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Voice-activated Siri could be coming to iMac Pro thanks to A10 Fusion chip

It seems as though Apple's upcoming iMac Pro will feature an A10 Fusion chip as a co-processor. The inclusion of the chip -- the same one used in the iPhone 7 -- has led to speculation that "Hey, Siri" support could be making its way to macOS.

A couple of developers cracked open Apple's BridgeOS 2.0 software package, and the code shows that the chip appears to be used to handle security and the boot process. But it's the prospect of always-on "Hey, Siri" support that will interest many people.

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No HomePod for Christmas as Apple delays launch of smart speaker until 2018

The launch of the eagerly anticipated Apple HomePod has been delayed until next year. The iPhone maker had planned to release its answer to Google Home and Amazon Echo in December, but now admits that more development is needed.

The delay means that anyone hoping to get a HomePod for Christmas is going to be disappointed. Apple has not elaborated on the exact cause of the delay, but with a "premium" price tag of $350 -- and this being a product coming from the Apple stable -- customers are not going to be happy with something that is less than perfect.

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Belkin launches USB-C Car Charger with fast charging for iPhone X

The iPhone X, 8, and 8 Plus are all wonderful smartphones. Heck, you can’t go wrong with any of them. This trio of devices supports fast charging, although you need to use a compatible USB-C charger and Lightning cable.

Today, Belkin announces an all-new car charger that supports fast charging with the newest iPhone devices. Of course, it will work with Android devices too. This is exciting, as it means you can charge your phone more quickly when driving.

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US government uses Texas shooter's iPhone to support its case for encryption backdoors

The inability of law enforcement agencies to access encrypted data stored on smartphones is a relatively new one, but it's one that really came into the spotlight with the San Bernardino shooting latest year. With the recent shooting in Texas, the US government is talking about the issue once again.

We've already learned that the FBI has been unable to access data stored on the shooter's phone due to the fact that it's encrypted. We also know that Apple has been in contact with the FBI to offer help -- despite having previously said there was no way it could access encrypted data. Now it seems that the US government, specifically Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, is using the case to add pressure to phone manufacturers to include backdoors.

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iPhone X is unresponsive in the cold and has a green line screen problem

iPhone X with unicorn animoji

Just days after the launch of the iPhone X, problems are starting to emerge with Apple's latest handset. Users are reporting various issues with the screen including the fact that it becomes unresponsive in cold conditions.

On top of this, other iPhone X users have found that the screen suffers with a green line appearing at the side of the display. These reports are in addition to Apple's own warnings of the OLED-centric screen burn-in problems, and in spite of the fact that the iPhone X has been found to have the best display of any smartphone.

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Apple has already contacted the FBI with help to access the Texas shooter's phone

Following the shooting at the weekend in a Texan church, the FBI revealed that it was unable to access the encrypted phone belonging to the gunman, Devin Patrick Kelley. While the FBI said that it did not want to reveal any specific details of the phone, it was widely believed to be an iPhone -- and now Apple has revealed that it has already been in contact with the agency.

The iPhone-maker says that it got in touch with the FBI "immediately" to offer help in accessing the gunman's phone.

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Apple expands its Everyone Can Code initiative around the world

Originally limited to just the US, Apple's "Everyone Can Code" initiative has now been opened up to over 20 universities and colleges around the world. The expansion takes the coding curriculum to Australia's RMIT, Plymouth University in the UK and many other establishments.

The aim is to give people the chance to learn how to code, using the App Development with Swift curriculum for online and on-campus courses. The year-long course serves as an introduction to coding, and is open to students of all levels of ability.

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The iPhone X has the best display of any smartphone

DisplayMate -- the display calibration and benchmarking firm -- has put the iPhone X through its paces and has come to the conclusion that it has the best smartphone display ever. This is an accolade that DisplayMate handed to the Samsung Galaxy S8 back in April, and with the iPhone X display having been supplied by Samsung, the new award is perhaps not a surprise.

While there have been some minor concerns about Apple's switch to an OLED panel, the move has definitely paid off. Apple is praised for the careful calibration it has put into the iPhone X's screen, causing DisplayMate to say: "the iPhone X is the most innovative and high performance smartphone display that we have ever tested."

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Paradise Papers: details of Apple's tax arrangements revealed in leaked documents

Apple logo on MacBook

The Paradise Papers -- a massive cache of documents leaked to newspapers and journalists -- reveal the tax avoidance strategies used by millionaires, billionaires and businesses around the world. The leaks comprise over 13 million documents, and it shows the financial structure and offshore accounts for many big-name companies.

Included in the list is Apple -- a company already known to have taken advantage of the "double Irish" tax loophole in Ireland to massively reduce its tax bill. The Paradise Papers show that Apple made use of another tax haven after it faced criticism for its exploitation of Irish taxes and a clampdown on the loophole.

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Weird iOS 11.1 bug autocorrects i to A -- here's how to fix it

If you've updated your iPhone or iPad to iOS 11.1, you may well have encountered a strange autocorrect bug. Type an "i" and it could well be replaced by an uppercase A followed by a symbol.

Apple is aware of the peculiar bug and is working on a patch. Until this is released, the company is suggesting a workaround.

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Apple warns of iPhone X screen burn-in problems

The iPhone X launched to much excitement last week, and Apple's latest handset has received glowing reviews. But the company has issued a warning about the Super Retina display -- despite describing it as the "best OLED display that has ever shipped in a smartphone."

Just like Google's Pixel 2 XL, Apple warns that the iPhone X could suffer from "burn-in" issues. The company also refers to "slight visual changes" such as "image persistence" that may follow extended long-term use -- but offers up a few tips to minimize the problems.

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Something you gotta know about iPhone X

I consider myself lucky, although some commenters (you know who you are) will disagree, by successfully ordering from Verizon Wireless the iPhone X for delivery on launch day—November 3rd. A FedEx driver brought the anticipated package to my door yesterday afternoon. I hauled down to Apple Store to purchase AppleCare+ before my grubby paws caressed the steel rims (vroom)  and generous glass (screen measures 5.8 inches diagonally).

Replacing iPhone 7 Plus, which features and benefits greatly satisfy, is a bit extravagant. But I wanted the X to review and for its smaller size but larger display—understanding caveats: Home button's removal changes fundamental interaction and means adapting habits (oh my aching muscle memory).

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iPhone X launches to lengthy queues as Apple shares hit a record high


The day that millions of people have been waiting for has finally arrived: it's iPhone X launch day. Around the world, thousands of hopeful shoppers queued up to get their hands on the latest handset.

And there was double cause for Apple to celebrate. The lengthy lines put pay to suggestions that there was little interest in the iPhone X, and the company also announced its fourth quarter earnings. The news was so good, Apple's shares soared to a record high in after-hours trading.

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Privacy: 'Bottom feeders' could exploit the access Apple gives developers to iPhone X facial data

With the iPhone X due to ship to those who have pre-ordered tomorrow as well as being available in stores in limited numbers, it has emerged that Apple is allowing app developers to access facial data.

Concerns have already been voiced about the privacy of Face ID and how facial data is used, but Apple responded to these saying the data remains on the iPhone X and is never sent to the cloud. But contracts seen by Reuters show that app developers are permitted to take facial data off phones, providing certain criteria are met.

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Apple releases macOS 10.13.1 and iOS 11.1 to add new emoji and patch KRACK... for some

Apple has pushed out the latest updates to macOS High Sierra and iOS. macOS 10.13.1 and iOS 11.1 include a range of bug fixes, and also herald the arrival of a new batch of emoji.

The two relatively minor updates also address the recently-discovered KRACK security vulnerability. But while the WPA2 patch will be welcomed by many people, it is not available for all iPhones and iPads, meaning that large numbers of people will be left exposed.

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