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Logitech Circle View HomeKit security camera is only for the Apple faithful

Apple’s HomeKit was supposed to simplify the smart home, putting the controls for all internet-connected devices in one place. The iPhone-maker’s solution largely delivered what it promised, but not all developers got onboard. And so, many homeowners found themselves unable to use HomeKit exclusively, as not all of their devices were compatible. Thankfully, Apple hasn’t yet given up on it.

Today, Logitech launches a new smart home security camera called “Circle View” that isn’t just compatible with Apple HomeKit — it is exclusive to it. In other words, if you aren’t an Apple hardware user, you shouldn’t even bother, as it requires the HomeKit Secure Video platform.

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SteelSeries releases Nimbus+ wireless gaming controller for Apple devices

When the Apple TV 4 was first released, I was convinced it would revolutionize gaming. I even bought the SteelSeries Nimbus controller to play all these upcoming games on the device. My assumption was developers would bring all the top tier iPhone and iPad games to the Apple TV, plus more, making it a legitimate home console. Boy, was I wrong on that! Sadly, the state of gaming on Apple TV has largely stalled. With all of that said, the Nimbus controller I bought was (and still is) wonderful -- I particularly love the lightning port charging.

Today, SteelSeries launches the successor to that aforementioned controller. Called, "Nimbus+," it is compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, and Apple TV. In addition to significant improvements over its predecessor (including better battery life), the plus variant also comes with a mount for connecting your iPhone directly to it -- for a handheld gaming experience. It is worth noting the Nimbus+ looks very much like a tweaked version of the existing Stratus Duo Android controller.

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Apple's new 13-inch MacBook Pro comes with the much-improved Magic Keyboard

Apple today announces an updated 13-inch MacBook Pro with double the storage across all standard configurations, better performance, and the company’s Magic Keyboard.

The keyboard, which has been designed to deliver a superior typing experience, is currently available on the 16-inch Pro and MacBook Air, so it was only a matter of time before it arrived on the smaller model too.

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macOS Image Capture bug can fill up hard drives with empty data

Apple Image Capture

A bug has been discovered in the Image Capture app that's part of macOS. The app is used to import photos and videos from other devices.

The bug kicks in when importing images from an iPhone or iPad, and it can result in a hard drive being filled up with empty data.

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Coronavirus pandemic means Apple will probably delay the next iPhone release

Angled Apple logo

It's only a matter of weeks since Apple revealed the 2020 iPhone SE, but many people are holding out for this year's flagship from the company -- the iPhone 12 range, some of which will be 5G devices.

But it seems like anyone waiting to get their hands on the handset will have to wait a little longer. The chaos caused by the spread of COVID-19 around the world is said to have forced Apple to delay the launch of the phone by a month.

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Apple Music comes to Samsung TVs

Apple Music and Spotify are both great streaming music services, but the former is just a bit better than the latter. Apple’s offering has a much more intuitive user interface, and its curated playlists are second to none. Apple Music is now available on most platforms too, such as iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, and Linux — thanks to the new web client.

Starting today, Apple Music is now available on many newer Samsung smart televisions as well. This is quite remarkable, as Apple and Samsung are fierce competitors in the smartphone market. As Apple becomes more and more focused on services, however, the company is apparently becoming more open to working with former “enemies.”

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Which IT assets present the most risk?

Risk dial

New research from vulnerability management specialist Kenna Security seeks to quantify the comparative risk of using assets based on Microsoft, Apple, Linux, or Unix platforms, as well as network devices.

The study finds that asset mix plays a key role in determining the number of security vulnerabilities an organization has to contend with every month along with its ability to minimize cyber risk.

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Apple's new 'battery health management' feature improves MacBook battery life

Apple battery health management

The battery life of your MacBook is about to be extended thanks to a new feature Apple is adding to macOS Catalina 10.15.5. Called "battery health management", the feature reduces batteries' rate of chemical aging, helping to extend its lifespan.

Working much like the Optimized Battery Charging feature of iOS, battery health management measures battery usage and adjust the maximum charge level for improved life.

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Apple Music on the web is no longer in beta -- including on Linux

My favorite streaming music service is Apple Music. As an iPhone user, this was a match made in heaven. As a regular desktop Linux user, however, this was very problematic. You see, for the longest time, you needed iTunes to listen to Apple Music on desktop. This wasn't a problem when using Windows 10 or macOS, but as soon as I signed into, say, Ubuntu, I was out of luck, as there is no iTunes for Linux.

Thankfully, late last year, Apple finally brought its streaming music service to the web. In other words, all you needed to listen to Apple Music was a compatible web browser. This meant that users of desktop Linux could finally listen to the streaming service by simply firing up a web browser, such as Firefox. Despite being a feature Spotify offered for many years, it was still a really big deal. The problem? Apple Music for the web was merely a beta. Today, this changes.

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Apple thinks the new iPhone SE is worth much less than a quartet of Mac Pro wheels

iPhone SE on Mac Pro wheels

Apple is not a company readily associated with low prices, and its hardware is always markedly more expensive than something comparable from other companies.

Over the years we've become used to Apple phones, tablets, desktop computers and laptops (typically) being relatively expensive -- but where the company really stands out is with the pricing of its accessories. Take the newly announced iPhone SE, for instance. With a starting price of $399, Apple values the phone less than a set of wheels for a Mac Pro, and only marginally more than a set of feet for the same computer.

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You can buy the revolutionary Apple Magic Keyboard with trackpad right now

Last month, Apple did something consumers have  long wished for -- it made the iPad a proper laptop. You see, the company announced an all-new iPad Pro and associated Apple Magic Keyboard. With the iPadOS 13.4 operating system, Apple's tablet finally gets proper trackpad support, and wouldn't ya know it, the aforementioned keyboard has an integrated trackpad. So, yeah, the iPad now functions as an actual laptop.

There was one problem, sadly, that was very much not like Apple. For whatever reason, the company began selling the new iPad Pro before the Magic Keyboard with trackpad was ready. And so, consumers have not been able to properly trial this new laptop experience, instead relying on Bluetooth mice and trackpads to try it out. Well, I am happy to say, beginning today you can finally buy the Apple Magic Keyboard!

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Apple's new iPhone SE is as fast as the 11 Pro, but way more affordable

It’s been rumored for a while, but today Apple takes the wraps off its second-generation iPhone SE.

Reinvented from the inside out and packaged in a compact design, Apple’s most affordable iPhone comes with a 4.7-inch Retina HD display, paired with Touch ID security in the familiar Home button.

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Satechi unveils portable USB-C Wireless Charging Dock for Apple AirPods

Are Apple AirPods good wireless earbuds? That depends on the user, really. They sound great and are jam-packed with advanced wireless technology, but if they don't fit your ear canals, they could end up causing extreme pain. Thankfully, the newer AirPods Pro solved this dilemma by providing replaceable silicone tips to help the user find a comfortable fit. Why comfort is a "professional" feature is beyond me, but hey, whatever.

One of the coolest additions to Apple's AirPods line is wireless charging cases. You can now charge the wireless earbuds by dropping them onto a Qi charging mat. But what if you need to charge them while traveling? Satechi has a new product that is perfect for just such a thing. The company's new Wireless Charging Dock leverages a direct USB-C connection, allowing you to plug it into an iPad Pro or MacBook without a wire. Best of all, it is very small, so you can easily throw it in a bag or slide it into your pocket.

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Apple is the brand most imitated in phishing attacks


A new study from Check Point Research highlights the brands which are most frequently imitated by criminals in attempts to steal individuals' personal information or payment credentials.

The Brand Phishing Report for the first quarter of this year shows Apple was the brand most frequently imitated, up from seventh place in the final quarter of 2019.

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Apple and Google join forces to spy on Android and iPhone users for Coronavirus purposes

digital monitoring

We are in the midst of a worldwide pandemic, so Americans should allow their rights to be trampled if it means beating the virus, right? Hell no! Not at all. Look, everyone wants to see the COVID-19 virus eradicated, but we shouldn't allow the tragedy to be amplified by allowing governments and corporations to take away our rights.

Sadly, Google and Apple are teaming up to do just that. You see, as a way to help governments, the two companies are planning to spy on smartphone users to help fight the Coronavirus. It will first be done with an optional app, but later integrated into both Android and iOS. Essentially, Bluetooth will be leveraged in tracking those infected with COVID-19 and warning those that come near them. While it sounds good on the surface, you are not wrong to be very worried.

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