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Apple shows off iPadOS 13.1 in new video

iPadOS 13.1

With iPadOS 13.1 available to iPad owners around the world, there's a lot to discover in the latest update.

To help tablet owners learn about the new features and options, Apple has shared a new video showcasing what's on offer. From swipe typing to full page screenshotting, Apple is continuing to push the iPad as a serious alternative to a laptop.

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Apple iOS 13 and iPadOS bugs grant third-party keyboards 'full access'

Black iPhone

If you're using a third-party keyboard on your iPhone or iPad, Apple has a warning for you. A bug in the recently released mobile operating system means that such keyboards could be granted "full access" permissions.

The bug means that third-party keyboards could capture any and all keystrokes entered by a user, including sensitive data such as usernames and passwords.

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Apple says the Mac Pro will be made in America

Made in the USA

Just after US trade regulators approved tariff exemptions for Apple, meaning that it could manufacture products abroad and import them without huge financial penalties, the company has announced that it will be making the Mac Pro in Austin, Texas.

Apple says that the decision to produce the redesigned Mac Pro in the US is "part of its commitment to US economic growth".

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New partnership between Oprah Winfrey and Apple brings Oprah's Book Club to Apple Books and Apple TV+

Oprah's Book Club

Oprah Winfrey has teamed up with Apple to launch her famous Oprah's Book Club in Apple Books. Her first selection is Ta-Nehisi Coates' The Water Dancer.

As well as bringing her recommendations to the Apple Books app, Oprah also has a series starting on Apple TV+ in November. New episodes are scheduled to be released every two months, and the first one -- which debuts on November 1 -- features an interview with Coates.

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iWraps takes your Apple iPhone back to the 90s with an iMac G3 inspired design

The iMac G3 is probably the most iconic personal computer of the late 90s/early 2000s. The first consumer product to be released by Apple following Steve Jobs' return to the company, it is widely recognized as being responsible for helping to turn around Apple’s fortunes and show the world that computers didn't have to be beige.

These days, the design of the iMac G3 looks a little clunky, but back then it was like nothing we’d seen before, coming as it did in a range of candy colors like Bondi Blue, Grape and Tangerine.

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Apple tariff exemptions approved by US trade regulators

Apple logo in squares

Donald Trump has been using the threat of tariffs as a way to force companies to produce goods within the US rather than manufacturing them abroad cheaply and importing them.

Now US trade regulators have now approved exemptions for the Mac Pro, with the possibility of wider implications. Apple had requested a total of 15 exemptions, and according to a public docket published by the US Trade Representative and a Federal Register notice, 10 of these have been approved.

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Apple is still trying to avoid paying a $14 billion tax bill in Europe

Apple logo in squares

Apple is fighting in Europe's General Court to avoid paying $14 billion (€13 billion) in back taxes after an EU ruling back in 2016.

The iPhone-maker is one of many multi-national companies who have taken advantage of tax benefits in Ireland -- so-called "sweetheart deals" that the country offers to large companies and which the European Commission deemed illegal. Apple told Europe's second-highest court that the hefty tax bill "defies reality and common sense".

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Apple disputes Goldman Sachs' negative analysis of Apple TV+

Rainbow Apple logo

Despite the launch of the iPhone 11 range, new iPads, and other hardware, Apple is increasingly embracing services to attract customers. One of the latest ventures in this area is Apple TV+, and Goldman Sachs -- the company backing the Apple Card credit card -- has warned that the streaming video service could negatively impact on Apple's profits.

Apple, however, disputes this. The company dismisses Goldman Sachs' analysis, marking an interesting twist in the relationship between Apple and its client.

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iPhone 11 Pro: The ugliest iPhone ever!

They say that good things come in threes. Three of a kind. Three’s Company (RIP, John Ritter). Three-eyed ravens. There’s even a literary Rule of Three that spans the breadth of human influence and communication. Basically, we humans are hardwired to like things that come as a "pair-plus-one."

However, there are also plenty of bad things that come in threes. Three-eyed monsters. Three-legged invaders from Mars. The "third wheel" friend on what was supposed to be a hot date. So, it comes as somewhat of a surprise that Apple decided to put THREE separate cameras on the back of the new iPhone 11 Pro. Because, from an aesthetic and first impressions standpoint, this is one "fugly" beast!

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Phishing attacks against the Apple brand reach 1.6 million in six months


There have been 1.6 million phishing attacks targeting the Apple brand name in the first half of 2019. This is up nine percent on the total number of attacks seen last year, revealing a growing trend.

These figures come from Kaspersky's Threats to Mac Users Report 2019, released this week, which shows the number of cases where users faced fraudulent web pages utilising the Apple brand as a decoy has increased significantly in the first six months of the year.

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Streaming video service Apple TV+ is coming in November

Apple TV+

Apple is launching its new streaming video service, Apple TV+, on November 1. Like Apple Arcade, Apple TV+ can be shared with up to six family members, and will cost $4.99 per month -- although you may be able to get it for free.

The service is priced to undercut other big streaming subscriptions and while there is unsurprising support for Apple's iPhone, iPad and Mac devices, Apple TV+ will also be available on smart TVs, media devices, and even online in Safari, Chrome and Firefox.

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Subscription gaming service Apple Arcade launches next week

Apple Arcade

Launching Thursday September 19, Apple Arcade is the iPhone-maker's new game subscription service. Dubbed the Netflix for games, it will set subscribers back $4.99 (or £4.99) each month, and will provide unlimited access to a library of games.

Apple Arcade is compatible with iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV, and at launch there are more than 100 games available through the service, and many of these will be exclusives. The service will compete with Google Play Pass when it eventually launches.

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What the 'Summer of Outages' showed us, and what we can do about it

Summer 2019 was a rough one for the internet, with systemic outages occurring frequently and in quick succession.

Some of these outages were caused by internal errors, others external, but two overriding causes emerged: greater network complexity and the frequency and pace of code change. In aggregate, these outages serve as a painful reminder of just how fragile the internet is, especially as networks and services grow increasingly interconnected and co-reliant.

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Apple’s new iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max are (mostly) all about the cameras

As expected, Apple today announced three new iPhones at a special event at its Cupertino, California HQ. The new devices are iPhone 11 (the "affordable" one which replaces the iPhone XR), and the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max (replacing the XS and XS Max respectively).

Although all three devices are faster and come with plenty of improvements and new features, the big focus is unquestionably on the cameras.

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Apple iPad 7th-gen gets bigger display and is faster than the best-selling Windows 10 PC

Apple's iPad changed the world in 2010, but since then, tablets have fallen a bit out of favor with consumers. Google abandoned the tablet hardware business entirely, relying on manufacturers such as Samsung and Huawei to make slabs running Android. While iPad remains the best tablet experience, and Apple seems committed to the iPadOS operating system, even that device is not the juggernaut it once was. Many consumers seem totally satisfied using their smartphone.

Still, iPad has plenty of fans, including those that try to use the Pro model as a makeshift laptop with a keyboard attachment. Other people, such as yours truly, only utilize iPad for media consumption. The lower-cost standard 9.7-inch iPad more than meets those media-focused needs. Today, Apple unveils the 7th-generation of the "regular" iPad, and it is better than ever.

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