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GeoBook 120 Minecraft Edition Windows 10 laptop now available from Best Buy

Minecraft isn't just a game -- it is a worldwide phenomenon. What is the secret to its success? Well, besides being fun to play, its cross-platform nature and low system requirements make it available to almost anyone. It can be played on Windows 10, macOS, Linux, Android, iPhone, and many video game consoles too.

If you have a person in your life that loves Minecraft, there is a new affordable laptop that should excite them greatly. The GeoBook 120 Minecraft Edition features a 12.5-inch display and a cool green paint job that is inspired by the game. The WASD keys even feature green letters. And yes, the game itself comes pre-installed. As an added bonus, Minecraft stickers can be found in the box, so you can decorate the laptop lid to your liking.

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Microsoft accidentally leaks the name of its next operating system -- and it isn't Windows 11

On June 24 Microsoft is hosting a big event where it will unveil the future of its Windows operating system. Although we know changes will be made to the look and features of the OS, what we don’t know is what this new and (hopefully) improved version of Windows will be called.

There have been a number of suggestions, including Windows 365, WindowsOS or simply "Windows", but so far most of the clues have been pointing to it being Windows 11.

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Get 'Tech Trends in Practice' -- a Business Book Awards finalist 2021 -- FREE for a limited time ($24.00 value)

How will the latest technologies transform your business? Tech Trends in Practice: The 25 Technologies that are Driving the 4th Industrial Revolution will give you the knowledge of today’s most important technology trends, and how to take full advantage of them to grow your business.

The book presents 25 real-world technology trends along with their potential contributions to organizational success. You’ll learn how to integrate existing advancements and plan for those that are on the way.

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The true impact of digital technology on your workforce efficiency

robot call center

We know technology has had an impact on every area of our lives. We can manage almost our entire lives through our smartphones, from arranging appointments to paying bills. Technological innovations have also found a way into the workplace, completely revolutionizing the way we work.

As technology is embedded into workplaces, it can unsettle workers. With technologies including artificial intelligence and automation able to replicate elements of our jobs, it’s easy to see why. Half of UK workers believe they may be replaced by automation, AI, or robots in the next decade. A further 61 percent are concerned about AI.

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Windows 10 users need to brace themselves for more irritating nags from Microsoft

Windows 10 laptop

Windows 10 users are not strangers to seeing annoying popups, ads and other irritants from Microsoft. The company has a long history of badgering people with nags about its services via pop-up messages and entries in the Start menu or taskbar. With an upcoming version of Edge, this is something that's set to continue.

In the latest dev build of Microsoft Edge, there is evidence that Microsoft is going to display a message to users inviting them to "make the web work for you". This is the company seeking permission from people to use their browsing histories and activities "to personalize Microsoft Edge and Microsoft services". In other words: telemetry.

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Vivaldi 4.0 adds privacy-focused translation tool plus built-in mail, calendar and feed reader clients

Big tech takes an ever-increasing role in our lives, with Google and Amazon in particular seemingly insatiable when it comes to dangling more exciting new services in front of us in exchange for another slice of our privacy. If you’re looking for ways to fight back, then Vivaldi Technologies' latest browser release should interest you.

Billing itself as a "real alternative to Big Tech", Vivaldi 4.0 arrives packed with yet more privacy-first tools, including beta releases of built-in mail client, calendar tool and feed reader for those who want them.

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How mismatched incentives create problems for development [Q&A]

home working

Site reliability engineering (SRE), SecOps and developer teams are all supposed to be on the same side.

But mismatches in incentives between these groups can lead to challenges surrounding how and what information is shared across siloed teams. This creates a hazard where one team can shift deployment risk to another team, with no accountability back to the originating team.

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Monoprice launches affordable SB‑300 Virtual Dolby Atmos Soundbar

Thanks to the pandemic, more and more people are learning to enjoy their homes rather than go out. This makes sense, as TVs keep getting bigger and better -- you no longer need to go to an actual movie theater for a proper cinematic experience. Even though the COVID-19 virus is now fading away in the USA, it seems the home entertainment trend is here to stay.

Of course, a quality television is only part of the equation. To truly enjoy movies and TV shows at home, you will want to upgrade your audio gear too. And no, the speakers built into your TV are definitely not good enough. Thankfully, these days you can get by without investing big money into a giant bulky stereo system. Instead, an elegant soundbar can provide a high-end audio experience without cluttering your living room.

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Jaybird Vista 2 True Wireless Sport Earbuds are ready for your summertime workouts

Back in 2019, we told you about the beautiful Jaybird VISTA wireless earbuds. These in-ear headphones put AirPods to shame. VISTA didn't just look nicer than Apple's offerings, but they had more features and a better focus on both exercise and activities too.

Fast forward to 2021, and the sequel has finally arrived. The Jaybird Vista 2 True Wireless Sport Earbuds are here just in time for your summertime workouts. Whether you want to use them during exercise or relaxing on the couch, they should provide a great audio experience.

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The rise of ransomware: How to protect a modern company

ransomware laptop

In 2021, the cost of ransomware attacks is expected to exceed more than $20 billion worldwide. Ransomware has emerged as one of the most lucrative, elusive, and easy-to-implement methods of cyber-attack currently available. Being able to hold a company, its operations, and its data completely hostage presents a great opportunity for malicious hackers looking to maximize their earnings. This is made more attractive by the fact that many businesses lack the preparation necessary to sufficiently protect themselves from ransomware attacks. In a world where companies have become increasingly reliant on technology to store, manage, and facilitate their data and processes, business security solutions have never been more important.

The goal of this article is to analyze the rise of ransomware attacks and identify the ways in which an organization should protect itself against this increasingly popular form of cybercriminal activity.

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42 percent feel more vulnerable to cyberattacks when working at home

home working security

A new report from hardware authentication company Yubico finds 42 percent of UK employees say they feel more vulnerable to cyber threats while working from home, with 39 percent feeling unsupported by IT.

The study of over 3,000 people in the UK, France and Germany also reveals that 54 percent of all employees use the same passwords across multiple work accounts. In addition 22 percent of respondents still keep track of passwords by writing them down, including 41 percent of business owners and 32 percent of C-level executives.

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Socially engineered email attacks prove to be more effective

Social Rngineering

The latest quarterly threat report from Abnormal Security shows that increasingly sophisticated and novel socially engineered email attacks that bypass legacy defenses are driving 50 percent higher engagement than traditional email attacks such as credential phishing.

The report also shows that between the first week of July 2020 and the first week of April 2021, the percentage of companies across industries getting hit with vendor email compromise (VEC) attacks increased nearly 120 percent.

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Data teams struggle to keep pace with demand

folder stack

According to new research 96 percent of data teams are operating at or over capacity, thanks to a surge in demand for data pipelines.

The study by data engineering company shows 93 percent of respondents anticipate the number of data pipelines in their organization increasing between now and the end of the year, with 56 percent predicting the number to increase by more than 50 percent.

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Microsoft rebrands Windows Virtual Desktop as Azure Virtual Desktop

Microsoft headquarters

With remote working on the rise, cloud services and virtual desktop solutions have become increasingly important. This has been the case for Microsoft’s Windows Virtual Desktop since its public release about a year-and-a-half ago.

Originally targeted at enterprise users, Microsoft now has a broader vision for its cloud VDI platform. As such, Microsoft is adding new capabilities to the services, tweaking pricing, and rebranding it as Azure Virtual Desktop.

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What's new in iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 -- in 35 seconds

Apple’s WWDC started yesterday with a two-hour long keynote in which the company revealed what’s next for its various operating systems, including iOS and macOS.

There are a lot of new features coming, including plenty to do with privacy, as well as FaceTime enhancements and updates for Maps, Weather, and Wallet.

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