanson Bourne shows that by 2023, most organizations want to run all of their analytics in the cloud. But an overwhelming 91 percent say that analytics should be moving to the public cloud at a faster rate.

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German government moves to open source private cloud

German flag

The German federal government is moving to an open source, self-hosted cloud platform from Nextcloud for file sync and sharing and collaboration, in order to protect the data of its citizens.

The Federal Information Technology Center (ITZBund), which takes care of IT services for the entire federal government, has been running a pilot of 5000 users with Nextcloud since October 2016 and after a successful tender this will now be rolled out everywhere.

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MSPs and resellers see containers as the biggest opportunity since virtual machines

cloud containers

A new survey of channel partners by container platform specialist Diamanti reveals that resellers and service providers see the adoption of containers as a massive disruption and opportunity.

Enterprises are rapidly adapting their applications and systems for the cloud, and containers are viewed as a key enabling technology. According to Diamanti's survey, more than 75 percent of channel partners say containers represent a moderate or major money-making opportunity.

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Microsoft made its own IoT-ready Linux kernel for Azure Sphere OS

Azure Sphere MCU

Microsoft has opened up its heart to Linux in recent years, but now the company has done something that would have previously been unthinkable: it has built its own Linux kernel.

As part of its embracing of the Internet of Things, Microsoft has announced Azure Sphere, an ARM-based platform for the IoT with a focus on security. Key to Azure Sphere are small MCU-powered (microcontroller) devices -- essentially SoC devices -- which run Azure Sphere OS and securely connect to Azure backends. Security comes thanks to the use of a custom Linux kernel.

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A quarter of organizations have had data stolen from the public cloud

cloud data cable

Public cloud services are now in use in 97 percent of organizations, but one in four have experienced data theft and cloud-first strategies are on the decline.

These are among the findings of the latest annual cloud report from McAfee. Among other highlights are that 83 percent store sensitive data in the public cloud and 69 percent trust the public cloud to keep their sensitive data secure. However, one in five organizations has experienced an advanced attack against its public cloud infrastructure.

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Macros arrive in Google Sheets to help automate your workflow

Spreadsheet with cash and pen

Spreadsheets may not be the most exciting tools out there, but there's no denying that they're important. If you use Google Sheets as part of your number crunching process, there's some great news: Google is adding macro support.

While it was previously possible to automate tasks through scripts, the newly added support for direct macro recording simplifies things greatly. Sheets can now automatically convert macro actions into an Apps Script, and the macros are designed for use on cloud-based files.

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Integration of platforms delivers improved vulnerability handling

Handshake cloud

Security platform Illumio and cloud security and compliance platform Qualys are announcing a new integration that will enable organizations to visualize vulnerabilities across data centers and clouds.

Threat data from the Qualys Cloud Platform is integrated with the Illumio Adaptive Security Platform’s application dependency mapping to show potential attack paths in real time. The integration delivers vulnerability maps, enabling organizations to see connections to vulnerabilities within and between applications.

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New solution automates Kubernetes security


Kubernetes is one of the most popular container platforms, which means enterprises need fast and decisive responses when security incidents and potential attacks occur within their deployments.

Container security specialist NeuVector is launching an enhanced security solution to protect Kubernetes environments by building on the unique NeuVector run-time security automation, which combines east-west traffic visibility with container process monitoring and vulnerability scanning.

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Cloud-based routing system optimizes web app performance

Cloud maze complexity

How well an online application or website performs has a strong influence on whether users become and remain customers.

With the rise of SaaS and market demand for rich content delivery, even milliseconds of latency -- or, worse, downtime -- can dramatically impact user experiences and loyalty, brand reputation, conversions, and, ultimately, the bottom line.

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Large organizations think SaaS is outpacing security

cloud padlock

A new report finds that 64 percent of IT decision makers believe the pace of software as a service (SaaS) application adoption is outpacing their cybersecurity capabilities.

The survey from cloud-based web security company iboss shows that 91 percent of IT decision makers agree they need to update security policies to operate in a cloud-first environment.

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IBM launches cloud ready 'skinny' mainframe

IBM logo

Despite changes brought about by the cloud, edge computing and distributed systems, the mainframe remains for many businesses, the most stable, secure and mature environment to support IT initiatives including the proliferation of blockchains.

IBM is launching its newest cloud ready mainframe -- the IBM z14 Model ZR1 and IBM LinuxONE Rockhopper II, the latest additions to its family of z14 mainframe technology announced in 2017.

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Live migration and why it's important for VMware cloud partners

Data migration

When moving VMware virtual machines to the cloud, the sure-fire way to migrate the VMs and their data completely is to simply stop the VMs, copy their components (OVF files) and assemble them into an Open Virtual Appliance (OVA). You transport the OVA package over the network or via a physical device to the cloud destination, unpack the files and restart the VMs. If you’ve done things right, the VMs pick up right where they left off.

Of course, it's not quite that easy. The physical resources and configurations in the cloud data center should be comparable to what you were running on in your on-premises data center. Network addresses and access permissions have to be properly set up in the cloud environment as well. Fortunately, VMware provides useful tools like vRealize to address that part of the cloud migration challenge.

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Cloud use and compliance drive enterprise encryption strategy

Data encryption

The need to protect sensitive data against cyber criminals, address complex compliance requirements, and guard against human error is driving enterprises to adopt encryption.

A new study by cyber security company Thales eSecurity, based on research by the Ponemon Institute, shows that 43 percent of respondents report that their organization has an encryption strategy applied consistently across their enterprise.

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