There's a fix for the Windows 10 file association problem coming -- slowly

Having a problem with Windows 10? Did it delete your files? No? Perhaps it downgraded your Windows 10 Pro installation to Windows 10 Home, or maybe it introduced display audio issues, installed bad audio drivers, failed to handle zip files correctly, or display all unicode characters, or maybe you had problems with Edge and Store apps? No? Maybe it broke Windows file associations for you, so you can’t open files in the default programs you choose.

If your problem is the latter, the good news is Microsoft is working on a fix. The bad news is it doesn’t seem to be in a huge hurry to solve the problem.

It’s hard to be a Windows 10 user at the moment, with so many problems coming one after the other. The October 2018 Update is still MIA, and there’s no word yet on when it will arrive or if it will fix the numerous problems users have reported.


The file associations issue is something that was reported to Microsoft back in May by Windows Insiders, and according to Forbes it’s existed in various forms since 2015. Yes, you read that right.

Luckily, according to a Microsoft spokesperson:

This bug is a known issue caused by KB4464330 (OS Build 17763.55). Microsoft is working on a resolution and estimates a solution will be available in late November 2018.

Late November. Wonderful.

In the meantime, you’ll just have to put up with manually opening files in your choice of application, rather than relying on Windows to remember your preference, as it should.

In some good news though, the Windows 10 activation problem seems to have been fixed.

Jeff Jones, Sr. Director, Microsoft says: "A limited number of customers experienced an activation issue that our engineers have now addressed. Affected customers will see resolution over the next 24 hours as the solution is applied automatically. In the meantime, they can continue to use Windows 10 Pro as usual."

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26 Responses to There's a fix for the Windows 10 file association problem coming -- slowly

  1. MyDisqussion says:

    I'm not sure why it takes so long for the change to take effect, since it's all on Microsoft's servers. It didn't actually deactivate any systems, but it did affect installations that had never been upgraded from Windows 7 or 8.x.

    • admiral_kirk says:

      The activation system, needs to be manually forced on the computer to reactivate, or wait until Windows decides to attempt activation on its own..(Typically 3 days) it's not something MS can force the systems to do from their end.

  2. roborat says:

    Too much obvious schadenfreude I think. Borders on sounding petulant.

  3. MyDisqussion says:

    It's not only Microsoft. Apple iTunes keeps asking me to associate it with music, even though I check the box to never ask again.

  4. Flip_a_Bit says:

    The deactivation has happened on about a dozen of our company laptops. At first, we were concerned about the licenses but everything is legit (upgraded from 8.x). Last night we simply went through the automated activation process which has taken care of the annoyance. As far as the extension association, this is absolutely sloppy on MS' part not to have seen the indications during testing.

    • MyDisqussion says:

      Testing? What's that?

    • 1DaveN says:

      My understanding is that for those who haven't tried re-activating, the PC will just fix itself on its own.

      • Fantasm says:

        That does seem to be the case. When I got home from work, my system showed it wasn't activated. I just read your post, and glanced over and it's apparently back to normal now.... No reboots or anything it just seems to have been corrected....

  5. psycros says:

    If the problems mentioned by Mr. Williams were the only ones I'd seen while trying to migrate to Windows 10 I might still be using it on one of my less important systems (I like to have a variety of installs for diagnostic purposes). Instead I witnessed complete OS self-destruction again and again regardless of hardware used or migration path. It was
    the last nail in the coffin for me - a complete repudiation of the OS as a functional platform.

  6. The Dumb Genius says:

    When W10 came out, I said to myself 'I'll hold off and wait for a bit first until all the issues have been ironed out and it's safe to use'. I'm still waiting.

  7. BinFartin says:

    Fvck BetaNews

  8. realDonaldTrump says:

    This issue doesn't exist in the original October 2018 build that was later pulled.

  9. Rock Smith says:

    I think the bigger question is why MS need to check the activation status of product all the time. This is sure annoying as hell. It is too bad many software vendors are dropping support for older version of MS OS, I am looking at you Adobe, otherwise I would have stayed with Win 8.1

  10. MyDisqussion says:

    I suppose the real solution would be for Microsoft to start using it's own $20 Linux OS as its primary workstation OS.

    • Scooter Melton says:

      That, or fix Windows 10 so that it doesn't incessantly spy, update and behave unpredictably. The latter requires a reversion to a Windows 7 era kind of approach to quality,

  11. Tyler says:

    What I love most is the vague terminology. "A limited number of customers".... Trying to side step the fact that it could be anywhere from a few hundred to thousands of users.

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