The most popular stories on BetaNews this past week: June 8 -- 14

june-8-2014-calendarEyes were focused on Microsoft as the company held an Xbox One press conference at E3 2014, with the focus being very much on games. Not to be outdone, Sony also held a press conference at the event. Consoles from Sony and Microsoft are still largely reliant on traditional controllers -- dull! But the SteelSeries Sentry Eye Tracker is something to, almost literally, keep an eye on as it allows for controlling games with your peepers. PS4 users have the arrival of YouTube to look forward to, and Chromecast owners will soon be able to stream files from VLC.

In security news, AVG publicized details of yet another OpenSSL flaw. While less serious than other vulnerabilities that have been discovered recently, it's still something of a cause for concern. We're still feeling the fallout of the Zeus botnet, and F-Secure set up an online testing tool that can be used by anyone to check for the infection. One tactic used to attack websites is bombarding them with comment spam, and new research shows that 80 percent of such spam is generated by less than a third of site attackers.

The latest big-name site to suffer a DDoS attack was Feedly, which found itself held to ransom, and it was amusing to learn that hackers are just as bad with their password choices as the rest of us. With so many security problems online, perhaps the best option is to take a leaf out of the book of those who choose not to connect. Windows security experts revealed that changes have been made to Windows 8.x files ,while the same file remained untouched, and potentially insecure, in Windows 7. But even with all of the security worries in the headlines, it is still hardware failure that is responsible for the highest levels of data loss.

LG's G3 carried across many ideas from its predecessor, and Brian took a look at the handset in his review -- he was particularly taken with the camera's laser focusing. He also got the chance to get hands on with the new Samsung Galaxy Tab S. Motorola released a 64GB version of the Moto X, giving users greater potential for storing apps and music. Windows Phone users have a new lockscreen feature to look forward to, but if you're more of an iOS fan, the aluminium (or aluminum, if you prefer) Kloqe case is well worth a look. There have long been rumors that a larger iPhone is on the cards, and new evidence came to light that suggests it is all but certain. Whatever your smartphone of choice, running out of power is always a concern. Grab yourself a Lumsing LUM-008-01 Power Bank and you can keep your devices powered for longer. But if remembering to take a USB cable out with you is too much, pop one on your keyring so it's always available when you need it.

In the UK, .uk domain registrations opened up, with more than 50,000 takers on launch day -- it seems they were not put off by the fact that any website registrant must publicize their name and address if they make money from ads on their sites.

That's another week under our belts -- good weekends all round!

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