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Mozilla criticizes Apple's iPhone privacy claims, launches online petition

Apple is one of the most privacy-focused tech companies. It has consistently protected its users, going so far as to defy the US Government by refusing to unlock an iPhone for the FBI. Conversely, Google makes a lot of its money from advertising and tracking users, while Microsoft has extreme telemetry in Windows 10.

And that's why it is so surprising that Mozilla -- another privacy-focused organization -- is criticizing Apple. You see, the Firefox-maker is calling out Apple for allowing advertisers to track iPhone users. Mozilla is going so far as to launch a petition, hoping to get Apple to change an important iPhone default setting.

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iOS 13 could herald the arrival of system-wide dark mode, better multitasking and so much more

Closeup of Apple logo

With the big reveal of iOS 13 thought to be mere weeks away, leaks and rumors now abound. So, what can iPhone and iPad owners expect this time around? Well, it's looking as though 13 could be a lucky number as much sought after features are on the cards.

According to sources, the long-awaited dark mode is said to be arriving, along with new gestures. Apple is also said to be bringing improved multitasking and a lot more besides.

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Apple adds subscription confirmation to the App Store

Apple subscription confirmation

Apple has added a new confirmation pop-up to the App Store when users opt into a subscription using Touch ID or Face ID.

While Apple has not said as much, the confirmation screen gives users a second chance to back out of a subscription. It also helps to avoid the problem of accidental sign-ups and mitigates against apps that try to trick people into starting a subscription.

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Apple no longer charges for transferring data to a new Mac

Black and white Apple store logo

Apple is now offering data migration services free of charge when you get a new Mac.

Previously, the company charged customers $99 to transfer data from an old Mac to a new one, or when data transfer was needed as part of a repair. While not the most taxing of tasks, the dropping of fees means more people are likely to leave the process to Apple rather than undertaking it themselves.

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Urban Armor Gear launches Plyo Series case for Apple MacBook Air (2018)

Apple laptops are consistently great. Even with the polarizing keyboard found on recent models, you really can't go wrong with a MacBook. With that said, in order to buy an Apple computer, you have to have a lot of disposable income. You can get a Windows 10 machine with similar specifications for far less. There's nothing wrong with paying more for Apple hardware -- if it makes you happy and you can afford it, go for it.

If you do end up buying an expensive Apple MacBook, you should definitely consider opting for AppleCare. Insurance is always a bit of a gamble, and not always the wisest move financially, but it can be worth the premium for peace of mind. In addition to AppleCare, you may want to consider a protective case too. For example, today, Urban Armor Gear launches a rugged new case for the 2018 MacBook Air as part of its popular Plyo Series. Not only does it offer protection and improved cooling, but it looks rather attractive too.

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Netflix suddenly drops AirPlay support from its iOS apps

Netflix iPhone

Citing "technical limitations", Netflix has dropped support for AirPlay from its iPhone and iPad apps.

Attempts to use AirPlay via the Control Center result in an error message, and Netflix has updated its support pages to indicate that the feature is no longer available. With AirPlay having been supported for a number of years, it's not clear quite what technical issues may have suddenly arisen, but the change does come shortly after the launch of Apple TV+.

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Apple and Beats designed Powerbeats Pro wireless earphones are coming in May

Powerbeats Pro

Beats by Dr Dre has revealed details of its soon-to-be-released Powerbeats Pro wireless earphones. Scheduled for release in May, the earphones combine the engineering talents of Apple and Beats to create AirPod alternatives for music lovers and athletes alike.

Smaller and lighter than its predecessor, Powerbeats Pro provide both audio quality and comfort, and have been designed to withstand rigorous workouts. Available in four colors -- Black, Ivory, Moss and Navy -- the earphones deliver "powerful, balanced sound with dynamic range and noise isolation for a premium listening experience".

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Logitech announces SLIM FOLIO PRO for third generation Apple iPad Pro

Ever since the release of the first-ever iPad in 2010, people have been trying to convert Apple's tablet into a laptop with add-on keyboards. You know what? It actually isn't too bad. True, lack of mouse/trackpad support in iOS can turn this makeshift laptop configuration into a frustrating experience, but in some situations, it is totally passable. If you are a writer, for instance, an iPad with a keyboard can remove distractions and focus your attention. If you do hardcore multitasking, however, a traditional laptop with Windows, macOS, Chrome OS, or Ubuntu is probably a wiser choice.

If you are OK with the limitations of iOS, and you still think an iPad or iPad Pro would be your ideal portable computer, than you should definitely check out Logitech keyboard cases. The company's iPad keyboard offerings have been consistently excellent and should last a long time. Now, Logitech is back again with a new keyboard case. Called "SLIM FOLIO PRO," it is designed for use with the third generation iPad Pro. And yes, both the 11- and 12.9-inch variants are supported -- there is a model for each.

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Canceled: Apple's AirPower wireless charging mat will not be released

Red Apple store logo

Apple has confirmed that its long-awaited wireless AirPower charging mat is not going to be released. The company says quality issues are to blame for the decision.

The product was originally announced back in 2017 and was destined to be a convenient way to wirelessly charge iPhones, Apple Watches and AirPods. Its release had been repeatedly pushed back, but now it has been canceled completely

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Apple TV+ and Apple News+ are likely flops, but Apple Arcade gaming service could be a winner

Apple has done very well financially under Tim Cook, but the company's hardware is starting to lose its luster. iPhone sales are down, and the Mac line continues to be a confused mess -- "Flexgate" and an unreliable keyboard plague the once great MacBook Pro. We still don't have the promised new Mac Pro, and AirPower is missing in action too. While Apple Watch and AirPods are successful, I still hate them both -- the former has a terrible user interface, while the latter can hurt some users' ears (including mine). Quite frankly, I suspect most folks simply use Airpods and Watch as status symbols and for fashion -- their staying power may be limited.

So now, Apple is trying to pivot to services, and that's a very good idea. The problem? Its News+ service is lacking key news sources, such as The New York Times, for instance. Apple TV+ is a Netflix-like video service with exclusive Apple original content, which, let’s be honest, will probably be lame. Ultimately, I don't envision News+ or TV+ being successful. Thankfully, Tim Cook and company seemingly got one thing right today, Apple Arcade -- an upcoming video game subscription service for iOS, macOS, and Apple TV which will offer access to more than 100 premium games.

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Apple unveils Apple TV+ for all its original content

Earlier today, at a special event hosted at its the Cupertino campus, Apple took the wraps of its paid news subscription service, but it was really the tech giant’s rumored TV service that everyone was waiting to hear about. And that wait is finally over.

Apple’s new TV and movie steaming service goes by the name Apple TV+ and it will be home to a wide selection of original Apple content.

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Apple unveils Apple News+, its monthly news subscription service

At a special event at its Cupertino campus, Apple today lifted the wraps of its revamped Apple News app, which comes with a new premium subscription service called Apple News+. This offers readers access to over 300 magazines and newspapers for a flat rate of $9.99 a month.

Available in the US and Canada to begin with, publications offered by Apple News+ include Vogue, National Geographic, People, ELLE, The Wall Street Journal and Los Angeles Times.

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Watch Apple unveil its new TV and news subscription services

Apple store sign

Apple had a pretty busy week last week, unveiling new iPads, new iMacs, and updated AirPods.

Today things get even busier for the tech giant as it’s holding a special keynote at its Cupertino campus where it is expected to unveil several new services, including one that aims to compete with Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

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Kaspersky reports Apple to antimonopoly authorities over the handling of its apps

Kaspersky logo

Security firm Kaspersky has reported Apple to Russia's Federal Antimonopoly Service. The complaint comes after Apple rejected the Kaspersky Safe Kids parental control app from the App Store, saying that the implementation of two "essential" features contravened store policies.

Kaspersky was surprised at the removal of the app as it had been sitting happily in the App Store for some three years. The company believes that Apple has forced the app out of the store because iOS 12 introduced its own Screen Time parental controls -- something Kaspersky views as restrictive and monopolistic behaviour.

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Apple's updated AirPods offer better performance and hands-free 'Hey Siri'

Apple’s AirPods are quite funny looking things, especially when being worn, but despite this the iPhone maker's wireless headphones have proven to be wildly popular.

Following on from rolling out new iPads and refreshing its iMac range earlier in the week, Apple today announces the second generation of its AirPods with a new Apple-designed H1 chip that promises better performance, faster connections, and up to 50 percent more talk time.

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