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Forget Hillary's email server, Republicans use phony 'I vote Trump!' Wi-Fi hotspots!


Donald Trump secured the Republican nomination at the RNC tonight, meaning he is now officially their candidate for president. Most likely, Hillary Clinton will secure the Democrat nomination, so we can expect to hear Trump's criticism of her private email server usage for the next several months leading up to the election.

While Hillary Clinton's private email server usage was against the rules and wrong, it seems she is not the only one in politics demonstrating poor judgement regarding technology and security. It turns out, many Republican delegates are also lax in this regard, by connecting to non-secure Wi-Fi hotspots.

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Fedora-based Korora 24 'Sheldon' Linux distro now available -- 32-bit ISO dead


While there are many Linux-based operating systems to choose from nowadays, not all of them are great. Quite frankly, there are probably only a handful of distributions that I would truly recommend.

My absolute favorite Linux-based operating system is Fedora, but understandably, it is not ideal for all beginners. While I like the focus on free software only, some folks need some non-free stuff. Adding repos and setting up some of this software can be tricky for some. Luckily, Korora is a distro that takes the work out of setting up Fedora for beginners. Today, it achieves version 24, code-named 'Sheldon'.

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ZTE ZMAX PRO is a premium Android smartphone with a shockingly low $99 price


Inexpensive Android smartphones are nothing new. Getting premium quality phones at a low price is fairly new, however. While some folks hail these respectable wallet-friendly devices as a win for consumers, others -- such as yours truly -- view it as a race to the bottom which could ultimately harm the Android market overall.

Today, ZTE announces the ZMAX PRO Android smartphone. This device is chock full of premium features, such as an octa-core Snapdragon 617 processor, 2GB of RAM, expandable storage, and a fingerprint reader. The truly amazing aspect, however, is the price -- a shockingly low $99.

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SMK-Link Electronics unveils USB-C Multi-Port Hub VP6920 for Windows 10 and macOS


While USB-C is not yet a must-have, it is certainly a great feature to have on any computer. The reversible standard can act as a single port for expansion, making extremely thin laptop and tablet designs possible. In other words, having big integrated legacy ports like Ethernet or USB Type-A aren't really needed, thanks to useful dongles.

Today, SMK-Link Electronics announces a beautiful such expansion dongle that acts as a docking station for Windows 10 and macOS. A single Type-C port on your computer (such as on the Apple MacBook or Huawei MateBook) can be transformed into something much more.

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Ubuntu Linux forums hacked!

Hacker desk laptop hoodie hacking hooded

There is a common misconception that all things Linux are bulletproof. The fact is, no software is infallible. When news of a Linux vulnerability hits, some Windows and Mac fans like to taunt users of the open source kernel. Sure, it might be in good fun, but it can negatively impact the Linux community's reputation -- a blemish, if you will.

Today, Canonical announces that the Ubuntu forums have been hacked. Keep in mind, this does not mean that the operating system has experienced a vulnerability or weakness. The only thing affected are the online forums that people use to discuss the OS. Still, such a hack is embarrassing, as it was caused by Canonical's failure to install a patch.

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T-Mobile giving customers free unlimited Pokemon Go data


Pokemon Go isn't a particularly good game. The environments are rather plain, gameplay is amateurish, and there are server issues galore. Ultimately, the phenomenon is fueled by millennial nostalgia and curiosity about augmented reality. In other words, the game's shelf life could be very short.

T-Mobile is wisely being opportunistic and cashing in on the fad, however. Today, the cell phone carrier announces it is giving its customers unlimited data for Pokemon Go. Is the game popular enough to drive consumers to switch to T-Mobile?

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Donald Trump (RNC) and Hillary Clinton (DNC) will be broadcast live on YouTube


The 2016 election season is in full force, and the two presumptive nominees -- Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton -- are actively trading insults. It is getting rather ugly, and by the time voting comes around in November, both of them will likely be bruised and broken -- figuratively speaking.

Before anything, however, they both must attend their respective convention -- Republican National Convention and Democratic National Convention -- to secure the official nomination. This is a particularly interesting and exciting election, so I am sure many of you will want to watch both the DNC and RNC. If you are a cord-cutter without TV service, or someone on the go, don't panic -- YouTube will be broadcasting both conventions online.

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Holy nostalgia! Nintendo unveils NES Classic Edition console with 30 included games


While Nintendo largely failed with its poorly received Wii U console, it has certainly reversed its bad luck with the popular Pokemon Go. What was once a company that seemed in trouble it has seen its stock soar thanks to the nostalgia-heavy augmented reality mobile game.

Nintendo is looking to keep the nostalgia-fueled momentum going it seems, with a new console. The NES Classic Edition is a mini game system with 30 pre-loaded classic games (not cartridges). One big benefit is getting native HDMI out -- something the original NES consoles do not offer. Believe it or not, the price is quite reasonable too.

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Android Pay lands in Australia


In Asia, cellphones have been used as payment methods for many years. In other parts of the world, however, it is only just starting to take off thanks to smartphones. Paying for things with my iPhone and Apple Pay feels like magic to me, although I am sure many millennials are hardly impressed.

Google has been working on competing against Apple Pay with its similarly named Android Pay, and it is slowly rolling out across the globe. Today, the search-giant's phone-based payment platform officially lands in Australia.

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ZTE Axon 7 affordable Android smartphone now available for pre-order in the USA


There is a semi-disturbing trend happening in the Android market nowadays -- very affordable smartphones. Before you call me nuts, it's true there is nothing inherently wrong with a consumer saving money, but a race to the bottom can hurt the platform overall. No-name manufacturers are leveraging decent specs and selling phones at insanely low prices, making profits tough for the big-name players. If Android becomes unprofitable, why will anyone bother?

ZTE is a lesser-known company in the USA, but I wouldn't categorize them as being "no-name". Today, it announces that its Axon 7 smartphone is coming to America, and at a rather affordable price. It's a nice balance, actually, as the specs are flagship-level, while the price tag is not overly low as to cannibalize the sales of others. It is a good blueprint of what specs/pricing for Android should be. You can pre-order this beautiful and powerful smartphone starting today.

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Skype returns to Linux!


For a long time I was very high on Skype. As a Windows, Linux, and iOS user, its cross-platform nature made it a dream. Unfortunately, Microsoft started neglecting the Linux desktop client, causing it to become outdated from a design perspective and not entirely functional. I assumed the Windows 10-maker simply no longer cared about Linux on the desktop.

I assumed wrong. Shockingly, Microsoft announces a new Skype client for Linux -- currently in Alpha. In other words, Skype for Linux is back, figuratively speaking.  The company is pledging its support for desktop operating systems based on the open source kernel. Will Linux users embrace it?

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ZyXEL unveils ARMOR Z2 AC2600 802.11ac MU-MIMO Dual-Band Wireless Gigabit Router


When buying a router for your home, there are many things to consider. While price is always a factor, you never want to save money by going with a low-quality offering. You should do your research and get the best hardware for your budget -- while sticking with a reputable brand, of course.

ZyXEL is not a household name, but the Taiwan-based company does offer solid hardware at affordable prices. When I've needed something like a network switch or USB Wi-Fi dongle, I have chosen its products due to low prices, but have been very satisfied with the quality. I've never tried its wireless routers, but today, the company announces its newest such model -- the ARMOR Z2 AC2600 -- and it has me intrigued.

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Want 3 free months of Groove Music Pass for Windows 10? Here's how to score it!


Windows 10 is a great operating system, and many of Microsoft's services integrate well with it. For instance, if you need cloud storage, One Drive is conveniently pre-installed and ready to go.

While music fans have a lot of streaming choices on Windows 10, none is better for that OS than Microsoft's Groove Music Pass. Not only does it look and sound great, but it has a huge library of music. Best of all, it integrates with the desktop brilliantly. Heck, there is both a web and Xbox version too. It even has an official client for iOS, Windows Phone, and Android. The smartphone experience isn't fabulous, but it is passable. If you are interested in signing up, I have good news -- you can score 3 months for free! This is perfect timing for the summer and back-to-school. Intrigued? Read on.

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Japan Airlines using Microsoft HoloLens to train pilots


Airplanes are one of the most important inventions. Why do I say this? Well, without them, the world would be a lot larger -- figuratively speaking, that is. You see, if we were limited to things like boats, buses, and and trains, it would take much longer to travel. What are relatively short trips by plane nowadays would be incredibly lengthy and tedious. Thanks to airplanes, you can travel from USA to say, Europe, in less than a day -- a miracle!

Of course, technology and air travel are forever linked, and today we learn that Japan Airlines is leveraging augmented reality to assist in the training of its pilots. This isn't just any AR, however, but Microsoft's exciting HoloLens solution.

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Microsoft uses BBC Micro Bit and virtual reality to prepare autistic kids for jobs


Autism is a spectrum disorder, meaning not all people that meet the classification have identical behaviors. Some of these folks are very functional, while others may struggle more to socialize, or not be able to hold jobs.

According to Microsoft, 85 percent of those with Autism do not hold full-time employment. This is unfortunate, as some of those with the classification are likely falling through the cracks -- capable of work, but not equipped. Luckily, the Windows-maker, in association with CASPA and Dennis Publishing, is aiming to change this with some unlikely tools -- the BBC Micro Bit and HTC Vive virtual reality solution.

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