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Samsung releases 870 QVO 2.5-inch SATA SSD with up to 8TB capacity

M.2 PCIe solid state drives are definitely preferable to 2.5-inch SATA variants, but there is a big problem -- the majority of active computers in the world don't have M.2 slots! In other words, even though M.2 PCIe drives are faster, if they aren't compatible with a user's computer, it is a moot point. Ultimately, 2.5-inch SATA SSDs are here to stay for many years.

Thankfully, there is no shortage of manufacturers willing to produce SATA solid state drives. One of the most notable is Samsung. Its drives are well respected by enthusiasts and regular computer users thanks to reliability, speed, and reasonable pricing. Today, Samsung releases its latest 2.5-inch SATA SSD and it looks like another winner. Called " 870 QVO," this QLC SATA solid state drive comes in capacities ranging from 1TB all the way to an impressive 8TB!

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Samsung Galaxy Book S is first Windows 10 laptop powered by Intel Lakefield hybrid CPU

Now is a wonderful time to be in the market for a laptop. There are many great models powered by the latest Intel and AMD processors. Companies like HP and Dell, for instance, have some very compelling computers out right now, while Microsoft recently released some new Surface devices. If you live on the web, a Chromebook may meet your needs. Heck, even Apple notebooks should be considered, as its entire MacBook line finally has "good" keyboards again. Whether your budget is a few hundred bucks -- or a few thousand -- there is a quality laptop out there for you.

The problem with having such a crowded laptop market, is manufacturers can have a hard time standing out among the competition. Well, Samsung has managed to do exactly that. You see, today, the company announces that its existing 13.3-inch Galaxy Book S is the first-ever computer to get Intel's revolutionary Lakefield CPU as an option. This fanless (woo-hoo!) Intel Core processor with Intel Hybrid Technology (Core i5-L16G7) enables very long standby battery life, making it an intriguing machine for road-warriors. The Galaxy Book S can be an "always-connected" computer thanks to its Wi-Fi 6 and LTE radios. You also get 8GB of LPDDR4x RAM and up to 512GB of SSD storage. Best of all, unlike the neutered ARM model of the Galaxy Book S, this Intel variant can run all Windows programs -- including 64-bit software!

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Samsung T7 USB-C SSD is finally here

Back in January, we told you about the Samsung T7 USB-C SSD — a fast and svelte portable storage drive. There are two variants of the drive — a “T7 Touch” model which has a fingerprint reader for decryption, and a non-touch “T7” model that uses a password for the same thing.

While the touch model has been available for purchase for some time, Samsung promised the non-touch variant would hit stores in Q2 of 2020, meaning April, May, or June. Well, the T7 USB-C SSD is thankfully meeting that promised deadline, as it is available beginning today!

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Apple Music comes to Samsung TVs

Apple Music and Spotify are both great streaming music services, but the former is just a bit better than the latter. Apple’s offering has a much more intuitive user interface, and its curated playlists are second to none. Apple Music is now available on most platforms too, such as iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, and Linux — thanks to the new web client.

Starting today, Apple Music is now available on many newer Samsung smart televisions as well. This is quite remarkable, as Apple and Samsung are fierce competitors in the smartphone market. As Apple becomes more and more focused on services, however, the company is apparently becoming more open to working with former “enemies.”

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Samsung launches rugged and affordable Galaxy XCover Pro Android 10 smartphone for frontline workers

Nowadays, smartphones are getting ridiculously expensive, with some flagships far exceeding $1,000. Worst of all, these pricey phones are still quite delicate -- if you drop it, there is a good chance the screen will shatter or it will become damaged in a different way.

Today, Samsung launches a new Android 10 smartphone that isn't just rugged, but affordable too. You see, the "Galaxy XCover Pro," as it is called, is priced at less than $500. It is IP68 rated and MIL-STD 810G certified, making it ideal for frontline workers that do physical jobs. These are people like construction workers or even medical professionals helping to fight COVID-19. It even has Microsoft Teams integration, including a dedicated button for the Walkie Talkie feature. Plus, Samsung promises three years of security updates too, providing peace of mind.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite is a beautiful Android 10 tablet that comes with an S Pen

If you are an iPhone user, and you want a tablet, you should absolutely get an iPad. Why? Because not only do they share the same App Store (meaning you can often buy an app once and have it on both devices), but also, they can be linked so you get text messages and phone calls on the iPad. The problem? Most of the world uses Android smartphones -- not iPhone. Unfortunately, quality Android tablets are becoming increasingly more rare.

Thankfully, some companies are still making Android tablets consumers will actually want, and today, a new one is announced by Samsung. Called "Galaxy Tab S6 Lite," the tablet runs Android 10 and comes with an S Pen included. This device is designed with a focus on media consumption, so it has a big beautiful display and dual AKG-tuned speakers with Dolby Atmos 3D surround sound. It even comes with complimentary access to YouTube Premium for four months.

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Samsung admits to data breach unconnected to mysterious Find My Mobile 1 push notification

Samsung S20

Last week, Samsung customers around the world were confused by the appearance of a mysterious push notification which simply read "1". The company revealed that the Find My Mobile notifications had been sent out by mistake as part of a test, but there was something even more worrying.

In addition to the random notification, some users reported that they were able to access personal data of other users, including names, addresses and partial payment card details. Samsung has now admitted to the data breach and says it will be contacting those affected.

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RCS messaging lands in Your Phone app for Windows 10

RCS messaging

Microsoft has been making great progress with its Your Phone app recently. The app -- which makes it possible to use an Android smartphone in conjunction with Windows 10 -- has now gained support for RCS messaging.

It has been possible to send regular text messages via Your Phone for some time but now, thanks to a new partnership with Samsung, next-generation RCS messaging is available to some users too.

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Samsung announces the Galaxy S20, S20+ and Galaxy S20 Ultra

If you were hoping that Samsung would be taking the wraps off its Galaxy S11 today, then you’re in for a surprise as the company has gone straight to the S20.

Its new flagship smartphone is available in three versions -- the Galaxy S20, S20+ and S20 Ultra -- and as you’d expect they don’t come cheap, but you do get a lot for your money. As was the case with Apple’s new iPhones announced last year, Samsung’s new devices focus on the imaging side of things with an entirely new camera system, powered by AI and with Samsung’s biggest sensor yet.

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Samsung reveals Galaxy Z Flip in surprise Oscars 2020 ad

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

There is a resurgence of flip phones at the moment, but rather than old-school clamshells, we're talking about devices with foldable displays. Samsung has already launched the disastrous Galaxy Fold, but at last night's Oscars there was a surprise ad for the upcoming Galaxy Z Flip.

The handset is due to be officially announced at tomorrow's Galaxy Unpacked event, but now we've been given a sneaky glimpse of what's to come. The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip will compete with the likes of the  Motorola razr and Microsoft's Surface Duo.

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Samsung T7 Touch is a USB 3.2 Gen 2 SSD with integrated fingerprint reader

CES 2020 has been very exciting for those interested in data storage. Just yesterday, Western Digital unveiled a prototype 8TB portable SSD plus a diminutive 1TB flash drive with both USB-C and USB-A connectivity. Both of these drives should prove very popular with consumers -- if/when they hit stores.

Today, it is Samsung's turn to wow the data storage community. The company's latest SSD, called "T7 Touch," is an external drive that uses USB-C for connectivity and features USB 3.2 Gen 2 speeds. What makes it particularly interesting however, is its integrated fingerprint reader which is used for secure hardware encryption.

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Samsung Galaxy Chromebook is the elegant and powerful Chrome OS laptop the world has been waiting for

Google's Chrome OS has revolutionized desktop computing by stripping away the nonsense and allowing the user to focus on the task at hand. There is no clunky update system like Windows, nor is there the need for anti-malware software. Chromebooks just work, and they are very secure too. Best of all, they are often super affordable -- unlike Apple's overpriced MacBooks. While many folks can get by with web apps, the operating system also runs both Android apps and traditional desktop programs. If you haven't tried a Chromebook in a while, you will be surprised by just how great they are these days.

Today, Samsung announces a new premium Chrome OS convertible laptop that oozes elegance. The Galaxy Chromebook, as it is called, is just 9.9mm thin and features an aluminum chassis in either Fiesta Red or Mercury Gray colors. It has a built-in active stylus, 4K AMOLED display, and is powered by an Intel Core processor. It can even be configured with up to 16GB of RAM! It has the latest-and-greatest Wi-Fi 6 for connectivity plus two USB-C ports too. It even has a fingerprint reader -- a rarity for Chrome OS devices.

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Samsung to reveal completely bezel-free Q950TS 8K QLED TV at CES

Samsung Q950TS 8K QLED TV

CES is about to kick off and we can expect announcements to come thick and fast over the coming days. There are often leaks and rumors ahead of official announcements, but Samsung has revealed details of its Q950TS 8K QLED TV before the event has even started.

The reveal comes courtesy of Samsung's Korean website where we learn that the company's Infinity Screen helps to eliminate the bezel so it is possible to use 99 percent of the screen face. The new 2020 model QLED 8K TV is just 15mm thick, and Samsung has used an AI quantum processor to upscale any footage to 8K.

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Samsung to reveal new devices on February 11 -- Galaxy Fold 2 and Galaxy S11?

Samsung Galaxy Unpacked

Having just announced the Galaxy S10 Lite and Note10 Lite, Samsung is gearing up for another couple of announcements -- possibly the Galaxy S11 and Galaxy Fold 2. There have also been suggestions that one of the announcements could relate to the Galaxy S20.

The company has officially announced that its Galaxy Unpacked event will take place in San Francisco on February 11. Promised are "new, innovative devices that will shape the next decade of mobile experiences".

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Samsung announces Galaxy S10 Lite and Note10 Lite

Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite and Samsung Galaxy Note10 Lite

Ahead of CES, Samsung has revealed two new additions to its range of Android smartphones. The Galaxy S10 Lite and Note10 Lite are cutdown, cheaper versions of their expensive flagship stablemates.

But while these are not as feature-packed or powerful as the fully fledged Galaxy S10 and Note10, they are pitched as upper mid-range devices. Samsung is making much of the phones' cameras and display -- hardly surprising when the 6.7-inch handsets both feature 32MP units on the front and a trio of cameras on the rear.

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