Satechi launches a quartet of backlit Mac keyboards and an aluminum iPad stand

Last year, Apple released new Mac computers powered by the company's own M1 processors. Not only are there new MacBook Air and MacBook Pro laptops, but a new Mac mini desktop too. I am fascinated by the new Apple Silicon processors, so last week, I bought my very own Mac mini. Guess what? It is a phenomenal computer that I love very much so far.

The problem with the Mac mini, however, is it doesn't come with a keyboard or mouse. This is by design, as Apple hopes Windows users will replace their current desktops with the little Mac -- simply reusing existing keyboards, mice, and monitors. Unfortunately, a Windows keyboard is not ideal for a Mac. Will it work? Yes, but it doesn't have the exact same keys, such as "COMMAND." And so, Mac mini buyers would be wise to buy a Mac keyboard.

Apple sells some great keyboards, but like many of that company's products, they are very overpriced. Thankfully, other companies make Mac keyboards too. Today, Satechi launches four such keyboards, all of which have backlit keys. There are two (called "X1") without number pads (one is wired and one wireless) and two (called "X3") with number pads (one is wired and the other wireless). The wired keyboards use USB-C, while the wireless models use Bluetooth.

Which keyboard should you choose? Well, that depends. There are reports that Mac mini computers have issues with Bluetooth keyboards, so you might want to opt for one of the USB-C variants. If you do decide to go the wired route, you will have to choose between the X3 with its number pad and the X1 without it. I personally never use a number pad -- and prefer the smaller desk footprint -- so I would go with the wired X1 all things considered.

Of course, these new keyboards aren't only a Mac affair -- they can be used with iPads too. Satechi thought of this as well, as it is also launching the Aluminum Desktop Stand for iPad today. This stand essentially turns the iPad into makeshift all-in-one computer when a keyboard is introduced. It can also be used as a monitor with the macOS Sidecar feature.

Satechi explains, "The stand provides a hands-free solution to elevate tablets for optimal viewing. The adjustable 180° mount and 135° base hinges give users the ability to adjust their iPad to a preferred height and angle perfect for video calls or surfing the web. The space gray aluminum finish and protective grip padding complement Apple devices, while keeping them safe from slips and scratches. Also collapsible and compact, the Aluminum Desktop Stand can create a workspace anywhere."

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