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Want Google Glass? Become a 'Glasshole' on April 15th


Google Glass has yet to be officially released to the public, yet the product has already made a big impact on society. If you aren't familiar, it is a computer that you wear on your head, like glasses, with an integrated camera. The camera is what has ingrained the product into popular culture by way of controversy.  It should come as no surprise that people become uncomfortable when a camera is pointed at them. News reports started hitting the airwaves that wearers of the product were being assaulted, banned from businesses and issued traffic tickets.

However, the controversy and hatred towards the product has been minimized thanks to its relatively small footprint. You see, Google limited sales to what the company officially dubbed "Explorers" -- basically technology nerds that the company knew would like the product. Unofficially, people that dislike the product have started calling owners "Glassholes". Today, the company announces that starting on April 15th, all adults in the USA are welcomed to buy it -- but availability will be limited.

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Mind-reading headband to link with Google Glass


Scientists at a Boston University have developed a mind-reading headband that will let humans communicate with computers through their thoughts and emotions.

Computer scientists and biomedical engineers at Tufts University School of Engineering  say their brain-scanning device lets a computer assess someone's mental state and know if they are bored, fatigued, or sharp, or when their brain is overloaded.

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Google offers do's and don'ts for classless Glass owners


When I was young, one of my favorite things to do was read Highlights Magazine. If you aren't familiar, it is a magazine designed for kids. Besides looking for hidden pictures, my favorite was Goofus and Gallant. It was a short comic strip that showcased two boys that were polar opposites -- Goofus was a jerk and Gallant was good. For example, Goofus would run with scissors, while Gallant would walk nicely with them.

Unfortunately for Google, it seems owners of its Glass product are far more Goofus than Gallant. In other words, the search-giant seems concerned that rude owners will give Glass a bad reputation. And so, Google has produced a list of do's and don'ts for these knuckleheads.

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Wearables in the enterprise, the software development dilemma

google glass

Google Glass is about to end its prototype phase, yet popular opinion and the device’s app ecosystem are struggling.

This coming spring will see widespread consumer access to the much-hyped wearable computer, which will hopefully lead to an increase of intuitive apps. Analysts have stated that such technology will have trouble in the consumer space due to the lack of selection at the moment. Surprisingly, counter to the common progression of technology from consumers to the enterprise, wearable technology will potentially be more successful as a business tool than a consumer gadget.

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The Wearable Technology Show announces its conference speaker lineup

wearable computing

The primary focus of this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) was very much on wearable technology. 2014 may not be the year when wearables hit the mainstream, but it’s clear this is where the future is headed with new smartwatches, smart glasses, fitness bands and the like being developed to keep us constantly connected.

The Wearable Technology Show, being held in London on the 18 and 19 March 2014, is the UK’s first dedicated wearable technology event and its organizers have just announced the speaker lineup for the conference program.

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Google Glass invades the NFL lockeroom

Google Glass

I try to keep my cards close to the chest, but I fear I have left little doubt of my NFL allegiance. I have been a Miami Dolphins fan since I was a small child, but that has absolutely nothing do with my "other life" in the technology world. Needless to say, today's win over the feared New England Patriots was a landmark moment, sealed by an end-zone interception of Tom Brady by an unknown and undrafted rookie.

What does this have to do with tech you ask? Well, the game had nothing to do with it, unless you take into account that Surface is "the official tablet of the NFL". However, in looking through the post-game news, I ran across something rather interesting.

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Have first-generation Google Glass? Get the new model for free

Google Glass

Google has revealed a "one-time optional swap out" program for the first-generation Google Glass, giving owners the option to upgrade, free of charge, to the new model, by sending their older one back. The program was introduced following the release of the new Glass Explorer Edition.

The new Google Glass is, according to the company, basically the same as the old model with the exception of "some subtle improvements". "It's a bit faster and more durable. It's compatible with upcoming prescription frames. All new accessories were designed for the new hardware, including the new Shades and a mono earbud included with your new Glass. It's the future", says Google.

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13 things for which Google gives thanks

pumpkin pie smiley face

U.S. Thanksgiving Day comes late this year for retailers, but makes more time for Google to count its blessings and to offer gratitude for them. Oh, they are bountiful, and there is still another month of them to come. The year 2013 will be remembered as one of the finest in Google history. The company has so much to be thankful for, I could have trebled the list.

But for succinctness, I whittle down to those things that mean more than others or that otherwise would be overlooked in the typical yearly review. The list goes from that for which Google should be least thankful to most. Gobble. Gobble.

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Wearable technology gets its own event


Google Glass is still being tested by a limited number of lucky users, and Apple’s rumored smart watch remains ever elusive, but wearables is clearly one of the fastest growing areas in technology, so it’s inevitable that an exhibition would be set up to showcase it.

The Wearable Technology Show will be held on the 18th and 19th March 2014, at the Olympia Conference Centre in London, and include three dedicated conference rooms, over 70 sessions on fashion, sports and fitness, health, M2M, live product demos, a developer hackfest and a business startup track.

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Can smartglasses have a role in the workplace?

glass photo

Google Glass has caused a bit of a stir, whether it's for the ability to turn us all into government spies or for causing the slightly distracted Google gaze. But there's been relatively little discussion of how smartglasses might be useful for business.

Until now that is, because a new report by Gartner says that smartglasses have the potential to boost worker efficiency in areas like healthcare, manufacturing and field service.

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Google Glass successfully hacked -- right in front of your eyes

hack glass

Google Glass may not have been officially released to the public yet (it is currently only available to testers dubbed "Glass Explorers" by Google), but mobile security juggernaut Lookout has already found a security vulnerability that makes it possible to hack the wearable computer for potentially dangerous and malicious purposes.

The vulnerability impacting Google Glass is initiated through QR codes -- basically advanced barcodes. By design, a Glass user can scan these barcodes with the device's camera to do things such as perform an action or change a setting. While this provides beneficial functionality to the user, it also offers a new gateway for malicious hackers.

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Will Google Glass turn us all into government spies?

stop the cyborgs sign

On 4 July, the founder of PRserve, Chris Barrett videoed an arrest that followed a fist fight on the Jersey Shore boardwalk.

We live in a world where such actions are routinely recorded on smartphones and uploaded to YouTube, but what makes Chris’s video unusual is he used Google Glass to film it.

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Google Glass apps I really want to see

Google Glass man with phone

Your iPhone/Android is cool -- this we know. But, they wouldn’t be half as cool without apps. Apps are the icing on a smartphone -- minus the calories -- and we have a ravenous appetite for them. But cool apps aren’t isolated to just phones any more, as we’ve seen with new tech products like Google Glass.

Glass already has the usual suspects of apps, but what Glass really needs is to go nuts with apps that sound too good to be true.

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Watch Tim Cook's interview at D: All Things Digital conference

Tim Cook

On Tuesday, Apple CEO Tim Cook appeared for the second time at the D: All Things Digital conference. The interview, lead by perennial hosts Kara Swisher and Walt Mossberg, mostly centered around the current state and the future of the fruit company, but also briefly touched other popular topics like Android and wearable technology.

Tim Cook, who wears a Nike+ FuelBand, says that "wearables [the category] is extremely interesting" and capable of deeply impacting people's lives. The man, however, asserts that folks are reluctant to wear things that they don't normally do, giving glasses as an example. For this reason, he believes that products like Google Glass don't appeal to most users and are only attractive to "vertical markets".

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Evernote and Twitter announce Google Glass apps

glass photo

With Google I/O in full swing, and Glass a hot topic of discussion these days, two companies have revealed plans to release apps for Google's new wearable computing system. Social network Twitter and note-taking giant Evernote are both on board with the intriguing futuristic gadget.

Evernote's Andrew Sinkov announces that the company is "excited to unveil a first look at the Evernote experience on Glass". Sinkove goes on to explain "our current implementation focuses on two actions. First, you’ll be able to quickly capture a photo or short video and send it to your Evernote account from the Google Glass sharing menu. Second, you can choose a note from Evernote Web and send it directly into the Glass Timeline so that you have it available right in your field of view when you need it".

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