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LG G4, V10 will get Android Nougat update -- but you won't like when

It's pretty hard to understand why Android makers take so long to release major updates when it's clear that they're an integral part of the user experience -- especially on a flagship device. But that's exactly what LG is doing with its G4 and V10 devices, which will not receive Nougat until later in the year.

LG actually said a few days ago that the two flagships will not receive any more updates, but the company has likely changed course following complaints from unhappy users. And who could blame them? Both the G4 and V10 can handle Nougat just fine.

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LG G6 is a flagship smartphone with a 5.7-inch 18:9 display and impressive specs

If there is anything to be garnered from LG's unveiling of the G6 at MWC 2017 today, it is that the company learned a lot from last year's G5. While the G5 was a modular affair, the LG G6 gets back to basics and concentrates on being a decent flagship handset with a few interesting quirks.

In terms of specs, the G6 may not blow you away, but it still succeeds in standing out from the crowd, thanks in part to its display. The 5.7-inch screen has an aspect ratio of 18:9 (a resolution of 2880 x 1440), and the tall device is IP68 rated for waterproofing. But what else does the LG G6 have to offer?

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LG G6's highlight is its 5.7-inch 'FullVision' QHD+ display

If you want your latest and greatest smartphone to stand out from the crowd probably the best thing that you can do is not announce it at a major show like MWC. That's because many manufacturers will be fighting for the public's attention, as they will unveil dozens of devices in the span of a couple of days.

So, LG is trying to get ahead of everyone else by sharing some juicy details about its upcoming G6 flagship now. The highlight is the 5.7-inch QHD+ display that is said to fill the front of the device "almost entirely".

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LG comes up with a fix for UltraFine 5K's Wi-Fi problems, but owners won't like it

Face palm table coffee Apple MacBook

The LG UltraFine 5K is supposed to be the monitor to get if you're a MacBook user wanting a modern, high-resolution Thunderbolt display. On paper it certainly looks like it. It even has Apple's endorsement, being presented by the company at its October event last year, alongside the latest MacBook Pros.

But, as we just found out, the UltraFine 5K has a serious problem: it can't deal with Wi-Fi interferences, which makes it unusable around routers. For a device that costs almost $1,000, that is a serious issue. The good news is that LG has come up with a fix. The bad news is that existing owners are not going to like it.

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LG V20 Android 7.0 Nougat smartphone [Review]

Android is in a weird place. The latest version, 7.0 Nougat, is on very few devices, which highlights the operating system's biggest issue -- fragmentation. True, most apps will work fine on slightly older versions of the OS, but the true problem is security -- not compatibility. Once a manufacturer stops supporting a smartphone or tablet, the user is at risk of future vulnerabilities.

With OS upgrade concerns in mind, I decided to test Android Nougat on a new Verizon smartphone -- the highly anticipated LG V20. This is the followup to the sleeper-hit V10. The new device retains the famed "second screen", but improves upon its predecessor in every way. Is it worth your money, however?

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LG rolls out Android 7.0 Nougat for G5 flagship

Just over two months after its release, Google reports that Nougat is running on 0.3 percent of Android devices. That is a far cry from the 24 percent share that Marshmallow enjoys, but it should not really surprise anyone considering that the most popular Android devices are rocking an older distribution.

Things will improve as more players release Android 7.0 updates, and the latest to make a move in the right direction is LG. The South Korean maker just announced that it is now rolling out Nougat for its G5 flagship.

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MacBook Pro (2016) becomes high-end desktop with LG UltraFine 5K and 4K Thunderbolt 3 displays

Today was Apple's big October event, and I came away impressed. The new MacBook Pro is both drop-dead gorgeous and super-powerful. The Touch Bar is revolutionary, bringing touch functionality to an operating system that isn't designed for a touch screen.

Unfortunately, the prices for the New MacBook Pro models are quite high, starting at $1,800 for one with the Touch Bar (a neutered non-Touch Bar model can be had for $1,500). If you are going to invest in such a pricey laptop, you will probably want it to double as a desktop too. Luckily, LG has two new Thunderbolt 3 monitors (one is 27-inch 5K, the other is 21.5-inch 4K) that will make it so. Dubbed "UltraFine", they double as single-cable docking stations. In other words, when paired with the MacBook Pro (or non-Pro MacBook), you will have a very rewarding macOS experience.

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LG and Samsung facing class action lawsuit over alleged 'no poaching' agreement

A civil lawsuit filed in a Northern California federal court has accused Samsung and LG of having a clandestine agreement not to poach each other's employees in the US.

The suit was filed by a former LG sales manager who is accusing Samsung and LG of antitrust violations and believes the two South Korean companies have worked together to drive down employee wages. This case is reminiscent of the one which was filed against Apple, Google and other tech companies last year that resulted in a $415 million settlement.

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LG V20 boasts Android 7.0 Nougat, removable battery, and two screens

LG is something of a quiet player in the mobile market, but that could be set to change with the launch of the LG V20 -- the first smartphone to ship with Android 7.0 Nougat pre-installed. Announced just hours ahead of Apple's iPhone 7 event, LG's new flagship handset boasts more than just the very latest version of Android.

There's a 5.7-inch, 513ppi screen which is supplemented by a secondary 160 x 1040, 513ppi ticker display. On top of this there is a 3,200 mAh removable battery, dual rear cameras, all powered by a Snapdragon 820 processor and 4GB of RAM.

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First Android 7.0 Nougat smartphone to be LG V20

LG must know something about its competitors' plans for the next version of Android, because it wants everyone to know that it will be the first vendor to ship a new smartphone with Nougat on board.

The smartphone in question is called V20, and it is the successor to the V10 that LG unveiled nearly one year ago. It will reach store shelves in the coming quarter -- or at least two months from now.

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US government certifies LG's G5, V10 for enterprise and military use

LG today announced that the US government has certified its G5 and V10 flagship Android smartphones for enterprise and military use. The testing was conducted by the National Information Assurance Partnership (NIAP), which verifies the compliance of products with the "Common Criteria" international security standard, which is said to be recognized by 25 countries.

Although LG is only boasting about the two aforementioned handsets, NIAP's test results show that G4, its flagship from last year, is also fit for use in enterprise and military sectors, when running Android 6.0 Marshmallow. NIAP's stamp of approval was received on April 14.

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Marshmallow now runs on 7.5 percent of Android devices

In just two months, Marshmallow has more than doubled its usage share in the Android market, thanks to the introduction of new devices and the availability of more software updates for older but popular handsets.

According to Google's latest figures, which are based on data collected during the seven days ending March 7, 7.5 percent of Android devices now run Marshmallow. When I last covered the distribution numbers in March, its usage share was at just 2.3 percent and it looked like its rise towards the top would be a very slow one.

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MWC 2016: LG G5 is a beautiful, transforming, modular smartphone

Mobile World Congress 2016 kicks off today in Barcelona and one of the first announcements from the show is the LG G5. This is a modular smartphone that features a number of swappable modules that can be used to tailor it to different needs.

Powered, naturally, by Android 6.0 Marshmallow, the LG G5 features a removable battery, but it is the add-on 'friends' modules that are of particular interest. At the moment there are just two modules available -- the LG Hi-Fi Plus with B&O PLAY, Hi-Fi DAC audio player, and LG CAM Plus, which transforms the smartphone into something more akin to a traditional camera. But the LG G5 does not rely on gimmicks; it also has some impressive specs.

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LG unveils new stylus-toting phablet

LG likes to do things differently when it comes to product announcements, revealing some things ahead of the big unveiling. Case in point are the Quick Cover accessory and Active Display technology for its upcoming G5, which were presented ahead of the new flagship. But with its new Stylus 2, I think it has taken things a bit too far.

LG says that Stylus 2 will be unveiled at MWC 2016, which takes place later this week in Barcelona. But, considering that it has officially announced virtually everything we may want to know about this new phablet and even posted presentation photos, I wonder exactly what will be left for it to "unveil".

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LG lets you choose a flagship feature with X series smartphones

Two of the features that consumers get by opting for a flagship smartphone, as opposed to a mid-range or low-end device, are a nicer display and a better camera. Typically, if you are looking for a lesser (and less expensive) handset you will have to settle for less. Manufacturers have to sell those premium devices somehow, right?

But, with its new X series smartphones, LG is challenging the status quo by giving prospective buyers the option to get a flagship-worthy camera or display. It is an interesting strategy, but how is it implemented?

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