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CronRAT is a new Linux malware set to strike on February 31st


Yes, you did read the headline correctly; security researchers have discovered a stealthy new remote access trojan (RAT) designed to attack Linux systems. Named CronRAT, the malware hides as a scheduled task and is configured to run on a non-existent date – February 31st.

Researchers from Sansec warn that CronRAT "enables server-side Magecart data theft which bypasses browser-based security solutions". This is something that is particularly concerning this Black Friday.

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6 techy ways to entice new talent during The Great Resignation

If you've been paying attention to the news lately, you know that many people are choosing to leave their jobs for various reasons. This period is being coined as "The Great Resignation."

Employers across all sectors are looking for new ways to gain the attention of potential employees -- but it'll take more than just posting a couple of positions on online job boards. Some recruiters are even turning to artificial intelligence (AI) to improve their recruiting processes and make them more efficient.

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Ransomware remains a threat 30 years on

ransomware laptop

As our lives have become increasingly dependent on technology, virtually all personal and business data is kept on internet-connected platforms and in today’s digitized world this has become a gold mine for cyber criminals. In fact, we have seen cyberattacks grow exponentially in the last 12 months and in particular ransomware attacks increased by more than 485 percent in 2020.

Yet ransomware is nothing new. It is astounding to think that this attack technique has been around since 1989, when the first version was created by the "Father of Ransomware" Dr Joseph L. Popp. Disseminated via mailed floppy disks, the program demanded a hefty ransom of $189 to free victims’ data. Fast forward 30 years and still today whenever an organization thinks it has ransomware under control, another attack more sophisticated and effective than the last emerges.

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The gaming industry's latest challenge: DDoS protection

DDoS attacks

Like moths to a flame, hackers always go where the action is. As the COVID-19 pandemic drove work away from the office, businesses have faced one cyberattack after another on their remote work infrastructure. Meanwhile, a boom in virtual entertainment has brought a surge of players to the gaming industry -- and with them, a rise in DDoS attack activity.

Cybercrime rings are launching triple extortion campaigns combining DDoS attacks with ransomware, and data theft, while ordinary gamers can rent a botnet easily and affordably to cheat or disrupt competition with a DDoS attack of their own. The highly popular Titanfall 2 game has already been rendered virtually unplayable -- perhaps by as few as one or two individual players -- and seemingly abandoned by its publisher, which is now focusing on defending a newer title from similar attacks.

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45 percent of Brits don't trust tech companies to safeguard their data

A survey of 2,000 UK adults, reveals that 45 percent don't trust big tech companies to safeguard their personal data.

The study from NexGen Cloud finds 66 percent concerned about how tech giants are able to collect and use their personal information. In addition only 24 percent of individuals believe big tech firms have their best interests at heart.

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Microsoft releases KB5007253 update to fix MSI issues and yet more printer problems in Windows

Windows 10 laptop

It is the time of the month that sees Microsoft releasing preview versions of upcoming updates for Windows, and this is precisely what the company has done with the optional KB5007253 Preview cumulative update for Windows 10.

Available for Windows 10 versions 2004, 20H2, 21H1 and 21H2, this update addresses 0x000006e4, 0x0000007c and 0x00000709 errors associated with networking printing. It also includes a fix for the Microsoft Installer (MSI) issue that was causing problems with Kaspersky apps, as well as fixing a laundry list of other problems.

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Five signs your technology is enabling your business

We live in a world that's driven by technology. It has seeped into every part of our lives and the corporate realm is no exception. In fact, during the peak of the pandemic, the quick adoption of innovative technology helped many organizations survive. However, entities must invest in the right technology that will enable strategic, operational and cost impact. There are both quantifiable and intangible benefits in choosing the right technology stack for a company.

The right tech helps to facilitate a workplace that attracts and retains talent, increases employee engagement, lowers operational costs, raises revenues and even boosts organizational stability. And while technological solutions can have a tremendous impact on a company’s ability to meet its business objectives, they need to be deployed intelligently to address specific problems or pain points.

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Phishing, ransomware and human error are seen as biggest security threats

web threats

New research from Python software house STX Next finds that that CTOs see human error, ransomware and phishing as the biggest security threats.

The study of 500 CTOs globally shows 59 percent still see human error as the main security threat to their business, alongside other prominent concerns such as ransomware (49 percent) and phishing (36 percent).

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Zero-day vulnerability could give an attacker admin access in Windows 11 and older


A security researcher has revealed a serious vulnerability affecting Windows 10, Windows 11 and Windows Server. By exploiting the vulnerability, an attacker would be able to easily gain administrative privileges on a victim's system.

The discovery and revelation were made by Abdelhamid Naceri, during his research on a Microsoft patch for another vulnerability tracked as CVE-2021-41379. He was able to bypass the patch for the Windows Installer Elevation of Privilege Vulnerability and also discovered another serious zero-day for which he has shared a proof-of-concept exploit.

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The machine identity crisis -- and what to do about it [Q&A]

Every single networked machine relies on an identity -- in the form of cryptographic keys or digital certificates -- so that it can identify itself and communicate with other machines securely.

In the wrong hands though machine identities can enable cybercriminals to appear trustworthy, slip past security defences undetected, gain access to networks, and exfiltrate data. Yet organizations still overlook the importance of protecting them.

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OWC launches Mercury Elite Pro mini USB-C storage drive for Mac, Windows, and Linux

Solid state drives make wonderful internal boot drives for computers, but they are also great options for external storage too. Not only are they often smaller than mechanical hard disk drives, but they also use less power and are much quicker. With that said, sometimes hard disk drives can be a good option for external storage -- depending on your needs and budget, of course.

Today, OWC launches its latest portable storage drive. Called "Mercury Elite Pro mini," this elegant storage solution has a USB-C port and ships with both a USB-C cable and USB-A adapter. In other words, it can be used with any modern computer -- whether it has a USB Type-C port or not. In fact, the company says the drive is compatible with Mac, Windows, and Linux-based operating systems, including Android and Chrome OS.

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Grandma will be thankful when you install deepin Linux 20.3 on her PC this Thanksgiving

This Thursday is one of my favorite holidays -- Thanksgiving! While I will absolutely fill my (large) belly with turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, and other traditional foods, I will be sure to celebrate the true nature of the day as well -- being thankful. This year, I am thankful for my health, my family, and of course... Linux!

Yup, folks, we should all be thankful that many wonderful Linux distributions exist, making it possible for people to enjoy truly free and open source software. One of the prettiest Linux-based operating systems is deepin. Today, version 20.3 of the Debian-based operating system becomes available for download, meaning you can install it on your Grandma's computer after eating her yummy cooking. What better way to thank your Thanksgiving host than replacing Windows with Linux for them? Forget dual-booting. She will be so pleasantly surprised when she turns on the computer!

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Microsoft's new online museum celebrates 20 years of Xbox

It’s been 20 years since Microsoft unveiled the original Xbox which, incidentally, is the only model of the company’s games console I’ve ever owned.

Although I’m a PlayStation gamer, I’m also interested in consoles of the past, and for that reason I’ve spent an enjoyable hour exploring Microsoft's new Xbox Museum. This site lets you discover the history of the brand and also the history of Halo, Microsoft's most famous gaming series.

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New malware dispenses RAT droppings

A new javascript downloader named 'RATDispenser', distributing eight different Remote Access Trojans, keyloggers and information stealers has been uncovered by HP Wolf Security.

Most worrying is that RATDispenser is only detected by 11 percent of available anti-virus engines, meaning it's able to bypass detection tools and successfully deploy malware in the majority of cases.

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Two-thirds of UK business leaders expect more cybersecurity threats

Around two thirds (66 percent) of UK business leaders expect the threat from cyber criminals to increase over the next 12 months, according to the latest PwC cybersecurity survey of business and technology executives.

In the past year ransomware has had a significant impact on organizations already dealing with the challenges posed by the Covid pandemic, and 61 percent of executives expect to see an increase in reportable ransomware incidents in 2022.

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