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Microsoft will manually review all submissions to the Windows Package Manager (Winget) repository

Microsoft headquarters

Last week's official release of the final build of the Linux-style Windows Package Manager by Microsoft was met with great excitement from the community. But the company seems to have only belatedly spotted an issue with its Store alternative.

The problem is that the Windows Package Manager Manifest Creator tool makes it incredibly simple to submit new package to the repository. This has results in complaints that "people are submitting bad or duplicate manifests without checking if the app already exists or not"; Microsoft has come up with a vey hands-on solution.

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IRC Drama: Fedora and Ubuntu Linux move to Libera Chat following Freenode takeover

Who knew that IRC (Internet Relay Chat) would be making big news in 2021? Look, I spent a good part of my childhood chatting on IRC, but I haven't seriously used it in well over a decade. Well, folks, people are talking about IRC again, but sadly, it is because of drama. You see, Freenode IRC was purchased recently, and the implications have the open source community in a tizzy.

What do people do when they are upset about a change? They wisely jump ship when possible. Yes, many people are running from Freenode as fast as they can. Two of the most popular Linux distributions, Ubuntu and Fedora, utilized Freenode for their IRC server needs, and now they have both switched to Libera Chat. Ubuntu made the switch first, with Fedora following shortly thereafter.

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Microsoft releases the Linux-style Windows Package Manager v1.0 (Winget) as a Store alternative

Microsoft building logo

After months of testing and preview builds, Microsoft has finally released Windows Package Manager 1.0.

Also known as Winget, the utility serves as an alternative to the Microsoft Store, giving Windows 10 users a Linux-style package manager for finding, downloading and installing apps from software repositories.

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MINISFORUM EliteMini TL50 has Thunderbolt 4 and is powered by an Intel Core i5-1135G7

When I first encountered computers in the 1990s, they were all large grey boxes that took up enormous amounts of space. In fact, when you added in a large CRT monitor and printer, many families had to dedicate an entire room in their home to the PC. Seriously, folks, a "computer room" was actually a thing.

Nowadays, thanks to inexpensive laptops and tablets, many families no longer need dedicated rooms for a PC -- a kitchen table can be sufficient. Even if you prefer a desktop, they no longer have to be monstrous either. There are many small desktops on the market these days, including the excellent Apple Mac mini.

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1Password for Linux is finally here for Arch, Ubuntu, Manjaro, Mint, Debian, Fedora, and more

If you aren't using an online cloud-based password manager to both create and store your various passwords, you are doing yourself a great disservice. True, storing your passwords in the cloud seems counter-intuitive, but in reality, it is far more secure than re-using passwords or writing them down. Of course, you should make sure you are also using Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) whenever possible too.

On the desktop, there are many password managers for Windows and Mac, but on Linux, things are far more limited. For instance, 1Password is arguably the best password manager in the world, yet despite a decade of requests for it to come to Linux, it never did. Sure, Linux users could use the 1Password X browser plugin, but there was no native Linux version. Well, folks, the time has finally arrived. Following a lengthy Beta period, today, developer Agilebits finally releases a stable 1Password for all modern Linux distributions!

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deepin Linux 20.2.1 gets Debian 10.9 base -- switch from Microsoft Windows 10 today!

deepin Linux is developed in China, true, but that doesn't mean it can't be trusted. Look, many products are manufactured in that country, including electronics and computer components we use every day. It is almost impossible for a consumer to avoid Chinese-made products entirely. Plus, let's not forget, people in China are humans just like everyone else. Please stop the xenophobia, y'all.

With all of that said, there is a new version of that Linux-based operating system available -- deepin 20.2.1. Even though it is just a "point" release, it is chock full of changes and fixes. Most notably, it is now based on Debian 10.9. And yes, like previous versions of this distribution, deepin 20.2.1 will make an excellent replacement for Windows 10, which seems to be riddled with bugs lately.

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System76 unveils open source 'Launch Configurable Keyboard' for Linux, Windows, and macOS that is made in the USA

System76 makes and sells excellent computers running Linux-based operating systems. The company's laptops and desktops can be had with your choice of the popular Ubuntu or the company's own Ubuntu-based Pop!_OS. For many years now, System76 has been a huge proponent of both the Linux and open source communities. Quite frankly, Linux users all over the world are very lucky to have System76 computers as an option.

And now, PC manufacturer System76 is becoming an accessory maker too. You see, after teasing the product for months, today, the company officially unveils its newest product -- the "Launch Configurable Keyboard." Yes, folks, it is a mechanical keyboard made in the USA with a focus on open source. The Launch has both open source firmware and hardware. Even the configuration software -- which runs on Linux, Windows, and macOS -- is open source.

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Microsoft launches new open-source project to bring Linux tool eBPF to Windows

eBPF on Windows

Microsoft has launched a new project which has the aim of bringing Linux kernel tool eBPF (Extended Berkeley Packet Filter) to Windows.

The company insists that the move to get the technology working in Windows does not represent creating a fork of eBPF. Instead, it will use existing projects, including the IOVisor uBPF project and the PREVAIL verifier, to run eBPF programs and APIs on top of its own operating systems -- specifically Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016 or above.

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Bodhi Linux 6.0 available for download

There are way too many Linux distributions nowadays. Some of them are unique, but for the most part, they are largely repetitive and don't all need to exist. One Linux-based operating system that manages to stand out, however, is Bodhi, which uses the Moksha desktop environment (a fork of Enlightenment).

If you aren't familiar with Bodhi, please know it is a lightweight operating system that is based on the great Ubuntu. Today, Bodhi 6.0 becomes available. This release comes nearly three years after version 5.0 became available. This is the first release of Bodhi Linux to be based on Ubuntu 20.04.

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System76 begins shipping Linux computers to Mexico, including ones made in the USA

When you live in the USA, you get used to buying things that are made in other countries. It is just very common to see things stamped with "Made in China" or "Made in Mexico." Some Americans take issue with this, actively trying to buy products made in the USA, but this can be quite hard. Even American car companies, like Ford, outsource labor to foreign counties, such as Mexico.

System76 is a company that sells computers preloaded with Linux-based operating systems, including laptops and desktops. While its laptops are not yet manufactured in the USA, its beautiful Thelio desktops are handcrafted here. And now, in an interesting twist, System76 has begun shipping its computers to customers in Mexico.

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Star Labs StarBook Mk V laptop for sale with Linux Mint, Ubuntu, Manjaro, and more

Back in the day, getting a laptop with Linux pre-installed was almost unheard of. For the most part, you had to buy a computer with Windows and then install Linux yourself. This wasn't bad necessarily, but it did mean that the price of the computer usually included a Windows license you maybe didn't want. In other words, Microsoft was profiting off of Linux users -- just because the consumer bought a Windows PC.

In 2021, however, there are many computers to be had with Linux pre-installed -- thanks to pioneers like System76. Of course, nowadays, big companies like Dell and Lenovo are selling Linux machines too. Today, yet another such laptop hits the market -- the Star Labs StarBook Mk V. This 14-inch notebook can be had your choice of several quality Linux distributions pre-installed, such as Linux Mint, Ubuntu, and Manjaro to name a few. And yes, Windows 10 is an option too.

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Microsoft Edge Chromium-based web browser for Linux achieves Beta status

Microsoft Edge on laptop and smartphone

When Microsoft first announced it was bringing Edge to Linux, I was less than enthusiastic about it. In fact, I declared that I would never install the web browser on my own Linux computer. To this day, I have yet to install Edge for Linux, although my stance is softening a bit. Mozilla Firefox is feeling stagnant, while I am troubled by the FLoC situation with Google Chrome. Could Microsoft Edge for Linux be in my future?

Well, Microsoft's web browser just got one step closer to a stable release, so I might have to give it a try. You see, as of today, Edge has achieved Beta status! This means its development has progressed quite swimmingly, and the Chromium-based web browser should be totally fine to use daily. And yes, you can install Edge Beta for Linux right now.

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Microsoft is working towards running Linux as ARM64 Hyper-V guest

Microsoft building logo

Microsoft's love affair with Linux has been developing in recent years, and has now reached the stage of being a serious relationship. Such is Microsoft's commitment that the company is now actively involved in contributing to the Linux kernel.

One of the latest updates sees the company shifting its focus slightly when it comes to Hyper-V. Its virtualization tool has thus far been largely fixated with x86_64, but now there is a move towards "running Linux as ARM64 Hyper-V guest".

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You can download Ubuntu Linux 21.10 'Impish Indri' daily builds right now!

Ubuntu 21.10 won't get a stable release until October of 2021. In fact, we know the exact date the Linux-based operating system should be made available -- October 14. In addition to that date, we also know what the distribution's codename is -- Impish Indri.

Unfortunately, we only just entered the month of May, meaning Ubuntu 21.10 won't be available to download -- in stable form, at least -- for about five more months. According to the release schedule, the beta of Impish Indri won't even be released until September at the earliest. Sigh. What is an Ubuntu enthusiast supposed to do?

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Ubuntu-based elementary OS 6 'Odin' Beta Linux distro now available for download

Why don’t more desktop computer users run Linux-based operating systems? Well, software compatibility aside, there is fear of change and the unknown. For a user to switch from Windows, it need to be a fairly simple affair. For years, just installing a Linux distribution was a daunting task. These days, it can be faster and easier than installing Windows 10 -- depending on the distro, of course.

For beginners, once installed, their chosen Linux distro should be easy to use with an intuitive desktop environment. I'm a big fan of GNOME, but understandably, not all folks like it -- especially Linux novices. One particular Linux-based desktop operating system has been focusing on accessibility to all -- elementary OS. This distribution is polished and focuses on being easy to use. It is a good choice for both experts and beginners alike. And now, elementary OS 6, code-named "Odin," has officially achieved Beta status.

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