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UK's Trident nuclear weapons could be hit by cyberattacks


The UK's former defense secretary Des Browne has issued a stark warning that the country's nuclear weapons could be vulnerable to cyberattacks. The Trident program is already a highly-divisive subject, and Browne is seeking assurance from the Prime Minister that it is secured against attacks from hostile states such as China and Russia.

He has called upon the government to perform an end-to-end assessment of the system. The US had previously warned that it could not be confident that its own defenses and those of its allies would be capable of withstanding a cyberattack from a "sophisticated and well-resourced opponent".

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Popular mobile payment apps leave consumers and businesses exposed

mobile payments NFC

It's likely that this year's holiday season will mark the first time that online purchases made on mobile devices will overtake those on desktop systems.

This makes mobile payment systems a prime source of risk and a new study by mobile app security company Bluebox Security highlights poor security across consumer mobile payment apps, including some of the most popular solutions for both Android and iOS.

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Volvo now lets you have Christmas shopping delivered directly to your car

Volvo In-Car Delivery

Shopping for presents for the holidays, or for bargains for yourself during Black Friday and Cyber Monday can be a nightmare. A lot of people opt to shop purely online in order to avoid the hassle of fighting their way through crowded stores.

You can get the items you buy on the web delivered to various locations, including home and work, but if that’s still not convenient enough for you, how about having the deliveries made directly to your car instead?

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ProtonMail: banning encryption won't stop terrorism


In the panic that followed the attacks on Paris by ISIS there have been calls for various measures to be put in place to stop similar atrocities happening in the future. As well as calls for an increase in online surveillance, politicians have also suggested that encryption should be weakened or banned entirely.

Secure email service ProtonMail found itself the subject of unwanted attention when it transpired that ISIS recommended using it to evade detection. The company has remained silent about the post-Paris backlash; until now.

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The rise of subscription software licensing


Recently, Apple announced a new subscription service whereby customers can pay a monthly recurring fee to get an annual phone (hardware) upgrade.

Similarly, all Autodesk software will only be available on a subscription basis beginning August 1, 2016. These announcements yet again signal that the dominance of perpetual licensing in the market place is on decline.

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8 not-so-obvious reasons to try Ultra Virus Killer


If you’re running a great security suite, with an accurate "second opinion" scanner on hand, then installing a program called Ultra Virus Killer might not seem a high priority.

But wait: despite its name, UVK isn’t just about malware hunting. It has a pile of other PC maintenance and management tools to explore.

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Netrunner 17 'Horizon' is here -- download the Kubuntu-based Linux distro now


About a week ago, the Netrunner team released an update to its rolling release operating system. Based on Arch/Manjaro, I advised Linux beginners to steer clear, and instead opt for the Kubuntu-based variant. There are a couple of reasons for this. For one, the Ubuntu community is arguably friendlier and better for newbies -- there are a ton of instructions and .deb files available too. More importantly, however, the rolling release could be less stable overall.

Well, the newest version of the Kubuntu-based variant, code-named 'Horizon', is now available. Whether you are a Linux expert, or just someone getting started, the beautiful KDE-focused operating system is a smart choice that I highly recommend.

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Pebble Time gets more iOS integration with addition of text


Time is the latest version of the smartwatch from Pebble and it even comes in a special round version. The wrist device works with both Android and iPhone, which covers most customers -- sorry Windows Phone users. Now Pebble is bringing more functionality to its Apple friends.

The company boasts that this is the first non-Apple smartwatch to deliver voice and text integration. There are a number of stipulations that come along with this, though.

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WordPress site undergoes a major redesign, desktop app launches, code goes open source


A huge proportion of the web is powered by WordPress -- more than a quarter, in fact. As a CMS it's incredibly flexible, and today the company unveiled not only a new look for, but also a desktop app for easier site maintenance.

It has taken a long time for a desktop app to appear, and this is something that's all the more surprising when you consider that mobile apps are already available. To start with, it's Mac users who are treated to WordPress goodness, but Linux and Windows versions are on the way as well.

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To save money on Christmas shopping, forget Black Friday -- use Microsoft Edge, Bing, and Cortana


Holy cow, it is Thanksgiving week! Somehow the holidays just crept up on me this year. For retailers, this is of huge importance, as Black Friday is almost here. While I will probably do some shopping that day, I will avoid the craziness of Best Buy, Walmart and Target and focus on non-tech Christmas shopping at stores like Kohls.

So how will I save money on tech gifts then? Uhh, the Internet. Yes, I will look for deals online while preserving my sanity and avoiding long lines. According to Microsoft, leveraging Edge, Bing, and Cortana can help you save. Will you try?

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Europe should set up its own cybersecurity agency

Boardroom security

Europe is being urged to set up its own international cybersecurity agency to tackle the growing threat posed by cyberattacks. Jose Luiz Gilperez, security chief at Telefonica, said that cyberthreats have developed in recent years to pose just as significant a danger as physical threats.

Of particular concern is a fundamental change in the types of individuals perpetrating cyberattacks. While the stereotypical image of the lone hacker may have held true in the past, cyberattacks are now being carried out by hacking collectives, gangs of organized criminals or even national governments. Gilperez stressed that in order to counter this new threat, cybersecurity must become "a matter of business, and a matter of states".

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Dropbox partners with Adobe for easier PDF editing on iPhone and iPad

Dropbox PDF Adobe

My smartphone is my most-used computer. When it comes to getting work done, I chose an iPhone for its reliability, security, and most importantly, app availability. I do not have time for roadblocks, such as the app-gap found on Windows Phone.

To enhance my productivity on Windows, Linux and iOS, I leverage the wonderful Dropbox for my cloud-storage needs. The company is constantly improving its service and introducing new features. Today, the company announces a partnership with Adobe to enable easier PDF editing on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. This is just the latest example of Dropbox focusing on its customers.

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Windows 10 finally adds a new Path editor


The Path environment variable is an important setting which has been around since the days of DOS, yet for some reason Windows has always made it awkward to view and edit.

Fortunately that’s changed with Windows 10’s November update (1511), which finally offers an interface you might actually want to use.

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Inateck MP1305 iPad Pro/MacBook sleeve [Review]

Inateck MP1305-600

If you’re suffering a touch of deja vu looking at the photo above it's probably because my colleague Mark Wilson reviewed Inateck's similar sleeve for the Surface Pro earlier this year.

This one is designed for the iPad and MacBook fraternity and features a neat fold over design that allows it to act as a stand for the device as well as a sleeve to protect it. It has a smaller pouch in front of the main one and here are a couple of pockets on the back, one of which is big enough to take CDs. It also comes with a separate little pouch containing a cleaning cloth and which is big enough to take a mouse. It's not really suited to carrying bulky mains adaptors around though, so you’ll need to charge your device before you go out.

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Google can remotely reset your Android passcode

Smartphone lock unlocked key

A common recommendation for securing a mobile device is to set up a passcode. Having a PIN or password will make it harder for a third-party to have access to personal information, which lowers the chances of data theft or loss but also incrimination or blackmail.

But, when that third-party is a government agency looking to retrieve data from someone's Android device, it might be easier than you think to get in. On top of all the resources they have at their disposal, government agencies can also turn to Google to have the passcode remotely reset.

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