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Apple continues iOS enterprise ascension with SAP partnership for iPhone and iPad

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When it comes to business devices, employees can often have a big impact on decision-making. In other words, they can influence IT and executives by expressing a desire for the same type of device they use at home. When Blackberry devices, for instance, fell out of favor with home users, they soon lost their luster in the enterprise too.

iPhone and iPad devices are wildly popular in the enterprise, but not only because employees love them. They are also very secure, thanks to things like touch ID and regular operating system updates. Apple has even partnered with world-class companies, such as IBM, which bolstered the positive perception for iOS. Today, Tim Cook and company announce yet another monumental partnership, this time with SAP.

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SCOSCHE unveils MagicMount PowerBank for Android and iPhone


Removable phone batteries used to be a very important thing to me. It is one of the reasons, at least initially, I shunned the iPhone for Android smartphones. Over time, however, this became less important, thanks to USB battery packs. Ultimately, I bought an iPhone and couldn't be happier.

The problem with these battery packs, however, is that the cable creates a bit of a mess; it looks unsightly to have a wire dangling from your pocket. Meanwhile, battery cases are often bulky, ruining the svelte nature of the phone. Now, SCOSCHE unveils its MagicMount PowerBank for Android and iPhone. By utilizing magnets, it can be easily affixed to the rear of the phone when needed, and removed when not. The super-short cable will prevent tangling too.

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Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator now available with Wi-Fi, touchscreen, and more


Samsung makes amazing products, and I'm not just talking about smartphones and tablets. I have one of its 4K televisions in my house, not to mention a washing machine and clothes dryer. These things work wonderfully, and create memorable experiences -- I recommend them highly.

Today, Samsung announces immediate availability of its smart refrigerator. What has historically been a large box designed to keep food and drinks cold, can be so much more. Its Family Hub fridge has a huge touchscreen, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and can communicate with your smartphone. It even has a built-in web browser!

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Kohl’s combines charge card and Yes2You Rewards into a single Apple Pay experience

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One of my favorite places to shop is Kohl's. Now, I have many reasons, but primarily, I like its selection of affordable "Big and Tall" clothing. Yes, I'm a fat guy. Most of my wardrobe is bought there, including, quite often, my sneakers too. Heck, they even sell wonderful home goods, such as towels, coffee makers, and picture frames to name a few. It is a great "one-stop-shop".

An annoying thing about the Kohl's shopping experience, however, is carrying two cards for the retailer. You see, the company offers a charge card --  which is often required for the discounts -- plus a loyalty card for building rewards. I've often wondered why they do not just combine them. Starting today, thanks to Apple Pay, you can leave both cards at home, and get the benefits with just your iPhone.

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Philips releases BDM4350UC Brilliance 43-inch 4K Ultra HD LCD display


When buying a computer monitor nowadays, there are many things to consider. While you might think the bigger the better, you would sort of be wrong. For a monstrous display, you also want a high resolution to go with it. A 43-inch monitor with 1080p, for example, would have blurry text and provide a poor overall experience.

Today, Philips releases its all-new Brilliance 43-inch Ultra HD LCD display to the USA market. This 4K monitor should prove wonderful for many things, such as gaming, photography, CAD, and general-use too. Best of all, the price tag is rather reasonable.

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HP unveils latest Pavilion PC lineup


As the 2015/2016 school year starts coming to a close, students begin dreaming about summer vacation. Some parents, however, are already dreaming of something else -- the start of the next school term! As much as parents love their kids, having them home all summer can be a bit much, understandably.

While it is never too early to begin daydreaming about your kids returning to school, the same can be said about researching the next PC you will buy them. After all, you don't want to buy last year's model when the new ones are right around the corner. Today, HP unveils its all-new Pavilion lineup, perfect for 'Back to School' and beyond. If you are thinking about buying an affordable Windows 10 PC, the company's Pavilion portfolio offers amazing quality and value; you need to check them out.

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Logitech announces C925e Webcam for meetings, vlogging, and live-streaming


When webcams first came to prominence, they were a grainy mess. Still, having the ability to video chat with another person over the internet was cool as heck. Nowadays, such cameras are used for even more things, such as business meetings, vlogging, and live-streaming over services like Twitch and

While many laptops and monitors have webcams integrated into them, they aren't always the best quality (ahem, Apple's brand-new MacBook with obsolete 480p quality). Luckily, third-party USB variants exist. One of the more popular manufacturers of these cams is Logitech. Today, that company announces its newest such model, the C925e, which is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux.

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SanDisk unveils 2.5-inch SATA Z410 SSD


Solid state drives are quite mature and ubiquitous nowadays -- the technology is no longer cutting edge. While some computers still ship with slow mechanical hard disk drives, SSDs are now largely the default option.

SATA based drives are slow compared to newer NVMe PCIe variants, but still more than fast enough for most consumers. These 2.5-inch SATA drives are often less expensive too, making them a wise option for OEMs looking to build low or medium-cost laptops. Now, SanDisk announces the Z410 -- a drop-in solution for manufacturers, featuring a capacity of up to 480GB.

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Adopt a dog or cat, get a free Logi Circle Home Security Camera


The month of May is National Pet Month. As an animal lover, it is very important to me. It breaks my heart to think of unloved cats and dogs in shelters. Whenever that ASPCA commercial comes on TV -- the one with the Sarah McLachlan music -- I have to change the channel; it can literally make me cry.

If you are thinking of getting a pet, I urge you to go to a shelter, as it can save the animal's life. Logitech is upping the ante, however, as it is giving away free Logi Circle Home Security Cameras to those that adopt either a cat or dog from two specific places in May. Does a free home surveillance camera make you more likely to adopt a pet?

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Microsoft pulls another boner -- blocks Chrome and Google from Cortana on Windows 10


Holy cow, Microsoft makes it really hard to recommend its products lately. Windows 10 was a great way to wash the disgusting Windows 8 taste from consumers' mouths -- initially, at least. Unfortunately, the discovered privacy issues frightened many folks, causing them to delay upgrading.

The latest build has a wonderfully refreshed Start Menu, making me think that the company was back on track. Nope; I was wrong. Today, Microsoft announces an anti-competitive bombshell -- it is blocking all third party browsers and search engines from Cortana. Prefer using Chrome and Google? Tough luck. Firefox and Yahoo? Sorry. Microsoft just can't stop pulling boners, it seems.

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HP Chromebook 13 is a business-focused Chrome OS laptop with USB-C


In the grand scheme of things, Chrome OS is hardly a major player from a desktop market share perspective -- for now. With that said, the Linux-based operating system has captured the hearts and minds of many consumers. It has matured quite a bit too, becoming a viable Windows alternative for home users. Actually, it is a great choice for some businesses too -- depending on needs, of course.

Today, Google announces the latest business-focused laptop running its desktop operating system -- the HP Chromebook 13. Not only is this Chrome OS laptop powerful, affordable, and beautiful, but very secure too. It can be argued that it is safer than a Windows notebook.

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Oculus brings Microsoft's Minecraft to Samsung's Android-powered Gear VR


Minecraft is a surprisingly popular game. The design pays homage to block-like graphics of games from earlier days -- a time when a large amount of Minecraft fans weren't even born! We have the technology to make more lifelike environments, with curved edges and circles, but that would be blasphemy to the Minecraft community. "What's old is new" as some folks say, I suppose.

Today, The Oculus Team announces that it has worked with Microsoft to bring Minecraft to Samsung's smartphone-powered virtual reality platform, the Gear VR. Owners of this solution can now experience a more-immersive Minecraft experience, by leveraging Samsung's heasdset and a third-party controller.

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Win tickets to the Beyoncé Formation World Tour with this Uber promo code


Whenever I go to NYC, I have an internal struggle over transportation. Once I arrive in Penn Station by way of the Long Island Railroad, do I choose a yellow cab, or an Uber ride? Many things weigh on my choice, such as the weather, or a very long wait at the cab line in front of Madison Square Garden.

Now it seems I have yet another factor in my decision -- Beyoncé. How is the superstar singing sensation impacting my choice between yellow cab and Uber? Well, American Express is now offering a chance to win tickets to her sold-out tour. By using a specific promo code when paying for your Uber ride, you could win two tickets to the Formation World Tour. If you win, you will also get round-trip Uber transportation to and from the concert.

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Google Maps Street View sails through the Sydney Opera House


Believe it or not, I have never been to the opera. Truth be told, I am more of a sports and chicken wings kind of guy, but I am not opposed to more sophisticated things. I've been to my fair share of Broadway shows, and eaten at fancy restaurants with cloth napkins, but the opportunity to attend the opera has never surfaced.

Thanks to Google Maps Street View, however, I can now experience the Sydney Opera House, including its famous "sails", from the comfort of my computer. Yes, you can now take a virtual tour as if you are really there!

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Satechi unveils Aluminum Mini Docking Station for Windows and Mac


When it comes to computing, I always prefer a desktop when possible. I like using a big monitor, mechanical keyboard, and mouse. If I am not at a desk in a comfortable chair, my productivity drops. While I do use a laptop when on the go, a trackpad and small screen are pain points for me.

Not everyone can afford to have both a desktop and laptop, so luckily, it is easier than ever nowadays to use the latter as a makeshift of the former. Unfortunately, docking stations from laptop manufacturers are often expensive and proprietary. USB variants are sometimes preferable, and today, Satechi announces the beautiful Aluminum Mini Docking Station.

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