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Cloud-based software is a major revenue source for service providers

cloud money dollars

Communication service providers (CSPs) have spent the last few years investing heavily in cloud software provision to expand their business.

A new report by Israel-based Allot Communications shows that this is paying off as software as a service is now a major revenue source for CSPs.

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Microsoft blames performance update for Azure outage

mobile phone raincloud

Microsoft Azure was hit by an 11-hour outage on November 19, in United States, Europe and certain parts of Asia. The outage impacted multiple services offered through the cloud platform, including Azure Storage, Virtual Machines, Service Bus, and Visual Studio, just to name a few. The culprit? Microsoft links a performance update to the mishap.

The performance update, which is meant for Azure Storage, "had been [successfully] tested over several weeks", says Microsoft, on a small subset of targets, prior to being applied. However, during the general roll-out, Microsoft noticed an issue which resulted in an "inability for the [storage blob] front ends to take on further traffic, which in turn caused other services built on top to experience issues".

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Cloud adoption set to rocket in 2015

Rocket cloud

A global survey carried out by Equinix has found that, over the next 12 months, the majority of business applications will be deployed to not just one, but multiple clouds across several geographies.

Of the 659 respondents, 77 percent said they planned to deploy to multiple clouds in the next 12 months and 74 percent expected cloud services to command a larger budget in 2015.

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Enterprises view cloud computing as the 'new normal'


Cloud computing is growing at such a pace that it is becoming the "new normal" with businesses and enterprises turning to it without giving a second thought to on-premise offerings.

Amazon Web Services [AWS], one of the world’s largest cloud providers, used its re:invent conference in Las Vegas to push the cloud’s popularity that has meant upwards of a million customers are using its cloud services -- a number that continues to increase by the day.

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Microsoft acquisition boosts network defenses for enterprise customers

Network security firewall

With more businesses adopting cloud and hybrid environments, protecting data is more important than ever but it’s also more complex.

Microsoft is looking to improve protection for its enterprise customers with today's announcement that it has acquired Aorato, an innovator in enterprise security.

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Axway brings cloud B2B to Amazon Web Services

Cloud handshake collaboration

Enterprises can be reluctant to move some functions into the cloud because of security and other concerns. So services that can allay these fears have big potential in the market.

Data flow specialist Axway already hosts secure private cloud portfolio solutions with AWS and has now announced that it’s making a Cloud B2B service available.

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Cloud application security suite protects against DDoS and other attacks

cloud security

Moving business applications to the cloud doesn't remove the need for securing them, in fact it potentially makes them more vulnerable.

Cloud application delivery service Instart Logic has announced a new Security Suite offering customers multi-layered protection against DDoS attacks and other cybersecurity threats.

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Majority of UK businesses still not ready for cloud migration


New research commissioned by technology services firm Reconnix has found that 82 percent of UK IT leaders do not believe they are fully ready to make the move to Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) providers, due to a shortage of in-house skills.

Only 10 percent of the 100 IT decision makers involved believed they were ready, whilst a further 8 percent had already migrated or were in the process of migration.

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Google cuts its cloud prices by up to 79%

cloud costs

Google Cloud’s long-awaited price cuts have finally been announced with various new features coming as part of the decreases that follow earlier cuts by its two main competitors in the space in Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.

The search giant cut some products by almost 80 percent and added direct peering, container scheduling and a new container engine built on Google’s Kubernetes technology.

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Amazon Echo Booms

Amazon Echo

I so requested to buy Amazon Echo, which promises to bring Star Trek-like responsive computing to the home. The cylindrical device, announced today, is a Bluetooth- and WiFi-enabled speaker that responds to users' questions. Just say "Alexa" and ask something. "What's the weather?" "What is the largest dinosaur?" This is how search information should be, assuming Echo resounds as strongly as Amazon's product information and demo video claim.

Touchless interaction is by no means new. Apple got the jump with personal assistant Siri, which responds to requests and commands on iOS devices. Google Now, available on multiple platforms, is far superior, and Windows Phone now has Cortana. All three cloud-based touchless-response systems make your voice the primary user interface. But Echo, like the Moto X smartphone, is always listening, such that the interaction is almost completely hands-free. That's the difference.

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The hybrid cloud is set to reinvent IT environments once again


Public and private clouds have been rapidly adopted by businesses around the world over the past few years. However, the debate over the pros and cons of each model has led to the emergence of a new type of cloud that allows businesses to avoid making compromises. The hybrid model enables organizations to enjoy a combination of the scalability and flexibility of public offerings with the manageability and security of their private counterparts, so it's unsurprising to see them becoming so popular. Indeed, Gartner predicts that by 2017, half of large enterprises will use hybrid cloud.

So what makes this model so attractive for businesses, and what does the future hold for the hybrid cloud?

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SaaS vs locally-installed software: The truth behind the security myths


I recently read a LinkedIn discussion about SaaS vs. locally installed software. There were many myths presented, mostly to suit the agendas of the vendors and their respective technologies (I know, I know -- shocking that such things would happen on LinkedIn).

The discussion spiraled towards the (incorrect) conclusion that treasurers are paranoid about cloud software's security issues. However, I've not personally encountered such paranoia. What I've instead found is that treasurers are inquisitive about any pitfalls a cloud delivery model presents -- as they should be. Most often they will engage their IT colleagues to evaluate the security, infrastructure, and technology of any proposed third party solution. Treasury is not often equipped to make this assessment, and would otherwise risk falling prey to the agenda (and technology choices) of the vendors. Security assessments typically focus on three areas:

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Dell Cloud Marketplace simplifies selection and purchasing

Dell Poland-Lodz-EMFP-web

Cloud adoption is booming amongst business users, but there's a big variation in what developers and IT managers want from their cloud deployments.

Developers want instant access to cloud services and true self-service capabilities, while IT managers require greater control, visibility and integration across the whole cloud spectrum.

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Backupify adds HIPAA compliance to enterprise security features

Cloud Security Lock

Cloud backups are all the rage at the moment, but they do raise security concerns, particularly for businesses that deal with sensitive information.

Cloud to cloud backup specialist Backupify has added some new features to its service to make it more secure. These include HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliance as well as new features for admins.

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Faster cloud deployments with Metalogix

Cloud to cloud

Many businesses are put off moving their systems to the cloud by the complexity and time involved to complete the transfer process.

To help overcome this problem management tools specialist Metalogix is launching a Cloud Acceleration Suite along with a Partner Program to help businesses deploy collaboration abilities on their chosen cloud platform.

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