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Always have Apple's newest smartphone with Sprint's 'iPhone Forever'


Whenever a new iPhone comes out, countless consumers face a serious issue -- contempt for their current iPhone. True, nothing is likely wrong with their existing Apple smartphone, but they have a burning desire for the newest model. First world problems, right? Sure, but it is hard to blame them -- Apple's phones are just so sexy and awesome.

Of course, achieving the latest iPhone every year can be quite the ordeal. Maybe you have to break a contract and pay fees, or maybe you have to sell your existing phone to afford it -- meeting someone on Craigslist can be scary. No worries, Sprint has your back. With its new iPhone Forever program, you can always have the latest and greatest Apple smartphone without worrying about money.

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New video ads highlight Apple Music's superior 'Discovery'


It can be quite the polarizing topic, but make no mistake -- streaming is both the present and future of listening to music. You can desperately cling to your shiny compact discs and backups of digital music downloads, but eventually, you will be no different than a person still using floppy disks. It's time to evolve with the rest of us.

Selecting a streaming music service can be an ordeal, as there are many quality offerings from which to choose. Spotify, Google Play Music All Access and Groove are all solid, but Apple Music, the newest of the bunch, is already the best. What it offers beyond its competitors, is superior discovery. Without a way to discover new music, you will end up never leaving your comfort zone. Apple's service helps you to expand your artistic horizons. Today, the company unveils three new advertisements to highlight this.

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KaOS 2015.08 Linux distribution available now


Whether or not you are a KDE desktop environment user, you should have an interest in the project. In other words, whether you prefer GNOME, Xfce or something else, KDE's success is good for the overall Linux community.

While Kubuntu is probably the most popular distro based on KDE, there are many others. One of the he most exciting such operating systems, KaOS, announces a new 2015.08 ISO that is available now. If you haven't tried the OS before, I suggest you give it a try -- you may come away impressed.

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Apple iPod touch 6th Generation: A fun and powerful work of art [Review]


When Apple unveiled the first iPod, it was a game-changing moment. While not the first portable digital music player, it was the first to nail the interface and experience. Later models would feature the legendary click wheel and expand to photos and videos too.

With the release of the iPhone, however, the death of the traditional iPod was guaranteed, but it hung around longer than most expected. It was the iPod touch that was the obvious successor, as it not only played music, but ran iPhone apps too. Apple recently released the new 6th Generation iPod touch, and I've been testing it out. Is it the best iPod touch yet?

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Dell announces Chromebook 13 for business as Google expands 'For Work' initiative


I'm a strong believer in using the right tool for a job. Yeah, you can probably drive a nail into a piece of wood with the handle of a screwdriver, but wouldn't you rather use a hammer? The same applies to technology in business. Many businesses should probably stick with Windows machines (coupled with Office 365), but others would be smart to choose a Mac or Chromebook instead -- it depends on needs.

Today, Dell announces the all-new touchscreen Chromebook 13. Designed for businesses the premium laptop can be configured with Intel Broadwell Core i5 processors and 8GB of RAM, making for a solid cloud-based workstation. The Chromebook for Work initiative is looking better every day.

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Hands-on and first impressions with Samsung Pay, Galaxy Note 5, and S6 Edge+


Today was Samsung Unpacked in New York City, and I was there live. Hundreds of tech journalists made the pilgrimage to the Lincoln Center to learn about the company's newest smartphones.

Sadly, there was little magic in the building, as the devices were leaked well in advance. Ever see a movie trailer that gives too much of the movie away, and then you go to see the film, and you have already seen the best parts? Yeah it was like that. No surprises. Still, both the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and S6 Edge+ seem to be wonderful new phones.

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Top 5 most searched for Back-to-School topics -- the list may surprise you


We are just about midway through August, meaning the school year is approaching. For many students, this spells the end to sleeping in, vegetating in front of the TV watching Maury, and staying out late with friends.

As you and your parents' anxiety builds in anticipation, you are all probably doing internet searches related to it. Well, Bing has been data-mining its search queries to find the top 5 most searched for Back-to-School topics, which you can read below. Number 5 is particularly shocking, don't you agree?

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Open your mind and visit Google's Android Experiments website


Technology can be cold and harsh -- circuit boards, processors, and programming languages. For some, there is beauty in the technology itself. For other people, the beauty is found in what is created using that technology.

Android is the most popular Linux-based operating system of all time -- a great choice for creative developers. It took the scary Linux world of command lines and elitist support communities and delivered something normal human beings could use. Today, Google launches -- a site dedicated to projects and experiments that utilize the mobile operating system. Consider it a museum of modern art, but for Android apps.

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Satechi Aluminum Power Strip features 4 USB charging ports and Apple-esque styling


Charging your devices can be such a damn hassle. At the end of the day, you may need to charge your laptop, smartphone, tablet, smartwatch and lord knows what else. It can be a pain in the ass to find your chargers and run around your home looking for free outlets. If you are married or live with people, this becomes increasingly difficult and messy.

Today, Satechi announces a really cool power strip that can solve this dilemma. The unimaginatively named Aluminum Power Strip features four traditional AC outlets, but it has something extra that makes it infinitely better -- four USB ports!

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Logitech announces G640 Large Cloth Gaming Mouse Pad


So, you think you are a member of the PC Master Race, eh? You've built your gaming PC, bought a ton of games on Steam, and have a sweet keyboard and mouse. All done, right? Wait. You forgot to buy a mouse pad. No, I'm not kidding -- many gamers still use gaming-grade mouse pads as a way to get an edge.

Today, Logitech announces the G640 Large Cloth Gaming Mouse Pad. The large surface promises better tracking, while reserving a space on your desk to keep clear of Mountain Dew and Bawls empties. Will you upgrade to a mouse pad experience?

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Lenovo's ThinkPad P50 and P70 laptops have Windows 10 and Linux configurations

Thinkpad_P70_System with _Win_10_Screen Image

When it comes to laptops, there is one word that conjures visions of quality like no other -- ThinkPad. Yes, the branding made famous by IBM and carried on by subsequent owner Lenovo, is an indicator to consumers and businesses that a laptop is worthy of their dollars. While not every ThinkPad branded product has been a home run, buying one rarely results in disappointment.

Today, Lenovo unveils the latest laptops to carry the prestigious branding -- the ThinkPad P50 and P70. Both computers run Windows 10 and have impressive specifications. Are one of these notebooks in your future?

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Microsoft publicly releases Windows 10 IoT Core for Raspberry Pi 2 -- free download!


When the original Raspberry Pi was released, I knew I had to have one. While it was intended as an inexpensive computer on which students could learn coding, the Linux and tinkering community drooled at the diminutive machine's potential for other things. It proved to be a fun open source toy.

The official follow-up device, the Raspberry Pi 2, is much more powerful than the original, while retaining the same low price. This increased horsepower apparently caught the eye of Microsoft, as the company announced that Windows 10 would be released for it. Well, today is finally the day -- Windows 10 IoT Core is officially available for both the Raspberry Pi 2 and less-popular MinnowBoard Max.

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Google stops neglecting Hangouts for Android -- releases 4.0 update in Play Store


When I need to communicate with friends, family or colleagues, I often turn to Hangouts. The reason why is simple -- most of them have Gmail accounts, which in turn, means they can be contacted on Hangouts too. Not to mention, the service is available for all platforms, except the lowly Windows Phone, of course.

Unfortunately, the Android app has been lagging behind for a while now. For whatever reason, the iOS version has been superior, in both usability and appearance. Today, this changes, as Google finally pays attention to Android users and delivers Hangouts 4.0.

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Building an affordable Windows 10 gaming PC with the AMD A10-7870K APU


Me and my Surface Pro 3 are the best of friends. Not only is Microsoft's computer a great tablet and laptop, but a wonderful desktop too. It can drive a 4K monitor, albeit not at 60hz, making it a solid workstation -- especially when paired with the optional dock.

Where the Surface falls short, sadly, is gaming, so with the release of Windows 10 and DirectX 12, I wanted to build a new gaming PC. My goal was to see if it can be done in a fairly affordable way. The best route for this, is an AMD APU. If you aren't familiar, an APU is essentially a CPU and GPU in one. This means you can forgo buying a dedicated graphics card to save some money.

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Verizon kills contracts and announces reasonable new mobile data plans


I am a strong believer that all mobile data plans should be unlimited and not throttled. The smartphone revolution was dealt a serious blow when cell phone carriers started limiting the data a customer could use -- developers shouldn't have to be concerned with how much data their apps use.

Today, Verizon announces that new data plans will roll out on August 13th. While they are still not unlimited, they look pretty reasonable. More importantly, however, the company is doing away with contracts altogether. In other words, it might be a great time to make the jump to the carrier that many people -- myself included -- consider to be the best in the USA.

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