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OWC launches Mercury Elite Pro mini USB-C storage drive for Mac, Windows, and Linux

Solid state drives make wonderful internal boot drives for computers, but they are also great options for external storage too. Not only are they often smaller than mechanical hard disk drives, but they also use less power and are much quicker. With that said, sometimes hard disk drives can be a good option for external storage -- depending on your needs and budget, of course.

Today, OWC launches its latest portable storage drive. Called "Mercury Elite Pro mini," this elegant storage solution has a USB-C port and ships with both a USB-C cable and USB-A adapter. In other words, it can be used with any modern computer -- whether it has a USB Type-C port or not. In fact, the company says the drive is compatible with Mac, Windows, and Linux-based operating systems, including Android and Chrome OS.

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OWC miniStack STX makes Apple Mac mini even better

Is the newest Mac mini (2020) a good computer? No. Actually, it is a great computer! Thanks to Apple's incredibly efficient ARM-based M1 processor, the low-priced Mac mini is shockingly powerful while being almost entirely quiet. I say "almost" because it technically has a fan that can make noise, but I have personally never heard mine spin up once -- even when pushing it fairly hard. I highly recommend the diminutive desktop.

Is the Mac mini perfect? Well, no. For instance, it is heavily lacking in the ports department. Besides HDMI, 3.5mm audio, and Ethernet, it only has two USB-A and two Thunderbolt 4 ports for expandability. Plug in a wired mouse and keyboard, and you now have zero available USB ports. Ugh. Not to mention, you cannot add additional internal storage drives.

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Tripp Lite MTB4-HUB3-01 is an elegant Thunderbolt 4 hub with 8K video support

Tripp Lite is a company that I am very familiar with -- for high-quality power strips and surge protectors. When someone asks me what brand of surge protector they should buy to protect their picey desktop computer or other electronics, I usually recommend Tripp Lite. Are its power products a bit expensive? When compared to some other brands, I suppose so. With that said, that company's gear is typically well worth the premium.

Apparently, Tripp Lite also akes other types of computer accessories these days, including an all-new Thunderbolt 4 hub. Called "MTB4-HUB3-01," it will turn one Thunderbolt 3/4 port into three Thunderbolt ports and one USB-A port. This hub can even charge your laptop with up to 60W of power. While not the first such hub on the market, its slim body does look quite elegant.

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Apple reveals how to scale apps to avoid the MacBook Pro notch

macBook Pro with notch

Earlier today we shared details of a handy free app called TopNotch that makes it possible to hide (or at least disguise) the notch that Apple has added to the latest version of the MacBook Pro.

But it seems that even Apple is aware that the position of the notch is not going to be to everyone's liking. The company has published a new support document that explains how apps can be scaled so they do not make use of the notched area of the screen. Here's what you need to know.

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macOS has an unpatched Finder vulnerability that hackers can use to run arbitrary commands

macOS Big Sur

Apple makes much of the security of its products, but vulnerabilities are certainly not unknown. SSD Secure Disclosure has revealed details of a zero-day flaw affecting Finder in macOS. It can be exploited to run arbitrary commands without displaying any messages, prompts or warnings.

The vulnerability was discovered by independent security researcher Park Minchan, and it is present in macOS Big Sur and earlier. The flaw relates to the way macOS processes .inetloc (internet location) files and Apple has made a poor, easily circumvented attempt to fix it in the most recent version of its Mac operating system.

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Parallels will do 'everything that's possible' to bring Windows 11 to macOS

Woman using MacBook Pro

There are many people who prefer to use a Mac, but need to use Windows. Thankfully, to eliminate the need for two systems, there are ways to run Windows in macOS, including using virtualization software.

Following Apple's shift to using its own silicon in Macs and Microsoft's announcement about the upcoming launch of Windows 10's successor -- complete with complex hardware requirements -- there have been questions about whether it will be possible to run Windows 11 on macOS. If Parallels has anything to do with it, Mac users will indeed be able to enjoy Microsoft's newest operating system, including in macOS Monterey.

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Satechi launches USB-C stand and hub for Apple Mac mini with integrated SSD enclosure

Apple Silicon -- better known as the company's own "M1" processor -- is a game-changer. The new Mac computers (MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, and Mac mini) powered by this new ARM-based processor have been very well received by critics and consumers alike.

I was personally fascinated by this new CPU, so I purchased my own 2020 Mac mini. Guess what, folks? The hype is real. The performance is exceptional while the fan almost never kicks in. It is a silent and powerful computing experience. It is a highly recommended computer.

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Ubuntu-maker Canonical will support open source Blender on Windows, Mac, and Linux

Blender is one of the most important open source projects, as the 3D graphics application suite is used by countless people at home, for business, and in education. The software can be used on many platforms, such as Windows, Mac, and of course, Linux.

Today, Ubuntu-maker Canonical announces it will offer paid enterprise support for Blender LTS. How cool is that? Surprisingly, this support will not only be for Ubuntu users. Heck, it isn't even limited to Linux installations. Actually, Canonical will offer this support to Blender LTS users on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Wow!

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Satechi releases Slim X2 Bluetooth Backlit Keyboard for Apple iPhone, iPad, and Mac

Last year, Apple released new Mac computers powered by the company's own M1 processors. Not only were there new MacBook Air and MacBook Pro laptops, but a new Mac mini desktop as well. More recently, Apple released a new M1-powered iMac too. I was fascinated by the new Apple Silicon processors, so earlier this year, I bought my very own Mac mini. Guess what? It is a phenomenal computer that I love very much so far.

The problem with the Mac mini, however, is it doesn't come with a keyboard or mouse. This is by design, as Apple hopes Windows users will replace their current desktops with the little Mac -- simply reusing existing keyboards, mice, and monitors. Unfortunately, a Windows keyboard is not ideal for a Mac. Will it work? Yes, but it doesn't have the exact same keys, such as "COMMAND." And so, Mac mini buyers would be wise to buy a Mac keyboard.

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Apple steals Microsoft's Windows 11 thunder with macOS Monterey unveil

Today at WWDC 2021, the folks at Apple talked. I mean, they talked a lot. Like, for nearly two hours, various Apple employees highlighted the company's plans for the future, including iOS 15 and iPadOS 15. While consumers are probably most excited about Apple's aforementioned mobile operating systems, other people (such as yours truly), are more intrigued by the newest version of the desktop OS. Called "Monterey," this once again looks to be the best macOS ever.

Despite Apple switching to its own ARM-based processors for the newest Mac computers, macOS Monterey will be compatible with Intel-based machines too. Notably, Shortcuts from iOS and iPadOS will be coming to Monterey. While Automator is still supported, it is unofficially on death-watch. Most interestingly, Apple is making it easier to work between iPhone, iPad, and Mac -- you can now do AirPlay to Mac and share your mouse and keyboard between devices with Universal Control.

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Think Windows 10 is bad? Feast your eyes on Microsoft's macOS -- the desktop operating system we definitely don't want!

If you’re a Mac owner, then you’ll be very familiar with macOS, Apple’s desktop operating system. Similarly, if you own a PC -- and it isn’t running a flavor of Linux -- then there’s a good chance it will have Windows 10 on it.

macOS and Windows 10, like other desktop operating systems, share lots of similarities, but they are also very different in their own ways. But what if they weren’t? What if Microsoft was making macOS instead of Apple?

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Linux could run on Apple M1 chips in just a few months

M1 MacBook Pro

Apple's latest M1-based range of laptops and desktops has impressed many with the impressive speed boost over Intel chips. While many macOS fans have been eagerly waiting for their favorite apps to be ported across, others have been waiting to the arrival of Linux.

And with the launch of version 5.13 of the Linux kernel, this should become a reality. The hard work of developers means Linux support could be coming to M1 Apple devices as soon as June this year.

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New solution streamlines Apple device management for enterprises


The use of Apple devices in business environments is growing. An IDC report last year showed macOS was the operating system for 23 percent of computers at US companies with over 1,000 employees in 2020, up from 17 percent in 2019.

This presents challenges for security teams which is why Mosyle is launching a new security product aimed at Apple-focused enterprises.

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Apple releases important Big Sur and iOS updates to fix WebKit vulnerability

Apple logo and padlock

Apple has issued a couple of important security updates for its desktop and mobile operating systems. The company has released iOS 14.4.1 and macOS 11.2.3, both of which are described as being "recommended for all users".

The reason for this is simple -- these are important updates that patch a memory corruption bug that could be exploited by malicious websites. This is in addition to the vulnerabilities that have already been patched in another iOS update last month.

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Microsoft Office 2021 is coming to Windows 10 and macOS, but only a fool would buy it

Microsoft Office is the best software in the world. If I was running a company, I would choose it over any other solution. While free alternatives like LibreOffice are pretty good, they are all inferior to Microsoft's class-leading office suite. Any spreadsheet power user, for instance, knows nothing compares to Excel. These are indisputable facts.

Today, Microsoft announces that Office 2021 is coming to both Windows 10 and macOS later in the year. And yet, I am not excited about that, nor would I recommend anyone buy it. Why? Because Microsoft 365 exists.

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