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nonda ZUS Kevlar reinforced USB-A to Lightning Cable for Apple devices [Review]


When you are constantly on the go -- and who isn't, nowadays? -- your smartphone becomes an indispensable tool. With all of this phone usage, you will probably need to charge the device a lot. This means having a charger and cable ready in your car, bag, or pocket.

The problem? These cables tend to take a lot of abuse and can become damaged over time. Quality cables -- especially MFI certified Apple Lightning variants -- are expensive, and buying replacements can become costly. A new cable -- the ZUS Kevlar Charging Cable by nonda -- is both affordable and built to last. It is available in Type-A to Type-C, micro USB, or Apple Lightning. I have been using the Lightning variant for a couple weeks now, an I am ready to share my impressions.

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Twitter celebrates Father's Day by sharing dad-related Tweet data


This Sunday is Father's Day in some countries, such as the USA. This is not just a day to celebrate biological fathers, but anybody that filled that role. As the family dynamic changes, there are households with two fathers. Heck, in some single-parent families, a woman serves as both a mom and dad, meaning she too should be celebrated. In other words, there is no wrong way to celebrate -- if you feel that a person deserves your praise and recognition, then they do!

Today, in anticipation of the holiday, Twitter shares some interesting tweet information regarding dads. One of the biggest values of the social network is text mining, and the company is giving us a glimpse into its dad data -- dada?

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Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 14367 for PC and Mobile now available in the Fast ring

Windows-10 key

Holy cow, Microsoft. We are just a couple days removed from the release of build 14366 for PC and 14364 for Mobile, yet here we are with a fresh build. Apparently Dona Sarkar and the Windows team like to keep things moving swiftly on the Fast Ring, which makes a lot of sense given the name!

Today, Microsoft releases Build 14367 for both PC and Mobile. If you have OCD, the shared build number should bring you some serenity. As usual, there are both improvements and known issues. Sadly, the mobile "Kids Corner" feature for children is being killed, but that is probably a good thing.

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Satechi Multi-Port USB Charging Station has four USB Type-A and two USB Type-C ports


It feels like everything charges by USB nowadays. I suppose that's because a lot of things do -- well, most mobile devices at least. It is actually very cool that regardless of your smartphone, tablet, smartwatch, or something else, you can probably utilize a USB charger.

The problem? Wall outlets can fill up quickly. In a big family, this can lead to fighting. Even if you utilize a power strip, it can be a huge eyesore. Luckily, there are a lot of multi-port USB chargers nowadays. These turn a single wall outlet into a neat-looking powerful charging hub. Today, Satechi announces one that stands out. You see, rather than just offer USB Type-A ports, the 60w Multi-Port USB Charging Station has USB Type-C too. In other words, it is more versatile, and more "future proof" compared to its competitors.

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Twitter monetizes emoji with targeted ads


I don't consider myself a millennial, but according to some sources, my year of birth makes me one. Other sources list me as a "Gen Xer". No matter the box in which you put me, I love emojis -- something often associated with millennials. Why do I love them? As someone who recognizes the value of body language in communication, the written word can often lack sentiment, leading to misunderstandings. Emojis can enhance your emails, texts, and tweets, helping the reader to better understand your intention. In other words, they aren't inconsequential.

As emojis become more popular, companies will undoubtedly try to somehow monetize their use. Today, Twitter announces just that. The social network will offer targeted advertising based on a user's emoji use. This is significant, as according to Twitter, more than 110 million emojis have been used in tweets in the last couple years. Whoa.

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ASUS ZenPad Z8 tablet for Verizon has six-core CPU, dual front speakers, USB-C, and Android M


Android tablets are rather boring and uneventful nowadays. While the Nexus 9 was great, the 2013 Nexus 7 remains the best such tablet ever. This is a very sad state of affairs for the Android community. Google and manufacturers have just never been able to produce the elusive "iPad killer". Apple's line of tablets remain the best after all these years.

Today, ASUS announces a tablet that actually has me excited. Seriously, I haven't felt this way about an Android tablet in a while. The 7.9 inch LTE-enabled ZenPad Z8 -- which is a Verizon exclusive -- has a hexacore processor, USB Type-C, expandable storage, and Android M. While it may not be the Android tablet that "kills" Apple's tablet, the specs are quite impressive, and the price is amazingly low.

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Microsoft releases Starbucks for Outlook Add-in

Microsoft Band Starbucks 1

Do you ever see people working at Starbucks and think they are sort of pretentious? Understandably, seeing someone working in public is weird, but there is actually a lot of sense being made here. As someone who works in Starbucks almost every day (yeah, really), I can attest to the fact that it is a fabulous place for productivity. Obviously it has coffee and free Wi-Fi, which are the biggest pluses, but the overall atmosphere is conducive for work too. Since it can be a neutral meeting place, there is no awkwardness in ending a meeting and leaving -- it is very casual.

Today, Microsoft releases the Starbucks for Outlook Add-in. This is a marriage made in heaven, as coffee and Outlook are two of the most important things from a productivity perspective in many businesses. This add-in for Outlook lets you easily schedule a meeting at the famed coffee shop.

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FLI Charge bridges the gap between wired and wireless charging for iPhone, Android, and more

FLI Charge Family 01

When I moved from Android to iPhone last year, I never regretted it. Apple's smartphone keeps me totally satisfied, with no plans of ever leaving. The one feature I miss, however, is wireless charging. Not only can many Android phones do this, but Windows Phones too. My Nokia Lumia could charge wirelessly, but not my cutting-edge iPhone 6s Plus? Dang.

Today, a new product, called FLI Charge, delivers wireless charging to both iPhone and Android -- anything that charges using USB, really -- in an elegant way. That is not the only notable aspect of the product, however. You see, it not only promises to juice up your devices wirelessly, but at the same speed as a wired charger. Whoa.

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Logitech unveils '2016 Party Collection' of mobile mice for Windows, macOS, and Linux


I recall a time when all PCs and accessories, such as mice and keyboards, only came in an ugly shade of beige. Later, black would become all the rage, but Steve Jobs and Apple broke all the rules with the iconic "Bondi Blue" iMac.

Nowadays, computers and accessories come in a cornucopia of colors an styles -- even multi-color LED lights to make them shine like a lava lamp. Today, Logitech unveils some funky mobile mice with its all-new "2016 Party Collection". Not only do they feature wild colors, but fun patterns and designs too. I rather love the flamingos!

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Ubuntu 'Snap' now universal -- coming to Linux distros like Fedora, Arch, OpenSUSE, and more!


My biggest complaint about Linux based desktop operating systems is fragmentation. There are too many desktop environments, too many package managers, heck, too many distros! Not only can end-users be negatively impacted by too many choices, but more importantly, developers can be spread too thin. Ultimately, the Linux community ends up being unfocused and unable to move the desktop dial.

Today, something miraculous happens. Believe it or not, the Linux Community largely bands together to embrace Ubuntu's "Snap" packages. Yes, you are reading that correctly -- competing Linux-based operating systems like Fedora, Gentoo, Arch, and more, will utilize the now-universal "Snap," meaning Linux software can be made to install regardless of distro. This should be particularly brilliant for operating systems optimized for mobile and IoT.

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Alienware chooses HyperX as exclusive memory brand for Aurora gaming desktop upgrades


When you build or upgrade a computer, you may be attracted to the low prices of cheap components. While getting a good deal is great, seasoned PC builders know that you should never go low-quality. This advice is not for any specific component, but for all of them. Understandably, you should stay within your budget, but make sure you target reputable brands for power supply units, memory, motherboards, and more.

One such brand that I absolutely adore is HyperX. This is Kingston's gaming moniker for things like memory, solid state drives, and headsets. Its memory in particular is very dependable -- many PC builders and gamers trust the RAM. Today, Alienware -- Dell's gaming subsidiary -- announces that it will offer HyperX DDR4 (up to 2400MHz) exclusively for memory upgrades on its Aurora mid-tower desktops. In other words, consumers will be assured quality RAM when upgrading the memory on these Alienware gaming rigs from the factory.

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elementary OS 0.4 'Loki' Beta now available -- download the popular Linux distro here


There are a lot of Linux-based desktop operating systems nowadays. Understandably, it can be hard to pick one. Many Linux users end up being distro-jumpers, constantly trying many, yet never settling.

One popular Linux distro is vying for your attention, hopefully making you feel at home -- no jumping needed. Called elementary OS, it uses an Ubuntu base for stability and software compatibility. The developers put a high value on the user experience -- the interface is both gorgeous and intuitive. Today, the much anticipated 0.4 version -- code-named 'Loki' -- sees Beta release.

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Encryption-focused Apple File System (APFS) replacing HFS+ on macOS, iOS, tvOS, watchOS


Apple was quite boisterous at WWDC today regarding its operating systems and services. Quite frankly, I was blown away at all the ways the company is looking to improve its customers' lives, but some folks were apparently underwhelmed. Oh well, you can't please everyone, I suppose.

For some reason, Apple was fairly quiet about one huge change -- it is replacing the HFS+ file system. Based on the more-than-30-year-old HFS, it is apparently time to move on. What is the upcoming file system called? The unimaginatively "Apple File System". The encryption-ready file system will be used on macOS, iOS, tvOS, and watchOS.

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Apple renames OS X to macOS -- upcoming 'Sierra' version will get Siri, Apple Pay, and more


If you are wanting a desktop operating system, you largely have two options -- Windows or OS X. To a lesser extent, consumers can opt for Linux-based operating systems, such as Chrome OS or Ubuntu, but Apple and Microsoft's offerings reign supreme. While OS X is arguably more elegant than Windows, it only comes installed on Apple's expensive hardware. Microsoft's OS is the best option for those on a budget.

One thing that was not elegant about OS X, however, was the name. It was not in line with the company's other operating systems -- iOS, watchOS, and tvOS. Not to mention, the 15 year old "X" branding was getting a bit long in the tooth. Today, Apple renames it to macOS, while also designating a new code name to the upcoming version -- Sierra. It looks to be the best Mac operating system ever.

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Respawn and Electronic Arts reveal Titanfall 2 release date for Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation 4


While E3 2016 doesn't officially begin until June 14th, gaming news is starting to come fast and furiously. For example, the new Xbox One S console has leaked prematurely; I am sure Microsoft is not happy about this.

Electronic Arts and Respawn on the other hand, have chosen to intentionally release information early regarding one of its fan-favorite franchises. Titanfall 2, the sequel to the wildly popular shooter, will be coming to Xbox One and PC this year. The title will also come to PlayStation 4; this is significant, as the original did not come to Sony's console. Curious of the release date? Read on for more info!

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