Dell is finally shipping the XPS 13 Developer Edition with Ubuntu Linux 20.04 LTS

If you want a laptop that comes with Linux pre-installed nowadays, there are actually a lot of options. While it used to be hard to get a computer without Windows on it, it is now a pretty easy task. You can choose from popular Linux-friendly computer sellers like System76 or Tuxedo Computers, but there is another company that sometimes gets overlooked -- Dell. Yes, one of the biggest manufacturers of Windows computers also sells "Developer Editions" of its computers that come with Ubuntu Linux pre-installed. The company has sold these Linux computers for several years.

One of the most celebrated laptops in recent years is Dell's wildly popular XPS 13. This is a thin and light notebook that offers both elegance and impressive performance. Newer models are famous for their super-thin bezels. And yes, Dell does offer a Developer Edition of the XPS 13. Believe it or not, even though Ubuntu 20.04 LTS came out in April, Dell has been shipping the laptop with the older (yet still supported) 18.04 LTS. Well, folks, as of today this changes. Dell is finally shipping the XPS 13 Developer Edition with Ubuntu Linux 20.04!

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"Dell and Canonical have partnered since the 2012 launch of Project Sputnik to arm developers with Ubuntu systems tailored for usability, stability and performance. Ubuntu 20.04 LTS continues our long-standing partnership with the Linux developer community to provide Ubuntu certified hardware that works out-of-the-box, enabling the highest levels of productivity," says Barton George, Founder of Project Sputnik and XPS Developer Edition, Dell.

Martin Wimpress, Director of Desktop Engineering at Canonical explains, "We're delighted to see the first Dell systems ship with Ubuntu 20.04 LTS. Enterprises are increasingly equipping their developers and engineers with the operating system of their choice ensuring high end-user productivity. Ubuntu 20.04 LTS on the latest Dell XPS 13 Developer Edition offers the performance developers demand with the assurance of security and long term support that IT management needs."

True, Dell XPS 13 owners have been able to install Ubuntu 20.04 LTS themselves since the release in April, but still, having the option to have it pre-installed is significant. Not to mention, knowing that the new version of the operating system is "certified" to work is a huge plus for business customers that might be gun-shy about updating.

If you are interested in checking out the Dell XPS 13 Developer Edition with Ubuntu Linux 20.04 LTS, you can configure and buy one here.

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