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9 out of 10 office workers suffer technology stress in meetings

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A new survey of office workers in the UK shows that a majority suffer stress in meetings when struggling with tasks like sharing screens and finding the right cables in order to give presentations.

The study by visualization specialist Barco finds that for 93 percent, this meeting stress has serious knock-on effect on every aspect of their work. Presentations were of a poorer quality, time was wasted, deadlines were missed, and for 12 percent, it even resulted in lost promotions and lost business.

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FBI won't tell Apple how it hacked San Bernardino iPhone as it doesn't understand the technique


Apple had been hoping that the FBI would come clean about how it managed to gain access to the San Bernardino iPhone, but that's just not going to happen. The agency managed to crack the iPhone 5C at the center of the case after getting help from a third party rather than Apple.

But now the FBI has confirmed that it doesn't really know how the cracking tool works. Or, more precisely, it did not buy the rights to the technical details of the tool. After a very public battle with Apple, the FBI ultimately resorted to getting help from elsewhere, and there had been fears that the method would be classified -- now it seems it will remain secret simply because the FBI doesn't understand the tool it used.

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Outdated Java, QuickTime installations on the rise in UK

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UK’s citizens are getting more diligent when it comes to patching and updating their Windows-operated computers, new survey by Flexera Software’s Secunia Reports team says. QuickTime users, on the other hand, aren't as vigilant.

According to the team’s Country Reports, the number of unpatched Microsoft Windows operating systems is on the decline. At the end of the first quarter of 2016, the number sits at 6.1 percent, where last year at this same time, it was at 11.5 percent.

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Amazon held to account for billing parents for in-app purchases made by their kids


A federal judge has ruled that Amazon is liable for sending out bills to parents of children who made in-app purchases without permission. Amounting to millions of dollars, the bills have now been deemed unauthorized, and Amazon faces having to pay back a large percentage of the money.

The case has echoes of similar legal action brought against Google and Apple for purchases made by children in the App Store and Google Play. Amazon, Apple and Google have all implemented systems to prevent unauthorized purchases since being investigated by the FTC back in 2014.

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Skype for Business now available on OS X


In an attempt to entice enterprise Mac users, Microsoft has just released a preview of its new Skype for Business for OS X. This new version of Skype will be business-focused and is centered around creating an experience tailored to enterprise users.

From today, you can request access to the preview from Microsoft. The company will be sending the Skype for Business Mac Preview out to IT administrators in order for them to familiarize themselves with the software before extending the preview to more users.

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Oculus brings Microsoft's Minecraft to Samsung's Android-powered Gear VR


Minecraft is a surprisingly popular game. The design pays homage to block-like graphics of games from earlier days -- a time when a large amount of Minecraft fans weren't even born! We have the technology to make more lifelike environments, with curved edges and circles, but that would be blasphemy to the Minecraft community. "What's old is new" as some folks say, I suppose.

Today, The Oculus Team announces that it has worked with Microsoft to bring Minecraft to Samsung's smartphone-powered virtual reality platform, the Gear VR. Owners of this solution can now experience a more-immersive Minecraft experience, by leveraging Samsung's heasdset and a third-party controller.

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Windows 10 interrupts a live TV broadcast with an unwanted upgrade

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Ever since Microsoft made Windows 10 a recommended update there have been numerous reports of the new operating system installing itself without user consent, and without much warning.

Microsoft has always played down this behavior, but an example of how the OS pushes upgrades on unsuspecting users was earlier today shown live on TV during a weather forecast.

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Ira Glass arrives on Pandora as This American Life is released on the streaming platform


You may well have heard the popular radio show This American Life. It's broadcast out of Chicago, but syndicated around the US, and perhaps has an even greater footprint thanks to its podcast. Host Ira Glass has taken his idea for a little show and turned it into a force in media.

Despite the name, the shows are very much international, though they usually involve Americans, even in foreign locations. Glass also covers all sorts of incidents from the financial crisis to crimes. Now the long-running show is coming to Pandora, a platform known for its music streaming system.

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Malware compromises Swift system -- patch available


The Swift (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication) system has apparently fallen victim to the same sophisticated hacking scheme that was used to disrupt the Bangladesh central bank last month.

The cyberattack in Bangladesh resulted in a loss of $951 million from the central bank's account at the Federal Reserve in New York and it now seems likely, thanks to new research from BAE systems, that Swift was also compromised during the attack.

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Microsoft makes Xamarin SDKs for Android, iOS and Mac open source


Microsoft's embracing of the open source movement grows ever tighter, and today the company announced that its Xamarin SDKs (available for Android, iOS and Mac) will be open sourced. It's not long since Microsoft bought Xamarin, and just weeks later the SDKs are being opened up.

Announced at the Xamarin Evolve 2016 event, the move sees Microsoft trying to encourage mobile developers. The company says it has already made great strides in this area: "we helped nearly 3.5 times more developers get started building great apps with Xamarin than ever in our history as a company".

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Companies invest more in DDoS protection

GitHub hit by biggest DDoS attack ever

Pretty much every company out there has been, or will be a target of a DDoS attack. A new report by real-time information services provider Neustar, entitled The Threatscape Widens: DDoS Aggression and the Evolution of IoT Risks, released this month, says it’s no longer the question of "if" or "when" a company will be DDoSed -- it’s how often and how long will it last.

According to the report, 73 percent of companies were attacked in 2015, with 82 percent of those attacked suffering multiple attacks. Out of that number, 45 percent said they were attacked six times, or more. In EMEA, 47 percent of companies were attacked at least five times.

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Google antitrust: Getty Images files complaint against search giant for image scraping and piracy promotion


Google is already embroiled in one antitrust case in Europe where the company stands accused of abusing Android's dominance. Now photo agency Getty Images is accusing Google of promoting piracy and engaging in anticompetitive behavior by 'scraping' images from third party sites.

In a familiar-sounding complaint, Getty Images also says that Google skews search results in favor of its own services -- such as Google Images. The photo agency says that this directly impacts upon rival services, but perhaps the big charge is that a change made to Google Images provided access to copyrighted material and "promoted piracy, resulting in widespread copyright infringement".

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Why Microsoft remains 'committed' to Windows 10 Mobile


Windows 10 Mobile does not have much of a future. With two very disappointing quarters for Lumia sales, a market share of around one percent, poor vendor support, and no mention of it at Build 2016, this much is clear. You would expect Microsoft to pull the plug any minute now, but the software giant seems to be doing just the opposite.

In an internal email, Terry Myerson is encouraging "certain partners" to continue to pour their resources into the platform. Microsoft's EVP of Windows and Devices Group says that the company is still "committed" to Windows 10 Mobile, claiming that development of its "next generation products" is well underway. It sounds unbelievable, but that is just what you should expect Microsoft to say.

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New partnership helps boost eCommerce platform performance

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In order to get a competitive advantage, retailers are increasingly looking to deliver a rich, interactive eCommerce experience for their customers. The problem with this is that it can lead to platforms being loaded down with extra functions that result in a drop in performance.

Application delivery specialist InstartLogic has announced that it's partnering with IBM to help retail clients accelerate the performance of their eCommerce platforms.

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Win tickets to the Beyoncé Formation World Tour with this Uber promo code


Whenever I go to NYC, I have an internal struggle over transportation. Once I arrive in Penn Station by way of the Long Island Railroad, do I choose a yellow cab, or an Uber ride? Many things weigh on my choice, such as the weather, or a very long wait at the cab line in front of Madison Square Garden.

Now it seems I have yet another factor in my decision -- Beyoncé. How is the superstar singing sensation impacting my choice between yellow cab and Uber? Well, American Express is now offering a chance to win tickets to her sold-out tour. By using a specific promo code when paying for your Uber ride, you could win two tickets to the Formation World Tour. If you win, you will also get round-trip Uber transportation to and from the concert.

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