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SAP's customers are tired of hearing buzzwords

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SAP customers are growing tired of vendor buzzwords and hype, desiring more practical advice on digital products, according to a recent survey.

Research conducted by the UK & Ireland SAP User Group found that 80 percent of respondents were skeptical of terms such as "digitalization" and "digital transformation". Fifty-eight percent of SAP customers also believe that vendors over-hype their terminology.

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How cloud strategies differ between Microsoft and Google software sellers


Google Apps for Work and Microsoft Office 365 are the two big beasts stalking the cloud software world, but there are differences in approach between independent software vendors (ISVs) for the two.

This summer the Cloud Technology Alliance surveyed 39 independent software vendors (ISVs) and channel partners about their market strategies for their cloud solutions in both Google and Microsoft environments.

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Microsoft and ConsenSys will offer blockchain technology to financial institutions

Bitcoin more acceptable

Microsoft has partnered up with Brooklyn-based blockchain start-up ConsenSys to bring the technology to financial institutions.

Blockchain is the technology that underpins Bitcoin. It is essentially a vast, decentralized ledger that registers every transaction anonymously, and because the ledger is public, it makes blockchain tamper-proof and ideal for financial clients.

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What can businesses do after Safe Harbor's dismissal?

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October 6 was quite an interesting day for consumer privacy. After 15 years in place, the Safe Harbor agreement was declared invalid by Europe’s highest court, the Court of Justice of the European Union.

Driven by data localization trends and consumer privacy concerns in the wake of the "Snowden Effect", the ruling empowers each country in the European Union to set its own consumer privacy rules and regulations. The court’s decision has complicated implications for U.S. organizations conducting business overseas. In light of Safe Harbor’s invalidation, can international businesses continue to operate as usual?

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Moving legacy apps to the cloud: Why and how you should do it

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With shrinking IT budgets it is crucial that businesses ensure they are spending their IT budget wisely. As a result, organizations are already taking advantage of the economies of scale that cloud computing offers.

However, despite the benefits being clear, businesses still have applications running on legacy environments. Moving legacy applications to the cloud is one way to reduce operating costs and relieve staff from managing tasks that are better served in the cloud, freeing them to focus on tasks that contribute to business growth.

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Twistlock strengthens container security for enterprises on Google Cloud

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More and more businesses are adopting a container strategy but this leads to problems for operations and security staff seeking to maintain control and visibility.

Container security specialist Twistlock released its Container Security Suite in beta back in May and has now announced general availability of the product along with its participation in the Google Cloud Platform partner program.

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Microsoft to offer cloud services from the UK

Cloud access

At the Future Decoded event, which kicked off today at London’s ExCel Center, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella took to the stage to talk about his firm’s mobile first, cloud first strategy.

During his speech he announced that Microsoft plans to offer commercial cloud services from the UK. Azure and Office 365 will be available from local data centers in late 2016, followed by Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online shortly afterwards.

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New machine learning solution delivers insight into VMware environments

Machine learning

As many businesses have shifted their systems to VMware environments they have a need for real-time insights into application and server performance, efficiency, and reliability.

To meet this need SIOS Technology is announcing the latest release of its SIOS iQ machine learning analytics software. This offers new features to deliver accuracy and precision in performance analysis for VMware environments.

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How many users are actually paying for Dropbox?

Dropbox PDF Adobe

Stat attack: Dropbox has more than 400 million users worldwide. Out of that number, some 8 million are business users.

From those 8 million, there are more than 150,000 paying ones. Those are the numbers given by the company’s chief executive officer Drew Houston, during the Dropbox Open conference, held in San Francisco yesterday.

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More than half of CIOs favor cloud-first strategies

Boardroom cloud

Business information leaders are keen to adopt the benefits of the cloud according to a new study by data protection company Bitglass.

The company surveyed nearly 100 CIOs and IT leaders attending the Gartner Symposium IT Expo in Orlando, to better understand their top challenges for 2016 and how they plan to address them.

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Microsoft and Red Hat announce enterprise cloud partnership

Cloud handshake collaboration

Microsoft Azure is set to become a Red Hat Certified Cloud and Service Provider as part of a new partnership announced today.

The tie up between Microsoft and the leading open source provider means Red Hat Enterprise Linux will be offered as the preferred choice for enterprise Linux workloads on Azure.

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Five cloud-based vulnerability management solutions for enterprise

cloud security

Cloud-based vulnerability management solutions have the advantage of being up and running quickly and are often more cost effective than in-house solutions.

Here is a round-up of five of the best:

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CloudCenter platform simplifies application deployments

cloud storage

Managing development projects across an enterprise can be a complex process, involving tracking multiple phases and teams.

Cloud management company CliQr's latest CloudCenter platform introduces features that help developer and operations teams simplify and streamline deployment of any application to any data center, public or private cloud.

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Druva extends its protection to Azure

Cloud Security Lock

The increasing demands of compliance and legal requirements are forcing companies to retain more and more data as well as having to comply with local regulations. Many organizations see the public cloud as an attractive option for storing this information but that in itself raises additional security issues.

For Azure users the headaches are about to be reduced as data protection specialist Druva is extending its cloud solutions to Microsoft's public cloud and infrastructure platform.

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Collaboration software is email's savior, not its killer

cloud email

Email is the go-to platform for business communication, but is it about to be dethroned by a collaboration software successor?

Many businesses have become disenchanted with email, viewing it as an outmoded communications tool that causes frustration and zaps productivity. Recent research found the average employee spends more than a quarter of their working week just reading and responding to email.

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