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Generation 4 Kubuntu Focus M2 Linux laptop now available with 12th gen Core i7

Can you buy a Windows laptop and replace Microsoft's operating system with a Linux distribution? Sure, but you shouldn't have to. Look, folks, in 2022 you should be supporting the open source community by purchasing computers with Linux pre-installed. Even if it costs you a few bucks more, it will be worth it for the community overall.

Today, the latest Linux laptop is released, and it looks like a beast. You see, the 4th generation Kubuntu Focus M2 Linux laptop is powered by a bleeding-edge 12th gen Intel Core i7 processor. The company claims this chip will increase performance by 20 percent compared to the 3rd generation of the notebook. And yes, it comes with the latest-and-greatest Kubuntu 22.04 LTS pre-loaded.

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Steam snap now available for Linux gamers

Today we get some very exciting news for the Linux gaming community. And yes, smart aleck, people do play video games on Linux these days. What is the big news? Canonical has released an early-access snap version of Steam for Ubuntu and other compatible Linux-based operating systems!

What exactly does this mean? Well, Canonical is aiming to make it even easier to get Steam up-and-running on Linux. Gamers will be able to install Valve's software from the snap store for a more elegant experience.

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Get 'Linux for Networking Professionals' ($44.99 value) FREE for a limited time

As Linux continues to gain prominence, there has been a rise in network services being deployed on Linux for cost and flexibility reasons.

If you are a networking professional or an infrastructure engineer involved with networks, extensive knowledge of Linux networking is a must.

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Microsoft discovers Nimbuspwn privilege escalation vulnerabilities in Linux


Security researchers at Microsoft have found a series of vulnerabilities affecting Linux. Collectively named Nimbuspwn, the security flaws can be chained together to allow an attacker to gain root access to a system.

Microsoft warns that the vulnerabilities, which are being tracked as CVE-2022-29799 and CVE-2022-29800, could also be exploited to execute ransomware attacks and more.

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System76 takes Ubuntu Linux to the next level with Pop!_OS 22.04 LTS

Ubuntu is a great operating system -- and so are the many Linux distributions that are based on it. Quite frankly, you really can't go wrong by choosing any Ubuntu-based distro. With that said, there is one Ubuntu-based operating system in particular that really takes things to another level -- Pop!_OS by System76.

System76's operating system focuses more on the user experience, making it a superior desktop distribution compared to "regular" Ubuntu. Following the release of Ubuntu 22.04, today, Pop!_OS 22.04 becomes available as well, and yes, you should be excited. The distribution uses Linux kernel 5.16.19, Mesa 22, and the GNOME 42 desktop environment (with System76's COSMIC UX enhancements).

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Linux Lite 6.0 RC1 is here with Google Chrome as new default web browser

Now that Ubuntu 22.04 has been released, we will start to see updates to all the Linux distributions that are based on Canonical's operating system. For instance, the first release candidate of Linux Lite 6.0, which is based on Ubuntu 22.04, is now available. If you aren't familiar, Linux Lite is very popular with those that are switching to Linux from Microsoft Windows.

Linux Lite 6.0 RC1 is notable for ditching Mozilla Firefox as the default web browser, and switching to Google Chrome 100 instead. The operating system currently uses Linux kernel 5.15.0-25 and the desktop environment Xfce 4.16.3. It comes with some excellent software pre-installed, such as GIMP 2.10.30, Thunderbird 91.7.0, VLC 3.0.16, and LibreOffice

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Ubuntu Linux 22.04 LTS Jammy Jellyfish can replace Microsoft Windows 11 on your PC

The developers over at Canonical have been busy baking a yummy new version of Ubuntu recently, and following a brief beta period, it is finally time to take the open-source operating system out of the oven. Yes, folks, the stable Ubuntu 22.04 is finally here!

Code-named "Jammy Jellyfish," Ubuntu 22.04 is an "LTS" version, which stands for "Long Term Support." Yeah, that means exactly what it sounds like. The Linux distribution will be supported for a long time -- five years to be exact. Very nice.

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Turn Linux Mint Debian Edition 4 'Debbie' into 5 'Elsie' with LMDE Upgrade Tool (Beta)

Last month, Linux Mint Debian Edition (LMDE) 5 was released to the world. Code-named "Elsie," many fans of the operating system probably did a fresh install right away. Understandably, however, some users are still running the previous version of the distribution, LMDE 4 "Debbie."

If your computer is still running Debbie, but you want to easily move onto Elsie, I have some great news. Today, the Linux Mint developers officially release the new LMDE Upgrade Tool in Beta. It is important to note this tool is only to be used with LMDE at this time, and not the "regular" Ubuntu-based Linux Mint.

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Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2 360 now available for purchase

If you need to buy a new Chrome OS laptop, I have some exciting news. Starting today, you can trade your money for the all-new Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2 360. This convertible notebook can transform into a makeshift tablet, and with Android app support, that will be very much appreciated.

While the Galaxy Chromebook 2 360 is powered by a rather anemic Intel Celeron N4500 processor, you can opt for a respectable 8GB of RAM rather than the 4GB of memory that comes with the base model. Sadly, regardless of which storage capacity you choose -- 64GB or 128GB -- you only get a sluggish eMMC drive. Thankfully, you do get USB-A, USB-C, 3.5mm audio, and a micro SD card reader. You can configure with option LTE wireless connectivity too.

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Download MX Linux 21.1 'Wildflower' now

MX Linux ranks number one for popularity over on DistroWatch, but truth be told, I do not know anyone that uses the distribution regularly. Don't get me wrong, it is a fine operating system, but it really isn't anything special. Quite frankly, the distro's need to exist is questionable at this point, but whatever.

Despite the rather negative opening paragraph, I am pleased to tell you that the newest version of the operating system is ready to be downloaded. Huzzah! Given the codename "Wildflower," MX Linux 21.1 is a rather ho-hum point release. The developers share the changes below.

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Sonnet launches Allegro Pro USB-C 8-Port PCIe card for Mac, Windows, and Linux

Believe it or not, some modern desktop computers don't have any USB-C ports, and for those that do, many only have one or two of the ports. Thankfully, if you have a free PCIe slot in your machine, you can easily add more.

A new card from Sonnet takes adding USB-C ports to another level. Called "Allegra Pro," it offers an impressive eight external Type-C ports all running at USB 3.2 Gen 2 speed (10Gbps).

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Linux Mint 21 is named 'Vanessa'

Linux Mint is a very popular operating system, so any news surrounding upcoming versions is highly sought after by members of the open source community. Today, the developers of that operating system have shared some very interesting information -- the name of Linux Mint 21!

The Linux Mint developers always use female names (alphabetically) as codenames, and version 21 is no different. You see, following version 19 ("Tara") and version 20 ("Ulyana"), version 21 of Linux Mint is named "Vanessa." According to Think Baby Names, it is a Greek name meaning "butterfly."

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Privacy-focused Linux distro Tails 5 Beta now available for download with many critical security bug fixes

If you’re worried about your privacy, there’s plenty you can do to secure it. Tails, The Amnesiac Incognito Live System, is a live Linux-based operating system that you can boot into on any computer. Once running it can be used to encrypt your files, emails and instant messaging chats.

Today, the developers release a beta version of Tails 5.0, and this is the first version of the distro based on Debian 11 (Bullseye). It offers new versions of most of the software included in Tails, as well as some important usability improvements.

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Windows 11 users can now install AlmaLinux from the Microsoft Store

Microsoft's Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) is friggin' awesome. If you aren't familiar, it essentially lets you easily run a Linux distribution (and commands) from within Windows 11 (or Windows 10). Best of all, you can install these distros directly from the Microsoft Store. There are many popular Linux-based operating system on that store too, such as Kali and Oracle.

And now, yet another Linux-based operating system has come to the Microsoft Store. You see, as of this month, you can download and install AlmaLinux by clicking here.

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Facial recognition comes to deepin Linux -- can you trust China with your face?

deepin is one of the prettiest Linux distributions, and many people use it every day. Unfortunately, there is a big problem with the operating system -- it is developed in China. While the Chinese people are good, the government of that country is not -- it oppresses its citizens and censors a lot of information. And so, some people are wary of using any Chinese-made software. That is understandable.

Normally I am OK with using deepin Linux, despite its Chinese roots, as it is largely open source. However, with version 20.5, I am a bit hesitant. You see, the newest variant of the operating system adds optional facial recognition for gaining access to your computer. This is similar to Microsoft's Windows Hello -- something I use regularly. But Microsoft is a USA company. When it comes to deepin, can we trust China with our faces?

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