Now you can jailbreak iOS 12.4 -- or hack it

iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max

Hackers have taken advantage of a vulnerability in iOS 12.4 to release a jailbreaking tool. This is the first time in many years that it has been possible to jailbreak iPhones running the most recent version of iOS.

Security researchers discovered that in iOS 12.4, Apple has unpatched a vulnerability it previously fixed and it didn't take long for hacker Pwn20wnd to release a free jailbreak tool.

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Apple plugged the SockPuppet vulnerability in iOS 12.3 but, for some reason, it was re-introduced in iOS 12.4. As well as making it possible to jailbreak iPhones, the reappearance of this particular security flaw also opens up handsets to potential hacking.

As noted by Motherboard, Pwn20wnd's jailbreak tool was published to Github this week. It comes after Apple's announcement at the Blackhat security conference that it would be providing pre-jailbroken iPhones (or "Security Research Devices") to a limited number of people.

Following the apparent slip-up in re-introducing the exploitable vulnerability, it will almost certainly not be long before Apple pushes out another iOS update to block jailbreaking -- so take advantage and enjoy it while you can!

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