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Samsung's new 4TB portable hard drives are the thinnest and lightest in the world


Storing data on a portable hard drive means you’ll have access to it wherever you happen to be, and can connect the device to any computer. Of course you don’t want to be lugging around a heavy drive -- the lighter the better -- but neither do you want to be compromising on capacity.

Samsung HDD, a division of Seagate Technology, today announces two new 4TB external hard drives -- the M3 Portable and the P3 Portable -- which it says are the first 4TB USB-powered single drive solutions to come in 2.5in enclosures.

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Microsoft Lumia launches an uplifting 'good news' paper to inspire commuters


Most newspapers are full of bad, and depressing news. Microsoft Lumia wants to change that, and is putting together its own print newspaper that it hopes will inspire commuters and help them to "achieve more".

The Five to Nine newspaper will focus on positive, uplifting content, and also show workers how they can use technology to work smarter and more efficiently. There will be five editions, published between 22 June and 26 June, all focusing on a different theme (culture, music, fashion, design, and sport) and featuring commissioned content alongside crowd sourced "good news" stories, life hacks and musings.

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Keep your Raspberry Pi 2 safe with the official new case


Although there are plenty of enclosures available to buy for the Raspberry Pi, all of them come from third parties. There’s never been an official case for the Pi, until now.

The brains at the Raspberry Pi Foundation first talked about creating an enclosure for the wildly popular device some two and a half years ago, and it’s finally come to fruition. If you’re worried about damaging your Pi, or just want to give it a stylish look, then the Official Raspberry Pi Case is for you, and as you’d expect, it’s incredibly cheap.

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LastPass hacked, email addresses, password reminders and more compromised


A lot of people trust LastPass to keep their passwords safe, which is why news that the company has been hacked and its user data compromised is seriously worrying.

LastPass discovered and blocked some suspicious activity on its network last Friday and immediately launched an investigation. Today it reports its findings, and they're very concerning indeed.

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Watch Sony's PlayStation E3 press event live here


Microsoft’s press event has finished, and revealed a lot of great gaming news, including that the Xbox One will soon be able to play selected Xbox 360 games. Huge news.

Next up it’s the turn of Sony. The company will have lots of gaming news of its own, and it won’t only be content relating to the PlayStation 4. Expect to find out more about Morpheus, the company’s VR headset that’s set to rival Oculus Rift.

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Watch Microsoft's E3 keynote live here


The annual E3 video game conference gets underway properly from tomorrow, but Microsoft’s press keynote takes place today, and you’ll be able to tune into it right here as it happens.

The company’s focus will, naturally, be on the Xbox One and Windows 10, but there will also be plenty of games announcements too -- Microsoft says we can expect to see "the greatest games lineup in Xbox history" this year.

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Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 10130 now available to download on the Slow ring


Microsoft released Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 10130 to the Fast ring two weeks ago, but it came with a couple of major bugs that meant it wasn’t suitable for all. Last week Microsoft pushed out ISOs of the build, for people who were having trouble updating to the new version through Windows Update, but it still wasn’t deemed stable enough for Slow ring Insiders.

Well, the good news is if you’re on the Slow ring you can finally update Windows 10 to Build 10130, as Microsoft is pushing the update out to everyone now. And your patience is rewarded with news that the update comes with some useful fixes.

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Microsoft's Surface Pro 3 comfortably beats Apple's iPad Air 2 in speed tests

Internet speed fast mbps speedometer

UK consumer watchdog Which? tested a range of popular tablets and discovered that when it comes to speed, there’s only one champion, and that’s Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3.

It turns out it wasn’t only Microsoft’s slate that bested Apple’s tablets in the speed stakes. The iPad mini 3, which sells for £319 in the UK, was beaten by the Tesco Hudl 2 which costs just £99.

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Apple Music should fear Spotify, not the other way around


Apple’s recently announced streaming music service is being viewed by many as a potential Spotify killer. Spotify might have more than 20 million paying subscribers and over 75 million active users, but Apple is a force that cannot be ignored, and being late to the party means nothing.

So should Spotify be concerned about the forthcoming battle with Apple? Unquestionably. Although, if new research is to be believed, it’s Apple that should be worrying the most.

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Watch the unveiling of the Oculus Rift consumer headset here


Oculus will be one of several names demoing virtual reality products at E3 next week, but ahead of the big games show the company is going to be taking the wraps off of the consumer model of its VR headset later today.

The Oculus Rift consumer model isn’t actually due to go on sale until early next year, but today’s special event should give us a good idea of what to expect from the device, more concrete release details, and hopefully the all-important price.

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'Fappening' suspect accessed up to 572 celebrity iCloud accounts

surprise shock woman laptop

Last year a large number of young female celebrities had their personal -- and in the majority of cases, nude and sexually explicit -- photos and videos leaked on to the internet, in what became known as The Fappening. Most of the photos were accessed through iCloud, leading Apple to take steps to strengthen its cloud service’s security.

According to a recently-unsealed search warrant and affidavit the leaks are believed to be the work of one man who managed to access as many as 572 iCloud accounts.

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Security firm Kaspersky Lab hacked by a 'nation state'

hacker attack

Security firms are supposed to keep us safe from threats like malware and hacker attacks, but occasionally they fall foul of the bad guys too. A year ago Avast was hacked, and some 400,000 user details were stolen. Two years ago, AVG and Avira had their websites taken over by pro-Palestinian hackers.

The latest security firm to be hacked is Russian anti-virus software maker Kaspersky Lab.

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How to get the Windows 10 upgrade notification to appear in Windows 7 or 8.x

win 10 logo

If you’re running Windows 7 or 8.x you should by now see a small Windows 10 icon in the system tray. Click this and you can reserve your free Windows 10 upgrade in advance of the operating system’s launch on July 29.

Once you’ve reserved the upgrade, Windows 10 will download as soon as available and you’ll be able to install it at your convenience. However, for some reason this icon isn’t appearing on all systems. It wasn’t on mine for example. If you want to summon the upgrade icon, this is what you’ll need to do.

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How to remove the Windows 10 upgrade notification from Windows 7 and 8.x

Win10 no

If you’re certain you don’t want to upgrade to Windows 10, or you want to do so at your own pace without being nagged into it, the upgrade notification that appears in Windows 7 and 8.x can be viewed as an unwanted annoyance.

There are plenty of reasons why you might not want to upgrade to Windows 10 as soon as it becomes available -- you might be more than happy with your existing OS, or you may wish to wait until Windows 10 has been out for a while and all of the big issues have been patched. After all, you have a year to upgrade for free. If you want to remove the upgrade notification, there’s a simple tool for the job.

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Windows 10 will keep you safe from malware


Microsoft’s past attempts at protecting Windows users from malware have been patchy at best. However, with Windows 10 the company is offering a new way to help protect its customers from dynamic script-based malware and other forms of cyberattack.

AMSI (Antimalware Scan Interface) is an interface standard that allows applications and services to integrate with any existing antimalware product on your PC. Those apps can call the new Windows AMSI APIs at any time to scan for malware.

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