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Reflector 2 adds Android mirroring, Google Cast support


Squirrels has announced Reflector 2.0 with new support for mirroring connections from Google Cast-enabled Chromebooks and Android devices.

As before, the program can mirror iPads and iPhones to Windows or Mac, and users are able to connect both iOS and Android devices simultaneously.

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Bing lobotomizes Yahoo Search, while Google stands by laughing

laughing laugh mock mocking finger point pointing

Yahoo's search deal with Microsoft just gets worse by the day. Six years ago, when announced, I called the agreement "Christmas in July" for Google. My prediction then: The combined entity would cannibalize from Y while taking little from G. Bing would be the big beneficiary, and its painful gains have been punishing.

March 2015 U.S. search share figures are out from comScore, raising a milestone that is no cause for celebration. Bing reached 20.1 percent, or about where Yahoo was in the months before announcing its deal with Microsoft, which essentially came to power Y searches. Yahoo is 12.7 percent. Combined they're at 32.8 percent, which is up from 28.6 percent five years earlier. The dent to Google is minimal, with share falling to 64.4 percent last month from 65.1 percent in March 2010. Aggregated gains came from other providers, such as AOL. not from the market leader. In fact, if not for Mozilla swapping G for Y as Firefox's default search engine, there would be no meaningful gains from Google whatsoever.

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TripAdvisor 10 for iOS and Android adds Travel Guides, iPad-only optimizations


TripAdvisor has unveiled TripAdvisor for iOS 10.0 alongside TripAdvisor for Android 10.0. The app’s main highlight is the introduction of Travel Guides for selected locations.

The new release also allows users to submit up to 10 photos with each review, plus implements a number of optimizations for iPad users.

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Opera debuts all-new Opera Mini for Android browser


Opera Software ASA has unveiled Opera Mini for Android 8.0 a major new -- and long overdue -- version of its mobile-friendly browser for Android devices.

Despite appearing to be a simple upgrade from the previous release -- 7.6 -- Opera Mini 8.0 has been released to the Google Play store as a completely new, and separate, app, which means existing users will need to download and install it afresh, where it will subsequently appear and run in isolation alongside the original version.

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Swoosh: deliver presentations with a wave of the hand


Great presentations aren’t just about the content -- how they’re delivered matters, too. Android app Swoosh helps you stand out by stepping through your slides with just a wave of the hand.

The $2 app needs a server component on your Windows, Mac or Linux system. There’s no installation or configuration required, just run the download, launch Swoosh, and as long as they’re both on the same Wi-Fi, they should find each other automatically.

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Windows Phone keeps on losing major apps

Hosted web apps could solve Microsoft's Windows Phone problems

There is no end in sight for the Windows Phone app-gap. While lots of major titles have made their way to Store over the years, the platform has seen a number of high-profile offerings disappear altogether. Some developers are backing out, while others are getting in the way of third-party clients being made available to users. It's a sad state of affairs.

While NBC has released updates for both the Android and iOS versions of the app, Today is listed as no longer available in Windows Phone Store. Meanwhile, 6snap will no longer be available to users because Snapchat has a problem with third-party clients.

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What is Tidal lossless 'HiFi' music worth? [first-impressions review]

emo girl music guy

Fraking fantastic is my reaction to Tidal's high-definition audio. I spent much of April Fools' Day testing, and quite enjoying, the music service, although I am skeptical that most streaming subsctibers will care—not for $19.95 per month. Still, I see hope for the 10-buck standard quality other option if Tidal delivers enough artist exclusives and superior curation. The iTunes hegemony, and Apple's rapidly evolving Beats Music acquisition, is all about content, much of it available nowhere else, better presented, and more easily discovered. With musicians' support, and unique content with it, maybe, just maybe, a Tidal wave approaches.

The service essentially relaunched on March 31, 2015, with a gala event hosted by Jay-Z and other music superstars. He acquired Tidal, for $56 million two months earlier, but the lossless streaming service launched in October 2014. Architecture, audio quality, two-tier pricing, and streaming are essentially unchanged. New owners' commitment, that of other artists, big marketing push, and 30-day trial distinguish Tidal today.

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Windows 10 will support ASS, SRT and SSA subtitle formats


One of the main reasons why third-party media players like Media Player Classic and VLC are extremely popular among Windows users is the proper subtitle support. A lot of folks watch videos in a foreign language, and having the option to easily attach a subtitle in their mother tongue, no matter the format it's made available in, is a must-have feature for many.

It would help if Windows Media Player or the built-in Video app, the latter of which is part of Windows 8 and newer versions of the OS, would meet their needs, but, so far, that hasn't been the case. However, Microsoft wants to change that with Windows 10.

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Gmail for Android gets unified inbox, Google Drive now lets you manage photos

Gmail Unified Inbox Android 1

Late last year, Google introduced support for multiple email providers in Gmail for Android, welcoming users of, Yahoo Mail and other such services to manage all their accounts using its app. There are plenty of folks who are not just Gmail or Google Apps users, after all. However, the app wasn't properly designed to handle all the extra accounts that users would set up.

The problem? Users had to switch between accounts every time they received new emails or wanted to reply to a message. Now, Google is finally correcting this by giving Gmail for Android a much-needed unified inbox.

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Caliber: instant messaging for your LinkedIn contacts


Most instant messaging apps market themselves on just how much fun they are, with group chats, location services, media sharing, and of course way more stickers and emojis than everyone else.

Free Android and iOS app Caliber bypasses all this and goes for a different audience entirely: it’s instant messaging for your business contacts.

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Twitter teams up with Foursquare for location-based tweets

Twitter teams up with Foursquare for location-based tweets

Foursquare (remember that app?) is joining forces with Twitter to make tweets more relevant to specific locations. At the moment it is possible to tag your location in a tweet, but you're limited to mentioning the town or city you find yourself in.

With the new partnership, you'll be able to tag individual locations such as the Starbucks you're sitting in with your iPhone or Android handset. It's a feature that takes advantage of the huge cache of data Foursquare has built up over the years and something that provides yet another way for users to search for data and, importantly, for Twitter to monetize data.

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Design interface mockups on your iPhone with Napkin Sketch


Napkin Sketch is a lightweight free design tool for building interface mockups on your iPhone.

The app is all about simplicity. There’s no interactivity here, no huge palette of custom shapes, no export to code or anything even faintly complicated. It’s really just a simple drawing tool, a quick and easy way to present an idea during a meeting or over coffee.

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New SDK aims to make protecting mobile apps easier

smartphone mobile security lock

Illinois-based Zebra Technologies Corporation acquired Motorola Solutions' Enterprise business in late 2014 and is now announcing one of the first fruits of that link up.

Enterprise app development platform RhoMobile -- part of the MSE acquisition -- is launching a new independent software vendor (ISV)-targeted SDK through Digital Defence. Its aim is to make the task of protecting mobile applications more developer-friendly.

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Source: Music streaming app MixRadio releasing on Android and iOS 'soon' -- Android beta in testing

MixRadio lead image

Source tells BetaNews that MixRadio -- currently exclusively available on Microsoft’s Windows Phone -- will "soon" make its way to Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS mobile platforms. An executive at the music platform -- who asked not to be identified -- didn’t wish to confirm the development at this stage, but noted that the company recently quietly released an Android beta to select testers.

MixRadio offers free music streaming curated in a radio-like way. Available in 31 countries including US, China, and India, the service is estimated to have millions of users -- though the exact numbers have never been disclosed. The on-demand music streaming has been rebranded and restructured a couple of times since its launch in 2007 by Nokia. It was formerly known as OVI Music Store, Nokia Music Store, and also Nokia Music.

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HERE launches on iOS


When Nokia announced the availability of HERE on Google Play, it also announced that an iOS version will follow in early 2015. And today's the day when HERE is finally available on Apple's App Store.

Apple's iOS becomes the last of the major mobile platforms to get HERE, following Microsoft's Windows Phone and Google's Android. I've been waiting for this moment since I switched to iPhone 6 Plus from Windows Phone. Sure, there's always Google Maps, but its inability to work as well as HERE without an Internet connection is a major downside for me.

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