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If you have QuickTime for Windows you need to uninstall it NOW


Apple’s QuickTime was popular years ago, particularly for anyone wanting to watch movie trailers on the web, but its time has long since passed. There’s really very little need to have it installed on your system these days.

Because you no longer need it isn’t the only reason to uninstall it though. Trend Micro’s Zero Day Initiative has released two advisories (ZDI-16-241 and ZDI-16-242) which detail new, critical vulnerabilities affecting QuickTime for Windows, and these won’t be patched as Apple has reportedly deprecated the software.

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Raspberry Pi Zero gains a mysterious new feature, and improved availability

Pi Zero

It’s no surprise that the Raspberry Pi Zero was such a hit. Priced at just $5, the tiny uncased device sold out immediately, and despite occasional reappearances at retailers like The Pi Hut, it’s remained ever-elusive.

If you haven’t yet managed to get your hands on the Pi Zero, the good news is it will soon be back in stock, and in much greater numbers than before. And that’s not the only welcome news. The restocked device will be packing a much requested new feature.

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Can Microsoft's online demo persuade you to upgrade to Windows 10?

Windows 10 demo

Microsoft is doing its best to persuade users of Windows 7 and 8.1 to upgrade to Windows 10. Having seen reasonable -- but not outstanding -- upgrade numbers as a result of aggressively ramming the new OS down users’ throats, the software giant is now trying to sell the benefits of Windows 10 to those customers still on the fence.

An online Windows 10 demo covering PC, Tablet and Phone lets users see the new OS in action, and gives them the opportunity to upgrade if they like what's on offer.

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Kindle Oasis is Amazon's lightest and brightest e-reader yet

Kindle Oasis

Tablet manufacturers are forever trying to deliver the lightest and thinnest products, and today Amazon introduces a new Kindle which is designed to feel almost weightless.

The Kindle Oasis isn’t simply light, weighing in at just 131 grams, it’s also very thin, at just 3.4 mm at its slimmest point. That makes it 30 percent thinner on average than any other Kindle. It also offers an ergonomic grip to shift the center of gravity to your palm, making it perfect for reading one handed. The built-in accelerometer automatically detects whether you are reading left or right handed, and rotates the page and page turn buttons accordingly.

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10 hidden Facebook features you should know about

Facebook secret

I know plenty of people who -- literally -- spend their lives on Facebook, sharing everything they do, and obsessively reading and reacting to every post made by their friends.

But here’s the thing. Despite all of the hours they put into being on the site, they probably only know a fraction of what it has to offer. There are a lot of features tucked away that they -- and you -- might never encounter. Think you know Facebook? Think again...

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Microsoft adds troubleshooting QR codes to the Windows 10 Blue Screen of Death


No one enjoys seeing a Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) in Windows. It can be incredibly frustrating, especially if you were right in the middle of something important when it occurred, and you have no idea what caused it.

Armed with the information on the blue screen, and the stop code, you should be able to track down a cause and possible solution on the web, but this does require you to jot down the necessary details. However, that chore is likely to soon be a thing of the past.

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Microsoft introduces a new luxury Signature Type Cover for Surface Pro 4


Alcantara is a soft, suede-like material made in Italy that’s used in high-end luxury products. It’s often to be found in car, aircraft and yacht interiors because it looks great and gets better with age.

Microsoft has used this proprietary material to create a new Signature Type Cover for Surface Pro 4 and, there's no denying, the end result looks incredibly classy. No longer will you be embarrassed by your Surface Pro 4’s existing scuffed and dirty blue cover as you quaff champagne on a long flight home on your personal Lear Jet, trading amusing stories with BFFs Richard Branson and Elon Musk (I speak from personal experience of course).

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BBC introduces a family-friendly iPlayer Kids app


Children enjoy watching streaming video, but a lot of content out there really isn’t suitable for them. This is why Google introduced YouTube Kids, a curated, family-friendly version of the video streaming site.

Following in YouTube’s footsteps, the BBC is today rolling out a version of iPlayer aimed at younger viewers which cleverly filters available content based on the age of the child.

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How to access Facebook's secret inbox and view messages you never knew you'd received

Facebook secret

Facebook is a great way to keep in touch with friends both past and present. You can post something on another person’s wall, or spark up a chat through Messenger.

For the most part, holding a conversation on the social network is easy. If someone is a friend they’ll be able to send you a private message, and anyone who isn’t currently connected to you will be able to get in touch by sending a message request. But what you probably don’t know is Facebook has a secret inbox which may well contain messages you never even knew you’d been sent.

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Microsoft's Hub Keyboard now available on iPhone, iPad


Microsoft continues to bring out apps for rival mobile operating systems that aren’t available for Windows Phone.

Its Hub Keyboard, which was first released for Android back in February, is now available for iOS and makes it easy to access content from other apps. It also offers Office 365 integration.

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Microsoft bangs another nail in Adobe Flash's coffin with a big change to Edge

Flash coffin

Flash is not as integral to the web as it once was, but it’s still required for some content, despite being a huge security nightmare.

Microsoft, like Google and Mozilla, wants to hasten the transition away from Flash to a more modern, standards based web, and so plans to make a big change to Edge in the forthcoming Anniversary Update to Windows 10.

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Apple could soon censor swearing in your music collection


As the parent of a young child I often have to give some serious thought as to what music I play in the car when she’s with me, in order to avoid accidentally exposing her to a song peppered with swear words.

This problem could soon become a thing of the past however, as Apple has patented a method of using software to automatically censor swearing in music and audio books.

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Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 14316 arrives on the Fast ring -- packed with exciting new features

Windows-10 key

Windows 10 Insider Preview builds -- well those on the Fast ring at least -- tend to fall into two camps. There are the exciting releases, like Build 14291, which delivered extensions to Microsoft Edge as well as various other new features, and the duller ones, like Build 14295, which mostly fix bugs and shore up things.

The latest new build for the Fast ring, Build 14316, falls very much into the former camp, with Microsoft introducing lots of new features for Insiders to try, in addition to plenty of welcome improvements across the whole of the OS. Here’s what new.

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Twitter now offers an easier way to share public tweets privately


While Twitter is designed to provide an open forum for your thoughts, occasionally you might want to have one-to-one discussions in private, and that’s where the Direct Message option comes in.

Today, as part of its quest to make DM conversations "richer", Twitter introduces a feature to make it much easier to share public tweets privately with friends and followers.

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iPhone 6s security flaw lets anyone bypass the passcode and access contacts and photos

hack iphone

It might have taken the FBI quite some time to find a way to unlock a shooter's iPhone 5C, but it turns out to be trivially easy to access contacts and photos stored on the company’s newest flagship, the iPhone 6s.

The trick makes use of Siri and Twitter, and as the owner of a 6s I’ve been able to test this method myself, and can confirm not only that it works, but it’s very simple to implement.

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