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Recall alert: Your Apple MacBook Pro could be a fire hazard

If you own a MacBook Pro, you are very lucky -- they are great laptops. Unfortunately, even top computer makers, such as Apple, can experience hardware issues leading to safety concerns, and sometimes, a recall.

Today, Apple announces a voluntary recall for some MacBook Pro laptops. It is quite a scary issue too -- the batteries can overheat and cause a fire. In other words, it can potentially damage property, cause injuries, and worst of all, lead to death.

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Is technology harming our ability to write?


The pen may be mightier than the sword, but it seems that because of technology our writing skills may be about to go the same way as our swashbuckling.

Stationery supplier has polled over 2,400 Brits to find out how people feel about their handwriting, how frequently they write and if technology is killing the hand written word.

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Microsoft releases Windows 10 20H1 Build 18922 to the Fast ring

Work is progressing well on the next big feature update of Windows 10, due out a year from now.

Some builds offer a lot of new features, others are more about fixing problems and making general improvements. Build 18922 falls into the latter category, although it does have some language settings improvements and Feedback Hub updates.

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Cloud-based security service offers web app and API protection

Intelligent APIs

Web app and API exploits are among the leading threats to business at the moment. Organizations with a major web presence face malicious traffic and sophisticated bots trying to damage their brands.

In order to protect against these threats, Instart is launching a new Web App and API Protection (WAAP) platform. This is a cloud-based platform, powered by a single rules engine and a unified threat intelligence system, to defend against application vulnerabilities, sophisticated bots, and browser-based attacks.

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Kali Linux sets out its roadmap for 2019/20

Kali Linux roadmap

Offensive Security, the team behind the security-focused, Debian-based, penetration testing Linux distro Kali Linux. has set out the roadmap for the operating system for the months ahead.

This is the first time such a roadmap has been shared for Kali Linux, and it gives us a good idea of what to expect between now and 2020. The team says: "normally, we only really announce things when they are ready to go public, but a number of these changes are going to impact users pretty extensively so we wanted to share them early".

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Everything new and improved in the Windows 10 May 2019 Update (and how to use it)

Codenamed 19H1, the Windows 10 May 2019 Update is Microsoft’s first major update for the operating system this year. It is also the seventh version of the OS after its initial release. The tech company took the update as an opportunity to provide a fresh set of enhancements and features that will improve Windows 10’s security and performance.

Microsoft was supposed to release the update inApril. However, it delayed the rollout to ensure that the final version will be more stable and reliable. The tech giant began limited release on May 21, 2019. On June 6, 2019, Microsoft made the update available for the general public. Now, you may be dying to know what’s new in the Windows 10 May 2019 Update. Well, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together this comprehensive guide to show you the important things that have changed and improved in the Windows 10 operating system.

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Vivaldi 2.6 promises protection against abusive ads, expands profile management tools

Challenger web browser Vivaldi 2.6 has been released for Windows, Mac and Linux, promising protection against abusive ad practices.

Version 2.6 also adds additional ways of customizing user profiles, introduces a filter for browsing saved passwords, implements support for Razer headphone devices and continues to revamp the user interface with several welcome minor tweaks.

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Microsoft releases Chromium-based Edge for Windows 7 and 8.x

Microsoft Edge for Windows 7 and Windows 8.x

After embracing the Chromium engine for Edge, Microsoft is gradually expanding the number of platforms the browser is available for.

Starting off as a Windows 10 browser and then spreading to macOS, there is currently talk of Linux being in Microsoft's sights. For now, however, it is Windows 7 and 8 users who are the latest to have Microsoft Edge available as a browser option.

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Apple teams up with Best Buy to expand repair services to hundreds of stores

Best Buy

The next time you have a problem with your Apple product -- be it an iMac, MacBook, iPhone or iPad -- you could take it to Best Buy for repair rather than an Apple store.

The new repair options are thanks to Apple's expansion of its authorized service network. There are almost 1,000 Best Buy stores with over 7,600 newly Apple-certified Geek Squad technicians ready to help you out.

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Parents' lack of cybersecurity knowledge holds back children's career choices

Man shrugging shoulders

The majority of UK parents are in the dark when it comes to advising their children on a career in cybersecurity, research from cybersecurity training provider, SANS Institute, shows.

Although IT remains one of the top choices of career that parents would make for their children, parents have very little idea about the lucrative area of cybersecurity. This is exacerbating the skills gap in cyber security that the UK is currently facing -- with the industry not doing enough to promote itself.

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Amazon unveils all-new Kindle Oasis with adjustable warm light

If you want an e-reader, you should buy a Kindle -- plain and simple. Are there other e-ink devices on the market? Yes, but none compare to Amazon's overall book shopping and reading experiences. While you can read on an Android tablet or iPad -- including Amazon's Kindle service -- you really shouldn't. E-ink screens are far better for your eyes.

Today, Amazon unveils the all-new Kindle Oasis -- this is a refresh of the previous generation. If you aren't familiar, Oasis is the company's top-of-the-line e-reader. This model still has has a beautiful 7-inch display, but now, it also gets the ability to adjust the light termperature. In other words, you can opt for a warmer light for a better experience when reading at night. It is very durable too, retaining the same IPX8 waterproof rating as the previous generation.

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Artificial intelligence -- for good or evil?

AI security

AI is popping up in all sorts of things at the moment, but what happens when it goes wrong or is used for questionable purposes?

A new report from Malwarebytes Labs looks at how AI is being used, with a particular emphasis on cybersecurity, and at the concerns that are growing surrounding its use.

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Linux Mint vs Windows 10 -- which is best for small business productivity?

Business speed

If you're using an old computer in your small business, the likelihood is that you don't have a great deal of money to splash on powerful hardware.

You might therefore be tempted to look for extra performance by using Linux -- and save on the cost of buying the OS into the bargain. But is there really that much of an advantage? James Mawson of Australian site DXM Tech Support has conducted a series of tests to find out.

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How to install Windows Subsystem for Linux 2 (WSL 2) on Windows 10

A month ago, at its Build 2019 developer conference, Microsoft announced Windows Subsystem for Linux 2, an updated version of its compatibility layer which ships with an actual Linux kernel, meaning full system call compatibility.

Last week, the software giant rolled out Windows 10 20H1 Build 18917 with Windows Subsystem for Linux 2 (WSL 2). Here’s how to install it.

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Security assurance needs a business-focused approach

security meter

Business leaders want to be confident that their operations will continue running as normal without information being compromised. But in today’s fast-moving, interconnected world where the threat landscape is constantly evolving, security assurance programs often provide a false level of confidence.

The Information Security Forum (ISF) is releasing a new report, Establishing a Business-Focused Security Assurance Program which explores how individuals responsible for providing security assurance in their organization can meet the specific needs of business stakeholders.

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