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Acer Aspire One Cloudbook is a Windows 10-powered Chromebook killer


When Google's Chromebooks came onto the retail scene, consumers were dubious, and rightfully so. After all, for the most part, the operating system appeared to be nothing more than a web browser. While Chrome OS is actually a full-fledged Linux distribution, the focus is on the web browser, so consumers aren't far off -- perception is everything.

While Chromebooks can be a great option for people with limited computing needs, Windows 10 offers so many more possibilities. Despite limitations, what kept Chromebooks semi-popular, was the low cost. Unfortunately for Google, that benefit is short-lived. Today, Acer announces its Aspire One Cloudbook line. With super-low prices and Windows 10 Home, these are sure to be wildly popular; consumers may forget about Chromebooks altogether.

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Microsoft acquires gamification platform FantasySalesTeam to bring fun to Dynamics CRM


When you work in sales, there can be rewarding moments, but there are many negative moments too. Not only can the career be boring at times, but it can also be very stressful. You constantly have to worry about meeting goals and performing well. A bad month or quarter could mean a loss of employment or the inability to pay bills.

Gamification, however, can make reaching goals fun. If you aren't familiar, this is a method of integrating video game type badges and levels into boring work tasks in an effort to make it more fun and less stressful. Today, Microsoft announces the acquisition of Incent Games Inc, and its gamification platform, FantasySalesTeam.

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Warning: NVIDIA Shield Android tablets can catch fire -- company issues recall


One of the worst tragedies a person can experience is a home fire. If the flames themselves don't destroy your belongings, the smoke, and water from hoses probably will. In other words, it is a very serious thing and should not be taken lightly.

Sadly, Nvidia's Shield tablets are a fire-hazard. If you own one of the affected tablets you should stop using it immediately. Do not charge it and do not power it on other than to verify if it is affected. Not sure if yours is impacted? Read on to learn more.

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Thermaltake goes green with Core V51 Riing Edition Mid-Tower Chassis for gamers


With the release of Windows 10, many people are looking to not only buy new computers, but build them too. Building a new PC can be a very rewarding experience, as you can pick all of the components and customize it to your liking.

One of the most important parts of any build is the chassis, or case. Not only can the case design impact cooling performance, but it determines the overall aesthetics. Today, Thermaltake announces the all new Core V51 Riing Edition Mid-Tower Chassis. Not only is it beautiful, but its green color scheme makes it unique too.

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Windows 10 is already a success -- 14 million computers after 24 hours


Windows 8 was a disaster. While I learned to love it, I'll concede that the majority of consumers apparently disliked it. For Microsoft to wash the bitter Windows 8 taste out of consumers' mouths, it would need to deliver an amazing new operating system. Can Windows 10 be the success that Microsoft needs it to be?

Yes. In fact, it already is. After a mere 24 hours of being publicly available, there are already 14 million computers running the operating system. While this number includes the computers from the Windows Insider program, it is impressive nonetheless. Keep in mind, this number is going to explode as time marches on. The first 24 hours of Windows 10 has been magical, and Microsoft is sharing the details.

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Mozilla whines about Windows 10 -- writes misguided open letter to Microsoft CEO


When it comes to web browsers, I use many. Firefox is my go-to most of the time, but I also like Google Chrome and Microsoft's newly-released Edge. Mozilla's browser is extremely important to me, as I feel the world needs a truly open-source web browser. With that said, Firefox has been lagging behind lately and disappointing its core. The company only recently started developing a 64 bit Windows variant again -- it is insane that development stalled no matter what argument it gives. Worst of all, Mozilla started bundling the Pocket service in the browser. The service isn't bad, but it shouldn't be bundled.

Today, Mozilla chooses to whine about browser choice in Windows 10. Chris Beard, Mozilla CEO, pens an open letter to Satya Nadella (in full below), in which he argues that Windows 10 takes away a user's choice by "design". While I can understand his point, it is misguided and he comes off as petty and desperate. Do you agree?

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Toshiba Encore 10 tablet, 10K 2-in-1 have Windows 10 -- made for school and business


Tablets are definitely hot products in the business world. Many executives embraced the iPad as a way to consume information; the lightweight and portable nature made it a popular choice. Keyboards, however, made it a passable way to create too. Even schools are getting in on the tablet action, equipping students with the touch-friendly devices.

Today, Toshiba announces a beautiful new Windows 10 tablet with a focus on both business and education. The Encore 10 and Encore 10k with detachable keyboard feature great specs, but more importantly, are aggressively priced too.

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Satechi announces dedicated Bluetooth BT Cortana Button for Windows 10


Right now, Windows 10 is rolling out to users all over the world. One of the coolest things about Microsoft's newest operating system is the Cortana integration. If you aren't familiar, it (she) is a powerful virtual assistant that will help you search, set calendar reminders and other amazing things too. She can be summoned on-screen or using voice.

While some manufacturers are planing to include dedicated Cortana buttons on their laptops, not everyone will be buying a new laptop; certainly not just for an added button. Not to worry, Windows 10 users, you can now add a dedicated Cortana button to your existing machine or Windows Phone. Today, Satechi announces the BT Cortana Button which connects using Bluetooth.

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Are you a Windows 10 dummy? Don't panic, take this free training course at Best Buy


Windows 10 is insanely easy to use -- says me. I am not everyone, and the term easy is subjective. While I am sure most -- if not all -- BetaNews readers should be able to use Window 10 without issue, not everyone is as tech savvy.

Maybe you have a friend or family member that struggles with change. Don't panic. You are probably dreading being their go-to Windows 10 tech support, right? Well now you don't have to; send them to Best Buy instead! Yes, the retailer is offering free in-store Windows 10 training classes.

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Yet another Android vulnerability discovered -- bad guys can turn your device into a brick


Say what you want about the restricted nature of Apple's iOS, but I appreciate its security -- it makes me feels safe. Comparatively, Android can feel much less secure. Not only is it fragmented due to carrier and manufacturer reluctance to support long term updates, but we are constantly hearing about vulnerabilities such as the one with Stagefright.

Sadly, we see yet another vulnerability today, and it is quite the bombshell. Respected security company Trend Micro explains that bad guys can turn your device into a brick -- a totally non-functioning state. Not only is this inconvenient, but potentially dangerous (and deadly) too.

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MSI now shipping hardcore Windows 10 gaming laptops


Today is the day! Windows 10, baby -- woo! Expect to hear lots of announcements from PC manufacturers regarding new computers running Microsoft's new operating system. Yesterday, for example, Acer announced an entire line of Windows 10 computers for home and education.

What about hardcore gamers though? Windows 10 ushers in the DirectX 12 era for PC gaming, so surely some consumers will want hardcore gaming machines. Not to worry; today, MSI announces all-new gaming laptops featuring high-end specs and Nvidia graphics. Will you open your wallet to MSI?

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Acer announces Windows 10 back-to-school computers


Microsoft's Windows 10 launches tomorrow, so naturally it is the topic du jour. Chatter about the operating system will likely dominate the tech news for many days and weeks after too. You know what? Good. It is a damn good operating system -- the best version of Windows ever -- and it deserves the attention.

While Windows 10 is a free upgrade for many Windows 7 and 8.x users, many others are still on XP and Vista machines. Rather than pay for a Windows 10 license, you should probably buy a new computer instead. I understand the economy is still bad, but new machines are surprisingly affordable. Today, one of my favorite value-focused manufacturers, Acer, announces a new line of Windows 10 computers. While the focus is on "back-to-school", these machines are great for non-students too. The best part? You can buy some of them starting tomorrow.

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Upgrading to Windows 10? Here are the compatible Antivirus products you need


On the eve of the Windows 10 launch, the excitement is starting to build. Many consumers are preparing for the upgrade. After all, for Windows 7 and 8 users, this will be a free affair.

For the most part, unless you are using something very obscure, most of your existing programs should work fine. Antivirus and security solutions, however, are not all certified yet. Installing security software that is not yet tested with the new operating system could prove disastrous. Don't worry, AV-Comparatives has done the work for you and releases a list of "approved" security software. Is yours on the list?

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Woman celebrates 100th Birthday on Skype, dies shortly thereafter


They say Americans are living longer nowadays, but dang, I am not sure how long that can last. Everywhere I look, I see more overweight people -- myself included. As Americans eat more junk food and spend more time on their butts, heart disease and diabetes are on the rise, cutting the lifespans of many. Reaching 100 years old is becoming much harder to achieve.

Recently, however, a woman named Amor Macias (aka "Mama Moy") did just that -- she celebrated her 100th Birthday! Unfortunately, some of the family was unable to participate in the festivities -- not in person, at least. Instead, the family used Skype to communicate with the non-present family members with great results.

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Toshiba Portégé R30-A200SMB 13.3 inch business laptop [Review]


One size does not fit all when it comes to laptops. Sure, everyone loves a super-thin and sexy notebook, but business users in particular have much greater needs. For instance, an optical drive is much less popular with consumers nowadays, but many business workstations still have the need. Many consumers have moved on to HDMI and DisplayPort, but businesses still have older monitors and projectors that are VGA only, so a VGA port on a laptop is needed.

While Toshiba makes great consumer-grade computers, its business-class machines are where it truly shines. The 13.3 inch Portégé R30, a small and medium business laptop I have been testing lately, is no exception.

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