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One in three SMBs uses free consumer security tools

open digital lock

New research from cybersecurity company BullGuard reveals that one in three SMBs in the US and UK rely on free consumer cybersecurity tools and one in five has no endpoint protection at all.

The study also finds 43 percent of SMB owners have no cybersecurity defense plan in place -- leaving their most sensitive financial, customer and business data, and ultimately their companies, at significant risk.

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Criminals target APIs to attack financial services systems

Intelligent APIs

In the year to November 2019, 75 percent of all credential abuse attacks against the financial services industry targeted APIs directly, according to a new report.

The research from Akamai observed 85,422,079,109 credential abuse attacks. Nearly 20 percent, or 16,557,875,875, of these were against host names that were clearly identified as API endpoints. Of these, 473,518,955 attacked organizations in the financial services industry.

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Ring makes two-factor authentication mandatory for all its devices

Please ring the bell

Following a series of privacy-related controversies, smart doorbell maker Ring is making two-factor authentication (2FA) mandatory on all of its devices. In addition, the company is also giving users more control over personalized advertising.

Ring also says that it is temporarily pausing the use of most third-party analytics services in its apps and on its website. The company is working on giving users the ability to limit the sharing of data with third parties.

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Coral Nintendo Switch Lite is the video game console of your grandma's dreams

Back in the day, video game companies targeted children and teens with their products. After all, they were the ones playing the games. Over time, however, gamers have grown up -- they are now parents, and in some cases, grandparents. And so, video game companies are wise to consider older folks with their marketing.

Today, Nintendo unveils its latest color Switch Lite, and your grandma is going to love it. You see, the color is coral -- something you see all over the place in Florida retirement communities. It is not uncommon to see coral-colored couches, lawn furniture, wallpaper, blouses, purses, shoes, and more. For whatever reason, older people (primarily women) in warm climates seem to love the color. And now, thanks to Nintendo, they can have a Coral Nintendo Switch Lite to make all of the people at the Bingo hall envious. Heck, they can play the upcoming Animal Crossing New Horizons while relaxing on the lanai!

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HyperX unveils very rare JuJu Smith-Schuster Cloud MIX gaming headset

Back in 2018, HyperX released the Cloud MIX gaming headset. Since then, it has become a very popular option for gamers. Not only does it offer great audio quality, but it looks damn good too. Then, in 2019, the company launched a special rose gold variant.

Today, HyperX unveils yet another model of Cloud MIX gaming headset, but it is extremely limited. How rare is it? Well, only 19 of them are being made, and you can only get them by bidding in an auction. Even more exciting? This is a special model designed with JuJu Smith-Schuster -- wide receiver for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Yeah, these are going to be very popular with both gamers and NFL fans.

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RCS messaging lands in Your Phone app for Windows 10

RCS messaging

Microsoft has been making great progress with its Your Phone app recently. The app -- which makes it possible to use an Android smartphone in conjunction with Windows 10 -- has now gained support for RCS messaging.

It has been possible to send regular text messages via Your Phone for some time but now, thanks to a new partnership with Samsung, next-generation RCS messaging is available to some users too.

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5G revenue from IoT connections to reach $8 billion by 2025

5g smartphone

Operator-billed revenue from 5G IoT connections will reach $8 billion by the end of 2024, up from $525 million in 2020 -- growth of more than 1,400 percent in five years.

A new study from Juniper Research forecasts that 5G IoT connections will be considered as new connections that won't cannibalise existing operator connectivity revenue from current IoT technologies.

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Kolude unveils KD-K1 Keyhub all-in-one Keyboard

No matter how great a computer is, if you have a bad mouse and/or keyboard, you are going to have a bad time. In the past, I have purchased cheap mice that offer phantom clicks and low-quality keyboards that don't register key-presses, and holy cow, it is extremely frustrating. I learned my lesson, and now only buy quality input devices.

As a fan of quality keyboards, it takes a lot to pique my interest, and yet, there is a new such product from a company named Kolude that has caused me some excitement. The "KD-K1 Keyhub all-in-one Keyboard," as it is called, is a combination keyboard and USB hub with an SD card reader, micro SD reader, and HDMI video port thrown in for good measure. In other words, it is sort of a docking station crammed into a thin keyboard. The keys and their layout look spectacular too. Not to mention, it is quite attractive -- looking right at home next to a Mac. It will work with Windows, desktop Linux, Android, and iOS too, however.

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Microsoft is dropping support for Windows 10 version 1809

It is a little over a month since Windows 7 reached end of life, and in the coming months Microsoft will stop supporting the Windows 10 October 2018 Update.

Also known as Windows 10 version 1809, this edition of the operating system was released in November 2018. When May 12 2020 rolls around, Microsoft will no longer release security updates for it -- something the company refers to as the "end of servicing".

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UK government to spend £1.2 billion on supercomputer to predict weather and model climate change

Weather cloud

The UK government has announced plans to spend £1.2 billion ($1.6 billion) on what it describes as "the world's most powerful weather and climate supercomputer".

The investment will make weather forecasts faster and more accurate, and the computer will make it easier to predict the impact of climate change. It will be managed by the Met Office, and will be used to help communities and government agencies better prepare for severe weather.

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The $600 quantum computer that could spell the end for conventional encryption

Active Cypher QUBY

Concerns that quantum computing could place current encryption techniques at risk have been around for some time.

But now cybersecurity startup Active Cypher has built a password-hacking quantum computer to demonstrate that the dangers are very real.

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Download Debian-based MX Linux 19.1 now

Ever find yourself bored with the same ol' "mainstream" Linux-based operating system such as Ubuntu, Fedora, or Mint? Yeah, I get it. Sometimes you just want to dig a bit deeper and try out something a tad less known. It can be fun to distro-hop and try new things!

One such excellent Linux distribution is MX Linux. It has become wildly popular in the Linux community lately, but is still largely off the radar of those that aren't "in the know." Today, a new version of the operating system, MX Linux 19.1, becomes available for download. The Debian-based distro uses the Xfce desktop environment and comes pre-loaded with some great software, such as Firefox, LibreOffice, and more.

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Edge users will soon be able to sync their extensions and collections

edge sync extensions collections

Users of the new Microsoft Edge web browser may soon be able to synchronize extensions and collections using the web browser's built-in sync functionality.

Microsoft started the rollout of the feature in the latest Microsoft Edge Canary version, currently at version 82.0.425.0. While it is not available for all Canary users yet, it is expected that the number will increase in the coming weeks and that the options will be pushed to the Beta and Stable channels of Microsoft Edge eventually.

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Microsoft claims massive speed boost in preview builds of Edge

Multiple Edge logos

Anyone using the Dev or Canary builds of Microsoft Edge gets to try out all of the latest features and improvements early, and Microsoft says that the latest builds boast huge speed improvements.

The enhanced performance is significant. Microsoft claims improvements of up to 13 percent -- meaning that this is the sort of speed boost that should be noticeable in use, not just measurable in tests.

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Microsoft releases Windows Terminal Preview v0.9 and it's feature-complete

Windows Terminal

Microsoft has released Windows Terminal Preview v0.9 with a glut of new features and options. The company says that this update is the last release that will include new features before v1 launches.

In terms of what's new, there's a lot to explore. The latest version of Windows Terminal will now detect any version of PowerShell and automatically create a profile for you, and the wt execution alias now supports command line arguments.

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