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Fighting cybercrime: What's next for Microsoft 365

It has been over a decade since we were first introduced to the Microsoft 365 brand -- and now it is one of the most used lines of subscription services in the world. Last year marked the 10th anniversary, and if we take a look back since its early days, the service has only expanded its scope and capabilities especially when it comes to the Security & Compliance Center.

The swift ascension of Microsoft 365 hardly comes as no surprise, given the hybrid world we now find ourselves in. However, as the number of M365 users continues to increase at a rapid pace, the security risks for both users and admins will only grow as well. To break it down,  between January and December 2021 alone, Microsoft Azure Active Directory blocked more than 25.6 billion malicious attempts to hijack enterprise customer accounts by brute-forcing stolen passwords.

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Get 'Microsoft 365 Word Tips and Tricks' ($29.99 value) FREE for a limited time

Microsoft Word, or MS Word, is a word processor developed by Microsoft. Although Word is one of the office productivity applications included in the Microsoft Office suite, it can also be purchased as a standalone product.

MS Word enables you to create, edit, and save professional documents, among other helpful features. Anyone who wants to get better at working with Word will be able to put their MS Word knowledge to use with this practical guide.

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Microsoft is tempting G Suite legacy free edition users to Microsoft 365 with a special deal

Microsoft building logo

When Google announced the death of G Suite legacy free edition in the hope of getting users to pay for Google Workspace, there was understandable annoyance. The company later launched the fee-free Workspace Essentials Starter Edition to appease disgruntled G Suite users but for many the damage was already done.

Microsoft is taking full advantage of the irritated Google userbase. The company has revealed a special offer that it hopes will entice small businesses that have been using Google legacy G Suite into using Microsoft 365. The incentive? A hefty 60 percent discount.

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Almost half of organizations don't use all of Microsoft 365's features

The thing about integrated office suites is that inevitably you don't need all of the features they provide, or at least you use some of them less than others.

New research from managed services provider Ensono shows that 83 percent of enterprises say Microsoft 365 is an invaluable part of their business operations. However, almost half aren't using all of the features available.

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Get 'Microsoft 365 Portable Genius' ($12.00 value) FREE for a limited time

Do you want to make your Microsoft 365 account a productivity behemoth? Do you want to squeeze every last bit of awesome from Word, Excel, and PowerPoint and learn a little more about Outlook, too? Microsoft 365 Portable Genius has you covered.

A seasoned tech expert and trainer, author Lisa A. Bucki shows you how to build Word documents, Excel workbooks, and PowerPoint presentations the right way, as well as how to use high-impact design techniques to make your documents pop.

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Running a pirated copy of Office could earn you a discount on a Microsoft 365 subscription

Microsoft Office icons

For fairly obvious reasons, Microsoft -- like other companies -- would much rather people did not pirate its software. The major concern for any software producer is the loss of income, and Microsoft has come up with a solution for people running pirated versions of Office.

Citing various benefits, including avoiding the risk of security issues, Microsoft is urging pirates to take out a Microsoft 365 subscription. To sweeten the deal, the company is offering a discount on the usual price.

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Starting today, Microsoft 365 usage analytics is anonymized by default

Anonymous woman

As of September 1, 2021, Microsoft is making an important privacy change for Microsoft 365 usage analytics -- pseudonymization of user-level information by default.

Microsoft says that this change will help companies to more easily comply with local privacy laws, but it is something that is likely to be welcomed for various other reasons.

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Microsoft to reveal what's next for Microsoft 365 and Teams [Update]

COVID-19 has changed the world for many of us, and led to unprecedented numbers of people working from home. Quite what the future will hold for businesses once the pandemic is over remains to be seen, but it’s safe to say that not everyone will be headed back to the office.

Microsoft 365 and Teams has made it a lot easier, and more practical, for people to work and learn from home, and on Thursday, Feb 4 the software giant will be revealing what’s next for those two important tools.

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Microsoft 365's 'Productivity Score' raises serious privacy concerns

Microsoft building in California

Microsoft has attracted the attention of privacy campaigners over the Productivity Score feature of Microsoft 365. The tool uses telemetry to enable employers to track the activities and performance of workers.

The analytics tool has been criticized for being a serious invasion of privacy, as it gives employers the ability to closely monitor individuals. One data privacy researcher describes it as "turn[ing] Microsoft 365 into a full-fledged workplace surveillance tool".

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Microsoft teases a new look for Office and Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 redesign

Microsoft has given us a sneaky glimpse into the future, showing off some of the design changes that are coming to its Office apps. The company has revealed the updated UX that Microsoft 365 users can expect to see.

In addition to introducing a more muted color palette and fully embracing the Fluent Design language, Microsoft is also making some key changes to the ribbon. Part of this involves incorporating AI into the software so that a more flexible ribbon can contextually adapt to what you are doing.

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Phishing attack evades Microsoft 365 security


Researchers at email protection company Armorblox have uncovered a targeted email phishing attack designed to get past Microsoft 365 security.

The attack is a variant of 'PerSwaysion', a recent spate of credential phishing attacks that utilize compromised accounts and leverage Microsoft file-sharing services to lull victims into a false sense of security.

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Clumio adds Microsoft 365 protection to its SaaS enterprise backup solution

Backup key

Enterprises and their data are vulnerable, perhaps more so than ever right now, with COVID related phishing scams booming.

Backup specialist Clumio is adding Microsoft 365 to its secure backup as a service offering, providing organizations running Microsoft 365 with a globally consolidated data protection service.

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Microsoft 365 is available now, but you can save 47% off the price of Office 2019

Today is the day that Office 365 is rebadged Microsoft 365, complete with several new features as Microsoft moves to give its favored subscription model a wider appeal.

Existing Office 365 subscribers need do nothing -- as of today, your plan seamlessly switches to the equivalent Microsoft 365 plan. But the rebadged service also launches with several new features designed to tempt more subscribers. But if you remain unconvinced by the subscription model, we’ve got two great deals for Office 2019 and Windows 10, offering licenses that won’t expire.

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Office 365 becomes Microsoft 365 -- a 'subscription service for your life'

Microsoft has done a spot of rebranding today, replacing Office 365 with Microsoft 365, and introducing personal and family subscriptions.

This builds on the foundation of Office 365, but improves on it and adds some useful consumer focused apps and features.

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Microsoft 365 delivers a complete solution for businesses

As the workplace evolves to become more diverse and teams are more widely distributed, businesses are looking to technology to empower their staff.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella used his speech today at Inspire to announce the launch of Microsoft 365 which incorporates Office 365, Windows 10 and Enterprise Mobility + Security, to deliver a complete, intelligent and secure solution for employees.

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