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New tool simplifies translating apps into different languages


Developers put a lot of time and resources into the technical aspects of their apps. But when it comes to selling them in other markets there's often little left for localization.

Now OHT-Mobile, part of One Hour Translation, has a solution with the launch of Lingui, a low-cost way to localize apps quickly without the need for extra manpower, complicated processes or even the requirement to send updates to the App Store or Google Play.

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Clean up Android devices with the (ad) free Droid Optimizer


German developer Ashampoo has been producing PC cleanup tools since 1999, but now it's looking a little further. Droid Optimizer is a one-stop app for cleaning, managing and maintaining just about any Android device (2.3+).

There’s plenty of competition around, but Droid Optimizer scores immediately as it’s free, with no visible ads. The only marketing is a "More apps" button which displays some recommendations, but that’s it: leave the button alone and there’s nothing else.

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Reply to WhatsApp, Hangouts messages directly from Pushbullet notifications


Pushbullet’s latest Android app update means it’s now possible to reply to messages from WhatsApp, Hangouts, Facebook Messenger, Telegram and Line, directly from your desktop notifications.

There’s no complex tweakery required to make this happen. As long as you’re running Android 4.4 or later (and you have the Android Wear app installed for Hangouts messages), notifications from supported services now have a Reply button: just click it and go.

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Dropbox for iOS simplifies file uploading from other apps -- but only for iOS 8 users

new dropbox logo

Dropbox has unveiled Dropbox for iOS 3.7.0, a major new version of its client for iPhone and iPad. The new release adds a single feature to its roster, one that requires iOS 8 in order to work.

The feature in question is the addition of a new action extension, which allows users to save files straight to their Dropbox storage from within selected other apps without first having to open Dropbox itself.

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Sony announces SmartEyeglass Developer Edition SED-E1, goes up for pre-order today

Sony SmartEyeglass Developer Edition SED-1

Smartglasses are tricky. You have people who don't like to wear glasses. Those who do may not like their design. They can also be tiring to wear for extended periods of time, as Google Glass Explorers have confessed. Not to mention that smartglasses are also very expensive. And, at least for the time being, consumers are not taking the plunge, as they appear to be perfectly happy with using just their smartphones.

The lack of consumer interest, and Google recently killing its beloved Glass project, hasn't stopped Japanese maker Sony from coming out with its own pair of smartglasses. They're called SmartEyeglass Developer Edition SED-E1, and they're available for pre-order starting today.

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Business security and dating apps don't match

iPhone smartphone hand finger

People using the same smartphones privately and for work are putting their company’s security at risk, a new study shows.

According to a study by IBM, millions of people are using company smartphones for dating sites and apps, and are exposing themselves -- and their companies to theft, hacking and spying.

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Here are 10 awesome apps for Valentine's Day

Holding hands couple

The most romantic day of the year is almost upon us, but there's no reason for any man or woman to tackle Valentine's Day alone, as there are a whole host of apps to help you safely navigate the swathes of balloons, chocolates and rose petals.

So, without further ado, here are 10 of the best apps for Valentine's Day.

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Microsoft confirms that it has acquired calendar app Sunrise

Microsoft confirms that it has acquired calendar app Sunrise

Following on from the rumors that surfaced a week ago, Microsoft has confirmed its acquisition of calendar app Sunrise. The Android and iOS calendar app is widely recognized as one of the best that's available, and the announcement marks the latest move in Microsoft's recent productivity focus.

This is the second big acquisition Microsoft has made recently -- just a couple of months ago, the company snapped up email firm Acompli. It also sees Microsoft adopting rather Apple-esque language, referring to "meaningful, beautiful experiences in mobile email and calendaring".

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Manchester City Football Club scores its own wearables app


Manchester City has claimed the title of the world’s first football club to create an app for Android Wear smart watches.

The app is called CityMatchday Wear, and it can be downloaded for free from the Google Play store. It offers club related news, goal alerts and notifications for different events, such as yellow and red cards, penalties, team sheets, match details and substitutions.

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The top five mobile marketing mistakes

mobile frustration error

Consumers are increasingly using mobile devices to access various aspects of their digital lives including online shopping.

Yet in many cases businesses are failing to take advantage of the extra marketing opportunities that mobile offers them.

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New iOS malware can steal personal information from non-jailbroken devices

virus malware infection mobile

Yesterday, I told you that Android users may be affected by malware even if they only use Google Play to get apps. Three popular, adware-riddled, titles made it past Google's security checks, remaining undetected for months -- in fact, they may still be affecting users as we speak. And if you believe that iOS is safe, you might want to reconsider. New malware has been found, affecting iOS users even if they haven't jailbroken their device. Is there nothing that's safe anymore?

Security firm Trend Micro has uncovered the malware as part of an investigation into Operation Pawn Storm, a cyber-espionage operation with economic and political targets. It is designed to steal personal information, like contact lists, geo-location data, photos, text messages and more. The malware affects both iOS 7 and iOS 8, which are found on 97 percent of Apple's mobile devices.

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Lack of trust holds back app downloads


Consumers are increasingly wary of downloading apps according to a new report by mobile commerce community MEF and antivirus company AVG.

The study is based on data from 15,000 mobile media users in 15 countries across five continents. It explores the key areas of trust, privacy, transparency and security to identify their impact on mobile consumers, from purchasing a new device to downloading apps or paying for goods and services.

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Google fails to spot adware-riddled Android apps in Play store

BlackBerry works with Boeing on secure, self-destructing smartphone

If you want to steer clear of malware on Android, just stick to Google Play. I am sure you have heard this line before. And it makes sense, if you think about it, as Google subjects apps to security checks prior to approving them. So, it makes sense to hand out that piece of advice whenever new Android malware is discovered in the wild. But what if the malicious bits are found in Google Play itself? A change of tune is in order.

Security firm Avast details how three popular, seemingly harmless Android apps -- but, riddled with adware -- have been tricking users into visiting unwanted sites, installing other apps, to fix different non-existent issues, like fake malware infections, porn-filled storage (though, I have to say, it is far from an unlikely scenario, in some cases) and so on.

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Microsoft launches Outlook for iOS and Android


Microsoft has unveiled its official Outlook app for iOS, a free email client based on the Accompli app it acquired at the end of last year.

An Android version is also available, although only as a preview.

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Facebook Lite officially available for low-end Android devices

Facebook Lite Android

Facebook is not exactly the lightest mobile app around. In fact, it is one of the worst offenders, no matter if we are talking about Android or iOS. It uses plenty of resources, both in terms of data and processing power. We may have gotten used to it by now, but these are major pain points in developing and emerging markets, where more and more potential users are going online for the first time.

There, lots of consumers are rocking low-spec Android devices and small cellular data plans, and the standard Facebook flavor is not a great match for them. So, the social network has finally released a lighter version of its Android app, called Facebook Lite, which promises to address those shortcomings. Let's take a look at it.

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