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How to change the default search engine in Microsoft Edge

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Microsoft’s new modern web browser comes with Bing as its default search engine. This will, of course, surprise absolutely no one. Some people will be more than happy with that choice, but others will prefer to switch to using something different. Like Google.

The process isn’t especially intuitive but it is very straightforward and won’t take more than a few seconds of your time. Here’s how to do it.

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Kaspersky 2016 adds Private Browsing, Change Control


Kaspersky Labs has released its 2016 editions of Kaspersky Anti-Virus, Kaspersky Internet Security and Kaspersky Total Security in Canada and the USA.

The suites now have a "Change Control" system which warns you of attempts to modify your browser home or search pages, install addons or change settings, and allows you to allow or block them.

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How to install Windows 10 on Oracle VirtualBox -- no Windows key required


Now that Windows 10 is officially available, there’s a good chance you’ll be updating your existing PCs to the new OS. There are reasons for and against doing this of course.

If you’re not quite ready to jump aboard Windows 10, you might want to install it in a virtualized environment instead. This way you’ll be able to try it out -- no Windows key required -- without risking your current setup, and see whether you like it or not. It’s certainly worth playing around with.

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Bitcoin payments move towards the mainstream with new payment partnership

Bitcoin more acceptable

We reported recently on a new system that reduces the risk for merchants in accepting bitcoin payments.

Now there's more evidence that the digital currency is going mainstream with the announcement of a partnership between enterprise bitcoin payments processor, Bitnet and payments platform provider Zooz that will enable merchants to accept bitcoin as a payment method on the Zooz payment platform.

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How to manually trigger your reserved Windows 10 upgrade

Happy PC user

If you reserved a Windows 10 upgrade, you were probably expecting it to appear this morning. For many people that was the case, but not for all. There are ways around this problem of course -- you can use the free tool Microsoft released today in order to update your PC whenever you like.

However, if you reserved the update, then you probably just want to get your upgrade through that. And rightly so. Fortunately, there’s a simple little trick you can use.

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New digital consent initiative to give users control of personal data

Privacy policy

As more and more of our data gets stored in digital format, keeping it secure becomes a bigger challenge. One possible solution is User Managed Access (UMA) which gives a web user a unified control point for authorizing who and what can get access to their online personal data.

The UMA standard has already received support from major organizations such as Philips and the New Zealand government. Access management company ForgeRock along with a number of open-source technology companies and experts, is announcing a new digital consent and privacy initiative to help accelerate developer adoption of UMA.

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Dmail brings self-destructing emails to Gmail

Self-destruct button

Following the release of the Undo Send option last month, Gmail users can now also delete sent emails.

Through a new Chrome extension called Dmail, users will be able to use a self-destruct option, which deletes sent mails after a stipulated period of time.

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How to create a bootable Windows 10 USB drive

man hand usb flash laptop drive business suit

Microsoft has officially introduced Windows 10, making the new operating system available as a free upgrade, in the first year, to Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users. Those who cannot take advantage of this deal will have to purchase Windows 10, which is now offered on USB drives, on top of DVDs and digital downloads.

Bootable USB drives are a better option than DVDs, as they can be used on the vast majority of devices in use today, including slim ultrabooks which do not have optical drives. They are also much faster, so the time it takes to install Windows 10 is significantly lower, and pocketable, allowing you to easily carry one wherever you need. If you do not have a bootable Windows 10 USB drive, this detailed how-to guide takes you through all the steps involved in creating your own flash installation media.

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Automate login and bypass the lock screen in Windows 10

bypass login

Like Windows 8.x, Windows 10 has been designed with security in mind and requires you to log in before you can start using it. That’s fine, and sensible, but if you’re the only person using your PC, and you’re confident that no one will be able to use it without your permission, or break in to your home and steal it, you might want to skip this stage.

The process of doing so is the same as in Windows 8, and is very simple without the need for registry hacks or complicated trickery.

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IObit unveils first beta of Advanced SystemCare 9


IObit has released the first public beta of IObit Advanced SystemCare 9, its flagship all-in-one PC cleanup, maintenance and security suite.

Improvements include a new "Speed Up" module, which checks your system for surplus startup programs, unwanted apps, dubious Windows settings, and anything else which might be slowing you down.

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MSI now shipping hardcore Windows 10 gaming laptops


Today is the day! Windows 10, baby -- woo! Expect to hear lots of announcements from PC manufacturers regarding new computers running Microsoft's new operating system. Yesterday, for example, Acer announced an entire line of Windows 10 computers for home and education.

What about hardcore gamers though? Windows 10 ushers in the DirectX 12 era for PC gaming, so surely some consumers will want hardcore gaming machines. Not to worry; today, MSI announces all-new gaming laptops featuring high-end specs and Nvidia graphics. Will you open your wallet to MSI?

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How to download Windows 10 and create your own installation USB flash drive or DVD

Windows 10 installed

Windows 10 has launched in 190 countries, and if you reserved your copy you should be able to upgrade to it today, or soon afterwards. Microsoft will be notifying users in waves when their upgrade is ready to be installed.

However, for some people the wait may be long, and others have reported problems with the automatic installation. Fortunately, if you’re keen to get the upgrade started, Microsoft has released a tool that will let you download Windows 10 and create your own installation media on either a USB flash drive or DVD.

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Acer announces Windows 10 back-to-school computers


Microsoft's Windows 10 launches tomorrow, so naturally it is the topic du jour. Chatter about the operating system will likely dominate the tech news for many days and weeks after too. You know what? Good. It is a damn good operating system -- the best version of Windows ever -- and it deserves the attention.

While Windows 10 is a free upgrade for many Windows 7 and 8.x users, many others are still on XP and Vista machines. Rather than pay for a Windows 10 license, you should probably buy a new computer instead. I understand the economy is still bad, but new machines are surprisingly affordable. Today, one of my favorite value-focused manufacturers, Acer, announces a new line of Windows 10 computers. While the focus is on "back-to-school", these machines are great for non-students too. The best part? You can buy some of them starting tomorrow.

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Internal training documents reveal how Facebook tackles diversity, bias, and discrimination


Workforce diversity is something that has been brought into sharp focus in recent months as companies such as Amazon, Microsoft, and Facebook reveal the make-up of their staff. White, middleclass, male employees dominate the world of technology, and this is certainly the case at Facebook -- even if a redesigned icon was an attempt to bring women to the fore.

Now the social network is embarking on something of a PR campaign, desperate to prove that it is doing everything it can to develop as diverse a workplace as possible. Today Facebook publishes sections of its employee training program that aims to eradicate the 'unconscious bias' that leads to -- in Facebook's words -- 'black sounding names' getting fewer callbacks than 'white sounding names'.

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Facebook told to allow the use of fake names


Facebook comes in for a lot of criticism, but one thing that managed to rub a lot of people up the wrong way is its real names policy. For some time the social network has required its users to reveal their real name rather than allowing for the adoption of pseudonyms. This has upset many, including musicians and the drag community.

Now a German watchdog has told Facebook that its ban on fake names is not permitted. The Hamburg Data Protection Authority said that the social network could not force users to replace pseudonyms with real names, nor could it ask to see official identification.

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