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Canonical releases Snappy Ubuntu Core Linux image for x86-based Intel NUC DE3815TY


The Raspberry Pi is a game-changing computer. While it was primarily designed as a low-cost base on which students could learn to code, it has proven to be much more. Some consumers buy it for HTPC purposes, but more importantly, developers embrace the little computer for other projects, such as IoT.

Unfortunately for some developers, the ARM architecture and rather anemic performance make the Raspberry Pi a poor choice. While some consider ARM to be the future, I'm not so sure -- x86 has been surprisingly adaptable. Today, Canonical releases an Ubuntu Core image for the x86-based Intel NUC DE3815TY. Priced around $150, this NUC is more expensive than the Pi, but it is much more powerful too; a better choice for developers needing an x86 platform.

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Apple Music finally arrives on Sonos


Picking a streaming music service can be difficult as they are all largely the same -- listen to all you want for a small monthly fee. While Spotify is my current favorite service, Apple Music has been piquing my interest more and more. The problem? Lack of a web player makes Apple's offering unusable on Linux-based desktop operating systems, while iTunes on Windows and OS X is painfully slow and bloated. On iOS it is a dream, but Tim Cook and company have a lot of work to do elsewhere.

Today, however, Apple scores a major win with official Sonos support -- it is finally out of Beta. If you have invested in a Sonos wireless speaker system, starting tomorrow, you can begin using the Apple Music service with it in many ways.

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Korora 23 'Coral' Linux distro is finally here -- Fedora for the rest of us

penguin megaphone

When you decide to embrace Linux on the desktop, it can be quite exciting. There is a good chance you started your computing journey with Microsoft Windows, but now you want something different. While choosing the open source route can be a smart move, it can, unfortunately, be confusing too. What operating system should you pick?

Many people choose Ubuntu, which is a solid choice, but some people prefer others. Linus Torvalds, for instance, famously uses Fedora. While that operating system can be quite rewarding, setting it up can be a frustrating experience for those new to Linux. Enter Korora. This operating system takes the best of Fedora and mixes it with user-friendly software and pre-configured RPMFusion repositories. Version 23, code-named 'Coral', is now available for download.

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Satechi unveils Aluminum Wireless Presenter


In the business world, there are many constants. You probably aren't appreciated by your boss. You likely don't get paid enough for all you do. And of course, you probably have to sit through many horrible PowerPoint presentations.

Don't get me wrong, PowerPoint presentations aren't always bad, but there's a good chance that a large number of them will be boring. If you ever find yourself needing to present your own such presentation, you should invest in a wireless presenter. Not only will it make you look more prepared and professional, but it can allow you to move about the room to keep your audience engaged. Today, Satechi announces an affordable such Bluetooth presenter, with a beautiful aluminum body.

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Canonical fulfills its Linux convergence vision with BQ Aquaris M10 Ubuntu Edition tablet


Convergence is all the rage in the technology industry nowadays and for good reason -- our handheld devices are insanely powerful. It makes sense to leverage a smartphone or tablet's processor for desktop computing. By connecting a monitor, mouse, and keyboard to the mobile device, it can serve as a full-fledged computer. Those with more hardcore computing needs, such as editing video, for example, may have to wait a while for more powerful handheld devices.

Microsoft has shown off its Continuum functionality, which turns a Windows 10 Mobile smartphone into a desktop, but because of shocking limitations, it really isn't ready for prime-time. Canonical has long been working on its own convergence plans with Ubuntu -- it is not copying Microsoft's. Quite frankly, it can be argued that the open source Linux kernel is a more adaptable base for such Swiss Army-like devices as Windows could be too bloated. Today, Canonical unveils the BQ Aquaris M10 Ubuntu Edition tablet which fulfills its Linux convergence vision. Not only can a user be productive with the tablet itself, but it can be connected to peripherals to create a full desktop experience.

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Logitech announces G810 Orion Spectrum RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard


If you are like me, you probably spend a lot of time in front of a computer. Quite frankly, other than sleeping, there is nothing that I do more than computing. This means I am constantly using a keyboard and mouse. I have a comfortable bed for sleeping; shouldn't I also have quality input devices?

Yes. Everyone deserves quality tools for what they do. Whether you use a computer for work or play, a mechanical keyboard is a sound investment, as it can improve the typing or gameplay experience. Today, Logitech unveils a beautiful such keyboard -- the G810 Orion Spectrum. With a focus on gaming, it should also serve well for more general typing needs.

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Google Maps helps Android users celebrate NFL Super Bowl 50: Newton vs. Manning

football woman

Watching the Super Bowl is easy. Sit down, turn on your TV, and you are good to go. With that said, properly experiencing the big game is something else. For maximum fun, it is a good idea to watch it with other people while eating delicious snacks.

If you are an Android user and not sure where to watch Super Bowl 50, Google has you covered. Its Maps service will help you discover some awesome places to watch the game. If you don't have any friends to call upon, don't worry -- you can use this as an opportunity to make some.

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ZAGG buys mophie

Streaming video service Hang w/ shares its profits with users -- others take note!

While consumers love smartphones and tablets, there is one aspect of the mobile business that is sometimes overlooked -- accessories. There are countless companies producing things like cases, cables, keyboards, and more for our precious devices. Quite frankly, that is part of the fun -- customizing the experience.

Two of the more popular such accessory manufacturers, ZAGG and mophie, are merging. Technically, the former is acquiring the latter. Is this a smart move?

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AMD officially releases A10-7860K APU, Athlon X4 845 'Excavator' CPU, and new coolers


As a system builder, I am constantly looking for new hardware and good value. While Intel makes a fine processor, I often find myself choosing AMD solutions for builds. Why? The company makes great bang-for-your-buck processors and graphics chips. Its APUs are a phenomenal value, while its traditional CPUs are powerhouses. Gamers in particular should take a look at its offerings.

Today, AMD officially unveils two new processors -- the A10-7860K APU and Athlon X4 845 CPU. The latter is particularly notable as it is the first-ever CPU to feature the 'Excavator' architecture. To keep temperatures on these new chips low, AMD has revealed new coolers too.

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Microsoft accused of Iowa Caucus voter fraud with hashtag #MicrosoftRubioFraud


Here's the deal, folks. As I said in a previous article, open source is a necessity when it comes to voting. I praised Bernie Sanders' campaign for questioning Microsoft's motives in providing the platform for the Iowa Caucuses. With that said, Microsoft was ultimately not the problem, closed source was.

Unfortunately for Microsoft, as could be expected, it is now being accused of voter fraud by apparent Donald Trump supporters. Since Ted Cruz won last night, you would think the claim is that the Windows-maker fraudulently boosted him. Nope. Actually, conspiracy theorists are claiming Microsoft increased the number of votes cast for Marco Rubio, who placed third. This movement is using the hashtag #MicrosoftRubioFraud.

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If Apple iPad Pro is a failure, why did it beat Microsoft Surface in sales?


For a while, it seemed like everything Apple touched turned to gold. iPod, iPhone, iPad -- all changed the computing landscape. Unfortunately, the more recent products such as the Apple Watch and iPad Pro were viewed by many pundits to be weak. Heck, some have called the iPad Pro a failure.

But what if iPad Pro wasn't a failure? What if those pundits were wrong? Microsoft's Surface line has been viewed as a success -- part of the company's turnaround story. With that said, would you be surprised if I told you that the iPad Pro significantly beat the Surface during the holidays? Well, it is true. The perception of weak iPad Pro sales was exactly that -- perception only. The reality is, iPad Pro destroyed Surface in Q415.

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VisionTek unveils Waterproof Bluetooth Mini Keyboard for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS

900838_inuse - feat

While many people type with on-screen keyboards every day, let's be honest -- a physical variant can be much better. Typing on a piece of glass fails to give the user true feedback, which can lead to typos. Even worse, auto-correction on those typos can create messages that are not only wrong, but potentially embarrassing. On a smartphone in particular, the smaller screen means a smaller keyboard -- that can be frustrating.

Luckily, Bluetooth keyboards have been a godsend in this regard. While a smartphone or tablet are primarily consumption devices, a good wireless keyboard can make them productivity powerhouses too. Today, VisionTek unveils a new such Bluetooth keyboard. This wireless input device has one really cool feature that sets it apart from many -- it is waterproof.

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Hillary Clinton? Ted Cruz? Bernie Sanders? Donald Trump? Google can help you decide


Voting can be hard. Well, not the act itself, but rather, deciding on a candidate. Quite frankly, between political advertisements, news reports, and debates, you can be left very confused. This is true regardless of your political affiliation.

This year is particularly difficult, as there is an outgoing president. In other words, both Republicans and Democrats have candidates to pick. Hillary Clinton? Ted Cruz? Bernie Sanders? Donald Trump? Someone else? Who should you pick? Luckily, Google has your back. The search-giant is aiming to help potential voters find information about the election and candidates.

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Carolina Panthers will defeat Denver Broncos in Super Bowl 50 says Microsoft and Madden 16


Super Bowl 50 is almost here! While my beloved New York Jets are not in the big game, I will still tune in. Why? Not only should it be exciting football, but it is a shared social event. Many people watch -- even those that aren't NFL fans -- for things like the commercials and the overall camaraderie and competition. Oh, there is a lot of snack-eating too!

This Sunday, February 7, the two competing teams are the Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos. The former will be the champions. Well, at least according to predictions by both Microsoft's Bing and the Madden 16 video game. Will they be right?

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ASUS VivoMini VC65 is world's smallest PC with four 2.5-inch drive bays


When people buy a new computer, there is a good chance they will be attracted to a diminutive offering. While the mini computer is not a new concept they can, quite often, be under-powered or limited in their expandability.

Enter the ASUS VivoMini VC65 Series. This new computer series is designed to not only save physical space, but with optional Intel Skylake processors, offer high performance too. Plus, more importantly for some, it can be configured to accommodate up to four 2.5 inch storage drives!

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