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Free up 24GB+ of hard drive space in Windows 10 by cleaning up after the November Update (Threshold 2)

Clean Win 10

Microsoft released its first major Windows 10 update last week, and this comes with lots of shiny new features and general improvements including cosmetic changes, Edge enhancements, and new (and better) apps. As all Windows 10 updates are mandatory, if you’re using the new OS you’ll likely have the update installed and be running the latest build (10586) already.

The November Update (Threshold 2 as it was codenamed) is pretty sizable and takes a while to download and install. Once the installation process has completed you might reasonably expect the new OS to clean up after itself and delete old files, but actually it doesn’t, meaning you can free up a large chunk of hard drive space by running a manual clean up yourself. And when I say a "large chunk" I mean it. Cleaning up after the November Update will give you back at least 24GB of hard drive space, so it’s well worth doing.

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Microsoft announces its Cyber Defense Operations Center for a mobile-first, cloud-first world


Microsoft invests more than a $1 billion every year on security, showing the company is taking one of biggest digital problems of today quite seriously. The information was unveiled on the Microsoft blog, where the company’s Chief Information Security Officer, Bret Arsenault, reported on CEO Satya Nadella’s keynote in Washington, D.C.

According to the blog post, not only does Microsoft invest large sums of money into security, it is also announcing the Cyber Defense Operations Center, a new state-of-the-art facility which will bring together security response experts from across the company to help protect, detect and respond to threats in real-time.

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Windows 10 popular among enterprise users


Almost half (49 percent) of companies which participated in a recent survey by Forrester Research say that they plan on upgrading to Windows 10 by 2016.

The news broke out yesterday, adding that 38 percent of workers who use a computer say they want Windows 10 on their next work laptop, with 9 percent already using it on their primary work device.

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Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview Build 10586 hits the Fast ring -- it's RTM and 'really great'

Microsoft Cityman Windows 10 Mobile flagship

Desktop users have been rather spoiled when it comes to preview builds of Windows 10, but the same cannot be said for mobile users. After a quiet few weeks, Microsoft today releases Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview Build 10586 to the Fast ring.

The official launch date for Windows 10 Mobile draws ever closer, this will be the final preview build Insider get to see. How do we know? This is the RTM build that comes pre-installed on new Lumia devices and Build 10586 sees Microsoft putting the final finishing touches in place. There are no new features this time around, but bugs have been squashed -- there are just a few things to watch out for.

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How cloud strategies differ between Microsoft and Google software sellers


Google Apps for Work and Microsoft Office 365 are the two big beasts stalking the cloud software world, but there are differences in approach between independent software vendors (ISVs) for the two.

This summer the Cloud Technology Alliance surveyed 39 independent software vendors (ISVs) and channel partners about their market strategies for their cloud solutions in both Google and Microsoft environments.

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Windows Phone's market share goes into freefall

Falling sales graph

Windows Phone is becoming an increasingly unattractive proposition in the eyes of smartphone buyers. The tiled operating system dropped to 1.7 percent market share in the third quarter of the year, thanks to extremely weak sales of Lumia devices. Microsoft is the largest vendor of smartphones running the tiled operating system, so its performance has a strong effect on the platform's popularity.

In the third quarter of the year, Windows Phone sales reached 5.87 million units according to research firm Gartner. For the same period, Microsoft says Lumia sales were 5.8 million units, suggesting that its platform market share is close to the 100 percent mark. And things don't look great for Windows 10 Mobile devices either.

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How to use File Explorer as a run box in Windows 10


Running commands and launching built-in Windows tools is very straightforward in Microsoft’s new operating system. Just click on the Start button and type whatever you’re looking for, then select the item to launch it.

There is another way to do this though, and that’s through File Explorer. This can actually prove really useful. If, as an example, you’re browsing your hard drive and suddenly decide to defragment it, you can take action without having to switch your focus.

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Todoist launches Windows 10 universal app

Todoist Windows 10

Microsoft is hoping that within the first two to three years after launch Windows 10 will run on over one billion devices. Expectations are high, but the new operating system has a few things going for it which can help it reach that milestone. One of them is universal apps.

The idea is simple: developers can build a single app that works across all types of devices that support Windows 10, including PCs, tablets and smartphones. The software giant's efforts are already starting to bear fruit, as Todoist has just launched its to-do app in Store as a universal app.

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Microsoft Lumia 950 now available at AT&T

Microsoft Lumia 950 Windows 10 Mobile

Windows 10 Mobile is making its official debut this week, and the first smartphone to come with the new operating system is Microsoft's Lumia 950. In the US, the flagship is offered directly by the software giant through its online and brick and mortar stores, but it is also carried by its longterm partner, AT&T.

If you want to get your Lumia 950 from a US carrier, AT&T is actually your one and only option, at least for the foreseeable future. The carrier is taking orders now, offering the device with a two year agreement, monthly plans and, of course, unlocked.

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Microsoft Lumia 950 XL vs Lumia 950: Which is the better buy?


Microsoft recently announced two flagship devices, the Lumia 950 XL and the Lumia 950, both of which run its Windows 10 Mobile operating system and share many features: same screen resolution, same amount of onboard storage and system memory.

The 950 XL is certainly the better purchase out of the two models. Yes, it is bigger than the 950 and more expensive, but there’s three key features that will win businesses and individuals alike.

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Microsoft Office 2016: Tips for a seamless migration

Office 365

With the roll out of Microsoft Office 2016, enterprises and workforces will be put under intense pressure to not only consider migrating to Microsoft Office 2016 but to manage and effectively sync the software with existing systems and programs, with no perceived system downtime.

The new software offers a variety of productivity development tools that will appeal to enterprises and their workforce. However the need and urgency to deploy such software must be evaluated thoroughly by CIO’s or key decision makers in comparison to the existing IT infrastructure; in order for it to succeed and not cause any level of threat to current workforce productivity.

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Forget about running Android apps on Windows 10 Mobile

Microsoft Lumia 950 (XL)

One of the features that could have helped Windows 10 Mobile become a more appealing and competitive platform will not be available in the new smartphone operating system at launch. Windows 10 Mobile is expected to make its debut later this month, arriving on Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL first.

The missing feature in question is support for Android apps. The holdup? Microsoft has revealed that Astoria bridge, the tool that makes it possible to run Android apps on its OS, is not yet ready for prime time.

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Microsoft and use Minecraft to teach coding to kids


As part of the third Hour of Code, Microsoft has launched a coding tutorial based on Minecraft. The event is part of Computer Science Education Week, which runs from December 7-13 and uses the familiar Minecraft to teach coding to people aged 6 and above.

The tutorial is a collaboration between Microsoft,, and Mojang AB, the company behind Minecraft. It provides a gentle on-ramp to learning the basics of coding, with a view to inspiring the next generation of developers.

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Left behind by the Windows 10 bandwagon


I consider myself a patient person. After more than 25 years in the IT industry you sort of have to be. When I bought my first real hybrid 2-in-1 PC -- an HP Envy x2 -- I learned to put up with the many quirks of the then brand-new Windows 8. And when Windows 8.1 arrived, I tolerated several weeks of display artifacts and other graphical anomalies, confident that they would all get sorted out -- eventually.

Which they did. In fact, for each case a new round of device drivers -- specifically, for the Envy x2’s Atom Z2760 chipset and associated Graphics Media Accelerator (GMA) video subsystem -- cured what ailed it. So it’s understandable that I would expect a similar scenario to play out with Windows 10. After all, Microsoft’s new OS is really just a retread of Windows 8 (which was itself a retread of Windows 7, etc.). And my trusty Envy x2 excels at running Windows 8.1.

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Microsoft fund will bring affordable Internet to world's poor


The Internet is one of the most significant inventions in all of humankind. It has enabled the world to easily communicate across borders -- both literally and figuratively. More importantly, however, it allows the free movement of information and ideas. Your location shouldn't  have to limit your mind.

Sadly, a lack of money can block access to the Internet for poor communities globally. There are many people on this planet that do not have access to a service that you and I probably take for granted. In other words, social inequality impacts people in technological matters. Today, Microsoft announces a new fund -- as a part of its Affordable Access Initiative -- in hopes to deliver affordable Internet to people in underserved locations.

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