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Thinkware F800 is an excellent flagship dash cam [Review]

Thinkware F800 dash cam camera

Many drivers pay more attention to their smartphone than to others on the road, which is why it's smart to have a dash cam in your car. If you have a close call, or get into an accident, there's footage of what happened that you can share with the police or the insurance company.

Choosing a dash cam can be pretty difficult though, and this is also true for high-end models. In this segment, a dash cam needs to go beyond the basics. Thinkware's new flagship, the F800, is one of the most promising options, packing some cool features and solid image quality. But how good is it in real life? I've tested it to find out.

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When will Google launch the Pixel 2 and Pixel XL 2?

Google Pixel

With the Pixel and Pixel XL on the market for nearly a year and Android 8.0 Oreo launched this week, it will not be long until Google takes the wraps off the second-generation Pixel smartphones. Question is, when can we expect the big announcement to be made?

Considering that Android 8.0 Oreo arrived one year after its predecessor, it is likely that Google will wait until early-October to unveil the Pixel 2 and Pixel XL 2. Last year, that's when it announced the first-generation. And a tweet from famous leaker Evan Blass lends credence to this theory.

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Samsung announces Galaxy Note8 -- here's what you need to know

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

The Galaxy Note8 is the most important smartphone that Samsung launches this year. Its predecessor nearly killed the high-end series, which is why Samsung cannot afford to make any mistakes with its latest flagship: the Galaxy Note8 has to be great. No pressure there, right?

The good news is that the Galaxy Note8 does not disappoint: it has all the right features that you expect from a high-end smartphone and a clear edge over the Galaxy S8, which is unquestionably the best smartphone Samsung sells today.

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What is Google Chrome Enterprise?

Samsung Chromebook Pro

Chromebooks are gaining traction because they are simple, easy to use and offer great value. For consumers, they can be fantastic options. For enterprises, however, Chrome OS needs to go the extra mile in order to become more attractive.

Google is well aware of the longer list of needs that enterprises have, as compared to consumers, which is why it has introduced a new plan, called Chrome Enterprise, that adds a whole host of new features designed specifically with business customers in mind.

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Windows Server containers get native support on Red Hat OpenShift

Cloud server IT

Microsoft and Red Hat have a longstanding enterprise cloud partnership, and today the two tech giants reveal an expansion which sees Windows Server containers receiving native support on the OpenShift platform.

Support for Windows Server containers on OpenShift will first be available as a Technology Preview next spring, before reaching general availability later down the road.

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Slate Gray OnePlus 5 now available in top configuration


When OnePlus introduced its latest flagship killer, the OnePlus 5, it only made the top configuration available on the Midnight Black version. Similarly, the Slate Gray color option was paired exclusively with the base specifications.

That was a rather strange choice, as it forced buyers to accept a specific color in order to get either configuration. However, at least for the Slate Gray model, things have just changed.

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HP welcomes overclockers with first OMEN X gaming laptop

HP OMEN X Laptop 1

HP today unveils the first laptop in the OMEN X gaming series. The new device, which joins the OMEN X Desktop in the range, is designed with professional gamers in mind, featuring official support for overclocking and hardware upgrades.

The OMEN X Laptop, as it is officially called, comes with thermals optimized for CPU and RAM overclocking, and can be paired with GPUs overclocked from the factory.

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Xbox One X Project Scorpion Edition now available to pre-order

Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition

The Xbox One X will not hit store shelves until November 7, but, as you may know, it is slated to be available for pre-order well ahead of its big release.

And, like expected, pre-orders for the Xbox One X just kicked off. On offer is a special edition of Microsoft's latest and greatest gaming console, which is dubbed Project Scorpio Edition. The price?

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HTC Vive VR gets a significant price cut


Most consumers are either unfamiliar with VR headsets or not interested in owning one. Part of the problem, at least with devices like HTC Vive VR, is the high price, which is hard to justify when we're talking about a technology in its infancy.

However, as the barrier of entry is lowered, VR headsets will become more appealing to a larger number of consumers. HTC is aware of this, which is why it's given the Vive VR a major price cut.

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Intel's new 8th-gen Core processors promise massive performance gains

Intel unveils the 8th Gen Intel Core processor family and launch

Intel today unveils a new generation of Core processors, promising a massive performance improvement over the Kaby Lake range announced nearly a year ago.

Just how big of a gain can you expect? Intel says that the 8th-gen Core line is up to 40 percent faster over the previous generation. Compared to a "five-year-old machine," however, the difference is even more substantial, delivering a boost in performance of up to 200 percent.

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The iPhone is still the smartphone to beat

iPhone 7 Plus

If you look at the iPhone 7 and the Galaxy S8 and compare them to their predecessors, there is no denying that Samsung's flagship has made a bigger leap forward. It is arguably the more interesting smartphone of the two as a result. But, as always, that does not automatically translate into better sales.

The iPhone, for all the minor upgrades it has received over the years, has rarely been dethroned by its rivals, and that was again the case in the second quarter of 2017, when it basically wiped the floor with the Galaxy S8 in terms of sales.

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Bitcoin price breaks $4,500


The price of Bitcoin has increased dramatically this year. The most popular cryptocurrency went from a low of $958 on January 1 to $2,000 on May 19, $3,000 on June 11, and, finally, $4,500 today. The effect? Its market cap rose from $15.5 billion to $73 billion, making it more valuable than well-known major tech companies like Twitter, HP, Nokia, NXP, Baidu, Salesforce and PayPal.

But Bitcoin's rise didn't have an effect just on its market cap, as it also boosted the cryptocurrency market as a whole. Today, its value is estimated to be around $144 billion, up from only $11.3 billion a year ago. It is pretty incredible, if you think about it.

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Newton email officially available on Windows

Newton Windows

Newton is my favorite email app, not least because I can use it on all my devices -- no matter if they run Android, iOS, macOS or Windows, the last of which arrived in private beta in early-May. Now, after four months of testing, it is ready for prime time.

The Windows version of Newton arrives today in Windows Store, and it's designed with Windows 10 users in mind. CloudMagic, the company behind the app, has included pretty much every feature that Newton has on other platforms, meaning the experience should be pretty similar to Android, iOS and macOS.

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Microsoft Surface Pro gets official support for Windows 10 S


Microsoft officially supports Windows 10 S on Surface Laptop, the device on which the lighter version of Windows 10 launched on earlier this year, but it is now adding another device to the fold.

The Surface Pro, the newest device in the Surface range, has received a firmware update, its third since being released in mid-June, which officially introduces support for Windows 10 S.

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Sling TV now available in Google Chrome on Windows and macOS

Sling TV On_Now_Screen_Final

Making a streaming service available on as many platforms as possible is key to attracting more and more customers in the cord-cutting era, and, to that end, Sling TV is now opening its doors to Google Chrome users.

Sling TV says that its new player, which is available in beta at this stage, can be used by Chrome users on Windows devices and Macs and comes with support for both live and on-demand content.

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