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Kensington builds a better Surface Pro Dock than Microsoft

Microsoft can make beautiful computers as we have seen with is popular Surface line, but when it comes to accessories, the company doesn't have a great track record. Its recent Surface to USB-C adapter is embarrassingly ugly, while its new Surface Go USB-C dongles are ridiculously priced.

Worst of all, its most recent Surface Pro dock (seen here) is rather ho-hum. I preferred the older Surface docking station (seen here) from the Surface Pro 3 days, which cradled the tablet -- it wasn't just a glorified dongle like the current one. Seeing an opportunity to outdo Microsoft, today, Kensington unveils a Surface Studio-like docking station (model SD7000) that is downright breathtaking -- it holds up the tablet and has adjustable arms.

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Panos Panay: Microsoft is not working on a Surface Phone

Surface Phone prototype

If you were getting your hopes up about the possibility of a Surface Phone appearing, we have some bad news. Speaking with Wired, Chief Product Officer at Microsoft Panos Panay said that the company is not working on that form factor.

In the course of the interview, Panay said that Microsoft is working on various new form factors for future devices. Asked whether this included the fabled Surface Phone, he dashed the hopes of many -- although news has leaked out recently about a future "pocketable" Surface device.

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Official Microsoft Surface Go USB-C dongles are very expensive, and you shouldn't buy them

Microsoft recently released the Surface Connect to USB-C Adapter -- a dongle that adds USB-C to any Microsoft computer with a Surface connect port. The accessory was universally panned for being bulky, ugly, and overpriced. Thankfully, the newest Surface Go tablet has an integrated USB-C port -- the aforementioned dongle is not needed.

Microsoft doesn't want to leave the recently unveiled Surface Go out of the dongle party, apparently, as it is releasing two adapters for the tablet. One dongle merely converts the USB-C port into a USB-A port. The other adapter converts the USB-C port into a USB-A port and adds an Ethernet port. Strangely, Microsoft did not mention these products when announcing the Surface Go, but they are available for pre-order now. And yes, they will work with any USB-C Windows device; not just Surface devices.

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You can already save $50 on Microsoft Surface Go

The Microsoft Surface Go is a very polarizing device. Some folks are drooling at the thought of an affordable Surface computer, while others argue it is inferior to the iPad. While both camps have valid points, I am of the belief that choice is always good for consumers. In other words, having the Surface Go as another option when shopping for a tablet or laptop is a positive. Quite frankly, I am intrigued by it too.

The Surface Go doesn't hit stores until August 2, although you can pre-order it immediately now. You may be tempted to order it from the Microsoft Store, but I must urge you not to. Why? A different retailer is already offering a rather significant discount!

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Microsoft Surface Go now available to pre-order

Microsoft Surface Go

There might be interest in a Surface Phone, but for now there's the Surface Go to enjoy. Revealed late yesterday, the Surface Go is described as Microsoft's "smallest, lightest Surface yet" -- and it's available to pre-order right now.

Unfortunately, there's no discount for jumping on a pre-order, but if you're quick, you should be able to guarantee that you'll get one when it launches on August 2. The tablet will cost you $399, but you'll need to purchase a Signature Type Cover separately if you want to type rather than using the on-screen keyboard, and a Surface Pen if you like the idea of stylus operation.

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This is Microsoft Surface Go

Microsoft’s Surface computers are quite popular, but unfortunately, they are quite expensive too. Some consumers simply can’t afford them. Thankfully, Microsoft today announces a new computer that puts Surface in reach of more people.

Called "Surface Go," it is is an affordable Windows tablet with a 10-inch, 1800 x 1200 display. How much does it cost? It starts at a rather low $399. Unfortunately, as with the more powerful Surface Pro tablets, a keyboard is not included, making the initial price a bit misleading.

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Microsoft hints new Surface will be announced tomorrow -- is it Andromeda?

It’s been a little while since we had a new Surface product from Microsoft, but the wait appears to be (almost) at an end.

In a new tweet posted today, Microsoft asked 'Where will Surface go next?' above a picture of the current range of Surface devices, with a shadow from an un-shown model on the far right. The picture also includes tomorrow’s date, so it’s pretty clear that’s when the new product will be revealed.

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People really want Microsoft to launch a Surface Phone

Surface Phone prototype

There has been a lot of talk about the possibility of a Surface Phone (or Project Andromeda), but so far rumors have amounted to very little. Recently, however, documents leaked that showed plans for a "pocketable folding Surface device" and levels of interest and excitement rose.

Now a petition has appeared online to try to show Microsoft just how much interested there is in a Surface Phone. The title of the petition -- "Show Microsoft the demand for the Surface Phone or Andromeda!" -- is self-explanatory, and it has gathered a great deal of support in a single day.

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Leaked Microsoft documents reveal 'pocketable' folding Surface device

Folding Surface prototype

Microsoft's Surface range could one day include a folding, dual-screen device. Codenamed Andromeda, the device has been in the works for a couple of years and appears to neatly straddle the laptop and mobile categories -- seemingly trying to make up for Windows Phone.

Leaked internal documents have come to light that reveal Microsoft's plans for "a new pocketable Surface device form factor that brings together innovative new hardware and software experiences to create a truly personal and versatile computing experience".

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Microsoft to finally begin selling its ridiculous Surface Connect to USB-C Adapter this week

I'm a big fan of some Surface hardware. Microsoft's own laptops and tablets are often well-made and very elegant. Quite frankly, if you want a Windows 10 PC, the Surface Laptop is a great pick. The Surface Pro is a solid choice too, although it can be difficult to use in a lap -- a non-starter for many. The Surface Book series and Surface Studio are decent choices too, albeit pricey.

Unfortunately, while the latest Surface Pro and Surface Laptop computers are rather great, they have one huge issue -- lack of USB-C. It is mind-boggling that Microsoft omitted this port, but OK, what's done is done. Last year the company promised a USB-C dongle would be released eventually, and it will finally become available this week. The problem? It looks like a clunky joke.

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Would this foldable Surface Phone running Windows 10 make you switch from Android or iPhone?

Windows 10 Mobile might be all but dead and buried, but there have been rumors of a new Surface Phone for a while now.

The phone, should it exist, is expected to be a foldable device with a hinge in the middle and two displays, allowing it to switch from phone to tablet mode in seconds.

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Microsoft is said to be working on a cheap Surface tablet to compete with the iPad

Square Microsoft store logo

Not wanting to be outdone by Apple, Microsoft is reportedly planning to release a low-cost Surface tablet later this year.

Said to measure 10 inches and with a price tag of around $400, the budget Surface will retain the familiar kickstand found on its Pro sibling, and will compete directly with the iPad. This is not a re-run of the Surface RT, as full-blown Windows will be supported.

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Microsoft announces Surface Hub 2 -- but you won't be able to buy it anytime soon

Microsoft’s original Surface Hub was plagued with manufacturing problems and delays. The giant wall-mounted Surface, aimed at businesses, was first announced in 2015, with an estimated shipping date of July 1.

That date came and went, and Microsoft announced that it would instead arrive January 2016, but then missed that deadline as well, and threw in a price hike for good measure. The product eventually started shipping to businesses in March 2016. Now, just over two years later, a new generation of Surface Hub is being announced. Want to get one for your business? Predictably it’s not going to be available anytime soon.

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Microsoft launches free Surface Pro 4 replacement program because it can't fix flickering screens

Close up of Surface Pro 4

If you have a Surface Pro 4, you might be one of the unlucky tablet owners to suffer from a flickering screen -- a problem predictably dubbed "flickergate". Unable to come up with a fix, Microsoft has opened up a replacement program that means that those affected by the problem will be able to get a new Surface Pro 4 free of charge.

Microsoft says that it has been unable to produce a patch to address the issue, and is therefore simply going to offer replacements to people. What's not clear is why it has taken the company so long to do something; Surface 4 owners have been complaining about screen flicker since the tablet launched back in 2015.

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The HP Chromebook x2 with detachable screen is ready to take on the iPad Pro and Surface Pro

HP Chromebook x2

There's a new Chromebook on the block -- or there will be soon -- and this HP offering is determined to stand out from the crowd... and give both the Surface Pro and iPad Pro a run for their money.

Running Chrome OS, the HP Chromebook x2 supports Android apps, features a stylus, and -- importantly -- has a detachable screen so it can be used as a tablet or a laptop. The 12.3-inch device comes in at a shade under $600, and the hardware specs are impressive... for the price, at least.

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