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Kaspersky reveals details of extraordinarily powerful Android trojan, Skygofree

Virus alert on Android phone

Security firm Kaspersky Lab has revealed details of a highly-sophisticated Android trojan that takes advantage of multiple vulnerabilities to gain full control of a device. Skygofree has capabilities that have never been seen in the wild before.

In the malware's arsenal of weapons is the ability to track user location, record audio, connect to attacker-controlled networks, monitor messaging apps, intercept text messages, take photographs, and much more. Kaspersky says its capabilities are "reminiscent of Hollywood spy movies."

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ProtonVPN launches unlimited free VPN service for Android

ProtonVPN’s free VPN service got off to a very rocky start when it launched 7 months ago. Demand was such that free users got put on to a waitlist, where they languished for months before even seeing an invite. The company did sort things eventually, and today it expands ProtonVPN further, by bringing the service to Android.

If you’re concerned about using a free VPN, the company says you shouldn’t be. The free service is funded by paid subscribers and subsidized by ProtonMail, meaning there are no ads and user data won't be sold to pay for it.

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Huawei Mate 10 Pro flagship Android smartphone finally coming to USA

When you think of elegant computers and devices, your mind probably goes to Apple, and rightfully so. After all, the iPhone-maker has long pioneered the concept of technology being more than just function. With Apple, exterior design is equally as important as the internals. The first iMac, for instance, showed that a computer could be more than a beige tower.

Nowadays, there are many other companies that focus on external beauty, but one in particular really shines in this regard -- Huawei. That manufacturer sells elegant phones, tablets, computers, and more. Its previously announced Mate 10 Pro had many people drooling (including yours truly), but tragically, it was not available in the USA. Today, however, Huawei announces that the much anticipated smartphone is finally coming to the country sandwiched between Mexico and Canada.

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Xposed Framework beta adds support for Android Oreo

Oreo 8 Android

A new beta of the Android tweaking tool Xposed Framework has been released. The big news is that the release brings support for Oreo, something of a surprise considering how recently Google pushed the latest version of its mobile operating system out of the door.

The latest Xposed Framework release comes mere months after Nougat support was added. While the Oreo-supporting release will be welcomed by mobile tweakers, the developer says it should be treated as a beta, and may be buggy.

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OnePlus 5T Sandstone White is coming -- here's how to get the limited-edition Android smartphone

OnePlus 5T Sandstone White

One of the fun aspects of Android is that you get to choose from many different devices. Unlike Apple iOS, where you are fairly limited, Google's operating system can be had on many phones and tablets, from companies like LG, Samsung, HTC and more. Unfortunately, unless you buy a Pixel or Nexus device, you often don't get a "pure" Android experience. Not to mention, community support can be limited due to locked bootloaders and other nonsense.

That's why the OnePlus devices have been such a breath of fresh air. These phones are no-nonsense, with purposeful design, and a fairly pure Android OS experience. Best of all, there is a wonderful community for support. Not to mention, they are affordable too. Today, the company announces that its latest flagship, the OnePlus 5T, will soon be available in a very limited edition color -- Sandstone White. Despite having the same specifications and just being a new color, the company says the phone "is the most complex device we have ever built."

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Samsung Galaxy Note8 handsets have a battery problem

Sound familiar? A Galaxy Note has a problem with its battery! Samsung has acknowledged that there is an issue with the battery of the Galaxy Note8 -- but unlike the Galaxy Note7, there's no risk of it catching fire or exploding this time around.

A number of Note8 owners have complained that their phones have essentially been bricked after they let the battery run flat. With the battery fully discharged, it has proved impossible to charge the phone again. The problem is mainly affecting Note8 owners in the US.

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Edward Snowden's Haven app turns a smartphone into a security device

Haven app logo

The name Edward Snowden will always be associated with the NSA, but the man has fingers in many other pies. His latest venture is an app called Haven which can turn a smartphone into a security device that keeps an eye on your possessions.

Haven is an Android app, currently in beta, designed to be installed on an "extra" phone that you wouldn't mind losing. Placed with your belongings, it uses a phone's sensors -- microphone, camera, gyroscope, accelerometer, and so on -- to detect and record theft and tampering.

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OxygenOS 4.7.6 rolling out for OnePlus 5T

OnePlus 5T display

After officially treating OnePlus 5 users to Android 8.0 Oreo last week, OnePlus is now rolling out another update. This time around it is for its latest flagship killer, the mighty OnePlus 5T.

OxygenOS 4.7.6, as it's called, comes with some pretty useful changes for the camera and system that improve performance and usability. The most useful addition -- at least for me -- is the new assistive lighting feature for face unlock.

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Download Android 8.0 Oreo for OnePlus 5 now

If you're the owner of a OnePlus 5, you've no doubt been eagerly awaiting the arrival of Oreo on your phone. Well, the wait is over; you can now upgrade to Android 8.0.

The release served as a great present for anyone who had their ear to the ground on Christmas Eve, and a nice surprise for anyone who was too wrapped up in festivities to notice. As ever, the update will roll out gradually, but if you're feeling impatient, it's easy to force the download.

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Android users more likely to work over Christmas

Christmas smartphone worker

In many businesses Christmas is seen as a quiet time when things slow down and staff get the chance to relax.

But according to enterprise file sharing company Egnyte that's not necessarily the case.

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Currency mining Android Trojan can kill your phone

Smartphone in flames

Researchers at cyber security company Kaspersky Lab have discovered a new Android mobile Trojan called Loapi.

It uses a modular architecture, allowing functions to be added to the software so it can be used for anything from crypto currency mining to DDos attacks. Crucially though Loapi can create such a heavy workload on an infected device that the battery overheats and destroys the phone.

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Microsoft Launcher is very popular with Android users

Microsoft Launcher Android

Microsoft has become one of the most relevant mobile developers by offering its best products and services to (virtually) everyone who owns a smartphone and tablet -- for free. Major apps like Word, Skype and Outlook are among the most popular titles in their respective categories on the two biggest platforms: Android and iOS.

Microsoft did not stop there though, as it also created new apps specifically tailored to attract new users on a platform. Microsoft Launcher is one of them, being designed as an alternative launcher for Android devices that ties in with the company's other products. And, believe it or not, users have responded really well to it.

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Google Assistant gains 'Hey, Google' support on a range of Android devices

Hey balloons

Voice control of computers and smartphones is becoming increasingly common, and for Android users a new option is opening up. Previously only available on Nexus and Pixel devices, support for the "Hey, Google" trigger is rolling out to more handsets.

This gives Android users another option for calling up Google's voice-activated assistant, adding to the existing "OK, Google" command.

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Google Maps for Android gets step-by-step directions for public transit navigation

When some people -- such as suburbanites -- think of Google Maps, their minds likely go to motor vehicles, such as cars, motorcycles, and trucks. People also use it for other types of transportation, however, such as walking, biking, and mass-transit. Google Maps works rather well for these various means of traveling, adjusting both the route and estimated time based on your selection.

Today, Google Maps for Android gains a new feature that will greatly benefit folks that ride the train or bus. You see, the app will now provide step-by-step directions for public transit navigation. In other words, the search giant is helping you to avoid missing your stop.

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Malicious mobile apps fool consumers by imitating leading brands

Mobile phone malware

By impersonating brands and fooling consumers, malicious mobile apps are on the increase, according to digital threat management leader RiskIQ in its latest Q3 mobile threat landscape report.

Apps available outside of official stores are most likely to be malicious. Google’s percentage of malicious apps decreased to a low of four percent in Q3 after reaching a high of eight percent in Q2. However, one of the most prolific creators of malicious apps worked exclusively in the Play store.

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