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Grab 'Teach Yourself VISUALLY Microsoft 365' (worth $19) for FREE

For those who need the show as well as the tell, Teach Yourself VISUALLY Microsoft 365 is the visual walkthrough to Microsoft’s latest suite of office products that will get you up-to-speed faster than any other resource on the market.

This book offers image- and screenshot-rich tutorials alongside step-by-step instructions so you can see what you need to do to make the most of Microsoft 365.

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Microsoft cites continuous innovation of Windows 11 and app compatibility improvements as it kills Test Base for Microsoft 365

Microsoft logo

Microsoft has announced that is it transitioning Test Base for Microsoft 365 to end-of-life in just a few weeks. The EOL process for the service started at the beginning of March and will be complete by the end of May.

As Test Base for Microsoft 365 is not something that everyone will have heard of, Microsoft explains that it is "a cloud-based app testing service on Azure that evaluates the compatibility of applications with new Windows releases or updates". The company has decided that it is no longer needed because so much work has been done with Windows 11 that app compatibility issues are rare.

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New solution offers faster response to MS365 compromises

Business email compromise (BEC) is one of the most common and expensive threats to organizations so they need to respond to attacks quickly and effectively.

To allow companies to investigate and respond to Microsoft 365 compromises such as BEC, account takeover (ATO) and insider threats, Cado Security is introducing a new feature to its platform so customers can automatically import the Microsoft 365 Unified Audit Log (UAL) by timeframe, user, IP, or workload.

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RIP DTP: Microsoft Publisher support is ending

Microsoft Publisher on laptop

After decades of service, Microsoft Publisher is reaching end of life and will be dropped from Microsoft 365. For fans of the desktop publishing tool, there's still time left on the clock.

And there is more good news. Microsoft says that it is "exploring modern ways to achieve other common Publisher scenarios across applications like Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Designer".

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Navigating the transition to Microsoft 365… just in time for Copilot

Microsoft 365

With the rollout of Copilot this fall, businesses everywhere are considering moving to Microsoft 365 to reap the benefits of its AI companion function in supporting business operations.

The first step in tackling this transition is for IT teams and Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to understand the new software, evaluate their existing systems and prepare for the intricate migration that lies ahead.

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Get 'Teach Yourself VISUALLY: Excel 365' (worth $18) for FREE

Excel-erate your Excel 365 knowledge with the celebrated Teach Yourself VISUALLY series.

In Teach Yourself VISUALLY: Excel 365, veteran tech educator and writer Paul McFedries delivers a practical, step-by-step guide to using the latest version of the world’s most popular spreadsheet app.

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Get 'Mastering Microsoft 365 Defender' (worth $39.99) for FREE

Microsoft 365 Defender is an XDR platform that provides security across multi-platform endpoints, hybrid identities, emails, collaboration tools, and cloud apps. Mastering Microsoft 365 Defender will teach you how to get started and use Microsoft’s suite effectively.

You’ll start with a quick overview of cybersecurity risks that modern organizations face, such as ransomware and APT attacks, how Microsoft is making massive investments in security today, and gain an understanding of how to deploy Microsoft Defender for Endpoint by diving deep into configurations and their architecture.

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Microsoft Lists is now available to everyone as it is freed from the shackles of being a businesses-only task manager

Microsoft Lists

Microsoft Lists, the company's task manager app, has been made available to anyone who is looking for a way to manage a range of projects. Now three years old, Lists was originally limited to business and enterprise users, but Microsoft has taken the decision to open it up to everyone.

The move comes after the company conducted a limited test with several thousand consumer-level users. During its time as a business/enterprise-only app, Microsoft Lists gained a reputation for ease of use, an intuitive workflow and an impressive range of templates for managing a variety of tasks on iOS, Android and the web.

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Microsoft is unbundling Teams from Microsoft 365 and Office 365 to address European antitrust concerns

Microsoft Teams on laptop screen

Microsoft has announced that it will unbundle Teams from Microsoft 365 and Office 365 in the EEA and Switzerland starting in October -- and this will mean a price reduction.  

The move comes after the European Commission expressed concerns about the bundling of the software. Microsoft describes the decision as being part of "proactive changes", and the company will no doubt be hoping that it is enough to stop further probing and legislation. For now, the unbundling is limited to Europe.

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Microsoft announces indefinite postponement of multi-account search in Outlook

Delayed flights sign

With few people having just one email address nowadays, the problem of searching for email across two or more accounts is one that affects many users. Just last month, Microsoft announced an upcoming feature for its Outlook email client -- the ability to search across multiple email accounts simultaneously.

Now the company has had a change of heart, updating its plans to indicate that the handy option is now "postponed indefinitely".

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Microsoft Office has a brand new look

New default Microsoft Office theme

Microsoft recently unveiled a new default font for Microsoft 365 in the form of Aptos, and now the company has announced that Office is getting a visual refresh with a new default theme for Windows, macOS and Android users.

The theme is gradually rolling out, starting with Microsoft 365 insiders, and it is about more than just a new typeface. With a firm focus on accessibility, the new look means a change of color palette across all Office apps. There are plenty of other visual changes too, including increased line weights and new default styles in Word and Outlook.

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Microsoft 365 Copilot is going to be costly for enterprise and business AI users

Bing Chat Enterprise

As Microsoft, like just about every other technology company, continues to embrace artificial intelligence, there is a lot of interest in the slew of AI-powered tools that are emerging. One of the most intrigue-inspiring tools is Microsoft Copilot.

We've already seen signs of this generative AI utility in the preview builds of Windows 11, and while there is a great deal of anticipation from home users, Microsoft is setting its sights on businesses and the enterprise. At its Inspire 2023 event, the company has revealed more about its plans, including details of pricing.

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Meet Aptos: The new default Microsoft 365 font that replaces Calibri

Calibri, Microsoft's main font for the last 15 years, is stepping aside. Our tech has changed, and so have our tastes in fonts, apparently. So, Microsoft went looking for a new default font.

The Windows-maker picked five new fonts: Bierstadt, Grandview, Seaford, Skeena, and Tenorite, and hoped one would be the next go-to font for Microsoft 365. Users got to try these out, and the most liked one was Bierstadt, which is now called Aptos.

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Microsoft rethinks replacing Mail and Calendar apps with Outlook for Windows

Microsoft logo

The Mail and Calendar apps in Windows 11 have not been the recipients of much love -- either from users who find them limited and awkward, nor from Microsoft which has not updated the software for an age.

The company has already announced that the separate Mail and Calendar apps will be discontinued starting in September next year, with the new Outlook for Windows app being touted as the replacement. Despite the ill feeling towards the older apps, the announcement has been met with such a backlash that Microsoft has been forced to rethink its plans.

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New Microsoft Mac Admins community now available for IT pros using Microsoft products on Apple devices in the enterprise

Microsoft 365 on a Mac

Acknowledging that not everyone in the world uses a PC, Microsoft has launched a new tech community for people using its products in conjunction with Apple hardware. Called Microsoft Mac Admins, it is described as an "online community for IT professionals who are passionate and knowledgeable about using Microsoft products on Apple Mac devices in the enterprise."

The launch comes as growing numbers of organizations use Microsoft Intune and other products from the company to manage Macs in the enterprise. Microsoft says that the aim of the community is to give Mac admins a way to "connect with other users, share experiences and best practices, learn from experts and peers, get help with common issues, and be inspired by the latest innovations."

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