Windows 12 'first look' will make you want the future OS right now

Microsoft is preparing to discontinue support for Windows 10 in the near future, giving users the option to either upgrade to Windows 11 or wait for the anticipated successor, Windows 12.

We’re not expecting to see the arrival of the next-gen operating system this year -- Microsoft is focused on adding more AI functionality to Windows 11 at the moment -- but we do have an idea of what Windows 12 could look like.


A couple of concept creators have put their talents to good work imagining what the follow up to Windows 11 could look like. AR 4789 -- who previously imagined a wildly popular alternative to Windows called MiracleOS -- showed us what Windows 12 might look like being installed, and the features we can expect to see. He also recently gave us his intriguing take on Windows 12 Mobile.

Fellow concept creator Addy Visuals recently put his creative abilities into imagining what Windows 12 Gaming Edition could look like, and before that, he gave us his take on a non-gaming version of Windows 12 -- the end result of which was stunning.

For his latest video, Addy returns to his main Windows 12 concept, and gives us a short 'first look' recap.

This new video is just a 30-second summary of his earlier creation, but even if you’ve seen his original full concept, this new clip is still worth a watch.

Let us know what you think of it in the comments below.

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