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7-Zip gets an update to fix major security vulnerabilities

Security Lock

Security researchers from Talos have written a bunch of fancy words on their blog here, which basically say 7-Zip has a couple of serious security flaws.

Everyone’s up in arms about it, too.

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Microsoft implements a blanket ban on computer support ads on Bing


Microsoft is following in Google's footsteps and cleaning up the ads that can be displayed on its network. After Google announced that AdWords could no longer be used to push payday loans, Microsoft has decided to ban ads for computer support services from Bing.

What's interesting here is that Microsoft has taken an incredibly hard line and issued a complete blanket ban on all technical support ads -- no exceptions. The aim is to weed out fake support ads and scams, but it will also impact on legitimate services.

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Belgian police warn that Facebook Reactions pose a serious privacy risk


Police in Belgium are warning people not to use Facebook Reactions because of the risk they pose to privacy. Introduced recently to supplement the iconic Like option, Reactions give Facebook users the chance to respond to content with Love, Haha, Wow, Sad, and Angry emoji.

But Belgian police have issued a 'Safe Browsing' warning advising that Facebook is using Reactions to gather information about social network users. Specifically, the police warn that in using Reactions to express emotions, users are giving Facebook the opportunity to build up a more detailed personal profile about them and use that information to deliver closely targeted advertising.

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Windows 10 Mobile will get native fingerprint reader support

Windows 10 to include built-in two-factor authentication

Fingerprint sensors are all the rage these days on premium smartphones. You will not find a new high-end device launching without one. Even mid-rangers and low-end handsets are starting to offer this feature. That is, as long as they are not running Windows.

Fingerprint sensors are found on Android handsets and iPhones, but not on Windows Phone or Windows 10 Mobile devices. That is, in part, because Microsoft has not implemented support for this feature in its operating system. However, that is soon about to change.

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IT pros too confident about detecting ongoing cyber-attacks

Exclusive: Widespread security flaw affects hundreds of UK news sites

Endpoint detection and response company Tripwire and Dimensional Research conducted a research, and asked 763 IT professionals from various industries about their security practices, and if they felt confident they could detect an ongoing cyber-attack.

The two companies announced that the majority of IT experts felt overconfident in their abilities to detect an ongoing threat and remove an unauthorized device from their network.

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Popular business apps come with major security risks

Risk puzzle piece

The security firm Wandera SmartWire Labs has released a new report detailing how many popular business apps used by large enterprises leak data and present a multitude of security risks.

The company assessed the threats that exist on popular business apps and how they could be potentially damaging to large companies in Europe, the US and Asia. Wandera’s report was able to shed light on 10 apps, widely used by enterprise employees, that failed to employ secure data storage and protect information that could personally identify users.

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Mozilla asks the FBI for details of Tor vulnerability that could also affect Firefox


Mozilla is fighting to force the FBI to disclose details of a vulnerability in the Tor web browser. The company fears that the same vulnerability could affect Firefox, and wants to have a chance to patch it before details are made public.

The vulnerability was exploited by FBI agents to home in on a teacher who was accessing child pornography. Using a "network investigative technique", the FBI was able to identify the man from Vancouver, but Mozilla is concerned that it could also be used by bad actors.

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New solution targets threats to containerized apps

Faceless cyber criminal hacker

Running applications in containers is increasingly popular, but whilst it offers benefits in terms of the flexibility to run apps anywhere, it raises fresh challenges for keeping them secure.

A new set of automated capabilities that defend against active threats targeting container environments is being launched by security solutions company Twistlock. Twistlock Runtime is fully automated and designed to detect and stop sophisticated runtime attacks -- including APTs and zero-day exploits.

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Why changing your password is never enough


It’s become more common than not in recent years to experience a security breach -- whether it’s your company records or your personal social media accounts, data on the web today is not as safe as it once was.

Often, people think that because their personal information is protected with a strong password, it’s enough to ward off hackers and cybercriminals. This, however, couldn’t be further from the truth. Let’s learn why.

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New Webroot solution uses threat intelligence to secure IoT gateways

artificial intelligence

As the Internet of Things takes off, gateways are increasingly being used to connect legacy and next generation devices, but they often don't have the security features to protect critical infrastructure.

Endpoint security specialist Webroot is launching a new threat intelligence solution for IoT gateways to secure them against advanced and persistent network based threats.

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90 percent of financial services IT security pros fear security breaches

Piggy bank theft

A new survey of IT security professionals working in the financial services sector reveals that 90 percent feel vulnerable to security breaches and 44 percent have actually experienced one -- 19 percent in the last year.

These findings come from enterprise data protection specialist Vormetric which, in conjunction with 451 Research, has issued a financial services edition of its 2016 Data Threat Report.

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Businesses open to hiring ex-hackers to beef up security


The Hollywood scenario where people hire ex criminals to do their bidding, as no one else seems to have the necessary skills, has been replicated in real life, according to a new report by cyber-security service provider SecureData.

SecureData says more than a third of businesses (34 percent) would have no problems hiring an ex hacker to compensate for the lack of in-house cyber-security skills. I just wonder how you classify someone as an "ex hacker".

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Most enterprise Windows environments are not secure enough

Boardroom security

A new survey, from the real-time IT management company ManageEngine, has revealed that 70 percent of global IT administrators believe that their Windows environments are at risk of malicious attacks.

The survey, titled "Global Active Directory and Windows Server Security -- Trends and Practices Survey, 2016", gathered the opinions of over 325 IT administrators from organizations around the world.

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Anonymous teams up with GhostSquad to attack major banks


Anonymous has joined forces with GhostSquad to launch successful cyberattacks on eight international banks that were forced to shut down their websites.

The hacktivist collective alongside the hacker group GhostSquad have launched a new operation called Op Icarus which aims to punish corrupt banks and individuals in the financial sector.

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India has mobile forensic tools to hack into iPhones

iPhone Passcode

The case of the FBI seeking to force Apple to provide backdoor access to the San Bernardino shooter's iPhone focused attention on security and encryption once again. The agency may have been able to gain access to the phone with help from a third party, but the Indian government has gone one better.

Communications Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad has revealed that the government has a tool that can be used to gain access to, among other devices, Apple's iPhone. This is not to say that a tool has been created that bypasses encryption, rather that a method for getting past the lockscreen has been developed.

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