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Ransomwhat? 43 percent don't know what ransomware is


A new report shows that 43 percent of consumers in the US and Canada don't know what ransomware is. A similar number (44 percent) say they don’t know what data or information could be stolen in a ransomware attack.

The study by Kaspersky Lab surveyed 4,000 US and 1,000 Canadian consumers aged over 16 and found that only 16 percent mentioned ransomware as a cyber threat they were worried about, compared to their concerns about viruses, spyware and Trojans.

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People want safer alternatives to passwords and they want them now


As the recent leak of LinkedIn data shows, passwords are an increasingly vulnerable and flawed way of securing systems.

A new survey from identity management specialist Gigya reveals that consumers are beginning to recognize this and that 52 percent would choose anything but a traditional username and password account registration when given the option.

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Apple re-hires security expert of PGP, Blackphone and Silent Circle fame


Following the company's very public stand-off with the FBI over the San Bernardino shooter's iPhone, Apple is demonstrating that it has a great interest in security by re-hiring encryption expert Jon Callas.

Best known for founding security-focused firms PGP Corp and Silent Circle -- the company behind the ultra-secure, privacy-centric Blackphone -- Callas has worked for Apple on two previous occasions.

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How much does a DDoS attack cost?

GitHub hit by biggest DDoS attack ever

Security researchers have discovered that DDoS attacks are now available to purchase on the Internet for as little as $5 an hour.

The researchers, who work for the security firm Imperva, were able to find distributed denial of service attacks (DDoS) for as low as $5 an hour on the online professional services marketplace Fiverr. A year ago these same services cost $38 an hour and could only be found on the dark web.

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Brits are willing to compromise their online security to get fit for the beach

man beach summer

With the approach of summer, many people are looking for diet and fitness solutions to get themselves ready for the beach.

But research into the practices of 1,000 British internet users by Intel Security finds a willingness to compromise online security to achieve a dream body.

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New healthcare platform addresses communications compliance challenges

Healthcare data

The healthcare and pharmaceutical industries are highly regulated and need to constantly keep up with changing demands and regulations.

California-based Actiance, specialists in communications compliance, analytics and archiving, has launched a new cloud-based platform aimed at the health sector which addresses new and existing regulatory retention, security and privacy requirements, while reducing the risk and expense of costly eDiscovery and compliance activities.

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Mobile security is not a concern for European workers

business mobile employees team

Businesses in the UK, as well as elsewhere in Europe, are not really worried about security, as their employees increasingly use company mobile devices, new research has shown.

Secure identity solutions firm HID has revealed that 77 percent of employees in the UK aren’t concerned about mobile security, highlighting a pretty high level of confidence in they have in mobile security. Looking at Germany, the percentage stands at 82. Overall, 74 percent of European workers are confident about using corporate mobile devices.

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Hackers going after Middle East banks

Faceless cyber criminal hacker

Researchers at the US cybersecurity company FireEye have discovered that hackers have begun to probe the defenses of banks in the Middle East by targeting bank employees with malware-infected emails to collect information about bank networks and user accounts.

The company started an investigation into the cyberattack in February in which hackers were able to steal $81 million from Bangladesh’s central bank. FireEye found no apparent connection between that attack and the similar attacks against banks in Vietnam and Ecuador. Currently in all three cases the hackers responsible for the attacks are unknown.

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Hackers using bot armies for financial gain


A new security report by digital identity company ThreatMetrix says hackers are using a large army made out of "automated cyber robots", or bots, for financial gain.

Their Q1 2016 report, entitled Q1 Cybercrime Report, says there have been 311 million bot attacks detected and stopped in this year’s first quarter.

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Edward Snowden warns about the dangers of using Google Allo


When Google announced the launch of two new messaging apps, the world wondered why. Duo is focused on video calling, while Allo is a more traditional messaging tool, albeit one with a Google assistant built in.

But while the world shrugged, Edward Snowden issued a stark warning. He says that Allo should be avoided, pointing out that the lack of end-to-end encryption makes it "dangerous".

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Why IT departments never go on vacation

group young business it network server room solving help support

Admit it, we’ve all been thinking about the summer vacation since the blustery days of winter. Dreaming of destinations, looking at dates and ultimately, sending those out-of-office notices so that everyone knows we’re taking a break and heading out of town!

But while most of us are safe to switch those out-of-office messages on and tune out on our summer trips, IT is an industry that never truly gets a vacation. No matter the time of year, IT departments are always hard at work creating and maintaining the foundation of the modern business world. Among the top reasons why IT never goes on vacation, three are:

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Consumers don't trust companies with their data, but they're willing to share personal info


Consumers in the EMEA region (Europe, Middle East, Africa) are fairly skeptical about companies keeping their data safe, but are willing to share personal information to get something in return anyway.

Those are the results of a new and extensive research by F5 Networks, which had asked more than 7,000 consumers in UK, Germany, France, Bene, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Poland about their online shopping habits, and data attitudes.

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European IT departments want to invest in cloud and security

Streaming video service Hang w/ shares its profits with users -- others take note!

Another confirmation of the heading IT departments are taking this year comes to us from tech giants Toshiba. After an extensive research into business practices in IT departments across Europe, it was found that cloud-based solutions (56 percent) and data security (50 percent) remain the biggest areas of investment for IT departments in the country this year.

The research shows results of a poll of 400 senior IT decision makers in the UK, France and Germany.

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Medical devices targeted by cyber attacks

Medical data risk

Hacking and cyber attacks are no longer confined to computers. Thanks to the Internet of Things they affect a whole lot of other equipment too and that includes medical devices.

Application protection specialist Arxan has produced an infographic looking at the growing threat landscape surrounding connected medical devices.

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Popular hacking site Nulled hit by cyberattackers, user info leaked

Faceless cyber criminal hacker

The email addresses and private messages of over 470,000 members of the popular hacking website Nulled have been leaked following a data breach.

The website served as a marketplace where its users could buy and sell the account details they stole from users along with hacking advice and tips. The data that was leaked from Nulled contained over 5,000 purchase records that detailed how the stolen information available on the site’s marketplace was exchanged between users.

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