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People rating app Peeple disappears


The, uhm, app for people rating, has disappeared from the web. This is news because, as you might imagine, it is very hard for something to completely disappear from the internet.

The app, called Peeple, gained a lot of media attention recently, as it was dubbed "Yelp for People". Yelp is an app where people can rate restaurants, hotels and stuff like that. A lot of feedback was negative and threatening, as the app was seen as a huge platform for online bullying.

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YouTube for iOS unveils major redesign, new in-app editing tools


Google has rolled out YouTube for iOS 10.38 for iPhone and iPad. Despite the minor version number revision, the new app sports a major facelift, plus new in-app editing controls.

The new look sports a minimalist interface with just three major navigation buttons: Home, Subscriptions, and Account. Users can tap or swipe to move between the various sections.

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Is your Android device secure? Ask OPSWAT Gears


Back in February we checked out OPSWAT Gears, an interesting free tool for checking the security of PCs and Macs.

We had some reservations, but the package did a good job of identifying security issues on our test PCs, and a new Gears Android app brings some of the same features to your mobile devices.

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Access Google Maps on your Apple Watch with latest iOS update


Google has unveiled updates to its Google Maps for iOS and Google Maps for Android apps. The big news in this latest release is the addition of support for the Apple Watch on the iOS platform.

Both Android and iOS users also gain additional new features including support for comparing ETAs across a range of transit options, plus the ability to generate directions and call businesses directly from a list of places.

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Google adds new unfriendly features to Gmail

return to sender express mail

One person's spam is another's feast, depending on who is giver or receiver. That's one way to read new capabilities coming to Gmail on Android and the web. The first, available starting today on PCs and arriving on Android devices over the next week, lets users block designated email addresses. Google describes "block", but the feature is more of an easy-and-quick filter that dumps unfriendly senders into the spam folder.

For either platform, you click the dropdown options menu to the right of the email address, and block appears as an option. Unsubscribe already is available from personal computers but is new to Android. For example, in the desktop browser, marking listserver messages as spam solicits the user to unsubscribe. The feature also will roll out over the next week to Android. 

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Apple sweeps aside App Store malware mess

Broom Sweep Clean

In the aftermath of the big App Store security breach, today Apple reminds developers where they should obtain Xcode. It's not rocket science—from sanctioned distribution sources. I received an email this morning from the company, dispatched to members of its developer program.

To recap: As the new week dawned, Apple rushed to remove content from its Chinese App Store loaded with XcodeGhost malware. Developers using a counterfeit version of Xcode caused the first, major, widespread security crisis for the seven year-old App Store.

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MyFord Mobile app gains Android Wear, Apple Watch support

MyFord app

Ford has updated its MyFord Mobile app and gave it support for both the Apple Watch and Android-powered smartwatches.

According to a report by T3, the app doesn’t actually let you drive the car with your watch, but instead offers a handful of nifty features to make your driving experience more enjoyable.

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Adblock Browser arrives on Android, iOS

no ads

After some time in the beta stage, Adblock web browser for iOS and Android is as of today officially available in version 1.0.

"Adblock Browser for Android was in an open beta for a while now, and thanks to the amazing feedback we received there, we were able to evolve it into something we’re proud to release", it says in the official news post following the release.

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Android apps gain massive web performance boost from Chrome custom tabs


Android developers looking to include web content in their apps have a new option available to them that will help to greatly improve performance. The new (for the stable branch, at least) 'custom tabs' feature makes it possible to pre-load pages in the background resulting in load times that are a fraction of using WebView or firing up Chrome separately.

The feature can be used by developers to use their own app to change the way Chrome looks and feels, effectively blurring the move from app to the web. In addition to the speed advantages, custom tabs also bring improved security to apps, and provide users with a more familiar browsing experience.

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Play Android games on your Windows desktop with Nox APP Player


Chinese tech startup Duodian Network has released an English version of Nox APP Player, an emulator which allows users to run Android apps on their Windows desktop.

The package took a while to download on our test PC, but installation was easy, getting us a virtual Android 4.4.2 tablet in a near full-screen window.

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Best photo editing apps


Summer is the time for vacation and we can all agree that vacation means a lot of pictures. Smartphone cameras have become so awesome that the majority of people don’t even use or have cameras as all the photos are taken on the phone. Usually pictures taken on the phone stay on the phone or in a cloud storage, that’s why it is very convenient to edit photos right on your smartphone.

The key to success is to have a decent free photo editor at your service. Today we will speak about the best photo editing apps for iOS and Android.

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10 smartphone apps to try in your car [Infographic]

Driving Navigation Car Driver

There is a large selection of smartphone apps that can be useful to car drivers. Chances are, if you are reading this article, you are familiar with only a few of them -- Google Maps and Waze are the most-likely suspects -- and wish to try out new ones.

The app store on your smartphone gives you a sea of options, but finding interesting things to try can prove to be a daunting challenge, especially if you are not particularly patient or if time is short. Luckily, we have an infographic detailing the 10 apps to try first.

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Turn your smartphone's camera into a 3D scanner with Microsoft's Mobile Fusion app

Microsoft MobileFusion

Microsoft has been really busy lately, and now it has shown one of the things it has been working on -- a 3D scanner inside a regular smartphone.

The app, called MobileFusion, turns your average smartphone camera into a high-tech 3D scanner, allowing you to scan objects and turn them into 3D models for viewing, sharing and 3D printing, right in front of your very eyes.

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Amazon Underground offers a way to get over $10,000 worth of Android apps and games entirely free

Amazon Underground

Why pay for something when you can get it for free? Provided free, really is free of course (so many "free" things these days come with hidden costs). If you’re an Android user you’ll want to sit up and pay attention to a new app from Amazon which provides a way to get your hands on all of the apps and games that are actually available for free throughout the Amazon Appstore.

Better still, while the apps and games offered might include in-app purchases in other stores, in Amazon Underground, everything is entirely free. Find an app you like and you'll pay nothing for it, ever.

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Most developers don't build mobile apps

developer laptop

Even though the world is increasingly mobile, more than half of developers have never built a mobile app, a new survey, called Telerik State of Mobile Development, shows.

Telerik, the company who conducted the survey, asked 3,000 IT professionals about mobile development. Among the biggest issues developers have with building mobile apps is the fact that a lot of them are still new to mobile development or have never built a mobile app (57 percent), while others develop just one functional mobile app a year (47 percent).

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