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DDoS attacks against web apps and APIs surge

DDoS attack

Globally, the average number of DDoS attacks per customer grew by 94 percent in 2023, according to a new report from Radware.

"The technological race between good and bad actors has never been more intense," says Pascal Geenens, Radware's director of threat intelligence. "With advancements like Generative AI, inexperienced threat actors are becoming more proficient and skilled attackers more emboldened. In 2024, look for attack numbers to climb and attack patterns, like the shift in Web DDoS attacks, to continue to evolve."

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Proton Pass password manager app for Windows launches with offline mode -- macOS and Linux versions on the way

Proton, the privacy and security company, has launched Proton Pass for Windows -- a new standalone desktop application that extends its secure password management beyond the web browser. Proton Pass offers an enhanced user experience by integrating more seamlessly with the Windows operating system, allowing smoother management of passwords and encrypted login information.

One of the key features of this new application is its offline mode, available to Proton Pass Plus and Unlimited users. This mode ensures access to information anytime, without needing an Internet connection, and is secured with Argon2 encryption, known for its robust defense against brute-force attacks.

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Microsoft is badgering even more Windows 10 users to upgrade to Windows 11

Windows 11 upgrade nag screen

Windows users are well aware that Microsoft is no stranger to trying to nag them into submission. The company has a history of pestering users to switch to its web browser and to upgrade to the latest version of Windows, and this is a practice that it not only continuing, but expanding.

Microsoft has already been encouraging / nagging (delete as you see fit...) to upgrade from Windows 10 to Windows 11, and now the company has announced that it is about to take this further. It is described rather euphemistically as "expanding invitations to move to Windows 11 to more people".

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Google finally brings glanceable directions to Google Maps a year after announcing the feature

Google Maps glanceable directions

This time last year, Google announced a series of new features for Google Maps which it said would be rolling out in the months that followed. While most saw the light of day, others started to feel like vaporware -- notably, the intriguing "glanceable directions".

A full 12 months on, the glanceable directions feature is finally being made available to iOS and Android users. It shows directions on the lock screen of a handset, so there's no need to constantly unlock the device for updates.

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Microsoft quietly extends the availability of Windows 11 22H2 updates

Windows 11 on convertible laptop

To little fanfare, Microsoft has announced that anyone choosing to stick with Windows 11 22H2 will be able to install optional updates for longer than previously planned.

Despite having started to forcibly upgrade some Windows 11 22H2 systems to Windows 11 23H2, Microsoft has had a change of heart about how it will handle updates for the older version of the operating system moving forward. The company had previously said that non-security updates would not be available after this month, but there's a new extended deadline in place now.

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Can you really go net zero without sustainable IT?  


Achieving net zero is now a top priority for a growing number of UK businesses, but the road to carbon neutrality is littered with obstacles, difficult decisions and the odd wrong turn. It’s not easy knowing what to do, and I have a lot of sympathy for business leaders who are trying to do the right thing while juggling countless competing demands for their time, intellect, and investment.    

Depending on the sector, achieving net zero might be relatively easy, or seemingly impossible. Some businesses will require only small operational or behavioral changes, while others will need to go through significant upheaval, investment, and strategic realignment before they even get close.    

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Why culture could be the missing link in private equity's data challenges


Available data for alternative assets is expanding at top speed, handing managers a goldmine of information and arming them to make savvy investment moves and fine-tune operational efficiencies. Ensuring transparency, quality, and data accessibility has never been more important for general partners (GPs).

Yet the tidal wave of data that organizations are handling poses a significant challenge for private equity firms. Many find themselves struggling to consolidate large volumes of data from disparate, siloed sources.

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3 IT industry trends defining the next era of cloud computing

I recently had the pleasure of attending a couple of industry conferences about IT infrastructure and the cloud. Every conversation buzzed with the latest trends and questions, and every panel discussion grappled with the most pressing industry challenges that everyone in the room was interested in learning more about.

These gatherings are excellent networking opportunities, and they're also real-time snapshots of what matters most in a particular field. As such, I wanted to share a few insights that I gathered from these recent events based on topics that seemed to come up again and again.

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Ransomware resurgence: Tackling the new generation of cyber threats

Sadly, there has never been a better phrase than ‘survival of the fittest’ to describe cyber criminal groups. They are constantly refining their tactics to cause greater disruption and earn even bigger profits. The ransomware ecosystem is a resilient and lucrative business model, and attacks are causing huge pain for organizations.

Just look at the recent attack on the British Library. The attack rendered the British Library’s website inoperative, and it’s been reported the institution may have to spend £7 million to recover. The Rhysida group, who were responsible for the attack, disseminated hundreds of thousands of confidential documents on the internet, encompassing both customer and employee information.

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Get 'Python Deep Learning -- Third Edition' (worth $39.99) for FREE

The field of deep learning has developed rapidly recently and today covers a broad range of applications.

This makes it challenging to navigate and hard to understand without solid foundations. Python Deep Learning will guide you from the basics of neural networks to the state-of-the-art large language models in use today.

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vivo V30 Pro Android smartphone features ZEISS imaging system

vivo has launched its latest Android smartphone, the V30 Pro, which is notable for featuring a ZEISS imaging system. The V30 Pro is not just about its camera capabilities, however; it also boasts a sleek design with new color themes and textures, making it one of the slimmest phones in the V series with a 5000 mAh battery.

The V30 Pro features a 50MP portrait camera, a 50MP AF Ultra wide-angle camera, and a 50MP vivo VCS True Color main camera, each meeting the ZEISS Optics standards for professional-grade image quality. The phone also introduces ZEISS Cinematic Video Bokeh for a cinematic style in videos and ZEISS Border Watermark for adding an artistic touch to photos.

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KDE Plasma 6: Revolutionizing Linux desktop with far prettier and superior interface than Microsoft Windows 11

The KDE community has announced the release of its latest “MegaRelease 6,” which includes Plasma 6, Frameworks 6, and Gear 24.02. This update brings a host of new features, improvements, and enhancements to the KDE ecosystem. With its sleek and modern design, Plasma 6 not only surpasses the user interface of Microsoft Windows 11 but also elevates the overall computing experience.

The Plasma 6 desktop environment has undergone significant upgrades with a transition to the latest version of the Qt application framework and a migration to the Wayland graphics platform. These changes aim to improve security, efficiency, and performance while ensuring a smooth and familiar user experience. Plasma 6 also introduces a new Overview Effect, combining the Overview and Desktop Grid effects, and adds partial support for High Dynamic Range (HDR) on Wayland. Users can now enjoy richer colors, individual ICC profile settings, and color blindness correction filters.

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Cohesity launches gen AI search solution for business data

Businesses are dependent on data but extracting useful information in order to aid decision making, while ensuring it stays secure, can prove surprisingly difficult.

Cohesity Gaia, is the industry's first generative AI-powered conversational search assistant. Designed to help access organizations’ most important data to make smarter decisions faster, all while keeping data secure and compliant.

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Companies overspend on Kubernetes thanks to underutilization of resources

Burning money

Kubernetes is one of the most widely used container tools, but failure to accurately forecast resources leads to overprovision, waste and overspending.

A new report from Kubernetes automation platform CAST AI reveals high levels of underutilization are costing businesses more than necessary.

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Cloud-focused malware campaigns on the increase

As commercial adoption of cloud technologies continues, cloud-focused malware campaigns have increased in both sophistication and number.

A new report from Cado Security is based on analysis of real-world techniques employed by attackers using honeypot infrastructure. Last year Cado introduced 'Cloudypots', a new, more sophisticated, high-interaction honeypot system.

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