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Microsoft will pay up to $15,000 for Office Insider vulnerabilities

Microsoft wants to make Office more secure, so it has announced a bug bounty program for Office Insiders to catch vulnerabilities before shipping a public release.

The bug bounty program targets the Windows version of Office on the Slow ring and features rewards of up to $15,000, but for "certain submissions" -- presumably highly-critical security holes -- the software giant says that researchers can expected to be paid more.

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Microsoft Teams rolls out to Office 365 users around the world

Microsoft Teams

As we reported last week, Microsoft is today launching its own business collaboration tool in an effort to fend off the challenge from Slack.

Teams is now available to Office 365 users in 181 markets and 19 languages. Where Teams is likely to score over its competitors is in its close integration with other Office products and with Skype for Business.

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Microsoft Teams will be generally available on March 14

Microsoft is preparing to officially launch its competitor to Slack, Teams, which it announced last November.

Microsoft will begin the rollout of its new product by first making it available to Office 365 customers. The launch event and the global rollout will take place on March 14.

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Why Microsoft Office 365 adoption keeps rising

Office 365

In the fast paced digital world we inhabit, there are a million different programs and apps vying for our attention. In fact, our time is so taxed these days that the market for apps that help you organize your life, manage your business, and otherwise help you keep your head from falling from your shoulders is booming.

Office 365 is a perfect example of a collection of cloud-based programs on offer to both the layperson and businesses, intent on helping people stave off chaos. It can be hard to whittle down just what program suits you and your business’s needs (that’s why handy sites like ITProPortal help with some of the heavy lifting), but Office 365 is looking to create further separation over the competition with every new iteration.

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Microsoft Teams has 30,000 business customers -- but is it a serious threat to Slack yet?

Microsoft Teams, Slack's latest high-profile rival, is slowly gaining traction. The software giant has announced that 30,000 organizations, spread across 145 markets, "actively used" the collaboration service in the past month. It launched in late-November.

Where are those 30,000 customers coming from? Well, since Microsoft Teams is part of Office 365 that means that the users the collaboration service has are first and foremost Office 365 subscribers -- and there are 85 million active users there. That gives it huge potential for growth.

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Office 365 adoption surges ahead across the EMEA region

Office 365

Microsoft's Office 365 suite and Google's G Suite are deployed in 66 percent of organizations in the EMEA (Europe Middle East and Africa) region, but Office 365 on 44 percent is outpacing G Suite on 22 percent.

This is one of the findings of a new EMEA cloud report from data protection company Bitglass which shows that adoption of cloud suites is higher than in any other region. In Europe, France and the Netherlands have the highest rates of cloud adoption at 82 percent and 78 percent.

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The state of SharePoint and Office 365 development

Office 365

SharePoint is the most widely used hub for modern businesses, while Office 365 is increasingly the first choice for cloud productivity. With these two platforms forming the bedrock of many companies' IT environments, business leaders need to understand how the platforms are changing and the needs of the employees who work with them.

SharePoint customization specialist Rencore has surveyed over 1,200 SharePoint and Office 365 developers and other professionals to get a picture of how the community is evolving.

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What you need to consider before adopting Microsoft Office 365

Office 365

The cloud-based office productivity software market is expected to reach $17 billion in 2016. That’s more than a 400 percent increase from 2009 when the market was valued at $3.3 billion.

With the success of cloud-based applications and their pay-as-you-go model, it shouldn’t be surprising that the cloud version of one of the most widely used desktop application packages would grow to become a popular choice for businesses. I’m of course referring to Office 365, Microsoft’s leading productivity and work software package delivered via the cloud.

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Office 365 and G Suite now in 59 percent of organizations worldwide

Google Apps v Office 365

Cloud adoption has hit an all time high in 2016, largely driven by productivity packages like Microsoft Office 365 and Google's G Suite, according to a new report.

Data protection company Bitglass scanned the cloud use of more than 120,000 companies to identify the primary cloud productivity suite used. It finds 59 percent of organizations worldwide now use one of these two apps, up from 48 percent in 2015.

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New security solution protects Office 365 customers

cloud security

More and more companies are moving their office applications to the cloud and Microsoft Office 365 is one of the most popular options with around 85 million subscribers.

One of the major concerns with this trend is keeping information secure, to address this IT management solutions provider Kaseya is launching its latest AuthAnvil. An identity and access management solution, this provides single sign on (SSO), multifactor authentication (MFA) and automated user provisioning for Office 365.

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Microsoft Q1 FY2017 by the numbers: $22.34 billion revenue, $5.98 billion profit

Microsoft has posted its earnings for Q1 FY2017 (Q3 CY2016), revealing revenue of $22.34 billion, operating income of $7.1 billion, net income of $5.98 billion, and earnings per share of $0.76 cents. The software giant beat analyst expectations of $21.71 billion in revenue and EPS of $0.68. The stock is up around 5.5 percent over yesterday, with shares trading at over $60 -- a record value for the company.

How do the latest numbers compare to Q1 FY2016? A year ago Microsoft reported revenue of $21.66 billion, operating income of $7.07 billion, net income of $5.66 billion and EPS of $0.70. So the revenue, operating income, net income, and EPS are up.

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SaaS makes our jobs more difficult say IT pros

There is a perception in the IT business that adopting software-as-a-service models will make life easier for tech teams and end users alike.

But a new study by cloud specialist BetterCloud suggests that in fact SaaS is making IT jobs harder. According to the survey of over 900 IT professionals, 56 percent of Google Apps and 62 percent of Office 365 IT pros believe their jobs are becoming more difficult due to rising SaaS adoption.

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Microsoft kills Yammer Enterprise

Microsoft has provided more details as to how it will be integrating Office 365 Groups into its enterprise-focused social network Yammer. On January 1, 2017, the Yammer Enterprise service tier will be discontinued, but the social network will remain available and will be integrated with Office 365 services in a number of ways.

Within Yammer itself, it will be possible for users to create Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents through Office Online. Users will also be able to move their work from Yammer to a shared OneNote notebook or to the Microsoft Planner Project Management tool.

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Microsoft adds guest access to Office 365

Office 365

Microsoft keeps adding new features to its Office 365 suite, and now it has made easier for people outside a group to collaborate on files. A new feature, for Office 365 groups, allows people who aren't staff members, or members of a particular group, to join in and collaborate.

Group owners can now use the web version of Outlook to invite non-staff members in.

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Microsoft opens UK datacenters for Office 365 and Azure

Microsoft has announced that local datacenters are now available in the UK to Office 365 and Azure customers. This enables companies dealing with UK-only customers to ensure that data remains within the country and fully complies with data protection and privacy laws.

Describing itself as the "first global cloud productivity provider" to offer UK residency for data, Microsoft says Azure and Office 365 are now generally available from multiple data center locations in the UK. It has already attracted the custom of the Ministry of Defence.

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