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Chew on this: Ubuntu Core Linux comes to the uCRobotics Bubblegum-96 board


Linux and other open source software have been in the news quite a bit lately. As more and more people are seeing, closed source is not the only way to make money. A company like Red Hat, for instance, is able to be profitable while focusing its business on open source.

Ubuntu is one of the most popular Linux-based operating systems, and it is not hard to see why. Not only is it easy to use and adaptable to much hardware (such as SoC boards), but there is a ton of free support online from the Ubuntu user community too. Today, Canonical announces a special Ubuntu Core image for the uCRobotics Bubblegum-96 board.

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Sennheiser unveils PC 373D 7.1 Dolby Surround Sound Gaming Headset


If you were to observe me playing PC games alone in my basement (yes, I am a cliché), you may hear me talking. No, I'm not a crazy person speaking to myself; I am likely wearing a gaming headset and chatting with a stranger over the internet.

If you are a serious PC gamer, you should invest in a quality headset. Look, you spend all kinds of money on your gaming computer, mouse, and keyboard; why not splurge on a headset too? Today, Sennheiser announces an intriguing surround sound headset -- the PC 373D.

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Seagate unveils 'Industry First' 2TB Nytro XM1440 M.2 PCIe NVMe Enterprise SSD


Solid state drives have been a huge boost to performance for home computer users. Long gone are the days where your PC had to have moving parts. The sound of a slow and loud HDD seeking data is a noise I will never miss.

SSDs are not just for the home, however, as the enterprise can leverage them too. Today, Seagate unveils what it calls an "Industry First" -- a 2TB M.2 NVMe Enterprise SSD, dubbed "Nytro XM1440". This fast drive with massive capacity could be a godsend for servers.

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Dona Sarkar opens up voting for official Microsoft Windows Insider t-shirt design


The "new" Microsoft led by folks like Satya Nadella, Dona Sarkar, and Panos Panay is very different than prior regimes. The company in its current form listens intently to users, while being increasingly transparent regarding Windows and other software.

One of the biggest examples of Microsoft's customer-first focus is the Windows Insider program. This allows any user to experience early builds of the operating system, while providing valuable feedback. Windows 10 is truly influenced by its own users. To celebrate the program, Microsoft ran a contest to design an official team t-shirt. Today, Dona Sarkar announces the finalists and opens up voting.

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Apple buys 'Carpool Karaoke'


When I bought my first-ever iPhone in September 2015, I was a die-hard Spotify user. Since I was starting fresh by abandoning Android, I decided to give Apple Music a try instead. I loved it. The sound quality is superb, and the human-curated playlists are second to none. While it is not perfect, it is very satisfying and getting better.

Today, Apple makes a seemingly curious purchase to bolster the aforementioned streaming music service -- a TV series. While that may sound odd, it actually makes sense as it is music related. You see, it is based on the wildly popular "Carpool Karaoke" segment from CBS' "The Late Late Show".

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Canonical joins The Document Foundation Advisory Board -- will give LibreOffice guidance

excited awe excitement

All operating systems -- including Linux-based variants -- are only as good as its available software. In other words, for a computer to be an effective tool, it must be able to complete your needed tasks.

As much as I love Linux-based operating systems such as Fedora and Ubuntu, if it wasn't for software like LibreOffice (also available for Windows and Mac), using the operating systems would probably not be possible. Speaking of Ubuntu, its owner, Canonical, is joining the The Document Foundation Advisory Board -- overseer of the very important LibreOffice.

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Apple TV gets Adobe Lightroom, but there is one big catch


One of my favorite recent tech purchases is the 4th generation Apple TV. Not only is it a great way to stream movies and listen to Apple Music, but it makes a wonderful game console too. Not to mention, the ability to mirror my iPhone to my TV is totally killer.

Today, the 4th generation Apple TV gets a very unlikely app -- Adobe Lightroom. Before you get excited about editing photos on your television with the Apple TV remote, you should know that there is one huge catch.

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Amazon gets government approval to test 'Prime Air' delivery drones in the UK


When Amazon initially announced that it wanted to make deliveries by drone, the world became very curious. The media jumped on the story, of course, driving people to get both excited and anxious about the possibilities.

Like many things, however, the USA government bureaucracy stifled our drone delivery dreams, somewhat. While I am all for safety and testing, I hate to see progress move at a snail's pace. The UK Government seems a bit more open to the unmanned delivery idea, as it is now working with Amazon to begin testing these drones in the nation as a delivery method.

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Virtual reality comes to Lollapalooza's 25th anniversary courtesy of Samsung Gear VR

Virtual Reality VR Headset Man

Back in 1996, I attended the greatest concert of my life. I was only a teenager -- not yet old enough to drive -- so I got a ride from Long Island to Randall's Island in NYC. The show was Lollapalooza, and the lineup was epic -- Metallica, The Ramones, Soundgarden, Wu-Tang Clan, and more.

Back then, concertgoers didn't have smartphones and other such modern technologies -- we stared at the stage, not a screen. In 2016, however, things are very different. The upcoming Lollapalooza concert -- the 25th anniversary of the festival which is being held in Chicago -- will have a more high-tech feel. Why? There will be virtual reality onsite -- and offsite too. The VR technology will be supplied by Sasmung's Gear VR.

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Prior to Windows 10 Anniversary Update, Microsoft slashes Surface Pro 4 and Xbox One prices


The Windows 10 Anniversary Update is on the horizon, and many fans of Microsoft's desktop operating system are excited. It's not hard to see why -- this is the best version of Windows ever, and it's about to get better at no extra charge.

Prior to the much-anticipated update, however, Microsoft is slashing prices on two of its most popular Windows 10 devices -- the Surface Pro 4 and Xbox One. While not all models are getting the discount, budget hunters should be excited.

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Twitter expands its live video streaming of college sporting events


College sports is big business -- television, radio, merchandise, etc. While many Americans are fans of professional sports such as the NFL and NBA, not every state has such a team. What every state in the union does have, however, are college athletic programs. Believe it or not, in places like Florida where there are plenty of pro teams, many folks are more wild for the Gators or Seminoles than the Dolphins or Heat.

Today, Twitter announces a media partnership with the Silver Chalice-owned company "Campus Insiders". This deal will bring the live video steaming of more than 300 collegiate sporting events to the social network, bolstering its existing offerings.

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Facebook's solar-powered 'Aquila' internet airplane completes first flight


When I find myself without internet access for even just a short period of time -- say, less than an hour -- I feel like I am having withdrawal symptoms. I get anxious, irritable, and frustrated. First world problems, am I right?

Sadly, according to Facebook, there are 4 billion people on the Earth with no access at all -- makes a short outage seem rather insignificant. Mark Zuckerberg and company are looking to change this with an unlikely tool -- solar-powered airplanes that beam the internet to the ground. Today, Facebook announces that its experimental aircraft successfully completed its first flight last month in Arizona.

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Twitter Food Council celebrates cooking and eating


As an American, I have an obsession with food -- it is a big part of our culture. As my last name implies, I also have some Italian heritage, meaning the act of eating is not only a means of staying alive, but a way to celebrate pretty much everything. Heck, I even love watching cooking shows and competitions -- Chopped is my favorite.

As a tech-guy who loves social media, I also share pictures of my meals with friends and family on Facebook and Twitter. Speaking of the latter, there is an all-new 'Twitter Food Council' and associated hashtag (#FoodFlock). This new initiative is a way for lovers of food -- chefs, bakers, eaters, etc. -- to share their love of culinary arts on the social network.

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Corning unveils Gorilla Glass 5


Some smartphones can be expensive. When you spend a lot of money on a device, it can be quite the anxiety-creating affair. Whenever you pull it out of your pocket, you must worry about breaking it, and ultimately wasting many hundreds of dollars. This can be said about less expensive devices as well, depending on your economic situation, of course.

One of the most painful things to break or scratch on a smartphone is the screen, as it is how you interact with the pocket-computer. Luckily, Corning's line of Gorilla Glass can make these screens a bit more durable. Today, the company unveils the fifth iteration of its technology.

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Microsoft is killing Skype for Windows Phone -- a final slap in its fans' faces

Man Slap Face

Windows Phone was a terrible experiment that never got off the ground. Microsoft's mobile operating system was never popular with developers, nor did many consumers care about it. With that said, some of the company's most loyal fans did embrace it, however. Not to mention, due to low prices, a small number of unknowing budget-hunters bought the much maligned phones too.

Fast forward to today, and Microsoft has moved on to Windows 10 Mobile. Sadly, its newest mobile push is not doing well either, but I digress. As a final slap in the face to users that own Windows Phones that cannot be upgraded to Windows 10 Mobile, Microsoft is killing Skype support for the platform.

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