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How to install Windows 10 Creators Update Build 14986 on Oracle VirtualBox

Virtualbox Win10CU

Microsoft has released ISO image files for Windows 10 Build 14986, giving anyone a chance to try out the forthcoming Creators Update.

While you can install it on a PC, it’s not wise to have it as your daily driver. One of the best ways of trying it out risk free, is to run it in a virtualized environment, using VirtualBox.

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Windows 10 Creators Update Build 14986 ISO images available now

Windows-10 key

If you’re thinking of joining the Windows 10 Insider program, or you just want to do a clean install with the very latest version of Windows 10, the good news is Microsoft has released an up-to-date ISO image.

The image, for Build 14986, is available to all, and you can download it now, although there is a catch.

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Raspberry Pi's Linux-based PIXEL desktop now available for PC and Mac

Pixel thumb

If you own a Raspberry Pi, you’re probably familiar with PIXEL. The desktop environment is included in the Raspbian OS.

The Raspberry Pi Foundation describes PIXEL as the "GNU/Linux we would want to use" and understandably so. It offers a smart, clean interface, a decent selection of software, the Chromium web browser with plug-ins, and more -- and from today it’s available for PC and Mac.

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Get Wiley's 'Windows 10 Simplified' (worth $17) FREE for a limited time

windows 10 simplfied

Whether you’re new to Windows 10, know someone who might need a little help mastering the new OS, or just want to get more from it yourself, Windows 10 Simplified is a great read.

The book usually retails for $17, but you can download a PDF version for free now. The offer is only good until December 29, 2016, so act quickly.

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Fool Windows 10 into disabling automatic updates

Laughing at PC

Microsoft made Windows 10 updates mandatory in order to make sure all users are always on the latest version of the new OS, but if you’d rather choose if and when updates are installed -- perhaps to avoid falling foul of problem ones -- there are several options available to you.

We’ve previously looked at ways you can disable the update mechanism in Windows 10, including using the Windows 10 Updater Disabler, but Windows 10 Update Switch uses an interesting method to stop updates for as long as you’d like.

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Fix update errors in Windows 10 with this new tool from Microsoft


If you’re having problems installing updates in Windows 7 onwards, there’s a troubleshooting page you can try.

The guided walkthrough lets you fix problems in Windows 7, 8.1 or 10. Just choose your operating system, and follow the on-screen instructions. If you’re running Windows 10, you’ll be prompted to download a new Windows Update Troubleshooter.

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Facebook introduces Group Video Chat in Messenger

groupv ideo messenger thumb

Facebook has been adding all sorts of features to its chat app recently, including classic arcade games, and a new camera with art and 3D effects.

Today, the social networking giant introduces the ability to video chat in groups, which it describes as the most requested Messenger feature ever.

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Windows 10 Creators Update gains a secret new System Reset option

Windows refresh secret

Over time, Windows can become sluggish, and beset with problems. A good system clean might be enough to keep you going a while longer, but not always. Worse, if you get hit with malware -- ransomware in particular -- or encounter major hardware problems, your only option might be to reinstall Windows.

Windows 10 offers users two choices here -- go into Settings > Update & recovery > Recovery. Click the Get started button under Reset this PC and you’ll have the option to keep your files (removes apps and settings only) or remove everything (a total fresh start). However, in the Creators Update there’s going to be a new option.

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No more Windows 10 Insider Preview builds until next year, but there is some good news

Windows-10 key

Microsoft has been rolling out new Insider Preview builds of Windows 10 on a weekly basis, with just one or two exceptions.

A new build was anticipated for this week, but the software giant isn’t happy with the choice of options, and didn’t want to risk pushing out an unstable release this side of Christmas.

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Facebook Messenger gains a powerful new camera with art and 3D effects

FB filters

Facebook Messenger doesn’t just let you chat with friends, you can also use it to play games.

Today, the chat app introduces a faster, and easier to use camera that will let you spice up your conversations, and capture and share moments as they happen. There’s more to it than just that, though.

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Microsoft Edge will start blocking Flash by default

Flash coffin

The Windows 10 Anniversary Update introduced a very welcome change to Microsoft Edge, the operating system’s default browser. In a smart move, Microsoft gave users the ability to selectively pause non-essential "peripheral” Flash content, such as animations and ads.

That was always just going to be the start of things however, as John Hazen, Principal Program Manager Lead, Microsoft Edge, had previously promised "We are planning for and look forward to a future where Flash is no longer necessary as a default experience in Microsoft Edge". And today, that future got a little bit closer.

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Microsoft releases a fix for Windows 10 users having trouble connecting to the internet

A few days ago, we reported how Windows 10 was suddenly killing internet connectivity for a number of users. The exact reason for the problem, which affected Wi-Fi for those on the stable release (not Insiders), wasn’t known, although an update, KB3201845, was suspected.

Although there were a few workarounds that might have helped users get back online, Microsoft has now issued an official fix for the problem.

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Microsoft: Surface just enjoyed its most successful month ever, thanks to the new Apple MacBook Pro

Whisper shock

Microsoft likes to compare its Surface range with the MacBook Pro at any given opportunity, even though the two products are very different.

November, according to Microsoft, was the best month ever for consumer Surface sales, and the software giant is gleefully claiming that disappointment with the new MacBook Pro is part of the reason behind the surge. But is it? Really?

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Windows 10 is now more successful than Windows 7, according to Microsoft -- no, really

PC surprise

While it was free, and being forced on to users’ computers, Windows 10 enjoyed predictably solid growth. By the end of August -- the first month in which Windows 10 was no longer free -- NetMarketShare measured the new operating system’s usage share at 22.99 percent globally. Not too shabby, but still quite some distance behind Windows 7, on 47.25 percent.

Microsoft’s own figures -- which represent market share rather than usage share -- paint a very different picture. Three months ago, the software giant caused eyebrows to be raised with its claim that in June the new OS hit 50 percent share in the US (51 percent in the UK, 39 percent globally). Its figures have just been updated again, and yes prepare to have your incredulity stretched even further.

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Windows 10 suddenly killing internet connectivity for some users

Angry PC user

Microsoft pushed out a new cumulative update to the Windows 10 release channel yesterday, and a number of users are reporting that it’s causing their internet connection to stop working, although there’s speculation that the update isn’t the cause at all.

The update, KB3201845, is designed to fix various issues with the new operating system and was first issued to Windows Insiders in November but the problem clearly wasn’t flagged up with it then, and some people are saying the problem started for them before the update was rolled out.

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