Lucky for some -- Windows 13 is everything Windows 11 should be

Microsoft is busy introducing AI functionality across Windows 11. That's great, but a lot of users would prefer to see an operating system that’s more user-friendly and lets you customize it as you see fit.

The tech giant has a history of not necessarily following expected naming conventions -- whatever happened to Windows 9? -- so this look at an OS that’s Windows 13, not Windows 12, perhaps shouldn’t seem too outlandish.


Prolific concept creator AR 4789, who previously imagined a Windows alternative called MiracleOS and gave us stylish his takes on Windows XP 2024 Edition and Windows 12, most recently channeled his creative abilities into envisioning what Windows 13 -- yes 13! -- could look like. The result was stunning, and as a follow up he's crafted a new video which showcases just how customizable that future OS could be. Microsoft might want to take notes.

His concept includes lock screen notifications that let you interact with them -- chat in WhatsApp for example -- as well as an easily accessible Recent Items list, and a modular menu that lets you change items on display and switch the skin to suit your preferences.

There’s a good sprinkling of AI features in his Windows 13 too. He shows how AI can be used to change the background, and control the OS, much like Apple is introducing in its new Apple Intelligence feature. Copilot makes an appearance in this video too, which it didn’t in his previous Windows 13 concept.

The lock screen, which has an Apple feel to it, can be customized in lots of ways, as can the Taskbar. He even has multiple desktops for different purposes, including one with a Windows 7 design.

The whole thing finishes -- spoiler alert -- with an amusing Bluescreen of Death. Some things never change, not even in the future.

Whether Microsoft would embrace the number 13 as willingly as AR 4789 has here is a matter for debate, but watch the full video below and share your thoughts on it in the comments section.

What would you like to see in Windows 13? (Or in Windows 12, for that matter).

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