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Comcast calls time on merger plans

Comcast calls time on merger plans

The planned merger between Time Warner and Comcast has been quashed. Back in February of last year the "most hated company in America" announced that it was planning to join forces with Time Warner to create a technology giant.

Today the company did an about-face, announcing that the merger is now off. The deal would have seen Comcast Corporation acquire Time Warner Cable for $45.2 billion leading to the creation of the largest cable company in the US.

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X2 announces ISOLATIC 6020 -- a sexy and affordable full-tower ATX PC case


When building a computer, there are areas where you should try to save money, and others where you shouldn't. A budget power supply? Probably a bad idea. Generic no-name RAM? Just say no. A case? Bingo. When looking to save money, the case, for the most part, will not affect performance or stability. You can find an inexpensive ugly or cheaply-made case with decent cooling.

Today, X2 announces a full-tower PC case that is not only affordable, but sexy as hell too. Seriously, the design is very futuristic, giving a premium look at a fairly budget price.

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AVG introduces Crumble for Chrome, claims you can surf without surveillance


In today's world privacy has become a premium and companies and governments are the ones in the hotseat thanks to Edward Snowden, WikiLeaks and others. People are searching out ways to avoid being tracked, a difficult task in this current society. AVG is the latest to offer a solution.

The security firm is announcing Crumble, a new extension for Chrome that promises you can "surf without surveillance". The app comes from the Innovation Labs and is still in beta at the moment, but users can start testing it out now.

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How CEOs are failing to exploit social media

Social CEO header

Social media is a large part of many people's lives these days but it seems that people at the top of enterprises and large organizations are more reluctant to engage.

Management education advice site MBA Central has produced an infographic looking at how CEOs are lagging behind in their use of social media despite the benefits it can bring to their personal and professional reputation.

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NovaBACKUP 17 brings installation assistance, phone and email tech support


NovaStor has announced the release of its industrial-strength backup solution for Windows, NovaBACKUP 17 (priced from $49.95 for PCs, $349.95 for servers).

The update sees NovaStor’s remote installation service "Setup Assistance" included with the sale of every server product: a 30-minute online appointment with a product technician who will remotely install NovaBACKUP, configure it and schedule a first backup job for you.

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The Apple Watch becomes an enterprise security tool

Usher AW

Everyone, it seems, is jumping on the Apple watch bandwagon today with new apps, but one of the more interesting developments comes from enterprise security specialist MicroStrategy.

It's launched a version of its Usher platform allowing the Apple Watch to be used as a secure digital key, enabling wearers to log into business systems, unlock devices, validate personal identity, and open physical doors with a simple gesture or tap.

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Apple Watch gets Amazon shopping capability

pandora Apple Watch

Today the Apple Watch begins its highly anticipated rollout. The tech world is watching, while fans are eagerly expecting the device. Of course any product today requires a healthy ecosystem of apps to survive, and Apple is doing its best to make that happen. Others are trying to do the same, also from an economical standpoint.

Amazon plans to allow customers to shop from their wrist -- why you'd want to is anyone's guess. The retailer is announcing a shopping app for the new accoutrement. The company claims it will be useful in certain situations, such as heading out somewhere and suddenly remembering something you need. Granted that's a good scenario, as you may forget by the time you return home. However, isn't that what the smartphone in your purse or pocket is for?

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Best Windows apps this week


One-hundred and twenty seven in a series. Welcome to this week's overview of the best apps and games released for Windows in the past seven days.

Microsoft pushed out another Windows 10 build to Fast ring users bringing improvements but also new bugs along with it. The build ships with a new version of the Start menu that is resizable and customizable now.

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Android pisses all over Apple -- in Google Maps [Updated]


Google hides lots of Easter eggs in its products and services. Usually fun little extras designed to amuse. However, the latest one discovered in Google Maps is of questionable taste.

Tucked away in Pakistan, close to the New Islamabad International Airport, is a cartoon image of Google’s Android urinating on an Apple logo. Nice.

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Samsung Galaxy S6: Positive first impressions [Review]


I, like many others, was glued to my favorite tech site on 1 March, awaiting news on the new Samsung flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S6. But when the stream I was watching came to a close, I couldn’t help but feel a little bit disappointed.

The expandable memory and removable battery was always a major selling point to me over an iPhone. However with the new S6 removing expandable memory and having a non-removable battery, I was torn. Unfortunately, my trusty S4 bit the dust and I knew I’d have to try the S6 first-hand to see if the features I had used for so long would be missed. I don’t know what I was worried about…

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Microsoft's Q3 FY2015: The highlights

Nope, Microsoft isn't getting into Android with a Cyanogen investment

Microsoft has released its Q3 FY2015 (corresponding to Q1 CY2015) financial report, revealing revenue of $21.72 billion, gross margin of $14.56 billion, operating income of $6.59 billion, and diluted earnings per share (EPS) of $0.61. The software giant has beaten analyst expectations, which had placed revenue and the diluted EPS at $21.06 billion and $0.51, respectively. In after-hours trading, shares have risen from $43.34, at closing time, to $44.59.

A strong US dollar had influenced Microsoft's earnings, with the software giant estimating that "on a constant currency basis" it could have revealed stronger results across the board. For reference, in Q3 FY2014, Microsoft posted revenue, gross margin, operating income and diluted EPS of $20.40 billion, $14.42 billion, $6.97 billion and $0.68. As you can see, revenue and gross margin are higher, by 6 percent and 1 percent respectively, while operating income and diluted EPS are down by 5 percent and 10 percent, respectively. Let's take a look at the highlights of the quarter.

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Microsoft makes improvements to IE11 for enterprises

Microsoft helps enterprise customers move to Internet Explorer 11 and Windows 10

Microsoft is continuing its crusade to wean customers off earlier versions of Internet Explorer before the Support Lifecycle changes kick in in January 2016.

The company has announced changes in its April update to Enterprise Mode and Enterprise Site Discovery in IE11 to provide enhanced backwards compatibility for sites designed to run in earlier versions of the browser.

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Samsung Galaxy S5 could be leaking your fingerprints


I’m usually not the paranoid one in a relationship, but the fingerprint scanner on smartphones always used to freak me out.

And now, a pair of researchers from security firm FireEye breathes new life into my paranoia, as they claim hackers can steal your fingerprint data before it gets encrypted in the device. One of the potentially dangerous devices, ‘leaking’ fingerprints is the Samsung Galaxy S5.

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Create quality HTML prototypes with Pingendo


Pingendo is a free cross-platform WYSIWYG application for prototyping web pages. It uses Twitter’s Bootstrap as a base, and responsive web design support ensures your sites will adapt to fit phones, tablets, laptops and desktops.

Getting started is as easy as dragging and dropping. Organize your layout; add lists, tables or forms; add some text, maybe a few images (single pictures, thumbnails, a carousel), and insert media objects including YouTube videos and Google Maps.

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Solitaire set to return in Windows 10


Ah, Solitaire. It’s the card game that has killed many hours of productivity in offices across the world -- and caused many employees to be very quick on the minimize button -- and it’s coming back with Windows 10.

As you’re doubtless aware if you upgraded to Windows 8, with its latest desktop OS, Microsoft decided to ditch a lot of things, including all those dinky little games which came pre-installed in the Start menu -- Solitaire, Minesweeper and Hearts. (The latter was always our favorite -- despite the fact that the computer players clearly, and we mean blatantly, cheated and played using knowledge of the cards you held rather than any true AI skill as such).

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