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Amazon Fire TV is hot [first-impressions review]

Fire TV

Streaming set-top boxes are no longer about media consumption. The newest entrants—from Amazon, Apple, and Google—fit into a larger lexicon of connected digital lifestyles. Think intelligent television for the information-obsessed and for visual voyeurs demanding the highest-quality video that is commercially available.

On Oct. 1, 2015, I started testing the new Amazon Fire TV, which goes on sale October 5th. I will later review the newer Google Chromecast but unlikely Apple's device (because a review unit isn't available and I wouldn't buy one for personal use). There is nothing radically new about Fire TV. It's more of the same only much better. Key benefit for some: 4K Ultra HD video support. Benefit for all: Enhanced voice-interaction capabilities that include Amazon's Alexa digital assistant. Then there are iterative enhancements that improve overall benefits.

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IBM and Box collaboration delivers new data management tools


Cloud applications, mobile use and the changes they bring to working methods make managing data in the enterprise a more complicated process.

We reported a few months ago on IBM and Box beginning a collaboration on cloud projects and the two companies have now announced new solutions that can help enable advanced collaboration, data classification, enterprise search and enhanced analytics.

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New cloud platform offers up to 20x performance improvement


Modern applications and services need to deliver content to users at unprecedented speeds, without sacrificing quality or reliability. But as more systems move to the cloud that highlights the shortcomings of traditional delivery systems and WANs.

Cloud based networking company Teridion is announcing general availability of its advanced Global Cloud Network which it claims can provide up to 20x performance improvement for end-user generated, bi-directional internet content.

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Huddle speeds up enterprise collaboration

office collaboration

Heavy web traffic can dramatically impact performance and lead to a major source of frustration for users of any cloud-based service.

To combat this, enterprise collaboration specialist Huddle is announcing the addition of Dynamic Web Acceleration to speed up its cloud platform. This allows it to increase transfer rates by an average of 80 percent without compromising security, by using dedicated infrastructure in over 99 cities around the world in order to bypass internet bottlenecks.

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Such desperation, Apple


Look what email greeted when I rolled out of bed and in front of the computer this AM (Pacific Time). Apple Music wants my business. That's not happening. After signing up for the three-month trial, which ends September 30, I returned to using Chromebook Pixel LS and Nexus 6. The streaming service supports neither device, so, yes, I turned off autorenewal.

This brief post is a reminder to you to do likewise, if having signed up you're not planning to keep the service. Apple Music turns on autorenew by default, so if you want out, don't wait. Opt out now. On the other hand, if you enjoy the service, do nothing and listen. You're covered.

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CloudHive provides protection for virtual machines

Secure cloud

One of the main concerns companies have about moving to the cloud is security. Traditional security measures can have gaps that leave systems vulnerable.

To address this network security specialist Hillstone Networks is launching CloudHive, a cloud security solution that uses micro-segmentation to protect networks beyond the perimeter down to every virtual machine in cloud deployments.

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New cloud platform improves big data performance and reliability

Big data cloud

For the typical enterprise, running big data platforms like Hadoop and Spark is complex and resource intensive, and the challenges only increase as data volumes expand.

Big data as a service specialist Altiscale is releasing the latest version of its Hadoop and Spark platform in the cloud, offering full operations support and elastic scalability. It ensures that customers can focus on the value they get from big data, while liberating them from the hassles of data management.

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New solution automates integration of SaaS workflows


Companies are increasingly turning to software as a service solutions. But these often lead to problems when needing to integrate workflows with in-house or other SaaS solutions.

To address this, cloud software specialist Azuqua has announced the availability of a new integration solution for connecting cloud applications and automating business-critical workflow.

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Companies grow using the power of the cloud

sun clouds energy sky hands

Cloud technology specialist NewVoiceMedia has released the results of a survey showing that customers using its cloud services are growing at 13 times the international average.

The study carried out in July 2015, based on the publicly available revenue data of a sample of 300 UK and US businesses from the last two years, showed that NewVoiceMedia cloud users increased revenues by an average of 44 percent in the last financial year, compared with global economic growth of 3.5 percent.

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RightScale aims to simplify cloud management

man in cloud

Whilst moving systems to the cloud can deliver savings in costs and efficiency, it presents new challenges in terms of managing systems and data.

With the launch of its Universal Cloud Appliance, California-based RightScale is aiming to deliver the self-service access that cloud users demand and give IT teams visibility and control over any cloud, any virtual machine, or any server through a single pane of glass.

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Google adds new unfriendly features to Gmail

return to sender express mail

One person's spam is another's feast, depending on who is giver or receiver. That's one way to read new capabilities coming to Gmail on Android and the web. The first, available starting today on PCs and arriving on Android devices over the next week, lets users block designated email addresses. Google describes "block", but the feature is more of an easy-and-quick filter that dumps unfriendly senders into the spam folder.

For either platform, you click the dropdown options menu to the right of the email address, and block appears as an option. Unsubscribe already is available from personal computers but is new to Android. For example, in the desktop browser, marking listserver messages as spam solicits the user to unsubscribe. The feature also will roll out over the next week to Android. 

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How bad is iOS 9 ad blocking for Internet advertising?

Stop Do Not Enter Hand

On Sept. 16, 2015, Apple released iOS 9, which enables users of iPad and iPhone to disable ads. The company claims the capability improves the overall user experience. As someone covering the tech industry for more than two decades, I perceive it as something else, too: Competitive assault against Google and means of pushing publishers to iOS 9's new News app. There is nothing friendly about Apple's maneuver. It is aggressive and tactical. But does it really matter?

Stated simply: More than 90 percent of Google revenue comes from contextual and search-related advertising. Apple derives about the same figure from selling devices and supporting services. At the same time, mobile is the future of Internet advertising and the battleground where the two meet. The entities' respective mobile platforms, Android and iOS, long ago put the tech titans on a collision course. Conceptually, what Apple can't gain from iPad and iPhone sales, it can take by shaking pillars supporting its rival's business.

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New solution improves access control for hybrid clouds

Cloud access

The growth of cloud and hybrid environments brings challenges for security professionals when it comes to control, monitoring, and management of access to critical systems by privileged users and third-party vendors.

A new solution from secure access specialist Bomgar allows companies to quickly enable controlled system access and defend against cyber attacks without requiring complex process changes.

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Development of as-a-service presents opportunities and threats for business

Business database server

The introduction of as-a-service delivery models is affecting the way companies operate as they increasingly buy services to supplement their existing systems.

A new report by consultancy firm Accenture looks at how technologies such as cloud, automation, analytics, artificial intelligence and mobility have forever changed the way companies receive and deliver significant business value.

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Spanning expands its Salesforce backup capability

world globe hard drive backup

Backup specialist Spanning will be using next week's Dreamforce '15 event to showcase the latest developments in its Saleforce backup solution.

Spanning Backup for Salesforce will now offer a European data center giving companies a choice of backup destination and aiding compliance with policies that specify data must be stored within the EU.

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