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90 percent of companies have suffered at least one cyber attack

cyber attack

According to the latest survey by Kaspersky Lab, 90 percent of companies have suffered a cyber attack and for larger businesses the cost could be as much as half a million dollars.

Of the 5,500 companies surveyed nearly half, 46 percent of businesses, lost sensitive data due to an internal or external security threat.

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Everything you need to know about Microsoft's Windows 10 hardware event

Windows 10 devices

Microsoft's Windows 10 hardware event has been an impressive tour de force, as we have seen the company reveal a significant number of exciting new products. The focus has been on Surface and Lumia devices, but we have also seen Band and HoloLens pushed into the spotlight. And we cannot forget about the news surrounding Windows 10.

Since it can be hard to keep track of everything that Microsoft has talked about, we have crammed everything you need to know about its Windows 10 hardware event into a single article.

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Can your heartbeat be hacked?

Hack heart

It’s human nature to want to ensure the safety and security of our loved ones, financials, and health. From more complicated tasks such as selecting the safest car seat for a child to simple safety routines like looking both ways before crossing the street, security in every sense is always top of mind for individuals.

The same goes for businesses, which not only have to secure intangible assets such as business-critical information, but are also focused on protecting physical assets like products and employees. As the shift toward a more mobile workforce continues, the influx of connected devices -- or the Internet of Things (IoT) -- is making it more difficult for businesses to protect and secure their assets. This is especially true for the healthcare industry, where the hype around the IoT overshadows the focus on implementing security protocols for connected devices.

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Large organizations struggle with end-user mobile computing

business mobile

Large organizations are unsure of how to approach the concept of end-user computing as a cohesive strategy, and manage the proliferation of devices and their associated security risks.

This is among the findings of the 2015 Mobile Workforce Report published today by global ICT services company Dimension Data.

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Easily transcribe media files with Listen N Write


If you need to transcribe a media file then you could just open it, click Play, launch Notepad and start typing.

That’ll work well, too, for about five seconds, until you have to start hitting Play/ Pause, stepping backwards or forwards, and generally spending more time switching between the apps than transcribing.

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Why buying a used mobile could get you more than you bargained for

Mobile data spy

If you buy a mobile device or a hard drive second hand are you buying the previous user’s data along with it?

A new study from data erasure company Blancco Technology Group and recovery specialist Kroll Ontrack suggests that in a high percentage of cases the answer is yes.

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YouTube Kids is a friendly, safe(ish) video browser


YouTube can be a great resource for young children, but there’s also a vast amount of adult content that you probably won’t want them to see.

The regular YouTube app and even the website can place some limits on what you access (Manage Subscriptions > Restricted Mode > On), but if that’s not enough then you might like to try Google’s official YouTube Kids app for Android.

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Windows 10 sees people ditching IE -- but Chrome wins out, not Edge


Launching a new web browser was always going to be a risk. Microsoft used Windows 10 as a launch pad for Edge, shedding the shackles of Internet Explorer in a bid to take on the likes of Chrome and Firefox.

Sadly for Microsoft, new figures show that Edge is failing to make inroads into Google's and Mozilla's market shares. Analysis performed by Quantcast shows that in the US just 12 percent of Windows 10 users are using Edge, while Chrome is sitting pretty with a greater than 70 percent share.

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Russia orders Google to unbundle its apps on Android

Finger Pointing

After three weeks of discussion over the punishment for Google, Russian Federal Anti-Monopoly Service has ordered the company to unbundle applications on Android.

The complaint, originally filed by Yandex, asked for a change to Google’s pre-installation of apps. Instead of Google deciding what apps should and shouldn’t be on a mobile, the manufacturer will be able to pick and choose from a variety of services.

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Windows 10 Mobile to launch in December

Microsoft Lumia 950 (XL)

The next phase of the Windows 10 rollout will happen in December. We already know that the latest version of Microsoft's operating system is installed on millions of desktops and laptops, but the mobile version has been dragging its heels.

With the announcement of the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL which have Windows 10 Mobile pre-installed, owners of other devices have been left wondering when the upgrade will make it to their handset. Originally slated for a November launch, Microsoft has revealed on Facebook that the rollout will start in December.

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Microsoft's Windows 10 hardware event disappoints

Windows 10 disappointment

"Where’s the beef?" That iconic phrase from the annals of advertising yore is just one of the thoughts that come to mind after viewing the recent Windows 10 "Hardware Event" in New York. Microsoft had an opportunity to really "wow" the industry with something new and innovative. Instead, it served up a re-hash of technologies and trends that have been old news for months now:

Surface Pro 4 -- Evolutionary rather than revolutionary, which is a good thing if you’re hawking BMWs and want to keep last year’s customers from feeling cheated, but not so great if you’re trying to showcase true innovation. Performance bump? Modest. Weight reduction? Negligible. Fanless? Only on the lowest-end model, and even then you save very little on weight.

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Logitech Harmony adds even more home automation control


Home automation is a catch phrase these days, though some of it is not quite ready for prime time. But things are improving all the time with new products being released at a rapid rate. Logitech's Harmony brand of remote controls has been at the forefront of controlling these devices.

Now, after adding things like the Nest thermostat, the company is announcing compatability with even more devices. This time around it's adding ZigBee and Z-Wave.

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I'm sorry, Lumia fans, but Microsoft Continuum can't run two apps side-by-side


As one of the lucky people in attendance at today's Microsoft event in NYC, I was of course excited for a new Surface device -- I expected the "Pro 4", but was pleasantly surprised by the "Book". What I was particularly interested in trying, however, is Continuum. This is Microsoft's branding for using a smartphone as a PC. In other words, you connect a Lumia to a monitor, mouse and keyboard and have a desktop experience.

The good news is, I did get to try Continuum. The bad news? It is not yet ready to replace your PC. Unfortunately, there is one specific thing that makes it less than ideal. Sadly, you cannot run two apps side-by-side. That stinks.

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The Surface Book hinge is not a good look


The newly-announced Surface Book feels like it's something I should love. I'm a big Surface Pro fan and I still use my first gen Pro as my daily driver. But there's just something about the Surface Book that grates. The price is not in any way attractive, but there's something else that's rather ugly: the hinge.

The Surface Book's hinge is something that Microsoft seems quite pleased with. Proud of, even. Microsoft calls it a 'dynamic fulcrum hinge', but it looks like a cross between a caterpillar track and a rubberized bendy drinking straw. For what is described as a 'meticulously crafted' device and 'the ultimate laptop', it's not a good look -- and it could be a serious problem.

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Microsoft's insane Surface Book price means it will be left on the shelf


At today's event in New York, Microsoft put on an impressive show. We were -- ironically -- expecting some surprises, and the announcement of the Surface Book meant we weren't disappointed; this is, after all, "the ultimate laptop". The looks are striking. The specs are impressive. The price tag is... eye-watering.

In a way, we should have expected some expensive hardware to be revealed today. With its Surface Pro range, Microsoft showed that it is not afraid to push up the price, but the Surface Book takes things a step further. $1,499 is the starting price. Make a few tweaks to the specs and you could find yourself relieved of a buttock-clenching $2,699. Is there any way to justify this price?

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