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Satechi launches Duo Wireless Charger Power Stand for Apple iPhone and AirPods

One of the worst parts of traveling is packing your bags. Nothing is more annoying than when you arrive at to your destination and discover you forgot to put something in your luggage. In my case, I usually forget charging cables and adapters. Since I often travel with both my iPhone and AirPods Pro, I have to remember chargers for both if I want to juice them up simultaneously.

Thanks to a new product from Satechi, you can use one charger for several things, meaning fewer things to forget at home. Called "Duo Wireless Charger Power Stand," it can wirelessly charge both a smartphone and wireless earbuds at the same time. It even includes a USB-C port for charging a third device. To make it even more appealing, the stand also includes a 10,000mAH battery so you can charge devices when no outlet is nearby.

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Apple expands its Self Service Repair program from the US to Europe

Apple Self Service Repair

It is several months since Apple launched its Self Service Repair program in the US, giving iPhone and MacBook owners the chance to fix their own devices. Now the company has expanded the same option to eight European countries.

The program works in exactly the same way for Apple users in the newly supported nations. It is possible to buy replacement parts direct from Apple, obtain repair manuals, and even rent the tools needed to get the job done.

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Fueling the Apple BYOD revolution [Q&A]

It's no secret that BYOD provides incredible benefits on paper -- from increased productivity to more flexibility and streamlined output. But unfortunately, many initiatives fail to take off due to security and privacy concerns.

Mosyle CEO Alcyr Araujo believes this doesn't always have to be the case, and that Apple devices are primed to offer the best balance for BYOD. We spoke to him to find out more.

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Microsoft reinstates SwiftKey to the iOS App Store, six weeks after delisting it

Microsoft SwiftKey

Citing customer feedback, Microsoft has taken the decision to bring SwiftKey back to the App Store. Back at the beginning of October, the company delisted the iOS keyboard app resulting in complaints from the app's many users.

Not only has Microsoft reinstated SwiftKey, the company says that it is "investing heavily in the keyboard" but has not offered any specific details about what this means.

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How to get iPhone 14 Pro's Dynamic Island on Windows 10 or Windows 11

One of my favorite features on the Apple iPhone 14 Pro is the new Dynamic Island that replaces the old notch at the top of the screen. This, if you don’t know, is a dark island that expands and contracts (and even bubbles off) to show important alerts, notifications, and activities.

It’s a cool addition which Apple says, 'blurs the line between hardware and software'. And you can now add this feature to Windows. Here’s how.

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COVID-19 in China may prevent Johnny from getting an iPhone 14 Pro this Christmas

In the USA, the COVID-19 pandemic is pretty much over. You no longer need to wear masks everywhere, and life has largely gone back to normal. In China, however, the virus is still wreaking havoc -- residents of that communist country still face regular lockdowns.

Unfortunately, according to Apple, the ongoing COVID-19 situation in China has negatively impacted the production of both the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. Sadly, this will lead to delays. While this is bad news for Apple and its shareholders, it is also tragic for those that were hoping to buy one of these phones for the upcoming holiday season. In other words, Little Johnny may not get the phone he wants under the tree this year.

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Apple is bringing more ads to the App Store this week

In the tech world, it Google that is most readily associated with ads, but it is far from alone. Apple is perhaps not quite as guilty of bombarding people with advertising as some companies, but starting October 25, the App Store will be used to display more ads than ever before.

Although Apple has not exactly shouted about the impending change -- one that is sure to irritate even the most devote fans of Apple -- details of what is happening have been shared in emails sent out to developers. As of Tuesday, the Today tab of the Apple Store will be home to adverts.

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Privacy-focused DuckDuckGo arrives on macOS in beta

DuckDuckGo for Mac

After what has felt like a very long wait, DuckDuckGo for Mac is now available to anyone who would like to try out the private web browser. Previously only available as a closed beta, the macOS version of DuckDuckGo beta is now open to all.

In addition to protecting privacy in general web browsing, DuckDuckGo for Mac also includes Duck Player, a built-in YouTube player that blocks targeted advertising and stops profiling.

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Apple TV 4K gets even better while becoming more affordable

Apple TV is more expensive than competing media boxes such as Roku and Amazon Fire TV. As the old adage says, however, "you get what you pay for." In other words, the premium you pay for an Apple TV device is absolutely worth it. It is far superior to all competitors.

The newest Apple TV remote is brilliant, the tvOS interface is easy to use, and the device has some powerful hardware under the hood thanks to Apple's excellent in-house processors. If you use other Apple products such as iPhone and/or iPad, you would be foolish not to go with Apple TV. It really is that good.

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Apple unveils redesigned iPad and next generation iPad Pro with M2 Chip

A month ago, Apple took the wraps off its new range of iPhones. I was impressed enough to shell out on an iPhone 14 Pro, although it seems like it might not be quite as durable as advertised.

Today, with little fanfare, Apple announces new versions of both the iPad and the iPad Pro.

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New durability tests show Apple iPhone 14 prone to significant damage when dropped

I recently upgraded to the iPhone 14 Pro, and one of the first things I did was to drop it. Not on purpose, or as part of some amazing durability test, but just because I was juggling too many things at once, and the most expensive thing that I was holding (by some way!) was the thing that hit the deck.

Fortunately, it sustained no damage, but not every clumsy iPhone owner will be as lucky.

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New version of Windows 95 runs on Windows, macOS and Linux, with dedicated builds for ARM-based systems

Windows 95

I hated Windows 95 when I first used it back in 1995, purely because it was so different from what I was used to. I soon came to realize the error of my ways and it introduced many of the features we still use today, including a desktop, taskbar and Start button.

Slack developer Felix Rieseberg released Windows 95 as an Electron app four years ago, updating it shortly afterwards to allow it to run gaming classics like Doom. Now he rolls out a new version which can run on any Windows, Mac or Linux system.

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Protect your 2021 Apple MacBook Pro with the Satechi Eco-HardShell Laptop Case

Are Apple's MacBook laptops good computers? Yes, but they can be rather expensive. Not to mention, they aren't known for being durable. It isn't uncommon to see one of these notebook computers experiencing issues -- broken keyboards, displays, and more. Sure, you can buy an AppleCare protection plan, but you would be wise to try and prevent damage by using a case.

A new such case by Satechi is designed to protect the 2021 Apple MacBook Pro specifically. Called "Eco-HardShell Laptop Case," this product is available for both the 14-inch and 16-inch versions of Apple's macOS notebook. The two pieces simply snap onto the computer -- no tools needed.

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iOS 16 for Apple iPhone is here and it makes Google's Android 13 look like dog poop

A few months ago, we shared with you that iOS 16 was on the way for Apple iPhone. Well, folks, today the operating system finally becomes available for iPhone 8 and higher. Yes, the five-year-old iPhone 8 can be updated to the latest version of iOS, putting Android to shame.

You see, some Android devices never get significant updates -- to get OS updates after 5 years with Android is pretty much unheard of. Yeah, being an Android user can be quite depressing, and iOS 16 makes Android 13 look like literal dog poop.

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The second generation Apple AirPods Pro are named 'AirPods Pro'

Earlier today, Apple announced some cool new products, such as the iPhone 14 and Apple Watch 8. As expected, the company also unveiled the second generation AirPods Pro, and you'll never guess what they are called! Apple's marketing team worked really hard on a name for the product and came up with... AirPods Pro. Yup, to make things more confusing for shoppers, the new variant has the exact same name as its predecessor.

Sadly, this new 2022 version of AirPods Pro are lacking a huge feature many have been hoping for -- USB-C charging. Sigh. Once again, Apple has included a Lightning port, although an Apple Watch charger can now charge the wireless earbuds too. The earbuds do get some cool new features, however, such as an integrated location speaker on the charging case (which also gets a lanyard loop), touch controls, improved low-distortion audio driver, custom amp, longer battery life, and more.

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