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Apple commits to at least five years of security updates for iPhones

Apple store iPhone display

In order to comply with the Product Security and Telecommunications Infrastructure (PSTI) Act in the UK, Apple says it will provide security updates for iPhones for a minimum of five years.

While Apple has not previously abandoned iPhone users and left them with insecure devices -- in fact, the company has been known to release updates for very old handsets in extraordinary circumstances -- it has never previously committed to any particular period of support.

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Dexcom G7 continuous glucose monitoring system now connects directly to Apple Watch

DexCom has announced that its Dexcom G7 Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) System now connects directly to Apple Watch in the United States. The Dexcom G7 is the first and only CGM system offering real-time glucose readings on the Apple Watch, providing users with freedom and convenience even when their iPhone isn’t with them.

Jake Leach, executive vice president and chief operating officer at Dexcom, stated, “At Dexcom, our users are at the heart of everything we do. Direct to Apple Watch has been one of our most requested features, and we’re thrilled to roll it out to Dexcom G7 users in the U.S. and around the world. We’ve long believed that people with diabetes should be able to view their CGM data where and how they choose. Direct to Apple Watch is a testament to that, allowing people with diabetes flexibility and choice in how they manage their health.”

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Stop sideloading headaches on Apple devices: Why EU admins need MDMs now more than ever

Apple just went full Android in the EU. While sideloading, the act of installing apps from sources other than the OS's official app store, is a familiar practice for Android users, it marks a departure from the tightly integrated ecosystem that has long characterized Apple's approach.

While the option to pick and choose the apps on their devices holds appeal for certain enterprises, EU admins might not agree. Maintaining a delicate equilibrium between user privacy and strong endpoint security has always been a challenge, one that is bound to escalate with the EU's latest regulatory changes.

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How will Apple's sideloaded apps impact corporate IT? Analyzing the critical risks

Hand holding an iPhone showing an Apple logo on a green background

Apple is known for maintaining high standards when it comes to the App Store. It has put strict developer guidelines in place, runs a thorough review process on new apps that are submitted to the marketplace, and monitors apps to ensure they deliver what developers promise.

This tightly controlled environment has been established to maintain a great user experience, preserve end-user privacy, and protect the platform from bad actors, all while allowing third-party developers to create compelling experiences on Apple’s mobile platforms. Apple’s operating system design, coupled with these protective policies, has helped to keep the iPhone and the applications that run on it generally immune from widespread threats for almost two decades now.

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Get 'DearMob iPhone Manager' for Windows and macOS (worth $79.95) for FREE

Over time, our devices tend to get cluttered with unnecessary data, eating up valuable storage. DearMob iPhone Manager, for Windows and macOS, lets you effortlessly declutter your iPhone, freeing up space and improving the overall performance of your Apple device.

With its user-friendly interface, you can easily secure all your precious memories and important documents, safeguarding them from the risk of permanent loss.

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Apple releases iOS 17.3 with AirPlay hotel support, Stolen Device Protection and more

Woman holding iPhone with iOS 17 logo

iOS 17.3 has been one of the more eagerly awaited iOS updates from Apple in some time, and now it is finally here. This is a significant update that brings, among other things, major new security features.

One of the biggest additions is Stolen Device Protection which makes a stolen phone more difficult to use by adding extra security when the handset is in non-typical locations. It will not, however, stop someone from stealing your iPhone in the first place. Other new features include collaborative playlists and the arrival of AirPlay hotel support.

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Apple will soon be able to update iOS on new iPhones in sealed boxes

iPhone 15 handsets

It can be frustrating to buy a new phone only to discover that there is an OS update to install before you can start using it. For iPhone users this could soon be a thing of the past thanks to an innovative new system developed by Apple.

The recently released iPhone 15 suffered with an overheating issue that was later fixed with a software update, putting the onus on owners of new devices to download and install the patch. But a new "proprietary pad-like device" will allow Apple Stores to install the latest software on handsets without the need to open the box.

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Apple blames iPhone 15 overheating on 'a few conditions' including iOS 17 bug

iPhone 15 banner in Apple Store

Since the release of the iPhone 15 range there have been numerous reports of the handset overheating -- sometimes to the point of being too hot to hold. There has been widespread speculation that a new design, as well as the use of new materials, is to blame for not only the temperature issues, but also greater fragility compared to older models.

While Apple is yet to comment on numerous reports that iPhone 15 handsets break more easily when dropped, the company has acknowledged the overheating issue. A bug in iOS 17 has been identified as a cause, but Apple also points to third-party apps including Instagram as being to blame.

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Bezel 1.0 enables real-time mirroring of iPad and iPhone displays on the Mac

Dutch developer NonStrict EU has released Bezel 1.0 for Macs running macOS 12.0 or later. The app is a tool to mirror USB-connected iPhone, iPad and iPhone touch displays on macOS screens in real time.

The app, which is slick and so responsive that changes on the mobile device are reflected instantly on the Mac’s display, is aimed at those who wish to view, share or record their iPhone’s screen for whatever reason.

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France bans the sale of some iPhone models for exceeding European radiation limits

Woman using iPhone 12

Regulators in France have ordered Apple to stop selling its iPhone 12 after the handset was found to produce electromagnetic radiation levels that are higher than permitted by EU safety rules.

The Agence nationale des fréquences (ANFR) has demanded that Apple withdraw the iPhone 12 from the French market until it is able to "adopt all necessary corrective measures" to bring it in line with regulations. Failure to do so will result in Apple being forced to recall all iPhone 12 handsets.

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People are mad at Apple for a crazy change to the End Call button in iOS 17

iOS 17 End Call button

Change is often divisive, and with a UI tweak in iOS 17 Apple is certainly dividing opinion. In the latest beta version of the iPhone operating system, the company has made the decision to move the End Call button.

Shifting the button from the center of the screen -- where it has resided for many, many years -- is causing confusion and wails of discontent from beta testers. Having becomes use to the button being in a central position for well over a decade, users are complaining that the new location is a problem for muscle memory.

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The evolution of Apple iOS from 1.0 to 17


Apple has come a long way since the introduction of its first mobile operating system back in 2007. With each iteration of iOS, the tech giant has revolutionized the mobile experience, and introduced a wealth of new features and experiences.

At its World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) on Monday, the company revealed some of the many changes it is preparing to deliver in iOS 17 later this year. To celebrate that, YouTube channel Nobel Tech has put together a visual guide to the changes that Apple has made over the years to its mobile operating system.

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Belkin redefines portable power with BoostCharge Pro Fast Wireless Charger for Apple Watch + Power Bank 10K

Today, Belkin launches the BoostCharge Pro Fast Wireless Charger for Apple Watch + Power Bank 10K, a groundbreaking power bank that caters to the needs of Apple enthusiasts on the move. This first-of-its-kind charger offers simultaneous fast charging capabilities for newer Apple Watch models and iPhones, providing a seamless and convenient charging experience anytime, anywhere.

With meticulous engineering, this power bank effortlessly accommodates most Apple Watch band sizes and styles, ensuring a perfect fit for users across the board. It's clear that Belkin has left no stone unturned in their pursuit of creating an exceptional charging solution for Apple devotees.

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Phone Link for iPhone is now rolling out to all Windows 11 users

Microsoft today announces the expansion of its Phone Link feature, finally allowing iPhone users to connect to -- and interact with -- Windows 11 PCs.

Microsoft Phone Link for iOS on Windows 11 is beginning to roll out today in 39 languages across 85 markets, with the process expected to be completed by mid-May.

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New European legislation may mean Apple introduces app sideloading globally in iOS 17


Apple has long taken a walled garden approach with so many of its products, but this is perhaps most apparent for iPhone users who are only able to install apps from the official App Store. But with the release of iOS 17, this looks set to change.

The ability to easily sideload apps from other sources is something that Apple customers have desired for years, and while the iPhone-maker seems on the verge of giving people what they want, it is not necessarily the case that the company is doing so willingly.

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