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Bye bye, TLS 1.0 and 1.1: Apple, Microsoft, Mozilla and Google all wave adieu to old security protocol

Internet security with browser logos

As part of a coordinated movement between four of the biggest names in tech, the old TLS 1.0 and 1.1 security protocols are to be killed off in Safari, Edge, Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome in 2020.

Apple, Microsoft, Mozilla and Google have come together to purge the internet of these old and buggy protocols, noting that most people have now moved to TLS 1.2, if not TLS 1.3. Although 94 percent of sites already support version 1.2, a tampering off period over the next 18 months will give everyone a chance to catch up.

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How to remove shows without a delete option in Sling Cloud DVR

If you weren’t already familiar with Sling TV then you’ve likely had an amusing introduction thanks to recent "Slingers" ads. If you’re still lost, Sling is a live TV service that provides many mainstream channels such as ESPN, CNN and an estimated 100 or so more. If there’s one you want and don’t currently get then there are addon packs you can choose from.

While Sling has been around since early 2015, it still has some growing pains. None, at least so far, have been game changers, more minor annoyances than glaring mistakes.

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Facebook says it could use data from Portal devices to target users with ads

Facebook Portal

When Facebook unveiled its Portal and Portal+ video calling hardware last week, there were immediate concerns voiced about the privacy implications of the social network's new devices.

Facebook has been insistent that Portal is "private by design", and the company said no data -- such as call logs and app usage information -- would be used to target users with ads. Now the company has changed its mind and says that actually it could be hitting users with targeted ads.

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CORSAIR launches blazing fast Force Series MP510 M.2 PCIe NMVe SSD

We are currently in the golden age of storage -- NVMe solid state drives are insanely fast and getting increasingly more affordable. Whether you are a gamer or performance enthusiast, you are probably in tech heaven.

Today, Corsair launches its latest storage drive, and yes, it is an NVMe PCIe SSD. The "Force Series MP510," as it is called, offers blazing fast performance -- 3,480MB/sec read and 3,000MB/sec write.

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Google to charge smartphone makers to use Google Play in Europe in response to antitrust ruling

Broken Google logo

Following a European Commission ruling earlier in the year that Google had exploited Android for "very serious illegal behavior" and used its mobile operating system "as a vehicle to cement its dominance as a search engine", the company was hit with a record €4.34 billion ($5 billion) fine.

Today Google has outlined how it will respond to the European ruling, in addition to appealing against it. One of the things the company will do is to start charging smartphone makers a licensing fee to use Google Play.

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DataLocker Inc Sentry K300 keypad flash drive has an OLED screen and 256-bit AES hardware encryption

These days, it can be quite scary storing important data in the cloud. We were sold a bill of goods that the cloud was safe and secure, but with so many data breaches, it’s only a matter of time before your data is exposed. Sad but true.

If you want to store important files locally, a drive with hardware encryption is ideal. Keypad variants are quite convenient, as they can easily work on all operating systems, such as macOS, Windows, and Linux distros. Today, DataLocker Inc. announces a beautiful such drive with a unique feature -- an OLED screen.

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Big businesses take the lead in machine learning

machine learning AI

Data science and machine learning professionals within larger organizations are feeling significantly more satisfied with their progress than those in smaller organizations, according to a new study.

The report from machine learning specialist Algorithmia shows that those in organizations with 2,500+ employees are 80 percent more likely to be 'satisfied' or 'very satisfied' with their progress as compared to professionals in companies of 500 employees or less.

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Amazon launches new waterproof Kindle Paperwhite

Amazon has launched a new version of its Kindle Paperwhite. The latest incarnation of the ebook reader is not only thinner and lighter than its predecessors, but also waterproof.

The new model boasts twice the storage space of previous Kindles, and the screen is not only the highest resolution offered by Amazon (300ppi), but also flush with the front of the reader's bezel for a higher-quality finish. Anyone buying the device can enjoy six months of Kindle Unlimited for free, giving plenty of opportunity to test the battery, the life of which Amazon says is "measured in weeks".

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Complexity is an obstacle to effective security tools

Cloud maze complexity

Although IT operations personnel often help influence the selection of cyber security tools, nearly two out of three say complexity is one of the biggest hindrances in their effectiveness.

The study by privileged access management company Thycotic shows complexity in deployment is cited by30 percent and complexity in daily use by 34 percent.

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Digital transformation increases risk of cyberattacks

digital transformation

The drive to digital transformation is exposing companies to higher and more costly cyber risks according to a new study of over 1,300 businesses.

The study from research firm ESI ThoughtLab, together with a cross-industry coalition of organizations, including HP, KnowBe4, Opus and others, shows that cyber risks rise dramatically as companies embrace new technologies, adopt open platforms, and tap into the ecosystems of partners and suppliers.

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Real-time Google Translate comes to all Google Assistant headphones and Android phones

Google Translate

Previously a Pixel exclusive, Google is opening up real-time translation to a wider range of devices. So wide, in fact, that real-time Google Translate is now available to all Assistant-optimized headphones and Android phones.

For quite some time, the option was only available to people with a Google Pixel phone paired with Pixel Buds earphones, but now just about everyone has access to the feature.

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Google is 'exploring' a censored search tool for China

Google logo on Chinese flag

The possibility of Google making a return to China was leaked this summer, but the company has remained pretty tight-lipped about the matter. But now CEO Sundar Pichai has spoken publicly about the prospect of Google producing a censored version of its search engine to comply with Chinese regulations.

Speaking at a conference in San Francisco, Pichai revealed that Google has, internally, built a search engine for China, because "we wanted to learn what it would look like". He said that the company is "exploring" the idea, and pointed out that 99 percent of searches would not be censored.

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Transparency: Facebook to reveal who pays for political ads in the UK

Facebook political ads

In recent years there have been concerns about the influence it is possible to exert over election results through social media. As well as fears relating to fake news and misinformation, there have also been calls for greater transparency when it comes to revealing the funding of political advertising.

To address some of these concerns, Facebook has announced that any ads running in the UK that make reference to political figures will have to publicly reveal the identity of the organization or individual that paid for them. The new rules about transparency will apply to both Facebook and Instagram.

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Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen dead at 65

Paul Allen is dead. Sadly, the Microsoft co-founder succumbed to cancer today -- non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, to be exact. His death is a bit of a surprise, as earlier in the month, he shared on Twitter that his prognosis was good. Unfortunately, as we learned from the death of Steve Jobs, money can't guarantee life -- an important thing to reflect on when feeling down about being broke. Good health is priceless.

While less famous than Bill Gates, Allen (the bearded one above) was still a tremendous force in the world of technology. The icon earned billions of dollars thanks to his time at Microsoft, something he used to become a big name in the world of sports -- surprising for a tech guy. He purchased both an NBA team (Portland Trail Blazers) and an NFL franchise (Seattle Seahawks). While I am sure he loved both teams, the latter was probably closer to his heart. You see, Allen was a significant presence in Seattle, WA -- the place he was born and died. He was probably beyond proud when he brought a Super Bowl championship to the city he loved so much.

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Winamp is being updated and reimagined as an audio app for mobile


The name Winamp -- you know, the audio player that "really whips the llama's ass" -- is one that will stir up nostalgic memories for people of a certain age. Since its inception in the mid-90s, Winamp gained a huge and loyal following but, after changing hands a couple of times since the turn of the century, it was then largely forgotten.

But Winamp is making a comeback. In the next few days the desktop app will be getting an update -- not that this is something you should expect too much from -- but it is what's happening in 2019 that's really exciting.

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