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Apple Pay Later: A new way to pay for your purchases

Today, a prerelease version of Apple Pay Later is being launched. This is a new service that allows Apple Pay users to split their purchases into four equal payments -- over six weeks -- with no interest or fees. Apple Pay Later is available for purchases in apps and online when customers check out with Apple Pay.

Apple Pay Later is a convenient way to finance purchases that customers may not be able to afford to pay for all at once. However, it is important to note that Apple Pay Later is not a loan. Customers are not borrowing money from Apple or from a bank. Instead, they are simply splitting their purchase into four equal payment. Goldman Sachs is involved with the process, however.

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Hackers can use Apple Pay to make large contactless Visa payments with locked iPhones

Apple Pay Visa cards

Researchers from the Computer Science departments of Birmingham and Surrey Universities have discovered a way for hackers to make large, unauthorized payments from locked iPhones by exploiting the functionality of Apple Pay.

The academic researchers found that the attack works on Visa cards in Express Transit mode in an iPhone's wallet. They were able to make a contactless payment of £1,000 (around $1,350) without unlocking the iPhone being used. Despite having been reported to Apple a year ago, the issue remains unfixed.

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Apple Card: The Apple credit card is coming in August

Apple Card

You might well be waiting for news of the new iPhone line-up, and we'll know more about that soon. In the meantime, however, Apple has a new product for its loyal fanbase. A credit card.

The Apple Card has been talked about for some time, and now Tim Cook has revealed that it will be launching in August. The news came from the Apple CEO during an earnings call yesterday, and he said that the company's employees have been beta testing the Apple Card, which comes in both digital and physical forms.

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Apple Pay support is coming to eBay Marketplace, along with loans for sellers

eBay mobile app icon

Later this year you'll be able to use Apple Pay to pay for goods bought on eBay. Starting in the fall, Apple Pay will be a payment option on eBay's Marketplace platform as the company continues to move away from PayPal.

eBay has also announced that it is teaming up with Square Capital so that it can offer business financing to sellers in the US. Aimed at targeting small businesses looking to grow, the new partnership will provide access to finance from options between $500 and $100,000.

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Get paid $5 just for trying Apple Pay!

Apple Pay is amazing. I use it regularly wherever it is accepted. Two stores where it is particularly good are Walgreens and Kohl’s. These two retailers offer loyalty reward cards that can be linked to Apple Pay for added convenience. When you pay with your iPhone, the reward card is entered automatically -- no need to swipe a second card. It’s a small thing, but it really is delightful.

Today, Apple announces a promotion that makes using Apple Pay a no-brainer. You see, the iPhone-maker will pay you $5 just for trying it! The deal starts today and ends on December 21. Of course, there is one catch -- not all stores are eligible for the promotion.

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Apple Pay Cash rolls out to iOS 11.2 users in the US

Over the weekend, Apple pushed out iOS 11.2 a little earlier than planned to address a crashing problems affecting iPhone users. The update included a non-functioning version of Apple Pay Cash, but now Apple is flicking the switch to activate the new payment options.

Apple Pay Cash makes it possible for people to send and receive payments through iMessage. It serves as an alternative to the likes of PayPal, and it's a payment option that's now rolling out across the US, with other parts of the world to follow in due course.

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Apple Pay now supports purchases over £30 in UK

The latest move from Apple may soon lead to consumers leaving their wallets at home, now that a majority of cash registers in the UK will be able to accept Apple Pay mobile payments over £30.

According to the vice president of Internet Services at Apple Pay, Jennifer Bailey, more than half of the contactless payment terminals in the UK are now able to accept Apple Pay payments of any value. Previously they had been limited to £30, which is the limit for card readers when dealing with contactless card payments.

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How mobile payment adoption can pick up speed

mobile payment

Despite the fact that consumer awareness of mobile wallets like Apple Pay and Samsung Pay is growing all the time, the use of mobile payment solutions in the United States and Canada has so far been low. In fact, in both markets mobile payments account for only 3 percent of all transactions.

While the two payment landscapes are very different, there are similar reasons why the result has been largely the same. By the same token, there are also common factors that could see mobile payments explode in both markets sooner rather than later.

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Apple Pay struggling outside of US

Apple Pay may be doing well in the US, but a new report from Reuters suggests that Apple’s mobile contactless payment service has not seen the same success rate outside of its home territory.

The service became available for US consumers in October 2014 and has since gained a great deal of traction and users in its home country. Outside of the US, Apple Pay is currently available in the UK, Canada, Australia, Singapore and China. However in these countries technical issues, resistance from banks, and consumer indifference have plagued the service from the start.

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Kohl’s combines charge card and Yes2You Rewards into a single Apple Pay experience

One of my favorite places to shop is Kohl's. Now, I have many reasons, but primarily, I like its selection of affordable "Big and Tall" clothing. Yes, I'm a fat guy. Most of my wardrobe is bought there, including, quite often, my sneakers too. Heck, they even sell wonderful home goods, such as towels, coffee makers, and picture frames to name a few. It is a great "one-stop-shop".

An annoying thing about the Kohl's shopping experience, however, is carrying two cards for the retailer. You see, the company offers a charge card --  which is often required for the discounts -- plus a loyalty card for building rewards. I've often wondered why they do not just combine them. Starting today, thanks to Apple Pay, you can leave both cards at home, and get the benefits with just your iPhone.

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Barclays announces Apple Pay support

Apple Pay is now available to Barclaycard and Barclays customers, the bank has announced. "We are passionate about helping customers access services and carry out their day to day transactions in the way that suits them", said Ashok Vaswani, CEO of Barclays UK.

"As part of this, we have developed a range of digital innovations that allow people to choose how, when and where they bank and make payments. Adding to the existing choice, from today both Barclays debit and Barclaycard credit card customers can use Apple Pay to make payments with their Apple device across the UK".

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Explaining the struggles of Apple Pay and mobile payments

Apple Pay was introduced 18 months ago to rave reviews from the press and technology analysts. It was billed as an example of "mobile payments done right" -- simple, intuitive and painless. And yet, its impact has been muted at best, even in key western markets. According to a recent survey, 80 percent of iPhone 6 users had never used the service and just 3 percent used it regularly. Customer satisfaction among Apple Pay users remains high, but word-of-mouth appears to have had no impact on adoption. What is the cause of this divergence?

Looking at these figures, it appears that Apple Pay is struggling to "cross the chasm" between early adopters and mainstream consumers. Early adopters genuinely looking for a mobile payment solution would have no doubt been delighted by Apple Pay's implementation. However, most "normals" aren't specifically looking for a mobile payment solution. Any substitute to existing payment solutions has to be superior enough to existing offerings to break long established habits (in this case, pulling out a credit card). And it is here that Apple Pay, and mobile payment solutions in general, face a key challenge.

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Earn yourself spendable Bitwalking dollars with your daily perambulations

Ordinarily, if you want to receive money just for walking you'd need to do a sponsored walk -- and that money's supposed to go to charity -- or get yourself a job as a dog walker. But how does the idea of getting paid just for the walking you do each and every day sound? That's exactly what Bitwalking promises.

With a name clearly inspired by the Bitcoin cryptocurrency, Bitwalking works in a couple of ways. Walkers can earn 1 Bitwalking dollar (BW$) for every 10,000 steps they take, and these can be spent in an online store, or converted into cash. The system uses a smartphone to count steps, but there are also plans to produce a wristband.

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Apple video explains how to use Apple Pay to pay for things... like apples

There's quite a lot of competition in the digital payment arena at the moment. Apple Pay is one of the latest to join the likes of Samsung Pay and Android Pay, and Apple is keen to demonstrate just how easy it is to use its payment system.

For many people, using a smartphone to pay for coffee is an intuitive process, but Apple wants to sell its service to more people. The company needs to break down any barriers that might be standing in the way of new users adopting Apple Pay, and this is the reason for the appearance of a video that serves as a 'how to' guide.

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The real legacy of Apple Pay

The concept of mobile retail payments is fundamentally sound. It’s a very natural expectation that a smartphone, that is both very powerful and very personal, should be used to facilitate payments while on the move.

However, whilst all the components to make mobile retail payments a reality have been around for some time, it’s the ecosystem to support the technology that has proved particularly challenging for any player -- including the card schemes -- to put into action. In short, everything worked in principle, but didn’t happen in practice.

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