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Microsoft launches matte black Surface Go 3 with optional LTE

Is Microsoft's Surface Go line of tablets designed for hardcore computer users? Absolutely not. That is OK though. Not everybody is a gamer or enthusiast. Look, some of us just need to get basic work done. And so, an affordable computer with meager specifications, such as the Surface Go, can be a wise purchase. After all, you can turn it into a laptop by purchasing the optional keyboard cover or a desktop by connecting it to a monitor, keyboard, and mouse.

If you have been on the fence about purchasing a Surface Go 3 -- the latest model -- I have some great news. Beginning today, Microsoft is selling a beautiful new version. No, the specifications are not different, but the body is... sort of. You see, the little tablet is now being offered in a beautiful matte black color.

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KIOXIA BG5 PCIe 4.0 SSD is compatible with Microsoft Surface Pro 8 Windows 11 PC

Solid state drives continue to get faster, with PCIe 4.0 variants leading the pack nowadays. Of course, most PCs don't have PCIe 4.0 support, so these ultra-fast drives are reserved for enthusiasts and those with brand new computers. If you have such a cutting-edge PC, you will probably want to get a PCIe 4.0 SSD to maximize your performance. True, it is largely for bragging rights and benchmarks, but you might as well go for the best if the difference in price isn't totally obscene.

Today, KIOXIA unveils its latest solid state drive. Called "BG5," it uses PCIe 4.0 x4 to achieve up to 3,500 MB/s read and 2,900 MB/s write. Yeah, this DRAM-less SSD is actually a bit slow compared to other PCIe 4.0 drives, but it does have a very cool feature -- it is being offered in the M.2 2230 form factor. This means it will fit inside Microsoft's all-new Surface Pro 8.

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All the new Surface devices Microsoft announced today

Today, at a online hardware event, Microsoft unveiled a large number of new Surface devices, including Surface Pro 8, Surface Pro X, Surface Go 3, and Surface Duo 2. There was also a new flagship laptop announced -- Surface Laptop Studio.

If you’re in the market for a new tablet or laptop that can run Windows 11, then Microsoft certainly has you covered.

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Watch Microsoft's new Surface launch event today -- live

Microsoft is holding an online launch event today, September 22, when it’s expected to unveil a number of new Surface devices, including tablets and laptops. It’s even rumored to be set to unveil a new Surface Duo 2.

Of course, there will be a heavy focus on Windows 11, as the new devices will come with that OS.

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Microsoft Surface Pro 8 is the Windows 11 device of your dreams

Tom Warren over at The Verge really hates Windows 11, proclaiming he won't be upgrading to Microsoft's upcoming operating system. Why? He has several reasons, such as his inability to easily locate the date and time when using multiple monitors. Oh well. It is his loss, as Windows 11 is really good. In fact, it is definitely the best version of Windows ever.

Despite Warren's apparent hatred of Windows 11, today, he shares some leaked information about the upcoming Surface Pro 8. Sadly, Microsoft's big announcement is due in just a few days, meaning The Verge and other leakers (such as the one it sources) have largely ruined the big reveal. Warren's actions are arguably a huge sign of disrespect towards Microsoft's Chief Product Officer, Panos Panay. Sigh. Thankfully, the leaked information signals a very exciting Surface tablet is on the way.

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Microsoft to reveal new Surface devices on September 22

With Windows 11 set to begin rolling out at the Start of October, it was inevitable that Microsoft would take the opportunity to showcase some new hardware for it.

The software giant today announces a new event for the end of this month in which it is expected to take the wraps off a new collection of Surface devices, as well as show off its new operating system in some depth.

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ThreatX platform gives businesses a clear view of their API attack surface


APIs make life easier for developers by allowing easy access to various program functions. However, this functionality also makes them an increasingly attractive target for attack.

Web application and API Protection platform ThreatX is launching new API catalog capabilities to provide enterprises with a clear view of their API's attack surface, as well as the operational health of any APIs in production.

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Dell Latitude 7320 Detachable Windows 10 PC now available as Surface Pro alternative

The modern detachable PC form factor was made popular by Microsoft's Surface Pro. The iconic kickstand looks cool and allows you to position the screen at many angles. While these computers make for both good tablets and notebooks, they aren't exactly good laptops. Wait. Aren't notebooks and laptops the same thing? Typically yes, but these kickstand-based detachable computers are hard to balance on a lap; it is a bit of a misnomer to call them "laptop."

The Surface Pro is a pretty good computer overall -- as long as you don't need to use it on your lap -- but they can be very buggy. Microsoft's firmware releases often introduce problems -- even as other issues are fixed. Thankfully, if you like that form factor, you aren't limited to Surface. Today, for instance, Dell officially begins selling the Latitude 7320 Windows 10 detachable PC. And yes, it is a real Surface Pro alternative.

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Microsoft launches Surface Laptop 4 with a choice of Intel and AMD processors

If you’re in the market for a new Windows 10 laptop, then Microsoft’s latest hardware release could be of interest.

The new Surface Laptop 4 comes with either a 13.5" or 15" PixelSense touchscreen display, and for the first time you can choose between Intel 11th Gen Intel Core processors or AMD Ryzen Mobile Processors with Radeon Graphics.

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Securing insurance's new attack surface with crowdsourced cybersecurity [Q&A]

business security

All industries have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and the need to shift to new ways of working. This change has also led to an expanded attack surface for cyber criminals.

The insurance sector has been particularly hit in the past year and we spoke to Ashish Gupta, CEO of crowdsourced security company Bugcrowd to find out how businesses have been affected and how they're responding to the challenge.

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ICS vulnerabilities increase as remote work boosts attack surface

refinery industry

Disclosed vulnerabilities in industrial control systems (ICS) increased 335 percent in the second half of 2020 compared to the first half.

A new report from Claroty also shows that in the same period 71 percent of ICS vulnerabilities disclosed were remotely exploitable through network attack vectors.

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Microsoft ad claims the Surface Pro 7 is a better choice than a MacBook Pro

Surface Pro 7 vs MacBook Pro

There has always been a healthy rivalry between Microsoft and Apple, and with a new ad, the Windows maker is spoiling for a fight -- a Surface Pro 7 vs MacBook Pro fight.

The ad sees Microsoft making the bold claim that its self-produced Surface Pro 7 is a better device -- and a better choice -- than Apple's MacBook Pro. One of the key arguments Microsoft uses is that its own device is much cheaper, helped by the fact that there is a special deal available at the moment.

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Check out Windows 10X on the Microsoft Surface Pro 7

Windows 10X on Surface Pro 7

We've heard a lot about Windows 10X -- Microsoft's answer to Chrome OS -- and as we celebrated the arrival of 2021, the operating system leaked online. This has not only given people a chance to get a glimpse at what's to come -- and try it out for themselves -- but also to get the OS up and running on a variety of devices.

Indeed, one dedicated hacker has managed to get Windows 10X running on a Surface Pro 7. What's more, it all works pretty well.

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Microsoft's new Surface Pro 7+ for Business is aimed at remote workers

CES starts today, and as you might expect from a virtual event taking place in the middle of a pandemic, much of the new hardware being launched there is aimed at commercial and education users working from home.

Case in point is Microsoft’s new Surface Pro 7+ for Business, which is an updated version of the company’s Surface Pro 7 2-in-1 tablet PC with improved internals, better battery life, and optional 4G LTE Advanced for remote working.

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Microsoft foists the Surface Duo and its chunky bezels on more countries

The Surface Duo is a pretty cool device on paper. If you aren't familiar, Microsoft essentially connected two Android smartphones using innovative hinges. Why did the company do this? Well, the goal was productivity -- having two apps running simultaneously on two displays would be great for business use (and entertainment).

Unfortunately, Surface Duo doesn't just exist on paper -- it is an actual product. And for the most part, it has been panned by critics. Its software is reportedly buggy and the hardware durability is questionable -- the damn thing develops cracks. Its bezels are large and unsightly, making it look very outdated. There are reports that the camera is horrible too.

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