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Security and access are top issues for data engineers

Data Stream

More than half (54 percent) of respondents to a new survey say securing data with appropriate access rights is one of their biggest hurdles. While almost 60 percent believe their organizations should be placing extra emphasis on data security.

The third annual State of Data Engineering Survey from Immuta also finds that that 89 percent of organizations report missing business opportunities because of data access bottlenecks.

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AI-powered gardening app wins IBM Call for Code

This year's annual Call for Code Global Challenge, backed by IBM and the Linux Foundation, invited innovators across the world to help accelerate sustainability and combat climate change with open source-powered technology.

It's been won by GardenMate for creating an app that uses the IBM Watson AI platform to connect gardeners with excess produce to people in need.

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The perfect defense: How to stop cyber criminals from scoring

goalkeeper catching ball

Data is more plentiful, valuable and interconnected than ever before. Unfortunately, this has led to a cyber threat landscape that is increasingly dynamic and costly to business. 

Cybercrime inflicted approximately $6 trillion in damages globally in 2021, an annual figure that is set to reach $10.5 trillion by 2025. This is equivalent to the world’s third-largest GDP after the U.S. and China. It is a threat that requires a comprehensive approach to defending, protecting, and recovering data, avoiding vulnerabilities and maintaining business continuity.

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Why SaaS needs a holistic approach to security [Q&A]


As organizations move more of their systems to the cloud they face a new range of threats. This combined with a shortage of cybersecurity skills makes securing SaaS systems a challenge.

Galit Lubetzky Sharon, co-founder and CTO of Wing Security, believes that a new more holistic approach, involving employees across the organization, is needed. We spoke to her to learn more.

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CCleaner's new cleaning rules help optimize Windows 11

Piriform has added some new cleaning rules to CCleaner that help to detect and remove surplus files generated by new Windows 11 features including Widgets, Microsoft Teams, Skype, Microsoft News, Windows Defender, OneDrive, File Explorer, and Microsoft Family Safety.

The update also adds more apps to CCleaner’s cleaning list and improves cleaning in Slack.

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Google now lets you search tabs, bookmarks and browsing history from the address bar in Chrome

Woman looking through a magnifying glass

Google is, of course, best known for its search engine but in a significant update to Chrome, the company has introduced a powerful new way to search tabs, bookmarks and browsing history in the browser.

It has been possible to conduct each of these types of search for some time, but now Google has simplified things dramatically. The change means that Chrome's address bar can now be used for much more than just to search the web; all it takes is the addition of an @.

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Microsoft releases epic PowerToys v0.65 update with .NET 7 support

PowerToys v0.65

PowerToys gets quite a lot of coverage here on BetaNews, and that's because it's one of the most useful and exciting pieces of software out there. We already know that there are plans for a great new quick launcher utility, and while we wait for development to finish, we have the newly released PowerToys v0.65 update to explore.

Although this update does not include any new utilities, it is still an important upgrade because of the number of tweaks and new features that have been added to individual modules. On top of this,  the entire codebase has been upgraded to work with .NET 7.

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Ubuntu-based Linux Mint 21.1 'Vera' BETA ready for testing

The Linux Mint developers are targeting Christmas as the release date for version 21.1 of the operating system. Before Santa Claus delivers the stable version, however, we will first need a BETA to test for bugs. And so, today, that is exactly what we get.

Code-named "Vera," Linux Mint 21.1 BETA can be downloaded immediately for testing with your choice of three desktop environments - Cinnamon (5.6), MATE (1.26), and Xfce (4.16). Vera is based on the rock-solid Ubuntu 22.04 and comes with Linux kernel 5.15. The stable version will be supported until 2027.

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We wanted to know what features Windows 12 might have to offer, so we asked an AI

Windows 12 will offer a number of improvements that will make it better than its predecessor, Windows 11. One of the biggest advantages of Windows 12 is that it will offer improved security. Microsoft is introducing multiple new features to better protect user data, such as a new secure kernel, a secure boot process, and a new sandbox security model.

In addition, Windows 12 will offer improved performance, with better memory management and faster start-up times. The new version of Windows will also provide better support for multi-core processors, and it will introduce new graphics APIs such as DirectX 12 and Vulkan, which will provide improved performance in gaming and multimedia applications.

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Organizations failing to unlock the full potential of zero trust

More than 90 percent of organizations migrating to the cloud have implemented, are implementing, or are in the process to implement a zero trust architecture.

But a new study from Zscaler shows only 22 percent of global IT decision-makers claim to be 'fully confident' that their organization is leveraging the potential of their cloud infrastructure, presenting an opportunity for zero trust.

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Value stream management is key to digital transformation (even if you don't know what it is)

digital transformation

Businesses are increasingly turning to digital transformation in order to remain competitive and relevant in their respective industries. But how do you ensure you're getting value from your efforts?

A new survey of 600 senior executives in large companies from CloudBees shows that value stream management (VSM) is seen as key, as well as removing barriers and making transformation easier to achieve.

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Google Search on the desktop gains (almost) endless scrolling

Broken Google logo

Google's search engine may be the go-to tool for millions of daily users looking to track down information online, but there has long been room for improvement. As anyone who has conducted a search that returned a huge number of results will know, clicking through page after page of suggestions can be time consuming.

Now Google has come up with a solution. Having delivered continuous scrolling to mobile users last year, the company has now brought the time-saving feature to the desktop. While not quite endless / infinite scrolling, you can now whizz through more results without the need to manually move to the next page.

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Apple expands its Self Service Repair program from the US to Europe

Apple Self Service Repair

It is several months since Apple launched its Self Service Repair program in the US, giving iPhone and MacBook owners the chance to fix their own devices. Now the company has expanded the same option to eight European countries.

The program works in exactly the same way for Apple users in the newly supported nations. It is possible to buy replacement parts direct from Apple, obtain repair manuals, and even rent the tools needed to get the job done.

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Microsoft is adding a quick launcher to PowerToys for easy access to the best Windows utilities


Some of the most exciting software developments associated with Microsoft are to be found in PowerToys. Here it is possible to see inspired developers innovating as they create new tools for Windows 11 and Windows 10.

There has been a large number of new utilities added over the course of the last year, and there's another exciting one on the way. What's promised is a "quickaccess systemtray launcher", and it will make it easier than ever to launch your most frequently used PowerToys modules.

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Integration, legacy tech and lack of skills prevent implementation of security solutions

open digital lock

According to research, 50 percent of over 400 IT security decision makers in the US and UK have been prevented from adopting a new cybersecurity solution due to integration issues or challenges with legacy infrastructure.

The study for BlackFog, conducted by Sapio Research, also reveals that 32 percent say a lack of skills within their team to support a new product would also be a factor preventing them from deploying new solutions.

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