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SecureAuth launches improved Office 365 protection

Office protection

Office 365 is the world's most popular cloud service, but widespread use of the platform also makes it a primary target for cyber attacks. Breaches tied to phishing email scams and lack of strong identity security are accelerating.

Adaptive access control specialist SecureAuth is launching a new enhanced security solution aimed at protecting Office 365 from attack by improving authentication.

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Microsoft Planner now available for Android

Nearly two weeks after introducing the iPhone app, Microsoft officially announces the availability of Planner on Android. The tool was released a year ago to help teams using Office 365 better manage and collaborate on projects.

Microsoft says that Planner is available to Office 365 subscribers on the Business Essentials, Business Premium, Enterprise E1 to E5 and Education plans.

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Why UK businesses can't take full advantage of Office 365

Office 365

The advantages of Office 365 are being hindered by poor connectivity, bandwidth and latency issues, according to new reports coming out of Zscaler.

As it turns out, Office 365 is a great service with many benefits which businesses all over the UK are very well aware of. However, due to issues with connectivity and latency, many organizations can't take full advantage of the service.

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Current enterprise networks are not ready for Office 365

Tech suport

Business are keen to take advantage of the advantages offered by Office 365, but a new study reveals that often their networks are not up to handling it.

The survey from cloud security company Zscaler finds that majority of respondents (64 percent) are concerned about the impact Office 365 has on their bandwidth and latency.

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Microsoft Planner now available for iPhone

Office 365 officially received a project management tool, called Planner, in June 2016, but it is not until today that Microsoft introduces an accompanying mobile app. And the platform of choice for the first Microsoft Planner app is iOS.

When Microsoft publicly launched Planner, the software giant said that there will be apps available for Windows and Android devices too, but there is no announcement regarding the support for the other two platforms. Hopefully, that will happen at some point in the near future.

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Ransomware remains profitable as 47 percent fall victim to attacks

ransomware cash

Ransomware is one of the most successful and profitable weapons in the cyber criminal's armory, partly because it leverages an old-fashioned crime in a new digital format.

A new study by Barracuda Networks reveals that 92 percent of people surveyed are concerned about ransomware hitting their organization, and 47 percent of respondents have been a victim of ransomware themselves.

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Four best practices for leveraging Office 365 Groups

Office 365

It’s no secret that cloud-based collaboration tools are transforming the way we work, and Microsoft, with Office 365, is playing a major role in shifting workplace communication. Last year, Microsoft continued to enhance and develop Office 365 Groups as a powerful hub for team productivity. When armed with Office 365 Groups, employees have the opportunity to collaborate within a dedicated space with popular Office 365 features like mail, persistent chat, and collaboration powered by familiar technologies like Exchange, SharePoint, OneNote, Skype for Business, and Planner.

Before organizations can embrace this new way of working, however, IT teams need to combat the challenges of natively managing Office 365 Groups. Why? First, there are several ways for users in an organization to create a Group within an Office 365 tenant -- meaning IT admins must determine the most effective way to implement administrative controls to prevent unnecessary sprawl. Once users have the ability to create new Office 365 Groups, IT is also tasked with controlling group membership, placing safeguards around content within groups, and overseeing the lifecycle of Groups, including the eventual decision to delete or archive a Group and its content.

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Microsoft will pay up to $15,000 for Office Insider vulnerabilities

Microsoft wants to make Office more secure, so it has announced a bug bounty program for Office Insiders to catch vulnerabilities before shipping a public release.

The bug bounty program targets the Windows version of Office on the Slow ring and features rewards of up to $15,000, but for "certain submissions" -- presumably highly-critical security holes -- the software giant says that researchers can expected to be paid more.

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Microsoft Teams rolls out to Office 365 users around the world

Microsoft Teams

As we reported last week, Microsoft is today launching its own business collaboration tool in an effort to fend off the challenge from Slack.

Teams is now available to Office 365 users in 181 markets and 19 languages. Where Teams is likely to score over its competitors is in its close integration with other Office products and with Skype for Business.

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Microsoft Teams will be generally available on March 14

Microsoft is preparing to officially launch its competitor to Slack, Teams, which it announced last November.

Microsoft will begin the rollout of its new product by first making it available to Office 365 customers. The launch event and the global rollout will take place on March 14.

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Why Microsoft Office 365 adoption keeps rising

Office 365

In the fast paced digital world we inhabit, there are a million different programs and apps vying for our attention. In fact, our time is so taxed these days that the market for apps that help you organize your life, manage your business, and otherwise help you keep your head from falling from your shoulders is booming.

Office 365 is a perfect example of a collection of cloud-based programs on offer to both the layperson and businesses, intent on helping people stave off chaos. It can be hard to whittle down just what program suits you and your business’s needs (that’s why handy sites like ITProPortal help with some of the heavy lifting), but Office 365 is looking to create further separation over the competition with every new iteration.

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Microsoft Teams has 30,000 business customers -- but is it a serious threat to Slack yet?

Microsoft Teams, Slack's latest high-profile rival, is slowly gaining traction. The software giant has announced that 30,000 organizations, spread across 145 markets, "actively used" the collaboration service in the past month. It launched in late-November.

Where are those 30,000 customers coming from? Well, since Microsoft Teams is part of Office 365 that means that the users the collaboration service has are first and foremost Office 365 subscribers -- and there are 85 million active users there. That gives it huge potential for growth.

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Office 365 adoption surges ahead across the EMEA region

Office 365

Microsoft's Office 365 suite and Google's G Suite are deployed in 66 percent of organizations in the EMEA (Europe Middle East and Africa) region, but Office 365 on 44 percent is outpacing G Suite on 22 percent.

This is one of the findings of a new EMEA cloud report from data protection company Bitglass which shows that adoption of cloud suites is higher than in any other region. In Europe, France and the Netherlands have the highest rates of cloud adoption at 82 percent and 78 percent.

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The state of SharePoint and Office 365 development

Office 365

SharePoint is the most widely used hub for modern businesses, while Office 365 is increasingly the first choice for cloud productivity. With these two platforms forming the bedrock of many companies' IT environments, business leaders need to understand how the platforms are changing and the needs of the employees who work with them.

SharePoint customization specialist Rencore has surveyed over 1,200 SharePoint and Office 365 developers and other professionals to get a picture of how the community is evolving.

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What you need to consider before adopting Microsoft Office 365

Office 365

The cloud-based office productivity software market is expected to reach $17 billion in 2016. That’s more than a 400 percent increase from 2009 when the market was valued at $3.3 billion.

With the success of cloud-based applications and their pay-as-you-go model, it shouldn’t be surprising that the cloud version of one of the most widely used desktop application packages would grow to become a popular choice for businesses. I’m of course referring to Office 365, Microsoft’s leading productivity and work software package delivered via the cloud.

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