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Apple finally starts selling Magic Keyboard with Touch ID for M1 Mac computers

When Apple first unveiled its all-new iMac computers, owners of other M1 models, such as the Mac mini, MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro were quite excited. Why? Because the iMac had the option of a Magic Keyboard with Touch ID. This was Apple's first-ever wireless keyboard with an integrated fingerprint reader, and the iPhone-maker promised it would sell the keyboard as a standalone product in the future for use with other M1 Mac computers (not Intel).

Many consumers, including yours truly, have been religiously checking Apple's website in hopes the Magic Keyboard with Touch ID would show up for sale, but day after day, we were left with nothing but disappointment. Apple got our hopes up and then left us hanging.

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Tim Cook quotes Abe Lincoln as he closes Apple Stores to fight COVID-19 coronavirus

Have you ever been to an Apple retail store? They are very hip and fun -- a great way to get a hands-on experience with a product before buying it. Unfortunately, Apple retail stores are also wildly disgusting. Look, it is in my experience that most people in these stores aren't actually buying anything, or planning to make a purchase, but instead, they are killing time by playing with things. Germs can have a field day at the Apple Store!

In particular, Apple stores inside of shopping malls are often places parents drop their kids to play while they shop. Apple doesn't ban food either, so it is not uncommon to see people eating Auntie Anne's Pretzels with their hands and then touching iPhone screens. The spread of germs in an Apple retail store is a legitimate concern.

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Apple says the Mac Pro will be made in America

Made in the USA

Just after US trade regulators approved tariff exemptions for Apple, meaning that it could manufacture products abroad and import them without huge financial penalties, the company has announced that it will be making the Mac Pro in Austin, Texas.

Apple says that the decision to produce the redesigned Mac Pro in the US is "part of its commitment to US economic growth".

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Apple Card: The Apple credit card is coming in August

Apple Card

You might well be waiting for news of the new iPhone line-up, and we'll know more about that soon. In the meantime, however, Apple has a new product for its loyal fanbase. A credit card.

The Apple Card has been talked about for some time, and now Tim Cook has revealed that it will be launching in August. The news came from the Apple CEO during an earnings call yesterday, and he said that the company's employees have been beta testing the Apple Card, which comes in both digital and physical forms.

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2019 prediction #1 -- Apple under Tim Cook emulates GE under Jack Welch

People -- well, investors and financial analysts -- seem to worry a lot about Apple. They tend to see Apple as either wonderful or terrible, bound for further greatness or doomed. What Apple actually is is huge -- a super tanker of a company. And, like a super tanker, it’s hard to quickly change Apple’s direction or to make it go appreciably faster or slower. Those who see Apple as doomed, especially, should remember they are worrying about the most profitable enterprise in the modern history of business. Those who see Apple as immortal should remember that’s impossible.

The worry about Apple in 2019 seems to be that the smart phone market may have peaked, or maybe that Apple has made the mistake of building its products so well that they last too long. Then there’s the concern that Steve Jobs is gone and why isn’t Apple reinventing itself and the world yet again through another new product category?

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Apple iPhone will improve medical care for USA veterans

United States veterans often don't get the respect they deserve. Once they rejoin civilian life, it isn't uncommon to hear horror stories about how they are treated in regards to medical care. Veterans Health Administration facilities can sometimes have long waits, poor service, and terrible hygiene conditions. Don't get me wrong, not all of the VA hospitals are bad, but some are. And these brave people should never have deficient care.

Today, Apple announces that it is aiming to improve the medical care for these heroes with its "Health Records on iPhone" feature. This will allow veterans to safely and securely access medical records with an iPhone. This should be both a tremendous benefit and convenience for these heroic men and women, ultimately leading to an improved medical care experience.

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Tim Cook calls for 'comprehensive federal privacy law in the United States'

Metallic Apple logo

Speaking at the International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners in Brussels, Apple CEO Tim Cook praised Europe's GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and said the US needs to fight back against the weaponization of personal data.

In a strongly-worded speech, Cook avoided explicitly naming the likes of Google and Facebook for trading in private information, but it was clear who he was referring to when he said data was being misused. He added: "We shouldn't sugar-coat the consequences. This is surveillance".

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Tim Cook: iPhone users will soon be able opt out of performance reduction

Plugging in an iPhone 6S

Many iPhone owners were disappointed to learn that Apple had been purposefully slowing their handsets, with many people believing it confirmed rumors that Apple slowed older iPhones to encourage upgrades.

Facing a backlash, the company explained that the forced performance degradation was an attempt to maximize battery life, and it then announced a cheaper battery replacement program. Now Tim Cook has said that a future iOS update will make iPhone throttling optional.

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Apple donates $5 million to 'Hand in Hand' hurricane relief telethon

If you are a resident of Florida, I hope you have evacuated by now. Remember folks, you can replace things, but not your life. Hurricane Irma is looking like a monster -- it will almost certainly cause severe destruction in the state. I pray that there are no further fatalities -- some people living in the Caribbean have already died as a result of Irma. It is heartbreaking. This storm follows Hurricane Harvey which left a path of sadness in Texas.

Thankfully, individuals and organizations have both big hearts and big wallets. There has been a huge outpouring of support for those impacted by these natural disasters. In fact, on September 12, there will be an hour-long, commercial-free, star-studded telethon called "Hand in Hand: A Benefit for Hurricane Relief" which aims to raise money for folks affected by Irma and Harvey. Today, Apple pledges an impressive $5 million to the initiative.

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There's a bulge in Tim Cook's pants that has aroused my curiosity -- is it Apple iPhone 8?

Next month, Apple is expected to introduce a new smartphone -- probably a few new models, actually. What most folks are excited about, however, is the rumored "iPhone 8." There has been some speculation that it will be an extremely premium -- and expensive -- smartphone. Some leaked designs imply that it will have almost no bezels, while ditching the bottom physical home button and extending the screen to the very top, wrapping around the front camera and ear piece -- similar to the Essential Phone.

Based on the rumors, the iPhone 8 -- if that is even what it will be called -- could be narrower and taller than existing models, such as the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. That's why I found myself quite excited while looking at a Tweeted picture of Tim Cook's pants today. In a Tweet Cook sent from a manufacturing plant, there is a bulge in his right pocket that is clearly an iPhone. But which model is it?

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Is Apple crazy to sell a $300 hardcover photo book? Not at all

Last month, Apple unveiled new MacBook Pro laptops. While the machines were undoubtedly great, their prices were very high -- even for Apple. Despite the cost, they are apparently flying off virtual shelves, as shipping dates are now in late December. In other words, price be damned, people will buy what they want, and they are willing to splurge on quality. The old adage of "you get what you pay for" is sometimes quite true.

Today, Apple announces a hardcover book called "Designed by Apple in California". It is a paper book comprised of high-quality photographs of the company's products. There are two sizes being offered, with the smaller (10.20" x 12.75") costing $200 and the larger (13" x 16.25") costing $300. Are those prices high? Yes. Is Apple crazy to ask that much? Nope. In fact, the company is wise to set a high price, as it sets the value and desirability at a high level.

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Ireland to appeal against Apple's $14.5 billion EU tax bill

When the European Commission said it believed Apple should pay €13 billion (around $14.5 billion) after enjoying "illegal tax benefits", it wasn't just Tim Cook who was unhappy. The Commission said that the Irish Government had "artificially lowered" Apple's tax bill, and ministers are not happy with the accusation.

After meeting to discuss the matter, ministers are now ready to appeal against the ruling. After Apple said it planned to appeal against the decision, Finance minister Michael Noonan said Ireland planned to do the same.

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Apple vs FBI: Tim Cook concedes helping authorities is a theoretical possibility

In the Apple vs FBI fight, the issue is very black and white for many people; you support Apple's position of standing firm against the FBI, or you believe the FBI should have unfettered access to whatever data it wants, regardless of the consequences.

Tim Cook has been steadfast in his position, but in an interview with TIME the Apple CEO admits that the situation is not entirely binary. Presented with a thought experiment Cook appears to concede there are gray areas, opening up the possibility of assisting the FBI to break into the San Bernardino shooter's iPhone.

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Mozilla sides with Apple against FBI -- proposes basic principles for government surveillance

The ongoing dispute between the FBI and Apple is absolutely chilling. It shakes me to my core to think our government wants to force a company to write code under the guise of anti-terrorism. Quite frankly, the oft-argued opinion that supporting Apple in this regard is anti-American is not only wrong, but insulting. My soul still aches from 9/11, and I love America, but I also support Tim Cook and the company's fight to protect our civil liberties.

But forget my opinion -- major tech companies, such as Google and Microsoft, are standing up and pledging support for their competitor, Apple. Now, open source darling, Mozilla, is voicing its support too. Taking it a step further, however, the Firefox-maker is also proposing basic principles for government surveillance -- sort of like a bill of rights for encryption and surveillance.

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Apple crumbles as iPhone sales growth slows dramatically

The golden days may be over for Apple when it comes to the iPhone. While rumors may be circulating about the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 5se, it's the sales of current devices that are of interest to not just Apple, but its investors. Today, Apple announced its earnings for Q1 of the 2016 fiscal year -- and it seems as though the iPhone is starting to lose its shine.

While sales have continued to grow, growth has slowed so dramatically that this is slowest period of growth since the iPhone first appeared in 2007 -- rising from 74.5 million a year ago to 74.8 million. And this is not the end of the bad news for Apple; revenue for Q2 is expected to be lower than last year, and we could even see a drop in iPhone sales.

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