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Alabama's LGBT anti-discrimination bill to be named after Apple's Tim Cook

Alabama's LGBT anti-discrimination bill to be named after Apple's Tim Cook

It's only a few weeks since Tim Cook announced that he is gay and the impact is already starting to be felt. The Apple CEO wrote in Bloomberg Business that "I'm proud to be gay", and his coming out has proved to be inspirational, even in the short time between then and now. Now an anti-discrimination bill in Alabama is to be named after him.

Alabama is in the process of passing a bill that will make it illegal for state employers to discriminate against workers on the basis of their sexuality. Democratic state Representative Patricia Todd is the Alabama's only openly gay lawmaker and she proposed the billing, mentioning Tim Cook's name "in jest".

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iPhone 6 Plus accounts for 41 percent of phablet sales in US


Most consumers who buy one of Apple's latest smartphones end up with the smaller model. In fact, iPhone 6 is outselling its bigger brother, iPhone 6 Plus, by a ratio of three to one in US, and an even higher ratio of four to one in Britain. However, Apple shouldn't be worried that its first phablet is nowhere near as popular as the "standard" iPhone 6.

That is because iPhone 6 Plus is actually a hugely popular device in its category, accounting for 41 percent of phablet sales in US in the three months ending October 2014, despite being on sale only from mid-September onwards. What does that mean in the grand scheme of things?

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Apple's new patent aims to limit the damage caused by dropping your phone

Broken phone

You know how a slice of bread always falls on the buttered side? Or how a cat, when dropped onto its back, always somehow manages to turn around mid-air and land on its feet?

Well, basically, Apple has been awarded a patent that does just that -- makes sure its products, when dropped, land exactly how they want them to land. Of course, this desired landing will be one that is the least likely to damage crucial components.

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iPhone 6 is a huge hit

iPhone 6

Apple will have a record quarter for iPhone sales, if analyst estimates are to be believed. The company is expected to ship more than 70 million units in the last part of the year, nearly 20 million units more than the 51 million units it moved a year ago. It wouldn't surprise anyone if these estimates turn out to be accurate, considering the successful launch of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, coupled with the high consumer demand for the two devices across the globe.

Today, research firm Kantar Worldpanel ComTech adds more credence to the estimates. Its latest report, on the three months ending October 2014, reveals record market share for Apple's smartphones in Britain, strong performance in continental Europe, and marginal improvements in market share in US and China.

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Apple loses appeal against Australian 'app store' trademark ban

Apple loses appeal against Australian ‘app store’ trademark ban

The two words "app store" might seem like a fairly generic reference to some kind of outlet at which one might expect to purchase apps, but it is a term that is most associated with Apple. Back in March of last year, Apple attempted to trademark the term in Australia, but the Registrar of Trade Marks refused the application.

Never one to give up without a fight, the company lodged an appeal with the Federal Court. Rather than rethinking the original decision, the court threw out the appeal so other companies are free to use the term without fear of legal repercussions.

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Here are T-Mobile's iPhone deals for Cyber Monday


Cyber Monday is in full swing, with lots of attractive deals waiting for you online. Since quite a few companies have long announced what they are offering today, you may have some things already on your shopping list. However, if you are looking to get your hands on a new iPhone, you should also take a look at what T-Mobile has to offer.

The US mobile operator just announced its iPhone deals for Cyber Monday, revealing that it will upgrade consumers who purchase a base-model iPhone 6, iPhone 5s or iPhone 5c to the next-best storage trim for free.

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11 top tips to get the most from iPhone 6 and iOS 8.1


For those of you who have made the commitment of purchasing the new iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus, you’ve probably spent a fair bit of time figuring out all the cool tricks and shortcuts that they offer. The same may also be true for anyone who has recently upgraded to Apple’s new operating system, iOS 8.1.

However, there are always a few secrets that slip under the radar. With that in mind, here are 11 tips and tricks for your iPhone 6 and iOS 8.1 that you may not know yet, but definitely should.

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Google can count many blessings this Thanksgiving

turkey axe slaughter thanksgiving surrender

While I keep the list short this year, it wouldn't be U.S. Thanksgiving without my writing about gratitude, and why some tech company's executives, employees, and partners should prostrate and pray "Thanks".

Let's start off with Google, which continues a great run that started with Larry Page's return as CEO in April 2011. If he's not all smiles this Turkey Day, someone should slap that man aside the head. I could tick off a hundred things for which he should give thanks. For brevity's sake, so you can get back to the big game and bigger bird, I select some things that might not come to mind.

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When iPads fall, Windows tablets rise

Apple iPad vs Windows 8

The tablet market could be slowing down after years of growth, according to industry estimates, with Apple's iPad set to be hardest hit.

Research firm IDC projects that total tablet shipments globally are set to increase by only 7.2 percent this year, compared with 52.5 percent growth in 2013.

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App Store downloads hit a new high


App Store downloads reached an all-time high during October following the release of the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus as well as the implementation of iOS 8.

Fiksu’s App Store Competitive Index recorded 7.8 million downloads of the top 200 free iOS apps in October 2014, which was a huge increase of 42 percent on the previous month and 39 percent on October 2013.

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How Apple is winning in the enterprise


Whilst PCs continue to be used in the workplace, the Apple collection of Macs, iPads, and iPhones are dominating the desk-space and pockets of the workforce. A recent survey revealed that 60 percent of US businesses are supporting more than 100 Apple devices and the UK seems to be following suit with Apple continuing to introduce features for the UK enterprise market -- such as the news that it will be expanding its Device Enrolment Program (DEP) to 26 countries, including the UK, Netherlands, France and Germany, highlighting Apple’s commitment to the enterprise. In addition, the program has also been opened up to devices purchased through third party resellers. This highlights the growing importance and demand for enterprise friendly software. So what is driving all this enthusiasm in the enterprise?

The take-up of Apple in the enterprise has been created by a series of drivers all coming together -- from growing popularity within the C-suite who wished to connect to the network, to millennials choosing to only work with their favorite consumer device and quite simply Apple’s decision to remove the pain of device management and application roll outs through its Zero Touch configurations and Volume Purchase Programs.

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BlackBerry is desperate -- will give iPhone 6 users up to $550 to switch to Passport

Blackberry passport

If you have an iPhone, the chances of wanting to switch to a BlackBerry handset anytime soon are pretty slim. After all, there are few reasons why you might want to do it. And BlackBerry knows it. So, in an attempt to make the switch appealing, the Canadian maker has introduced a new trade-in offer, where it will give iPhone users up to $550 to move to Passport.

The trade-in offer applies to iPhone 4S and newer, including iPhone 6. The most that you are able to get for an iPhone 4S is $240, while for one of Apple's latest smartphones BlackBerry is giving you up to $550. Of the aforementioned trade-in values, in each case $150 is made up by the so-called "BlackBerry Top-Up" (BlackBerry's added incentive).

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Apple and Microsoft both appear in TIME's best inventions of 2014

Apple and Microsoft both have entries in TIME's best inventions of 2014

It's the time of year -- no pun intended -- when websites and magazines start to reflect over the year that has passed. As we reach the closing stages of 2014, TIME has taken a look back at the preceding months and picked out its highlights from the world of innovation in its annual collection of "the best inventions making the world better, smarter and—in some cases—a little more fun".

There may not be quite the same importance placed on TIME's favorite inventions as its annual person of the year award, but it makes for interesting reading nonetheless. With a print circulation running into millions, it's a publication that holds some influence across swathes of America. Apple and Microsoft make appearances in the list, but there are a few surprise inclusions from the world of tech as well.

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Apple no longer offering 'free' apps in the App Store

The end of 'free' apps in the App Store

Take a browse through Apple's App Store and you'll notice something interesting: there are no free apps for Mac, iPhone and iPad any more. Or at least you'd be forgiven for thinking that was the case. Rather than trying to entice people into downloading apps by emblazoning a sexy "Free" button next to them, Apple now opts for a more descriptive "Get" button.

This does not mean that free apps now cost money, but it does mean that the apps you download may cost you money further down the line. Confused? The rewording of the download buttons seems to have come about because of regulators in Europe expressing disapproval that apps previously labeled as free could lead to large bills via in-app purchases.

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Logitech AnyAngle is a snazzy and versatile case for both the iPad Air 2 and iPad mini


The iPad is a wonderful tablet that people love the world over. Sure, Apple has its detractors, and people tend to focus on the deficiencies of the iPad, but its continued popularity is no fluke; it is enjoyable and useful with a ton of great apps. Unfortunately, the tablet's power is limited by its form factor. In other words, other than Microsoft's Surface line, the average tablet cannot stand on its own or be positioned for comfortable desk typing.

Case manufacturers have enabled some brilliant solutions for making the iPad more versatile, and Logitech has been on the forefront in that regard. In fact, Logitech has garnered quite the praise and respect from the iPad community for its cases and keyboards. Today, Logitech continues this tradition, with the attractive Logitech AnyAngle case. It is compatible with the iPad Air 2 and all models of the iPad mini.

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